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  Christina Aguilera strips for magazine cover,christian louboutin pumps


  Popstar Christina Aguilera who is making a comeback on the music scene is keen to prove that motherhood has not taken the edge off her and she has made the point by posing naked for the cover of a German magazine.

  Aguilera flaunted her post-baby naked body on the cover of German GQmagazine,yorkville parka, wearing nothing but thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots and leather gloves for the June cover,lv monogram denim bags, reported Daily Mail online.

  It is not the first time Aguilera has posed for the magazine though. In 2006 she was photographed in provocative lingerie by a pool for the British version of GQ and in nothing more than a strategically placed sheet for the American version in the same year.




  And after making her comeback with the explicit music video Not Myself Tonight,gucci bags, the 29-year-old is revealing more than ever to combat pop competition from the likes of Lady Gaga.

  The mother-of-one has said that her sexuality has been heightened after having her son Max, now two,jimmy choo, and she's more confident and comfortable in her own skin than ever.

  Other shots of the platinum blonde bombshell see her posing in a Madonna-style conical bra and a tightly laced corset and a fake horsetail.


manolo blahnik UGG manolo blahnik

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  Denise Snodell | The return of Jed Clampett



More News


  The way I threw out my back (again) was most mundane.

  It did not involve parasailing on a remote island or rescuing a kitten from a mighty oak or lugging a cello up the backstage steps of Carnegie Hall while wearing Manolo Blahnik stilettos. No. I merely picked up a pile of laundry.

  That’s it. A bunch of towels, some socks, and pow-zam-boom! Days of pain. Days of agony. Days of walking exactly like Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies. As I’ve mentioned here before, that creaky but wise mountain man has become code within my family.

  My mother has phoned me more than once with this announcement: “Guess what? I’m Clampetting.”

  I&rsquo,manolo blahnik wedding;ll typically respond, “Oh, no. Is it — gulp — a Full Clampett?”

  We’ll rate the injury on the scientific Jed scale, which is not unlike a meteorologist’s Fujita measurement for tornadoes. A J-1 rating means some stiffness with a day of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory protocol. A J-5, however, involves having to crawl to the bathroom at 3a.m.

  This recent back zinger for me was nearly a J-4, which meant I wasn’t crawling, but, well, I had to Clampett around town. Instantly,jimmy choo bags, I went from delusional “runner” to somebody’s great-grandmother.

  Wouldn’t you know, a few social obligations popped up at the peak of this owie. But I didn’t want the pain and ol’ hillbilly stance to stop me from living my life. My plan was to hide the malady. I would stare at my closet offerings and pull what I thought were camouflaging outfits.

  I was fooling myself. No matter how flowingly Stevie Nicks a gal can dress, there’s no way to mask a J-4, which posture-wise, resembles the middle picture in the evolution of man illustration. (To make things worse, I’m not particularly fond of Fleetwood Mac.) Yep, for about a week,gucci fall winter bags, I resembled a Hillbilly Australopithecus ready to bust out in a “You Make Loving Fun/Gypsy” medley. I walked everywhere purposefully but with a crazy overriding stiffness. Just like Jethro Bodine’s uncle! Yee-haw.

  I felt compelled to explain my Jed-ness to others. Instead of letting it go and knowing that stretches and Ibuprofen and patience would return me to my fully evolved posture, I had to announce to every person I encountered that I had recently wonked out a lower disc or some muscles.

  “Hi. Nice party. I messed up my back yesterday.&rdquo,vibram five fingers classic;

  Bless the ever polite and gentle people of our metro. I’d get such compassionate responses. Yet I couldn’t help but admire how skillfully folks could inch away from me while eating their Swedish meatballs.

  Did I learn any lessons from this? The obvious,louis vuitton bags, of course, is to lift items off the floor by bending your knees. Yeah, get the knees involved, duh. Also good to know: Clothes cannot hide a Clampett.

  But mainly, I learned when you’re down and out and recovering from any stupid move, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

  Denise Snodell is a freelance writer who lives in Leawood.


louboutin treopli louboutin over the knee boots ch

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Jimmy Choo Debuts $600 Sneaker Line

Jimmy Choo Debuts $600 SneakerAt Jimmy Choo's Web site, orders for most trainer styles are already on waitlist. (jimmychoo.com)

By Tara Kyle

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN &mdash,louboutin treopli; Well-heeled women aiming to look just as good in the gym as on the runway, take heart: designer Jimmy Choo has entered the sneaker market.

Beginning in May, the shoes by the Malaysian-born designer will be available in May online and at all Jimmy Choo stores,louboutin over the knee boots, including the Manhattan branches at 645 Fifth Ave. and 716 Madison Ave.

The pre-fall collection offers "trainers" — the word for "sneakers" favored by the London-based brand — in high and low top styles in white, black, taupe and purple.

Prices range from $465 for a low top option in taupe suede and patent leather, to $595 for purple high tops in “exotic elaphe snakeskin” — for the less sartorially-inclined, "elaph" is a non-venomous,christian louboutin decollete patent pumps, black-skinned reptile also known as a "rat snake."

Of the six styles listed for order at Jimmy Choo’s website, four are already on waitlist.


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christian louboutin boots christian louboutin pump
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louboutin treopli louboutin over the knee boots ch


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