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my day


22:05, 12/4/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

sometimes you have so mutch emotion the room feel so small, and all the stuff in your room is to mutch. you just turn up your music and your minde go's off and you feel free. but when you turn off the music your emotions get turnd back on and you will still have to deal with them.

i people are mad at you, just leave them if thay were your friends they will return if they wern't they won't but you would have lost that person sooner or later anyway. so why bother feeling alone when you ca turn around and still hug your best friend :D.  

always follow your heart becouse if you don't you might loos echtother and break.


21:53, 12/4/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

hi I will be writing in english becouse i want everybody to be able to reead mt blog :D 

I will posed music foto's and story's. you can ask me for edvice and tell me what you would like me to write about. maby I will alsow posed videos but is don't know that for shure. i am dislectic so sometimes there will be spelling mistakes in things i write, sorry :).


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