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Kirk Burns

• 18/12/2007 - How Air Conditioners work?

Air Conditioners: In an Air Conditioner chemicals are used to cool the temperature of the room. The liquid chemicals are produced from a gas, which again converts to gas form. The chemical transfers the heat from the inside to the outside of the room.

Mainly the Air Conditioner machine has three parts, a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. The condenser and compressor are in the outside portion of the machine while the evaporator is located inside the room.

In the processor the chemical, which is a low-pressured cooled gas, enters. The processor then squeezes that chemical. It makes the molecules of the chemical closer together. The closer molecules create high energy and heat. The chemical leaves the compressor as hot and high-pressure gas and enters the condenser. At the backside of the machine we can see a metal fin. It works as a radiator and helps to cool down the heat very quickly. When the chemical leaves the condenser, it become very cold. The liquid flows in the evaporator through a small hole. On the other end the chemical becomes colder and starts to evaporate to gas. As the liquid becomes gas it soaks heat from the surrounding area. The heat of the air is needed to separate molecules of the chemical, which were packed together in the processor. The evaporator also has metal fins to exchange cool temperature with surrounding air. The liquid again leaves the evaporator and begins the same process. A fan connected with the evaporator circulates the cool air into the room.

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How Air Conditioners work?


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