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Child Soldiers


This site is dedicated to the good work that WarChild does to help child soldiers across the globe.

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What about them?

Posted: 16:25, 16/11/2008
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How does WarChild help child soldiers?

-frees them in times of relative peace -psychological+physical recovery plan -socialization -education

Posted: 16:19, 16/11/2008
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What is WarChild?

Warchild is a Dutch organization, that looks out for the wellfare of children across the globe. Their initiatives across the world are based on the fact that peace is merely the absence of violence. To them however, peace also means social justice and equality in society. etc.....

Posted: 16:11, 16/11/2008
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Who are these kids?

1 in 10 soldiers in the world are a child! Every year 250,000 children are actively used in armed conflicts. Who are these child soldiers, and what is it they do? Child soldiers are kids that serve in a rebel, guerilla , paramilitary or government army. The largest target groups are children from poor families.orphans or fugitives,the uneducated or those living in a warzone. Not only are they often seperated from all familiarity and comfort, but they are also forced to plunder,rape and murder! Some are also used in other ways, for example as cooks,spies,guards or sexslaves. Growing up in such violent conditions,,seperated from their families usually has drastic consequences on the future of these kids. They will either grow up to be violent,agressive and even dangerous. Psychological and physical damage are also a major problem.

Posted: 16:00, 16/11/2008
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