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welcome to battery family

5/11/2012 - dump quite a bit of current into the battery

Without having done an excessive amount of research before hands, I understood which i will have to dump a great deal of current in to the lead acid battery to create it to existence.  I understood from my use Li-ion cells (and nearly any kind of household current storage technology), this battery would suck up lots of current at the start after which take progressively less until it had been fully billed.

You are able to model most batteries like a current source in series by having an internal resistance.  Vehicle batteries have really low internal resistances, and dumping 12V across it was certain to achieve high power.

Ideally, I'd have blocked battery into some kind of constant-current charger that will conserve a 2 or 4 Amplifier charge, however i wasn't going to spend $40 on the tool which i was just likely to play one especially thinking about that I am an electric engineer.

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7/10/2012 - batteries need to get much cheaper?

?¡ãBattery packs aren?¡¥t simple to import?athe Volt?¡¥s weighs in at greater than a washer-dryer?aso if plug-inches will be produced in America, batteries most likely need to be too. And when plug-inches will be popular in the usa, batteries need to get much cheaper?-"

An excellent large chuck of Greenwald's book is factually incorrect, such as the above bit of nonsense. You are able to import a vehicle but backup power battery is simply too heavy (he's most likely alluding to density not weight but when I needed to rewrite all his errors I ought to get compensated).

The actual revolution in world trade didn?¡¥t start with currency within the 80s and 90s. It started in World war 2 whenever a whole generation of teenagers learned how you can move massive levels of cargo all over the world within an joyful manner, after which applied individuals training as heads of major companies beginning within the 60s and 70s

Once we have talked about before, the Volt is going to be produced in China through the finish of the decade and imported here towards the extent it's still being made whatsoever. GM will argue, quite properly, they can't allow it to be cheap enough in america, much like Chrysler did using the Fiat 500.

I'd some expect Tesla's supposed breakthrough in charging, until I just read it's proprietary this also piece:

The issue with electric automobiles isn?¡¥t the cars themselves, however the anticipation. We didn?¡¥t move from vacuum tubes to microchips, nor from vinyl records to tunes but in some way autos were likely to vault over transitional technology.

Toyota first got it in a large way with hybrid cars and GM (and also the government) first got it wrong using the Volt.

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25/9/2012 - 4 Features To Consider Before Buying Power Wheelchairs

Electric or power wheelchairs are technologically much more advanced than manual ones. These days, more and more people are buying the power wheelchairs. These latest medical aids come with various interesting features. If you are thinking of buying a power wheelchair, make sure you are getting one with the following features:

* Portability: Before buying a wheelchair battery, consider the purpose it will useful. If you are thinking of buying power wheelchairs for transporting the patients or the aged, make it a point to buy foldable and lightweight ones. It would be easier for you to carry those chairs in buses or in cars. However, foldable electric chairs are often costlier than the regular ones. Nevertheless, the advantages of buying portable ones are immense.

* Proper control: While buying electric wheelchairs, check if all the controls are functioning properly. The control system of an electric mobility aid is responsible for turning, controlling speed, and braking of wheels. When it comes to the control, there are various interfaces like joystick, trackball, and push buttons that are present in a battery operated chair. There are also some power wheelchairs that can be controlled by voice.

* Specificity: You should make sure that you are buying the wheelchair by considering the specific purposes for which it is being bought. For example, if the mobility aid is to be used for climbing up the stairs see if the one you are buying can be tilted easily. It should be made to climb up or down the stairs comfortably. This feature would help a patient to get down or get in a vehicle comfortably. In case power wheelchairs are specifically manufactured for people with back problems, there should be extra padding or support for the back. Above all, these chairs should be comfortable and relaxing.

* Battery: When it comes to power wheelchairs, different types of batteries are used. Contact a reputed supplier of mobility aids to learn about the type of battery that would be suitable for the particular wheelchair you buy. Commonest types of wheelchair batteries include gel, sealed wet, and lead acid based batteries. Moreover, you can make a choice between 12V car baterry or 24V batteries. Whatever be the type of batteries you use, just make sure you get a battery charger along with the wheelchair.

Probably the only way to ensure that you are getting wheelchairs with the best features is to buy from a reputed dealer of power wheelchairs. San Diego based Access Medical can provide you with the best mobility aids at affordable rates.

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19/9/2012 - Batteries For That Ever Busy And High Duty World

Details: In 1978, Alessandro Volta produced the very first battery. In 1859, Gaston Plantinvented the very first rechargeable battery that's still utilized in automobiles nowadays. Since that time, numerous advances happen to be designed to address various concerns.The first is the sudden failure of input energy source. It has taken plenty of money because of serious business interruption or data loss. A whole lot worse may be the large chance of injuries and deaths due to energy failure. You've most likely experienced losing your reviews to become given to your manager in half an hour, or losing your game inside your favorite application, or getting trapped for a few minutes somewhere you wouldn't like to become enclosed in. The reason: unpredicted energy disruption.

