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- Engelse zinnen

Love de people that treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t

-          when you smile, I melt inside

-          It's hard to get you, but easy to lose you

-          There is no rainbow without rain, there is no love without pain.

-          You`re the one who makes me draw those stupid hearts all over my paper.

-          What happens if he`s your Prince Charming, but you`re not his Cinderella?

-          You were the worst mistake she ever made and she laughs

-          only you can get those hearts in my eyes

-          You`re my soul and inspiration

-          I hide my tears behind a painted smile

-          In  my head I feel what I’m not supposed to feel

-          Don’t tell me cause it hurts

-          All I need is your love

-          I’ve got a better solution for you

-          Everybody’s looking for love

-          I’d like to make myself believe

-          I wish you never looked at me that way

-          I didn’t mean to hurt you

-          I can’t take it any longer

-          I’d never thought that it be easy

-          I’m only fooling myself

-          I’ll never be the same without you

-          I never saw the signs

-          How do I breathe without you here by my side?

-          You can’t have everything

-          If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right

-          You’re a hot mess and I’m falling’ for you

-          You make it real for me

-          I’m going to find a way to make it without you

-          I can make your bed rock, baby

-          I hate it when you feel like you`re going to break all your promises to me

-          I don`t think it will ever change.

-          I can hear you talking but your words don’t mean a thing

-          Every day I love you more and more

-          You're the missing piece I need

-          You stole my heart

-          I will fight for this love

-          I know it`s better on the other side

-          I just want to be where you are

-          I know, what I did wasn't clever, but you and I are meant to be together

-          take my hand, and walk with me

-          I need you like a heart needs a beat but that’s nothing new

-          A broken heart will hurt, but it’s the memories that kill you

-          You’re all that I want

-          Words can`t describe how much I love you

-          How can I move on when I`m still in love with you

-          Life goes on

-          Everything happens for a reason

-          If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together

-          boy, you complete me

Posted: 20:05, 22/2/2010
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