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What are the best natural cures for acid reflux?

10:24, 22/12/2007 .. Link

Acid reflux is quite a serious condition that must not be overlooked. Many people experience heartburn from time to time, but those suffering from acid reflux feel it a few times a week, and eventually the esophagus can get too erroded and stomachal acids can leak into the lungs and into the mouth.

Many things can cause acid reflux, from drinking too much alcohol and eating too many acidic foods to too much stress.

Acid reflux can be treated with medication prescribed by the doctor or with natural remedies. Since medication can have side-effects many people prefer the natural cures for acid reflux. But if both natural cures and prescribed medication fails to give any results then surgery is required before acid seriously damages the esophagus.

The first symptoms of acid reflux are a sensation of heartburn that keeps appearing more and more often and stomach content coming back inside the mouth. These symptoms get worse when you lie down right after eating a meal.

There are a lot of natural cures for acid reflux, and many have reported that these natural cures gave good results in the treatment.

You shouldn't lie down right after eating a meal, because this can help what's inside the stomach leak back. You should also elevate the side of the bed where you put your head. Digestion is usually done in 2-3 hours, so you can lie in bed all you want after this time passes. It's also better to eat more small meals instead of few beg ones, to keep the stomach from filling.

Then you should avoid certain types of foods that stimulate acid production, like chewing gum and chocolate. Cut down alcohol and smoking because these irritate the esophagus' walls even more.

Some natural substances are recommended in the heartburn and acid reflux condition. These can relieve the symptoms and reduce the pain. They do not have any side-effect. The most effective are :

-peppermint - makes digestion easier and prevents tension and cramps that can push the acids backwards

-lavender - this miraculous herb does wonders for the body. In the acid reflux' case it can reduce the quantity of gastric acids from the stomach, just like an antiacid medicine

-aloe vera - the juice from this plant can heal the damaged esophagus

In order to heal your acid reflux you need to do two things: to cure the damaged esophagus and to lower the quantity of acid inside the stomach. If you loose weight, exercise regularly lift you bed as mentioned before, and also take some herbs you will certainly feel some effects, and everyone can do these things.

http://www.acid-reflux-info-guide.com is one of the best acid reflux information sites on the net. Visit it if you are looking for great information on natural cures for acid reflux, acid reflux diet, acid reflux treatment and many more.

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What are the best natural cures for acid reflux?


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