UPS battery

Continuous energy supply or UPS is definitely an apparatus that can help safeguard tools from common energy problems. UPS batteries work in a way it provides emergency energy enough make it possible for the gear to correctly shut lower. They're just like a vital component of existence known as "air", supporting your day-to-day procedures of the industry including although not restricted to telecommunication, datacenter, and hospitals. UPS batteries are available in different dimensions. From simple models made to safeguard your pc or several computer systems, to large models assigned to aid the whole process of datacenters, billion-dollar highrises, as well as metropolitan areas.

Rectifier charger

UPS products shield you from energy disruption. To be able to function correctly, these products possess three components: rectifier, inverter and battery. Rectifier is an element assigned to allow more current flow one way. This product will the job by transforming alternating electric current (AC) - direction curing current - to household power (Electricity) Body-direction current. The Electricity output then supplies energy towards the battery. An inverter functions the other way round - transforming Electricity energy to AC energy - and supplies energy towards the equipment. With the energy saved in the battery through the rectifier charger, the inverter will give continuous energy towards the equipment for any certain time period in the event of energy outage.

Deep cycle battery

deep cycle batteriesare utilized to energy forklifts, floor sweepers, energy-storage systems, motorhomes and motorboats, traffic signals and much more. An in-depth cycle battery is yet another illustration of lead acid battery made to be released to as much as 80 %. Although showing parity sooner or later, electric vehicle batteries and deep cycle batteries have restrictions. A car's battery is made to give a rush of current for a while of your time while an in-depth cycle battery is made to provide steady current a bit longer of your time. Although created for repetitive deep discharging, there will be a period that the deep cycle battery will require a alternative.
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11/9/2012 - The profile of Electric Car Battery

While much of the focus in recent times has been upon the design and manufacture of electric cars we have seen significant investment in the area of electric car battery power. Many people forget that the electric car battery is in many cases the most expensive element of any electric car and there are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration.

Car batteries today

The electric vehicle battery market today is dominated by the lithium-ion battery which has become the battery of choice for many car manufacturers around the world. There has been a massive shift away from traditional lead battery-powered due in the main to the cost, inefficiencies and ultimately the damage which these batteries can do to the environment.

So what are the factors which we need to consider when looking at batteries for electric cars?

There are many factors to consider which include:


When you consider that there will be a significant number of batteries required to power the electric car of today it is essential to find a balance between weight and efficiency in order to improve the overall reliability and overall efficiency of the vehicle in question.


The shift towards lithium-ion batteries is based upon a greater efficiency associated with this particular type of electric car battery. Many believe that the lithium-ion battery will become the focal point of the electric car market going forward although this is difficult to forecast because of the ever changing technology associated with battery power.


While there is no doubt there are more efficient and more powerful batteries available in the marketplace, there is a need to balance up the cost of the battery, the efficiency of the battery and the weight of the battery to suit the market and the product. As a consequence, the more expensive, yet potentially more efficient, batteries available today would need to come down in price before making them eligible for the mass market.

Investing in the battery market

The electric vehicle battery market is set to receive billions upon billions of dollars of investment in the short to medium term as governments around the world have decided to push this particular area of environmentally friendly travel. There's also the ability to recharge and reuse batteries over and over again which again reduces the effect on the environment and is a further plus point for the sector.

Even though electric cars have been around for well over 100 years it is only now that we are seeing significant investments in all areas of the sector.


While many people focus on the design and manufacture of electric powered cars it is the battery which will ultimately dominate the cost of electric vehicles in the short to medium term. There's no point producing a car which is too expensive for the mass market yet there is no point producing a car which is not able to power the vehicle over long distances. Finding the balance between these two particular elements is not easy but it is one which many companies are looking to tackle in the longer-term.
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5/9/2012 - All About Gel Batteries

Batteries have so many applications in today's world. They are used to start almost every type of internal combustion engine right from our riding mowers to vehicles and even boats. They are also a source of power for all electrified vehicles as well as serving as emergency power sources in times of power failure.

All batteries that have an electrolyte made of sulphuric acid and water and lead plates are known as lead acid batteries. Most types of batteries are the flooded or wet cell type which are vented and need water to be added to them on a regular basis for proper maintenance.

Gel batteries, on the other hand, have the sulphuric acid in a gel form instead. These batteries need very little maintenance and are usually sealed with a valve to let out excess pressure. Because the acid in the batteries is in gel form and therefore does not leak, the batteries themselves can be placed in various positions. Traditional lead acid batteries can only be placed in an upright position.

