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Kathy Morris

• 9/7/2012 - #2 Manuela and Kathy Day 1st Anniversary

Manuela and Kathy 9-7-'11

Today a year ago I chat the first time with Manuela because of Thom (emo!!) and after that we start to be friends, good friends and now we are best friends.

When she said that yesterday I was like ''Oh my God, that you remember that'' but yeah, she knows all the smileys from Hyves so now I understand that...

This is to Manuela:

Dear Manuela,

You're an idiot. But you are my idiot!

You're sweet, crazy, funny, weird and much more!!

We together have the most fun about anything and nothing.

I love you really much and I know sure there comes much more years!!



xoxo Kathy.

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• 8/7/2012 - #1 Losing Friend

Hello World,

I'm Kathy Morris (that's serious) and I'm 13 years old, birthday is on 6-9. Just a short summary from me. I'm a big fan of actress Kathryn Morris, better known as Detective Lilly Rush from my favorite series Cold Case. Her show inspireds me to move to Philadelphia later and that I want to be a homice detective at the Philadelphia Police. Same with my best friend, Natalya. She wants to be like Cake Boss. Isn't that cute? Making cakes the whole day?

Sorry if my English is not good, by the way.

On my blog I would write everything about my feelings and all. Today I post the feeling that was killing me today: a friend of mine.

Look, in real I don't have much friends but on Twitter and Facebook I have a lot of friends who are Kathryn and Cold Case fan too, like me. The first person I met has his own site. We start to Tweet as a joke (acctualy Natalya did that) but it start to be more serious between us and later he helped me with all my problems. Homework, school, social life and all you know the usuall shit from a teenager. Some weeks ago there was a fight about copy stuff and all and I said my opinion and since that time it's not like before. You know they say that girls need a father figure. I think that I saw him as father figure because my dad and I are not so close with eachother. Not that I'm in love with him or something but just, yeah, like I said father figure. Copy his behaviour a little bit and all.

There is a song I like called Don't Speak from No Doubt with two lines:

''I really feel, that I'm losing my best friend. I can't believe this could be, the end.''

I feel that too, like I'm losing a friend. I miss him you know. The emails we send his funny comments and his genius jokes he can make. I want it is like before again. I wish I never say my opninoun about the stupid ''fight''.

Now Julie is very sweet from me. She is a Cold Case and Kathryn fan too and I met her some days ago on Twitter. She helped me a little bit and I hope now everything can be normal again. She also want to be a cop in Philly just like me. I hope we can be partners then.

Another nice thing: tomorrow Manuela and I are friends for one year. She remembered that! I was like oh my God, that you still remember that! But we never had a fight so I'm really proud on that.

All my thanks for my first blog goes to: that friend, Julie, Natalya and Manuela.

Remember, I will always love you all guys. (I know it sounds weird to some of them).

OK, I know sure nobody read this but it's good for me so...



ps. I don't say names from people if I didn't ask if I can place their names.

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About Me

I'm Kathy Morris (that's serious) and a bog fan from actress Kathryn Morris. I'm 13 and I will write everything about my feelings and all. Sorry if my English is bad. ;-)

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