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It is Jannie


here you find everything about me and my life and the most awkwards things that ever happened to me.

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stupid war poem

well my teacher let me made a poem about the second world war. I don't even now a thing about it because I hate wars ugh so I'm going to make it now, well I'm making it for an half hour and the only thing I've written was war sucks but it isn't good if my teacher would see that he would freak out. byebye xx

Posted: 17:14, 4/2/2014
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Well hii,

so on my school is a very cute boy his name? Thats a secret maybe I'll tell later. But I went with my friends to the computers on school and was just searching some of Demi Lovato's pics and that of One Direction. He was standing behind me and watching to my computer. I was looking at him and he laughed and I was like what the hell. After I was going on with those pictures he ask me if I was a directioner and I was like uhh yeah ofcourse. He was laughing so hard and said I think they are very handsome and the only thing I could thing was is he gay, but no he isn't he saw how I was looking and said I know what you are thinking and I said what am I thinking? He said: you think I'm cute because I'm a boy directioner. I was smiling so awkward like HAHAHA. And he said goodbye and walked away. Why am I always so awkward with boys was the only thing that I was thinking a few minutes he came back and said my smile was cute, but I didn't say thank you the only thing I said was okay...? Oef the rest of the day I wasn't think with what I was saying but yeah you know awkward can be cute too, right? Well I need to make my homework now so bye xx.

Posted: 18:31, 3/2/2014
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first day


my name is Jannie and this my blog. Everyday I gonna try to put on it what I've done. I know it isn't very good but it is something to do, you know. Now something about, I'm 14 years old and I live in the Netherlands, for the people who don't know it is in Europe. I'm a huge fan of One Direction and Demi Lovato and a little bit of Little Mix. So if you got if you want to know something more about me my twitter is @lovatoxChanelx and my ask.fm is HarryEyesx you also can leave a comment what I need to do or what I can do better or when you like it. Byebye xx

Posted: 16:19, 2/2/2014
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