One advantage of gel batteries over wet cell or flooded type batteries is that the sulphuric acid will not spill even if the battery breaks. Another advantage to gel batteries is that they are more resistant to shock and vibration. They are low maintenance and non corrosive and since they do not give off hydrogen fumes they do not need special ventilated areas while being recharged. They are deep cycle batteries and have high discharge capabilities.

Another advantage of the gel batteries over wet cell batteries is that these batteries can be left discharged for some time and they will still be able to recover to full capacity. They also do not develop a memory that limits the capacity of their recharging.

Gel batteries are used in a wide variety of applications. The most common usages are in power wheel chairs, ventilators in health facilities, backup for computers and storage of solar powered electricity for emergency lightning. They are also the most common battery used in electric vehicles. They have been approved for airline and public transportation.

The main disadvantage of these batteries is that they are expensive as compared to wet cell batteries. They need to be charged at a slower rate than wet cell batteries and if over charged could develop voids in their electrolyte which cannot be healed and would cause a loss in their capacity.

Heat can also shorten their lifespan, as the water is replaced with the gel that is saturated with sulphuric acid. With heat they harden and shrink away from the plates and, without the contact, the reaction to create power does not occur.

While traditional lead acid batteries can be used for most applications, there are times when a gel battery may work better. In cases where proper ventilation or water to fill lead acid batteries may not be available a gel battery may be the perfect solution and is worth the extra expense.

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29/8/2012 - The Best Way To Extend Forklift Battery Existence

Short-were living batteries certainly are a major drain on a variety of electric automobiles. Although unit existence might be reduced by additional circumstances, one of the better techniques to increase amount of services will be to be aware of best and wrong techniques to deal with energy cells. An existing program of forklift battery maintenance will extend unit existence and save the business money.

Keep Products Clean

Acidity in batteries leaks out and corrodes the products, departing a white-colored residue. This corrosion is not just unattractive. Furthermore, it causes batteries to produce prematurely. The residue is conductive and so the unit will progressively lose charge even if the forklift is turned off.

Fundamental forklift battery maintenance requires cleaning these products with those who are along with other base to eliminate the acidity and also the products clean. Do that if needed, but no less than two occasions yearly even if no visible corrosion can be obtained. Washing by hand might be tedious and dangerous, lots of organizations use automated battery automatic washers which take proper proper care of the entire process in the hands-off manner. These automatic washers treat and recycle water used, making sure no dangerous chemicals or chemical harmful toxins ensure it is to the wastewater system.

Don't Charge Too Often

Forklift drivers will sometimes "fillInch batteries within a relaxation or lunch hour, thinking they've got more use in the unit. Once they may get a long charge tomorrow, this plan of action greatly reduces the extended-term technique unit.

The same problem occurs when forklifts are employed only every so often. Companies routinely might recharge the models each day, however when the car hasn't seen much take advantage from the energy cell won't be launched, and again this unnecessary charging reduces the amount of forklift batteries.

Batteries found in forklifts are created to discharge by 80% then be billed up again. Re-charging earlier decreases around the cell's capacity to carry electric energy charge. The most effective forklift battery maintenance is always to replace the power cell if the reaches that discharge point, and recharge the machine outdoors the car.

Don't Overdrain

Energy cells also degrade inside the opposite scenario - when automobiles are allowed to function batteries well beneath the 80% discharge level. This really is actually a "deep discharge" rather than only reduces the machine existence, but tend to really damage the forklift.

When energy cells run beyond 80% discharge, it'll damage battery and pressure alternative much sooner. Nonetheless additionally, it causes the electrical systems inside the forklift to function hot, potentially resulting in burned contacts or possibly complete motor failure. The repair bills will greatly exceed the cost of the completely new energy cell.

Clearly it isn't always convenient for just about any truck being removed and services information when discharge passes 80%, which explains why modern forklift battery maintenance is much more vulnerable to get rid of the old cell and can include a freshly charged one rather than recharge the machine inside the truck.

Whether you've one forklift or possibly numerous 100s, forklift battery maintenance stretches the useful information on energy cells and keeps employees productive and safe.
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23/8/2012 - Your Guide to Battery Types

Every mobile electronic device we own runs on battery power, yet we take batteries for granted - at least until they run out of juice. No matter what kind of device battery - laptop battery, cell phone battery, camcorder battery, remote control battery - you need, it's helpful to know the various kinds of battery types and their uses.

Gel Battery - A gel battery is also known as a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, and its distinguishing feature is that it doesn't have to be kept upright in order to work. An SLA battery continues to perform in extreme conditions, such as hot temperatures, or under vibration. SLA batteries are often used in wheelchairs, scooters, and uninterruptible power sources. It's best to keep an SLA battery charged, or to charge it more often than you would other types of batteries.

