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structure to the language. Written

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tech challenges, and the Holy Grail was to reproduce full human emotion in a CG character. He succeeded, he says,

The development of the Navi language is one unique example. Producer Jon Landau, for one, admits he feels silly now about how Navi became a full language when Cameron engaged American linguist Paul Frommer to create it. Landau thought Frommer would be hired to dream up a few exotic, non-human words for the actors to exchange. I didn’t know it would take him six months to figure out the structure of the language and the philosophy of the language before we could ever get to one line of dialogue.

As for Cameron, he admits: People thought we went overboard. Everyone thought: This is kind of like getting the carpet exactly the right pattern in Titanic. It’s just one of those things that is just too much.

As for me, the film critic and foreign language klutz, I have already screwed up my Navi. When I wrote my Avatar pieces last weekend, I reported that the famous Navi saying, I See You, is written out as: Oe kame nga. I got it just by looking up the words in one of the two Navi/English dictionaries contained in the expansive Pandorapedia section of the new Avatar Blu-ray.
because he eliminated the thing people sometimes call the dead eye effect in motion-capture creatures that are part of the digital filmmaking domain. The blue-skinned avatars and Navi people of Avatar have vibrant eyes that are alive with energy and intelligence. One problem solved, among millions.

But a bigger issue still exists: the virtual world of Pandora specifically and Avatar in general. Let Cameron explain: We know that were competing with Stars Wars, which has a 30-year head start and spans the entire galaxy and, as of right now, is a richer world than we are presenting. But we have to start somewhere and we have to step up to the bar that has been set by the Tolkien universe (meaning The Lord of the Rings) and the Star Trek universe (which has an even longer head start) and the Star Wars universe. So we intended to continue with that level of detail as our world gets broader and more diverse.
I was wrong, as Sun Media reader Jenny was the first to point out in an online posting. And this particular saying contains none of the click sounds that turn Navi into such a challenge. By the way, according to Frommer, this is the way to write the phrase in proper Navi: Oel ngati kameie. Seems I did not take into account the intricacies of his languages grammar and syntax. The dictionaries are just a start.

There is a fair amount going on, even in a simple sentence like this, Frommer explains in an interview. This is not random. There is a whole grammatical structure to the language. Written

But talking gibberish would be http://tiffany-jewellery-shop.com  nonsensical in Avatar, Cameron adds. They all had to meet on a common language platform and, to do that, one has to invest Paul with a mandate to tell the actors Navi is a real language and you must learn it as if you’re learning French or Russians. And actors love that kind of commitment. In the back of their minds, they know its gobbledegook, but they know it will make the film better and it also gives them something to commit to in terms of creating a character. So Paul, because of his obsession with detail, really fed into that in a way that took it all to a different level.

As for Frommer, he admits on the Avatar Blu-ray, while speaking in Navi, that: Avatar has greatly changed my life for the better.

M. Night Shyalaman: At one time his

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Fans of “Troll 2” (of which I am admittedly one … and we are legion!) love the film because of its “so bad it’s good” quality of filmmaking, acting and effects. Now, from one of the stars of that piece of classic trash cinema comes “Best Worst Movie” (New Video Group, $23.98 SRP, Not Rated), a loving tribute to the worst film ever made and the people responsible for unleashing it upon the unsuspecting masses. And unlike the film that inspired this documentary, this film is actually good. Often hilarious, often funny and insightful, “Best Worst Movie” is worth checking out, even if you aren’t a fan of “Troll 2.” Special features include deleted scenes, interviews, commentary tracks and more.

A vast improvement over the original stinker, the fun family flick sequel “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” (Warner Home Video, $23.99 SRP, PG) features the voice talents of Chris O’Donnell, James Marsden, Bette Midler, Christina Applegate, Nick Nolte and many more as the titular animals team up to stop a rogue kitty agent who plans to unleash a diabolical device designed to not only bring her canine enemies to heel, but also to take down her former feline comrades and make the world her scratching post. Special features include outtakes, a gag reel, a Looney Tunes cartoon and several featurettes.

