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Help on How To Avoid Kidney Stones12/1/2011
Do you think kidney stone removal can only be achieved with medication or surgery? While this may be true for some cases, there are much easier solutions for most people who are suffering with the pain of kidney stones. Many times kidney stones pass through your system completely unnoticed.

However, sometimes larger stones can lead to severe pain. If you follow these steps, you'll find out how to avoid kidney stones.

Drink Plenty of Water.

This means drinking at least two quarts of water each day. As it is the best natural remedy for kidney stone removal, you should strongly adhere to this, though at first this may sound like a lot. Water dilutes toxins - including kidney stones - and allows them to pass through your system.

Some watermelon you should get hold of.

A wonderful and tasty tonic for the kidneys is this water packed melon. Cantaloupe is also good, as well as other fruits in the melon family. For a healthy drink, as an alternative, you can puree fruits into juices.

Olive Oil + Lemon Juice.

At first this might sound quite unappealing, but hear me out. Drink in one full swing a mixture of two ounces each of lemon juice and olive oil. When you start hurting from the kidney stone, the first thing to do is get a big glass of water and drink it all down. This homemade remedy has been favored by many throughout the world and often helps to pass your kidney stones within 24 hours. One another option is to take this concoction at night, just before you head to bed.

Get Moving and Exercise.

Including to pass kidney stone, exercise can help a number of problems. Exercise is necessary to heal the body and stimulate your immune system. You should exercise daily for at least thirty minutes.

These foods should be avoided.

For the sake of your good health, you must minimize the intake of or rather totally refrain from the intake of certain types of food items such as refined sugars, junk and processed foods, alcohol, soda, caffeine, etc. Another important tip is to reduce your consumption of protein - so eat less meat!
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