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This is my story. I'm making a novel at the moment, based on my dreams, but behind the book I also got a life. I'm a girl of fourteen, still in school, waiting on my prince on the white horse.

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The book; head frozen, and whithout creativity

I'm busy writing. but i'm not having anything what is inspiring my brain.
guess my brain is frozen at school. Math is so horribly irritating that everybody's brain would freez.
all the other stuff at school takes away my creativity.
hope something will get on my mind so i can continue writing.
i'm already at chapter two but i it feels like i'm on chapter 222....
Head is pounding. only some creative ideas can help me.... desperate for inspiration i'm blogging around, hoping to not be stupid...

in a few minutes i'll be gone. giving some little boys lessons in how to play basketball


Posted: 17:35, 30/11/2012
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My Blog?!?!?!

Hey, everyone...

this is my first time i'm on the blog... blogging around.
I'm still searching out how this stuff is working so forgive me for doing stupid things.
I've always wanted to make a blog so HERE IT IS!

My life is about going to school and writing on my computer, and of course my hobbys! I Love Doing what i do, so don't have comments on me, i'm only being myself.... everyone should do that! just not be fake, but do what you want to do, and be who you want to be!

my blog, being awesome on this site, i'm still having my WOOOOOWWW moment. forgive me for that....

blog later...

Posted: 17:27, 30/11/2012
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