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To be able to avoid this type of serious effects

09:59, 18/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

In Word, Stand out, the Office Professional Plus 2010 skill and approach to automatic calculating again

Before printing, automatic update domain

Sometimes, since you forget to update the domain, you print the incorrect word for your boss, the end result should be serious. To be able to avoid this type of serious effects, you need to simply add in some establishing, the formula inside your word can automatic calculate the up-to-date domain results.

Then let's introduce the detailed setting process in Word 2003 and Word 2007.

1. The setting procedure for the term 2003

(1) Within the tools menu, click the order of options.

(2) Click the print TAB, after which within the title of print options, choose the check box of update domain.

(3) Click button of OK.

2. The setting process in Word 2007

(1) Click the button of Microsoft 'office', then click the Word options.

(2) click the “show”, then choose the check box of print before update domain.

(3)Click the OK button.

You can enjoy at additional sites more equipment using Office 2010 free

10:22, 14/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Provide powerful data analysis and visualization. The use of Excel 2010 in data analysis and visualization functions can be tracked and highlight the important trend. The new Sparklines can function in a worksheet cell using small graphs to a clear and concise expression data. Use the Slicers function can be in more than one layer of PivotTable data filtration and separation, which can reduce the format set time, increase analysis time.

Create rise above the common herd presentation. Can be used in a presentation of personalized video to attract viewers. Can be directly in the PowerPoint 2010 insertion and custom video, then trim, adding desalination method and effect, or in the video shows the key points of the selected scene audience attention. Now, insert video default is embedded in the file, this saved for a user management and sends extra video files.

Easily manage bulk email. Very long email conversation can be compressed into some dialogue, and the dialogue classification, archive, neglect and removal. The use of the new "quick step" function, one click of the mouse can perform multiple tasks such as command, reply and delete the email, so that to save time and save the inbox space.

Store in a location and tracking all of their ideas and notes. The use of OneNote 2010, then in the ultimate digital notebook tracking, organize and share text, pictures, video and audio notes. The use of "version tracking", "automatically highlighted" and "link notes" and other new features, can better manage the notes, which has always been the master of his own thoughts and in team process to understand the new change of information..

Instant messaging. Can be PowerPoint presentation broadcast to the remote viewers, whether they have PowerPoint installed. The use of the new " broadcast slide " function, may through the Web browser rapid share presentation, without performing any other settings.

Faster, more easily complete the task. Microsoft Office Backstage? View instead of the traditional "file" menu, all file management tasks (e.g. preservation, sharing, printing and distribution function) are concentrated into a position. All Office 2010 applications have enhanced functional interface, so that users can quickly access commands, as well as the custom tab to realize personalized experience.

In the different devices and platforms to access information. You can enjoy at additional sites more equipment using Office 2010 free. The use of Microsoft Office 2010 when, no matter where you are, are available through the PC, intelligent mobile phone and Web browser to get familiar with the Office, intuitive experience.

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To be able to avoid this type of serious effects
You can enjoy at additional sites more equipment using Office 2010 free


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