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DirecTV Goes 1080p_1344 481415

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
DirecTV is fighting back against the competition, in a big way. Starting August 14, DirecTV will add another 30 HD channels, for a total 130 HD channels. All programming will have Dolby Digital soundtracks and be transmitted in the MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard.Some of the new HD offerings are from Showtime Extreme HD, Planet Green HD supra footwear http://www.supra-footwear.tk/ supra footwear, ABC Family HD, more pay-per-view, and 23 more Regional Sports Networks with 24-hour HD sports.But, that's not even the big news.Later this year, movies will be in 1080p. Right in your living room. No downloading, no streaming, no buying Blu-ray discs, just regular satellite TV, in 1080p. Let's get the party started!What's coming down the pipeline in the future? With the coming launch of the DirecTV 12 satellite and DirecTV 11 online now ugg tall boots http://www.ugg-tall-boots.tk/ ugg tall boots, DirecTV will have the capacity for 200 HD national channels and 1 sale moncler jackets http://www.sale-moncler-jackets.tk/ sale moncler jackets,500 local channels.Wow. Good thing they have a custom program guide to sort this all out. Don't want to waste valuable time thumbing through the guide when I could be watching TV. In full High Def. ―Leslie ShapiroDirecTVNew Post:

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DirecTV Goes 1080p_1344 481415


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