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Life of a student...


I will most probably use this as my "online diary".... Not sure yet though! It's about my life...

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God it feels like my brain is about to blow!
Still have some exams i have to redo...
Tomorrow groupdynamics and a presentation and thursday methodology, psychology, sociology and law...
But... after this week: SUMMER VACATION!!!
Ok this has nothing to do with studying but i always have tv on while studying and now
i see this new song/video from linkin park and it just sounds amazing!
I'm guessing its for the last transformers movie? :P why else would there be huge
robots in the video right? title must be let it go? :P
Ooooh! this month i will know if i made it to the next round of the voice of holland!
The audition was such a rush! I was soooo nervous but when i started singing it was like
all the nerves went away... i didnt move though, just stood there :P that was kinda stupid! XD
Ufff lots of people around me are already going on vacation to spain, or france, or turkey and
here i am waiting for it to be august 16, cuz then i''m going to greece!
It''ll be my first time flying though.. EEEEK!

Posted: 09:47, 14/6/2011
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boys.. cant live with them cant live without them!

Sometimes I just want to smack my bf in the face, throw him in a corner and make him cry,
make him fall down the stairs etc. just to make him feel how he sometimes makes me feel,
Whenever he's mad with me he just says thing to hurt me... i know that is what you do when you fight but still i think it's really mean. I never do that! The way it makes me feel is just horrible.
Most of the time i just walk away and ignore him for the rest of the day.. you know what the funny thing is?
Then he turns everything around and makes me feel like i did something wrong because i walked away..
I dont want to just stand there and let him hurt me? He doesnt understand sometimes, which is hard.
Yesterday he got upset because i asked him if he already did the dishes.. like wtf? He started yelling and said i never clean anything.. where the hell does he get this shit from? I clean freaking everyday... first i go to uni from 08:30 till 17:00, i get home and start cooking, do homework and clean the house!!! The nerve to tell me i dont clean... also he says he's tired a lot because he works, like i'm not tired? Nooo cuz i'm not doing anything...

Aah feels good to get that out of my system, i could go on for like 5 pages but it's time for uni!

Posted: 08:34, 11/4/2011
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getting ready for summer!

Ok so i read about this great diet... no idea if i'm able to actually do it but i'm going to try.
All you can eat fruit and veggies + all you can drink water, this for 2 weeks!
Eek! Well i'm certainly going to try,, diet + 30km on my mountainbike every week should do the trick :P
Fingers crossed! XD

Posted: 19:56, 5/4/2011
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Doing my hair XD

While taking a break from studying (exam this thursday) i took a gd look at my hair...
I realized it really looked like @&*$ !!!!
Time to do something about it... sooo i found these papillotes... Yes you probably have no idea what those are so take a look at the pic at the end.... No way in hell im going to upload a pic from me while wearing these awful things :P I will however upload a pic of the result later! :P Ghehe
Though these things look awful while wearing them (grandma) they are actually really good for ur hair! No heat! YAY briliant,,, and the curls last for like 3 days! Which in my case is a miracle.. most curls go flat after a few hours.. heavy hair or something?

Posted: 14:56, 4/4/2011
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First Entry!

Just working out how everything works :P
Here's a pic of me! At least now u know who's blog this is... hihi!

Posted: 16:51, 3/4/2011
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