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What If Your Husband Doesn't Support You Opening a Small Home Business or Daycare Center?

11:06, 22/12/2007 .. Link
Over the years I’ve heard many complaints from ladies who want to open a small business in their home to help support their family. Maybe it’s a daycare, selling pots and pans, or cosmetics. Anyway you look at it, it’s a small business and some husbands just aren’t supportive of it.

Why you may ask?

Sometimes I think that husbands do not want the trouble that they may think will be caused in their home. They are not interested in the pots and pans sitting in the basement in front of the work bench. Or, the baby in the high chair waiting to be picked up? The fact of the matter is any business you start will involve a commitment on the owner and also will involve some flexibility on the family’s part.

I really think it’s a give and take on everyone’s part. Ladies you need to understand that husbands and children are protective over their things and their space. When your husband is working all day he’s concerned that he’ll have to come home and work there too with feeding babies, helping ship out products, what ever your business may involve.

But on the other hand, it’s also important for the husband to realize that you are earning money for the family and that he should be happy. My husband never complained over the years about my daycare business, and in fact took an active role in running it. He never complained because I was making great money, staying home, raising our twin daughters and last but not least had dinner done when he arrived at night.

Unfortunately not all husbands think this way so it’s your job to emphasize all the great things that will happen because of your home business. And of course realize that your family will need their space so in the beginning just realize this and keep your distance till the money start’s rolling in. They will get the picture.

The “Daycare Diva”, Christine G. Groth, is the creator of “The Guide to Instant Daycare Profits”. To learn more about this step-by-step program and to sign-up for her FREE “How to Start a Daycare” tips and articles, visit http://www.expertsatdaycare.com

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What If Your Husband Doesn't Support You Opening a Small Home Business or Daycare Center?


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