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amelie dexter blog16/6/2013

By using a summary of my personal website along with the a few things i can keep an individual up-to-date about, my own part in OCR mainly focusses on what I might school while key capabilities. Such as Functional Expertise, Advancement qualifications, Crucial Expertise, Basic Abilities as well as anything else which has the target involving mathematics along with British. I’ll make an attempt to provide you with a taster associated with coverage close to maths and also Uk, via a good Awarding Company point of view, any Authorities viewpoint and also from a practitioner or healthcare provider perspective. When i maintain publishing, I’ll give attention to fresh developments, troubles as a result of coverage, typical challenges confronted by teachers along with organisations whenever offering key skills, and I’ll try and give you maths as well as Language reports even as we read about it. Among this, I’ll businesses can also be for you to fit in certain in the activities that define my personal role at OCR. When i learn to post often, I'd be grateful for just about any feedback you might have (positive or negative) about the articles, together with requests for just about any improvements or data you believe may also be valuable. I’ve been with OCR for nearly Several years, and I’ve originate from a good Further education educating track record. I’ve furthermore spoken publicly for you to under-graduates and also educated sets from Important Skills to be able to Sport Research. Just before my personal training roles, I’ve proved helpful inside retail supervision, outside schooling and cartography * it's been the different career! However, having a take a look at each side of the education system assists variety my personal comprehension of the requirements the actual business market that i'm now enthusiastic about generating mathematics and also British benefit Grownups. You can preserve track of your day to day time task by using all of us on Twitter, LinkedIn or perhaps by subscribing to the particular OCR sociable communities’ pages; or send me personally a party invitation on to sign up for your LinkedIn web site. I pleasant your current feedback as well as articles are encouraged I am looking forward to be able to looking at your own house before long. Cheers, Garry.

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