NiMH - NiMH stands for Nickel Metal Hydride and is the battery of choice for many cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras, GPS systems, PDAs, and other personal electronics. NiMH batteries are also used in hybrid cars. An NiMH is a rechargeable battery that is similar to a nickel cadmium (NiCd) battery, but that has double or triple the capacity of a NiCd battery. It's best not to overcharge NiMH batteries.

NiCd - NiCd stands for Nickel Cadmium, and is a type of rechargeable battery commonly used in toys, electronic devices, and power tools. Although some people prefer NiMH batteries to NiCd batteries, a NiCd battery provides virtually the same level of voltage throughout its lifetime, and costs less than an NiMH battery.

LiION - LiION stands for Lithium Ion, and is one of the newest rechargeable batteries. Although they are more expensive than other types of rechargeable batteries, LiION batteries have more capacity and are often used in wireless phones, camcorders, and notebook computers. The downside of LiION batteries is that the length of their life commences from the date of manufacture, rather than from the number of times the battery is charged and discharged. It's best to regularly charge LiION batteries and store used batteries in the refrigerator. (Allow them to warm to room temperature before using them, though.)

Alkaline - Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable with a battery charger, but offer a large current over a long period of time. These batteries are often used in CD players and portable radios.

Carbon Zinc - Carbon Zinc batteries are known for their reliability over long periods of time in low-drain situations, such as for garage door openers or clocks. A Carbon Zinc battery is not rechargeable.

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15/8/2012 - How to Select and Buy the Proper UPS to Protect Your Home Business Or Small Office Computer

Selecting a proper Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for power protection of your personal computer or small office can be easily accomplished based on specifying the right UPS and implementing a smart shopping method.UPS systems solve three basic problems: Firstly they protect your computer from utility voltage deviations beyond permitted margin, and from hazardous phenomena associated by high voltage surges occurring during lightning, Power Transformers failures and grid distribution failures.Secondly they allow you to continue operation from UPS backup batteries upon mains outage.Thirdly the UPS allows graceful shut down, by storing current information on computer's hard disk, and turning your computer off in an orderly manner, in case mains outage persists, and battery capacity is too small to continue operation.To specify a proper UPS you need to decide its Size, Type and Battery Backup (Autonomy) Time. Size of a UPS is defined by Volt-Ampere (VA) or kVA units and Watt or kWatt units. A UPS rated higher than 350VA and 245Watt covers most home and small office computers. You should however check computer power from its label, literature or supplier.The VA and Watt figures of the individual computers should be added up if more than a single computer is protected. You need a UPS grater than 1050VA, (1.05 kVA) and 735W, for three 350VA/ 245W computers.Three main UPS types are generally used:A Standby (Battery Backup) UPS, protects against voltage surges, as well as utility outages, and voltage deviation beyond set limits, transferring to battery operation. Backup UPS frequently used for home computers in stable grid environments.A line Interactive UPS, in addition to the functions of Standby UPS, acts also as Power Conditioner, achieved by means of an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), able to correct also mains deviation without transferring to batteries, thus enabling continuous operation at low or high mains voltage without switching to batteries. Line Interactive UPS is considered to be a cost effective solution for office and small professional installations.An Online UPS, supplies power from internal Inverter correcting all grid disturbances. It forms the preferred solution for business in mission critical application which need UPS redundancy for achieving high reliability or extended back up times for providing critical on line services.All UPS system types are normally supplied with batteries able to supply about five minutes backup time at full load and 14 minutes half load, thus covering above 90%-95 % of expected utility fail durations. Generally longer backup times can be provided by extended battery banks, if needed for service supplying applications.After specifying the needed UPS characteristics, you can contact UPS suppliers or seek a proper UPS on the internet, just by entering the type of the UPS in Google or other search engine, and browsing in the displayed results for systems that meet your requirements.You can do however better by implementing a "window shopping" procedure. Before making a decision, check prices of UPS type you need, in sizes you need as well as one and two sizes bigger than needed. Afterward, repeat the procedure for the next UPS type. Make your decision taking in account the following factors: Prefer a Line Interactive UPS over Battery Backup and Online UPS over Line Interactive UPS if the difference in price is not significant. The better type provides better protection and is generally more reliable.Prefer bigger UPS size if the added cost is not proportionally higher. The bigger UPS enables to increase future loads and provides un-proportionally higher battery backup time, sometimes at lower cost than extended Power Battery if needed. Bigger systems also offer better UPS reliability, considerably increasing battery lifetime.When making final selection prefer brand names, considering also as such issues as power battery swapping ability, type and quantity of outlets, warranty period and local service availability.            
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10/8/2012 - What You Should Know Before Purchasing Your UPS Batteries