With the winning lottery ticket in his possession but no way of cashing in until the lottery office re-opens after an extended weekend, Kevin Carson (rapper Bow Wow) must survive greedy friends, old foes and gold-digging women in the freewheeling comedy “Lottery Ticket” (Warner Home Video, $23.98 SRP, PG-13). Also starring Charlie Murphy, Terry Crews and Ice Cube (who also executive produced the flick), this is an enjoyable time waster with plenty of genuine laughs.
Are Alright” (Focus Features, $23.99 SRP, R), about two kids who are being raised by a lesbian couple who decide to look up their sperm-donor father, causing cataclysmic changes in the family dynamic. It’s touching, it’s funny and it’s serious, with some truly exceptional performances throughout and deft direction from Lisa Cholodenko (“High Art”). It’s a tale about the strength of families and the ties that bind that never gets too heavy-handed with its message. It’s an excellent way to spend a couple of hours.

M. Night Shyalaman: At one time  Tiffany Watch his name above the title of a film meant that you were in for an enjoyable two hours. But of late it has become synonymous with badly written dialogue coupled with poorly thought out story lines. Unfortunately, “The Last Airbender” (Paramount, $24.98 SRP, PG) continues Shyalaman’s downward spiral into the abyss of bad filmmaking, and it’s just a crying shame. Based on the epic cartoon series “Avatar,” which featured some of the most clever writing ever in an animated series, this could’ve been a return to form for Mr. Shyalaman, considering the source material, but he manages to make this film a difficult chore to sit through. On a positive note, the special effects are pretty amazing, but that’s about the only good thing that can be said about this lackluster project. Special features include deleted scenes, a gag reel and the origins

is symbolic of what can be achieved.

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But Ned Cussen, partner at Bristol-based King Sturge, the largest international property consultancy firm in the West and Wales, said abandoning it would be a false economy.

"Thirty-five years ago we were tiffany sale  able to 'sell' relocation to Bristol for such major inward investors as national insurance, banking and technology giants, on the city's accessibility to London via the high- speed train services," he said.

He will also decide on the future of Labour's £1.1 billion scheme to electrify the Great Western mainline from London Paddington to Swindon, Chippenham, Bath and Bristol, and on to South Wales.
West property expert has warned.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond is due to make a major announcement soon on rail investment, including on additional carriage "http://tiffany-jewellery-shop.com s to help alleviate congestion.
Mr Hammond has previously hinted the project will be axed, even though he has approved more expensive rail schemes for London, and for the Midlands and North.

we will provide the pay-back through the private sector and economic growth which is essential to the recovery. Despite the Government's need to curb public spending, the electrification of Brunel's Great Western rail line remains compelling, especially now that the coalition Government is scrapping the South West's Regional Development Agency. Recovery from the deficit depends on the ability of both West and Welsh regions' private sector companies, and those companies depend on rapid rail links with the capital."

Mr Cussen was the only private sector speaker at the campaign launch by supporters of electrification held at the House of Commons last

But the speed of the train tiffany sale services had been reduced by nearly 30 per cent for Swindon and Bristol, while the journey time to Manchester was 25 per cent faster, he added.

"Electrification is vital for the West and Wales to sustain these regions' competitiveness and inward investment credentials," he said.

"The success of the North Fringe of Bristol has shown what accessibility can do to economic development – the area "Our strong message is – give us improved accessibility and

It took more than a

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Though varied in design, each piece in the Blue Book Collection shares a tradition of excellence that is unique among the world’s elite jewelers This dedication to craft has produced a style that is legendary, a style that gleams in every facet of these magnificent and rarest of jewels.
Tiffany & Co. operates jewelry and specialty retail stores and manufactures products through its subsidiary corporations. Its principal subsidiary is Tiffany and Company. The Company operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores and boutiques in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and engages in direct selling through Internet, catalogue and business gift operations. For additional information, please visit tiffany.com.
TIFFANY & CO., TIFFANY and the TIFFANY BLUE BOX are trademarks of Tiffany (NJ) LLC, Tiffany and Company and their affiliates.
centuries. The creatures’ wings of pierced platinum encrusted with diamonds are a masterpiece of the jeweler’s art that accent fashion with a glittering display of opulence.
Tiffany & Co. celebrates its great heritage as a premier jeweler and diamond authority with the 2010-2011 Blue Book Collection, the jeweler’s annual presentation of the world’s most spectacular diamond and gemstone jewels. The collection features handcrafted designs that are miracles of nature and craftsmanship, emerging from the famous Tiffany Blue Box to enchant the entire world.
Since its founding in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been renowned for the world’s finest diamonds. It was foun

