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Kolby Shaw

• 18/12/2007 - There are no Honest HYIPs

High Yield Interest Programs, or HYIP, are a very common financial scam out there. Unfortunately people don't seem to be realizing that these investments are too good to be true. Or maybe they just want them to be real to solve their financial problems. With the way the world is going for some, a program like an HYIP is a godsend. But people need to learn that some things sound very good and that makes them very bad.

It is hard to tell sometimes what a scam is and what are not these days. Thieves are getting more clever in how they steal money and new high tech angles exist every day. How can something that has a total stranger investing money for you with a guaranteed return of your money and a percentage on top of it be honest? It seems like a logical question but with so many strapped for cash these days, people don't want to think about that. Or perhaps they think that all investors are honest. Granted there are people out there who have investors doing legal work for them, but none of those investors are going to claim that a return of the client's money is guaranteed. When it comes to trading money, nothing is guaranteed. So it's logical that no HYIP could give results like that to any person.

Common sense does not always work when it comes to people and money. Some are extremely trusting and will believe what any "expert" says. It doesn't help that money can be transferred easily online these days either. Even if a reputable bank is used for the transfer, they may not be aware of the scam. Once the money is in that bank and the scam artist sends it to their offshore bank, the money is gone. This can make it hard for some to understand how it can be a scam. But the bank doesn't know that the money is supposedly an investment that will have a return. Why would someone need the money transferred into an account like this for an investment? It again goes back to using common sense. And changing the name doesn't change the scam. That can make it hard on someone too. They know it as one name but a different one comes along and they think it's legit. But the premise of the deal is the same and that should be a tip off that this is another version of the HYIP scam.

Raiel Schwartz has been in the HYIP Arena for several months and has been able to create a successful income online with HYIP Investing. He has recently wrote a report entitled Riding The Ponzi which outlines basic rules all HYIP Investors should know

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There are no Honest HYIPs


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