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The Beauty of the Net 

VOIP, Not Only for Residential Use

06:57, 20/10/2012  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
You probably heard about the emerging new technology VOIP which is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is really a fantastic technology which includes been growing for a few years but recently has exploded in popularity. VOIP is a technology for people using a broad band internet connection that enables them to create phone calls over the internet. There is obviously no need for any land line or even a traditional telephone. Many residential customers have registered for VOIP adapters that enable you to create and receive calls using their traditional phones, making VOIP a seamless integration of internet and phone. However, if you thought VOIP is simply for residential customers, happily you are wrong. Today more businesses are turning to VOIP solutions to replace their traditional land line phones as well as the expensive prices that accompany them. For businesses of all sizes from large to small, VOIP has become an option. Not just do you save an extreme amount of money on your monthly bill, however, you can easily integrate VOIP with other computer applications and services that you simply provide. There are many VOIP services which are now catering directly to the company VOIP market. Within the years to come, many businesses is going to be switching section of, or all of the telephone needs to VOIP networks and will probably be reaping a true return on the investments. llamadas telefonicas por internet

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VOIP, Not Only for Residential Use


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