der Charles Lewis Tiffany who was named the King of Diamonds in the 1840s, for purchasing royal jewels in Europe and introducing them to the United States. Now as then, Tiffany diamonds are unsurpassed in color and clarity, and cut according to the highest standards. The Blue Book Collection highlights many of these exquisite stones in settings that shape modern luxury.
well. The Blue Book Collection includes a necklace based on Art Deco jewels in the Tiffany & Co. Archives. The design features a triple-drop pendant with three extraordinarily rare fancy vivid yellow diamonds. The rectangular-shaped 13.09-carat yellow diamond and two approximately 6-carat yellow diamonds are among the most sought-after stones in the world. Tiffany jewelers surround these captivating diamonds with a total of 642 round brilliant white diamonds.
More of nature’s treasures await discovery in jewels with colored gemstones of esteemed origin. Among them are sapphires from Kashmir, highly coveted since their discovery in the late 19th century. Tiffany highlights a 28.01-carat unenhanced, esteemed Kashmir sapphire in a necklace of 1,097 round brilliant diamonds

This year’s collection includes the Tiffany Majestic necklace, a regal design inspired by the splendor of royal jewels. It took more than a year to procure the more than 300 pear-shaped and round brilliant stones and over 700 hours to create the necklace itself. Each stone was hand cut and set in diamond florets that surround a 30.31-carat, links of london Bangle  E color, internally flawless detachable diamond drop. The platinum mountings were individually crafted and discreetly linked to create a flexible setting that sparkles with every movement.
Tiffany diamonds sparkle with equal intensity in the Fringe necklace. The necklace is an original design of fluid lines and sensuous motion that features a 20.01-carat, D color, internally flawless diamond in a rectangular modified brilliant cut with 61 round, 33 cushion and 30 marquise diamonds in platinum. For those who desire a diamond ring above all else, Tiffany stonecutters and jewelers have fashioned the consummate collection, including internally flawless diamonds of 14.42 carats and 12 carats in gem-encrusted settings of pure glamour.
Tiffany built its reputation on fancy color diamonds, as

rehearsals with a vocal coach.

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In an attempt to placate Mancini, the producers let him write a song anyway. Only an amazing tune and lyric could have prevailed against these odds, and that is precisely what happened. When the producers heard Moon River, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, they were so dumbstruck with admiration that they decided to put it in the picture without the head of Paramount’s consent.

Audrey, her husband, the director, the two producers and the composer piled into a stretch limo and headed for a party in a Paramount suite.
Marty Rackin, the studio head, was the first to speak. ‘I love the picture, fellas,’ he said, tapping out his cigar on an ashtray, ‘but the f***ing song has to go.’
The director’s face turned crimson with rage and Audrey started rising from her chair. The composer, ­Mancini, said later that he thought there was going to be a lynching.
It was producer Richard Shepherd who managed to save Moon River from the cutting-room floor. ‘You’ll cut that song over my dead body!’ he growled, and Rackin had a feeling that he meant it.

That left the director with the ­problem of having no one to sing it. For a brief period, there was talk of using Marni Nixon (who would, three years later, be Audrey’s vocal surrogate for My Fair Lady), but he didn’t think that would look authentic.
So he set to work on wearing down Audrey’s defences. Whatever weakness audiences perceived in her vocal ability, Edwards told her, it would ­actually enhance their perception of Holly as a normal, likeable girl.
Ever keen to distance herself from the loucher elements of her character, Audrey finally caved in. Without a moment to lose, she was rushed into guitar lessons and rehearsals with a vocal coach.
The first preview of Breakfast At Tiffany’s took place in 1961 at a small theatre near San Francisco. Afterwards,

had other, more pressing ­anxieties, Tiffany Key ring Tiffany Key ring however, among them the requirement for her to sing a song. It was to be a key moment: Holly Golightly, sitting on the fire-escape and strumming a guitar as Paul ­listened from his open window above.
Well, forget it. Since making the musical film Funny Face, Audrey believed her voice had thinned ­considerably, and now she was ­terrified of making a fool of herself.
It was just as well that the jazz ­composer Henry Mancini, who’d been hired to write the score, didn’t know that she’d backed out. He was having battles of his own with the Paramount head of production, Marty Rackin, who thought Holly’s plaintive song should be written by a Broadway composer instead.

season's collection online.

