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New Fashion entries

Hi, this is my first blog, im kinda nervous if you're gonna like this. Im dutch so i don't know of my english is bad. I have to say that i really love fashion. The new entries are for most, Bohemian style, with lots of colors, patterns and nice velvet fabrics. than we have the Nerdy Style. This is the result of example, the series Glee. It is a style with mostly classic clothing, often nicely with a touch of understated sexy. there are many surprising details and a lot of styling. The colors are mostly: old and salmon pink, mint green, blue, coral, soft beige, black, white with a bright color as an accent. the materials are: cotton, lambswool and knitted wool. This is it for now. I hope you liked it and the next time im gonna say everything of the style Road Trip and Blue Lagoon.

Posted: 5:16, 29/4/2012
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