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a system meant to provide people with backup power whenever they need to save data. There are many things that may cause one to lose data. For instance, you can face a power blackout. At times, the blackouts can occur abruptly without any warning. People who use laptops, iPads and other related gadgets are lucky, for they have devices that are able to store power for a longer period. However, there is a problem of what happens to the majority of people, especially offices, which use the desktops. Well, if you are one of the many that are using the desktops, you do not need to be worried, all you need are UPS batteries.The battery is fixed between the power source and the computer. The work of the device can be categorized into two parts. First, one can use the system as a backup power source. Note that the battery is recharged when there is electricity. When charging, the system stores some of the power for use when the normal power supply is no longer available. The time taken to fully charge the battery will differ from one device to the next. It is evident that there are some units that are larger than others and they may take hours before they are fully charged. Nonetheless, technology has seen the introduction of batteries that can be fully charged within a short time.The battery also acts as a power regulator. Power surges are known for causing damage to electrical appliances. Other than the power surges, power spikes are equally dangerous. Power spikes refer to a sudden increase in power due to certain happenings, but one of the common causes for power spikes is lightning. Remember, these are occurrences that you have no control over, yet they have devastating effects on the electrical machines and appliances. UPS batteries act as a regulator and it will reduce the current that reaches the computer making sure your computer only gets the recommended voltage.There are many different brands and forms of the Uninterruptible Power Supply battery. To be able to get the best brand, use the Internet. Online, you will definitely come across a great number of shops that deal with the electrical appliances and gadgets. Most of the websites will come with their own prices and they will have a variety of the batteries. Not all of the brands are great. There are actually some brands that are great for home use while others have great batteries for industrial and commercial use. A great way to know if a given battery will serve you well is by reading the reviews.Luckily, there are many forums and blogs that discuss the gadgets. Even so, some of the great online shops will have an internal forum for its users where you can freely interact with other customers. This will definitely give you an opportunity to ask and even get a hint of some of the best-performing devices.Other than getting the best brands, you need to always seek batteries that come with a warranty. More so, you also need to get your battery from a supplier who will give you a money-back guarantee that will protect you if you are not happy with the product. With a money-back guarantee, you can easily return the product and get your money returned as long as you do it within the agreed period of time.As noted earlier, there are many online sellers that market batteries among other related gadgets. Always make sure you only use the best shop which has clear policies regarding purchase, guarantee, and warranty. While at the website, you also should be able to clearly note the cost of the gadget you are purchasing which should be inclusive of the shipping costs. There are certain websites that are notorious at promising cheap prices only to hide extra costs and thus you end up with extra expenses that you did not budget for.A good shop should also have a variety of batteries for you to choose from. Among the many reasons why you choose to use the online option is the variety that comes with it. If a given shop cannot give you a variety of models and prices, then you need to move on.While seeking for your Uninterruptible Power Supply batteries, it is important that you know what you need the gadget for. For instance, you may need it for simple home use where you have a few computers or for commercial use where it is expected to run heavy machinery. These are just some of the many questions that you should ask yourself. It is quite evident that UPS batteries for the commercial use will be more bulky and they will be designed to run heavy machinery. On top of that, they are costlier than the normal house UPS. UPS for the house will be smaller in size and they will easily fit in an office space. Depending on the quality, some of the batteries will be more durable and keep power for longer hours than others.There are many different brands when it comes to batteries.

To get the best, always take time to read the reviews. Some of the best brands will obviously have a higher price. Nonetheless, they will serve you better. Modern technology has seen the introduction of batteries that come with special software. Apart from regulating and providing power during blackouts, the software allows the battery automatically to save and store your data before shutting down your computer. This means that even if the blackout occurs when you are not around, you are still sure you will have your data safely stored.Always choose the best UPS batteries. They will save you a lot of pain in terms of damage to the computer and loss of data. If you are making your purchase online, make sure you only use the best sites that will be able to provide you with great security when you are making your transactions.           
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2/8/2012 - obtain a battery backup for the computer

For each business, they always require a good ups battery support as to safeguard their company's data or any other material.

You only have to possess a energy surge once to screw up your whole life's focus on a pc. The valuable hrs that you simply invest in producing information and doing important work can be lost in a single moment. Having a UPS battery, it can save you yourself lots of aggravation as well as may save your valuable job.

You ought to have battery power hooked for your computer for defense. For those who have a blackout in which you loose all energy for your computer, the UPS battery backup allows you time in order to save your date and shut lower your pc correctly.

A UPS battery will safeguard the body from some very terrible energy problems. When you will find energy transients, that are brief surges in current triggered by lightning strikes or when electricity turns off. UPS batteries will even help help in line noise, that is if you have interference from electrical home appliances.

The suggestions above energy problems can harm your desktop and hurt or lose your computer data. Battery power will give you energy to maintain your system running and provide you with the opportunity to save valuable data and permit you to shut lower the body the proper way. A few of the UPS batteries even include software that instantly saves and shuts lower the body if you're not around if this happens.