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creating brand new memories over the festive season.

Founded in 1982 as a jeweller's shop by Mr. Per Enevoldsen, Pandora was 'driven by quality of the highest carat' during its beginnings in Copenhagen's Noerrebro district. Production moved to Thailand in 1987, when Lone Frandsen was hired as a designer and the company began to focus on creating a unique jewellery brand. In 1996, goldsmith and designer Lisbeth Larsen joined the company and, together with Lone, played a Tiffany Earring  key role in defining Pandora's style. In 1999, its ever-popular charm bracelet launched on the market and established the personal nature of Pandora jewellery. Pandora has now grown into a global brand, having evolved from a two-man business 25 years

As an authorised seller of Pandora jewellery, the Jewel Hut was one of the first places where Pandora fans could view this season's collection online.

This is a major coup for a website that only recently unveiled its fresh, new-look design at the start of October.

New beginnings are what Pandora jewellery is all about: one chapter closes, another one begins and, with it, a whole new choice of exceptionally desirable jewellery is ready to be discovered.
The Jewel Hut is the sister site to the UK's largest watch website, the Watch Hut. Together, the two websites act as the internet trading arm of T H Baker & Co Ltd, the renowned chain of jewellers established in 1888. Still a family run business today, T H Baker is a company with a long history of selling prestigious watches and jewellery on the high street. The Jewel Hut is an authorised dealer of the brands sold on the website, meaning customers can expect to receive authentic products sold with a comprehensive after-sales service.

This winter, you can continue your charm bracelet's story with new Moments. Complement your existing combination with original new beads and droppers, or you can even start anew with the Jewel Hut's exclusive Completed Bracelets.

Symbolise the next stage of your story with a varied collection of pieces; once you've selected your next beads, you can explore options such as ornate Ring Upon Rings, Compose earrings and 14ct gold ring, earrings and necklace sets.

To enhance your Pandora  Tiffany Key ring experience even further, try the latest Lovepods. These luxurious pieces are all fashioned out of 18ct gold and are frequently decorated with precious stones for that extra something special.



trappings of the period. And get over it.

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Acton, Mass. — Women enjoy more rights and greater gains in leadership than ever before -- but it would be hard to know that from watching television, as so-called “real housewives” and the embarrassing excesses of Paris, Lindsey, Snooki and assorted Kardashians offer sterling role models for a new generation.

For women who achieve success through their abilities and don’t simply marry into it or make a loud, messy show of themselves on “Jersey Shore” to get it, you actually have to go backward in time, to the 1970s.

Many movies then may have been shot through with misogynistic violence, but on the small screen, but many female characters
Steve convinces his boss, Oscar (the affably paternal Richard Anderson) to authorize a similar, secret and very costly (but we never learn how costly) bionic surgery for Jaime.

Her broken body recast with bionic infrastructure, Jaime, much like Steve, now lives a double life in service to the nebulous government agency that has restored her.

Working as a schoolteacher on an Air Force base, Jaime, ever a study of grace and strength, undertakes dangerous missions such as saving an ambassador from a hellish fate in a Central American civil war, or stop a government contractor from selling national secrets to an unnamed enemy.

enjoyed a prime time following, before a fragmented viewing market relegated such programming to gender-targeting channels.

One of the most popular shows with a female protagonist was “The Bionic Woman,” a spin-off from the successful science fiction series, “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

 Universal Home Studios, which recently released the first two seasons of “Six Million Dollar Man” on DVD, has now put forth the first season of the original “Bionic Woman” – not to be confused with the 2007 remake – in all its vintage, futuristic glory.

