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The best tips and trips around Le Soleil Beach Club at Mobassa-northcoast

Help us to eat!

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How are you?l hope everything is ok there,here l cant say,things are fine because l dont know were our future lies.

Sorry for stsrting with this sad news,to be frank we are living in a situation of God save ne for another day.my family and l have not being able to go to workbecause of very high prolific tensionwhich lead to killing of people from certain communities.

Just figure out since the broke of violence,l have only managed to  take very few amounts of dollars to feed my family and they all depend on me.

Am realy starving due to lack of money,l realy need your help if yo can sent for me just a small amount of money,l will be very grateful when you will opt to give your hand of help.

am realy praying or our country for peace because l feek ashamed.

Please great for me your family and the entire family.

And my mobile no. is +254711572854.







May I present Omar (myself) and my brother Bernard

16:58, 23/10/2007 .. Link

What we are

16:56, 23/10/2007 .. Link


We are living in a poor village near the hotel Le Soleil Beach Club and we are certified local guides. The people who wish a nice view of  the neighbourhood of this hotel come to us for having a short trip to the beautyfull riff, for a nice walk to the village or for booking a trip by boat for snorkling or for a safari for several days.



Our speciality

16:54, 23/10/2007 .. Link
Our speciality is accompanying people to the rif. At each other are we 3 hours underway, where beautiful treasures being to see (look next pictures).

one of the million crabs on the beach

16:40, 23/10/2007 .. Link

this one can hurt you

16:36, 23/10/2007 .. Link

different corals

16:34, 23/10/2007 .. Link

A purper beauty

16:33, 23/10/2007 .. Link

A seaworm

16:30, 23/10/2007 .. Link

Horned Sea Star

19:41, 22/10/2007 .. Link

Protoreastor lincki African or Horned Sea Star  An opportunistic omnivore of other invertebrates that can literally cleansweep an aquarium of sedentary life

Natural Sea Sponge.

17:35, 22/10/2007 .. Link

How to help us working

20:59, 21/10/2007 .. 0 comments .. Link

First do'nt hisitate to meet us on the beach. We are not allowed to work on the beach in fornt of the hotel. When you com from Holland please bring us one or more prepaid, unlocked old mobiles so we can have directly contact with organisations.

When you pay us our family will share our merits.

Thanks for reading our weblog en see you soon on the beach

Omar and Bernard

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Help us to eat!
May I present Omar (myself) and my brother Bernard
What we are
Our speciality
one of the million crabs on the beach


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