UPS batteries be more effective then just surge suppressors. Both of them can handle harmful electrical currents, but a UPS battery provides you with backup energy. You've got the precious minutes that it requires to seal lower your pc to ensure that there's no permanent damage completed to your pc and also to the files on your pc.

Should you choose something that has any importance for you or another person on the computer, you defiantly must have a UPS battery for the system. There's not one other choice if this involves safeguarding your work or private information. UPS battery backup copies aren't costly and they may be purchase almost anywhere. It's a small cost to pay for when guess what happens it will save you in lost money and time.

When you're ready to obtain a battery backup for the computer, you can find one online or they come through catalogs or computer stores. Wherever you choose to purchase your UPS battery, you will lay aside a lot ultimately.

Do you enjoy ups replacement battery? If you want one, I believe you need to give consideration to the fundamental information and it is purchasing tips.

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24/7/2012 - Daily Look for Traction Battery

Not generally people know the forklift truck, I believe, but you may have seen that some small trucks carry goods within the large supermarket, for example Walmart. Yes, this is the forklift truck. What exactly props up truck to hold individuals heavy goods? The important thing ought to be the traction batteries inside. How strong the traction battery is! This information is to inform you something about daily look for traction battery.

1. Liquid level: if it's less than the conventional, it ought to shorten the service existence of the lead acidity battery, and too couple of electrolytes damages battery. Hence, we must frequently look into the level.

2. Terminal connection, cable, and canopy: frequently see if the bond is nice and also the cable is alright, along with the cover.

3. Surface: keep your traction battery surface dry and clean. Too dirty could cause the electricity leakage.

These pointers are a few simple daily check that you can do everyday. It is simple for all of us to determine the traction battery. Before beginning to keep, you need to learn this to check on it first.

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12/7/2012 - Might the motorcycle battery be ready to get a extended travel?

Possibly you've imagined of riding motorcycle to trip? It's so special about feeling the wind to find out outdoors vision. However, without ready, you do not achieve your destination and personalize the trip mood. So you've to make certain your motorcycle reaches good condition along with its battery. If there is an problem while using the battery, you aren't getting began and prevent within the midway. For me that is not all you expect. Hence, you'll need to ensure that the motorcycle battery has the ability to possess a extended travel.

First, you have to discover when the electrolyte is between in standard line. Due to the acidity is type of corrosive poison and may produce toxic gases, you have to purchase a maintenance-free motorcycle battery, that's completely sealed so you don't need to ensure that's stays. Clearly, there's in addition a normal motorcycle battery you have to add disinfected water once in some time. Nonetheless it brings inconvenience for that trip since you can frequently bother about maintenance. Personally, getting fun within your trip is primary. Don't cut back to affect trip mood. Purchase easy to maintain battery decisively.

Then take a look at motorcycle energy source and finished it having a full charge throughout it might be low. If you're ready for nearly any extended travel, you need to be ready for tools for example jumper cables plus a charger. Due to extreme cold or warmth can drain the motorcycle batteries faster, therefore if you're traveling because conditions, you'll need charging more frequently. Bring your charger to visit somewhere along with you, it will also help you. The charger occupies very little room, which can be blocked into any outlet available.

Isn't it time now? Yes, Home theatre system . are for people who've checked your battery. Have a great time. If my blog allow you to, you may also share your own personal understanding about me later.

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2/7/2012 - Has nothing to do with the chemistry of the battery

I have an electric tricycle that is powered by four 12 volt 12ah sealed lead acid batteries connected in series which equals 48 volts 12ah. I decided to switch to a 48 volt 15ah lifepo4 battery and use different components (controller,throttle,etc.) but use the hub motor (450 watts) that came with the tricycle. Connected everything and the motor spins like a 48 volt connected battery is supposed to. The problem with a lifepo4 battery is that even though it weighs only 16 1/2 pounds it just doesn't have the pulling power the sealed lead acid battery have. The speed was much slower with the lifepo4 as well even though the sealed lead acid battery weighs over 40 pounds. Another thing is the motor gets hot with the lifepo4. Now I use my tricycle to carry heavy groceries (gallon milk, gallon liquid detergent, gallon bleach, 4 pound bag sugar, 5 pound ground beef, candy, 4 21 ounce bags cereal, snacks, napkins, cleanser) with the sealed lead acid batteries and the motor stays cool and is faster than if I was riding the tricycle with no groceries using the lifepo4 battery. I bet if I tried that with the lifepo4 the motor would overheat and go dead. Sealed lead acid batteries tend to get a bad rap for limited distance, but there is no contest when it comes to transporting heavy loads. So from my experience, sealed lead acid is the choice for carrying cargo while lifepo4 is good for two-wheeled bike riding.
Has nothing to do with the chemistry of the battery. And you also cannot draw a direct conclusion about a battery swap if you also swap any other component in the system, unless they are all exactly identical and wired identically.
The motor heating is probably because of the different controller having different limitations or methods of driving the motor, vs the original one used with the SLA.