The show, which aired 1976-1978, featured Lindsey Wagner as Jaime Sommers, an attractive professional tennis player and the childhood sweetheart of astronaut-cum-cyborg-cum-undercover-agent Steve Austin (Lee Majors, who remains synonymous with this part in popular imagination.)

 On a visit back home in California, Steve and Jaime go skydiving – and a horrific accident nearly claims Jaime’s life.

Then there’s the how-did-they-ever-survive-back-then factor: Jaime can’t text her way out of a tight situation; she has think her way out. And bend a few steel bars and smash through some steel doors.

It’s true, she’s got a lot of high tech hardware stitched inside her to help, but while watching her leap incredible heights and hoisting two-ton blocks of concrete is thrilling, it’s her cool intellect – and her deep compassion – that make her so engaging and credible.

Watch for the requisite 1970s “special guest star appearances” by the likes of Andy Griffith, the late Gordon Jump (of “WKRP in Cincinnati” fame) and Majors himself.

Universal has released the first season, which aired in 1976 – complete with the crossover episodes from “The Six Million Dollar Man” and for viewers in 2010, not a moment too soon.

Anyone raised on more recent television fare will immediately notice the much slower pacing; there is none of the rapid-fire cutaway of contemporary editing, and the opening credits may seem almost as long as the episode itself.

Take that and the other dating signatures, such as room-sized computers and rotary phones, for what they are – trappings of the period. And get over it.

What made the series fun Tiffanyny to watch shines through –well-written stories, likeable characters, palpable suspense and spirit of adventure.

And no 21st century car chase scene can compare to those gigantic sedans and wagons careening around corners in a screeching hale of dust and smoke. Imagine doing that in the egg-shaped we zip about in nowadays.



its product line, Wilkinson said.

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Although exclusive Tiffany jewelry designs shape the store’s most famous wares, today it offers more, store director Kyle Wilkinson said Tiffany jewellery   < . Tiffany exclusivity has been extended to watches, silverware, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances and accessories. As of July, according to its second-quarter results statement, the company operated 223 Tiffany & Co. stores and boutiques. It had 91 in North and South America, 57 in Japan, 48 in Asia and the Pacific Rim and 27 in Europe, and had grown internationally by 12 stores since the second quarter of 2009.
store’s signature turquoise gift boxes tied with white ribbon. But there’s much more to it than that: its brand has built a reputation and prestige that perhaps is unparalleled by any other U.S. retail brand.
“When they see that blue box, sometimes it doesn’t matter what’s in it,” Wilkinson said. “It’s going to be a quality gift.”

The company works to support its brand by permeating every aspect of the customer experience in a sense of high quality in every aspect, Wilkinson said.

“It’s just consistency. When they come in, it’s an experience. Just that history. That’s a long time to be at the top of your game in an industry. It’s a good feeling,” he said.

To imbue new hires with that sense of quality takes a great deal of training, he explained. Tiffany is to hire 19 employees in Jacksonville — three in management, including Wilkinson, and three security guards, he said.

“We do look for the best,” he said.

New hires will undergo three weeks of training prior to the store’s opening two


The St. Johns Town Center Tiffany will make its home toward the south end of River City Drive, located between Louis Vuitton and Mayor’s Jewelers. The nearest other Tiffany & Co. stores are in Orlando and Atlanta, and Wilkinson said the number of Jacksonville-area customers shopping at the Tiffany & Co. stores in those cities and on the tiffany.com website supported opening a store here.

“It’s just waiting for the right spot, the perfect situation and the construction,” Wilkinson said. “That spot made itself available, and we were on it. We definitely think there is a demand in Jacksonville.”

Advertising and public relations company The Callaghan Agency called 25 Jacksonville customers who have shopped for Tiffany merchandise online or at the stores in Atlanta, Orlando or New York and asked them what they thought of a store opening in Jacksonville.

“The ladies were so excited   Tiffany ny  about Tiffany’s coming here,” agency company president Charles Callaghan said. “They feel it really validated Jacksonville.”

As Tiffany has grown, so has its product line, Wilkinson said.

A recent addition has been a line of handbags. The company’s line of silver jewelry is priced to be accessible to buyers who may not be able to afford Tiffany diamonds, gold and other higher-end jewelry. The store also sells gift items and has a bridal department.

