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Laminate Flooring A Wise Decision

Posted on 22/8/2016 at 07:04 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Before you dismiss laminate flooring as an option for your home you should first make a list of exactly what it is you require from your floor. If you have teenage children, you will most likely have a high volume of traffic as friends are dragged in and out of the house. This should definitely be factored into your decision as you will require a floor that can withstand such wear and tear. Another thing to consider is expenses, do you wish to have a floor which is inexpensive to maintain or do you have plenty of cash to keep those marble tiles polished.

It is widely accepted that the price of installing a natural wood floor in your home can be astronomical: a laminate floor can be laid for just a fraction of the price. When chosen correctly and from reputable companies, it can be almost impossible to distinguish a laminate floor from the real thing and moreover home owners can use the cash saved in other projects around the home.

With so many finishes available in wood floor fitter decision you could face is which style to go with. Lighter woods can help to give the illusion of a bigger space if this is what you wish to achieve, while darker woods such as ash can give your home a rich exotic look. It is best to consider the tones you want to have and if they will match with the colours of your interior and furniture.

While many flooring options require a high amount of upkeep and expensive products to keep them protected, laminate flooring is relatively low maintenance. As it is protected by the lamination process, this means it will not dent in the same way a wooden floor would with high heel imprints for example. Once you keep your floor swept to remove dust and damp mop it, you will be in place for increasing the life of your floor.

Unlike carpets and rugs which seem to store an endless laminate floor layer does not harbour the same animal dander or dust mites. As it is much more convenient to clean, a simple wash with a damp mop, your laminate floor is much more conducive to create an allergy safe environment for you and your loved ones. Also regular vacuuming will keep your floor free from dirt and dust.

Once you follow the proper care instructions and look after your floor by protecting it from sharp edges of furniture for example, your laminate floor should last a life time. You should also take care that your floor is not exposed to water such as spilled drinks not being wiped up quickly. Although there is a water proof layer within the tiles, the tiles themselves aren't water resistant so exposure to moisture and water over prolonged amount of times will cause warping and bubbling.

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