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18/6/2012 - car battery basic voltage

Firstly. A 12V car battery isn't a 12-volt battery. Twelve volts is simply a nominal, convenient expression used to differentiate one battery from another. A completely-billed 12-volt battery, permitted to "relaxation" for any couple of hrs (or days) without any load being attracted from this (or charge likely to it), will balance its charge and measure about 12.6 volts between devices.

Whenever a battery reads only 12 volts underneath the above conditions, it's almost fully depleted. Really, if your battery's resting current is just 12. to 12.1 this means only 20 to 25% of their helpful energy remains. It's whether goner or it's been deep pumped, along with a battery are only able to be deep-pumped a restricted quantity of occasions prior to it being indeed dead.

12-volt batteries supply helpful energy only via a limited range -- from over 14 volts (when fully billed and unrested) lower to 10.5 volts being used/under load (when lights dim, your motorcycle is difficult to begin). No 12-volt battery will stay in excess of 14 volts in excess of seconds unless of course it's being billed. The cheapest limit is 10.5 volts (utilized in testing) and clearly unsatisfactory in practical use.

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12/6/2012 - Common Problems for a car battery

Once the car battery is overcharged or jump began, water within the electrolyte option would be changed into hydrogen and oxygen. This could cause a surge in the battery if your spark or any other supply of ignition exists. Additionally, it cuts down on fluid level within the battery and may expose charge plates. Contact with oxygen can harm these plates and reduces remarkable ability to supply caffeine reaction needed. Inspect your battery regularly, if acidity exists replace battery and appearance the charging system. Be very careful when coping with vehicle battery, mitts and eye protection are suggested as battery acidity is extremely corrosive. When charging battery power be careful, always connect the charge leads as the charger is off. This can prevent a spark from being produced battery power is most vulnerable to a surge following a battery charge.

The most typical method to recharge your battery is as simple as a procedure known as trickle charging. This really is carried out utilizing an affordable trickle charger most repair centers possess a more effective and much more costly charger that's able to charging in a greater rate. To leap begin a vehicle, some jumper cables is required. Attach the released battery to some battery of the running vehicle, connect the positive cable first, then connect the negative cable to some good ground source (ex: engine accessory bracket) last to prevent sparks. The jumper cables are often color matched to complement the good and bad cable terminal on the battery.

You should match the terminal through the cables around the particular batteries. It will match positive to good and bad to negative. Curing these cables will result an unhealthy electrical event. When changing battery power make sure to put on mitts, protective goggles and lengthy sleeve clothing then adopt these measures: First, take away the ground connection or negative connection, then take away the positive. This can reduce the risk of some time disconnecting the positive cable. Next, take away the battery hold lower mount, reverse this to re-install. After installation is done re-look into the charging system.

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8/6/2012 - Never let motorcycle battery freeze

When I was young, I didn't understand why the motorcycle is hard to get started in winter. I remembered that my dad would plan to take me to my grandma's by riding a motorcycle, but that day was raining and it was very cold. I wore a lot of warm clothes and was ready to go, but my dad told me that there was something wrong with the motorcycle and it can't get started. I don't know why. I saw my dad pouring very hot water on the motorcycle battery. I wonder why he did that. My dad said, "That's all because of the cold weather. When the battery freezes, the motorcycle is not able to get started. We just need to give it some hot water let it become warm and then it can be OK. Sometimes this way is useless. "Finally, we reached my grandma's after the motorcycle came back.

Till now I just know the real reason. My dad is right. It's because of the cold weather. The cold weather can affect the performance of motorcycle batteries. Some batteries can not work normally in the cold weather, so they need warm environment. That's the saying motorcycle battery is too cold to work normally. According to the professional, temperature has a big influence on the performance of motorcycle battery, even shorten its service lifespan.

If you know those lead acid batteries, you will understand they will discharge when it is not in use and over charging will shorten its life even damage it. To avoid this happen, we should check and maintain it on a regular basis. At least, we will know whether it is ok and ready for a travel. It doesn't spend much time for you. In winter, you need to prevent it from rain because the cold weather and rain will speed up its failure. Try your best to store it in a garage. Don't let the motorcycle battery freeze. The way to pour some hot water on the battery is not the correct one but effective. In fact, the main reason is that you ignore it for too long time. If you spend a several minutes to take care of it, this can't happen.

To protect your battery very well, I think you need more general knowledge to help you to do that. Don't worry. Just go on reading my blog, and you will find there are many articles you are looking for. Of course, if you have any question, you can leave a message to me, and I will reply you in time if I know the answer.

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7/6/2012 - LEOCH launched a new product - XP series UPS battery

XP Series UPS battery incorporate advanced VRLA&TTP technology designed for ultra high rate performance in UPS & power supply applications with 12 years design life at 25 ambient temperature. By using strong grid and specific paste plate to insure extra durable stable performance under high rate discharge.

General Featuressups battery

-Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery
-Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Separators technolog for high efficiency gas absorption of up to 98%
-Maintenance Free (no topping up)
-No restrictions for rail, road, sea & air transport -Complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provisions A67
-Special designed grids for optimized high power density
-Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion & promotes long battery life
-Oversized partition intercell welds, providing low resistance connections & minimal power loss
-Performance excels at high rates of discharge & recharge
-High integrity post seal for long life
-Vent Valve – allows the release of excess gases & prevents case rupture
-Design according with IEC 60896-21/22:2004, etc.

Typical Applications

-Data Centre (High Rate UPS)
-Banks & Financial Centre
-Hospital& Testing Laboratories
-Power Generation Plants
-Emergency Lighting
-Emergency Power Supply
-High Power Backup Supply

Source: http://www.leoch.com.cn/post/leoch-launched-a-new-product-xp-series-ups-battery.html

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6/6/2012 - How about Lead Acid Battery?

Has been used for over 140 years, lead acid battery is reliable and dependable. With mature technology, these batteries now are mostly maintenance free, such as sealed lead acid battery, gel battery, or AGM battery and so on. If you have a phone, you will know the lithium ion battery is very small and convenience to carry with anywhere. But on the contrary, the lead acid battery is big and heavy due to the electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid. So this leads to they are not that convenience like li-ion battery. Of course, they are used on different field. Lithium ion batteries are often found in mobile phone, laptop, PDA, etc portable digital devices, while lead acid battery are widely used in many different industries, such telecommunication, power systems, radio, and television systems, solar, UPS, electric vehicles, automobile, forklifts, emergency lights, etc.

So how about lead acid battery? Are they are durable rechargeable battery? Are they environmental friendly? Can they be recycled for reuse? So many questions I want to know the answers of. The author will help me solve my trouble.

If you know well lead acid battery, you will find they are the oldest rechargeable battery so there is no doubt. Referring to the environmental friendly problem, there are some discussions. Lead acid batteries adopt a reversible chemical reaction to store energy. And it uses a combination of lead plates or grids and an electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid to convert electrical energy into potential chemical energy and back again. During discharge, the lead dioxide (positive plate) and lead (negative plate) react with the electrolyte of sulfuric acid to create lead sulfate, water and energy. During charging, the cycle is reversed: the lead sulfate and water are electro-chemically converted to lead, lead oxide and sulfuric acid by an external electrical charging source.

The electrolyte of lead acid battery may create burns and other permanent damage if we come in close contact with it due to the use of diluted sulphuric acid electrolyte. And lead compounds can be absorbed through ingestion and inhalation. Moreover, lead is an acutely and chronically toxic compound, and is also highly toxic to fish, other animals and plants. Any materials leak during production or unattended disposal could result both environmental problems as well as health hazards. But on the other hand, these batteries can be recycled and reused in the making of new batteries based on the recent survey reports in this area.

Although they are not so environmental friendly like lithium ion battery, lead acid battery is still very useful. About 97% of these lead acid batteries are recycled according the Battery Council International, and can be reused in the making of new batteries based on the recent survey reports in this area. So if you have these batteries, please don’t throw it away, and transport it to be recycled. Let us service the Environment Protection.

If you want to know more about lead acid battery, please visit http://www.leoch.com

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5/6/2012 - Four Simple Maintenance Tips of UPS Battery

UPS batteries possess a finite operating existence which is dependent upon factors like the ambient temperature and the amount of charge/discharge cycles. Regular maintenance is crucial to guarantee the battery working existence is enhanced and weak or faulty battery blocks are detected. You will find four simple maintenance tips of ups battery that will help you extend the service lifespan. Tip1 UPS producers frequently propose a normal maintenance schedule to keep performance. Battery requires special attention, as UPS failure is frequently triggered with a battery-related problem and never through the UPS's electronics. Tip2 Make certain that ventilation keeps the gear in the operating temperature range per the maker. Install devoted ac if required. Tip3 Periodically compare the burden and kind of load using the UPS specs to make certain the machine continues to be capable of meeting changes sought after. Tip4 Standby (offline) UPSs come with an automated switching system which brings the UPS online. Periodically test the switching system. If you wish to learn more about industrial battery, you can easily visit Leoch Worldwide, which is a superb manufacturer of lead acidity battery. The organization is really a public company that has over 10 year?¡¥s history which is very reliable and reliable. If you are looking at the organization, searching to learn more online. Work website is http://www.leoch.com.
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