Asked how he intends to spend

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‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ draw
The purchase that scored him the chance to participate in the draw was a S$5,000 platinum diamond ring from Tiffany & Co – a wedding anniversary gift for his wife.

“The good news about winning the August draw has not fully sunk in yet, let alone the fact that I have a one-in-six chance to win a million dollars,” Loh said. “I was invited to fill up some lucky draw forms so I did. It never crossed my mind that I could be the winner. It’s so exciting and I’m really looking forward to the grand draw.”

As the monthly winner, Loh wins pandora bracelets wholesale  S$5,000 (US$3,670) in cash plus a three day/two night stay in a luxury hotel.

Described as an avid fan of Changi, Loh visits the airport with his family three or four times a month even when he is not travelling. The regular patron frequents Changi for dinner and other leisure activities.

As a member of Changi Rewards, an incentive programme that rewards airport visitors for spending on retail, food & beverage and selected services, Loh has been accumulating points whenever he shops and dines at the airport. Accumulated points can then be exchanged for Changi Airport Dollar vouchers, which allowed Loh to offset the purchase of the Tiffany & Co ring.

The ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ Draw promotion, which commenced on 1 June 2010, offers a grand prize of S$1 million in cash. The millionaire will be selected from the six monthly winners. In addition there are 188 other cash prizes totalling more than S$200,000 (US$146,700).

In January 2011, Loh will participate in the grand draw alongside the five other monthly finalists, whose names will be drawn upon the close of every month from June to November 2010.

Loh Kee Peng is the first Singaporean monthly winner in the

About Be a Changi Millionaire

To qualify for the millionaire draw passengers and visitors need to shop or dine at Changi Airport, with a minimum spend of S$60. The number of chances increases exponentially with the amount spent. Additional chances are given to Changi Rewards members or those who pay with Visa cards. Purchases made in both the public and transit areas of Changi Airport qualify for the draw. The qualifying period is 1 June to 30 November.

The Be a Changi Millionaire promotion sees a daily prize of S$1,000 given over the 183 days of the qualifying period. After the close of each month a monthly draw will be conducted to shortlist one finalist for participation in the grand draw


Asked how he intends to spend the grand prize of S$1 million if he wins, Loh replied: “It is my dream to be debt-free, so the bulk of the prize money will go towards the repayment of my housing loan. A portion will also be donated to charity, while some will be spent on pampering my family with a nice holiday, good dinner and perhaps more pretty gifts from Tiffany – which has brought me good luck.”

In addition to the monthly winner, pandora Bangles 31 daily winners (one each day) have also been drawn from the qualifying entries submitted during the month of August. Each wins a cash prize of S$1,000 (US$734). The daily winners comprise nationals of many countries including 11 from Singapore, four from Indonesia, and four from Malaysia. Other winners come from Australia, Britain, China, Kazakhstan, Korea, Philippines, Turkey and South Africa.


Eventually, the pressure

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For a long time I didn’t know what to do with it. I stashed the box in a drawer, and went on with my life. I dated, hung out with friends, wrote, traveled. Two years passed and still the ring lingered, in the drawer and the back of my mind.

Finally, I decided to get it appraised. A co-worker recommended a jeweler who didn’t buy and so would be less likely to rip me off. How much Tiffany ring  could it be worth? I wondered as I headed to the diamond district. Ten thousand? Fifteen? Even half that was pretty good.

The jeweler examined the stone through a magnifying loupe. He jotted down some notes. Then he raised his head, removed the loupe, and I felt like I was on “Antiques Roadshow.” I held my breath.
But all of that came with a price. 

My mother-in-law had advanced stage Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. She needed help walking, eating, bathing, and going to the bathroom. Saturdays were my shift. 

As a daughter-in-law in a traditional Korean household, I was expected to pitch in, and because I wanted my in-laws’ approval, I did so, though begrudgingly at times. Joe liked to remind me then that I was actually doing much less than his parents wanted. I couldn’t imagine doing more: after a whole day of caring for and listening to my mother-in-law endlessly talk, I was exhausted. Often lonely and scared, she wanted me near her all the time. She began to hallucinate, and told crazy stories about people breaking into the house and stealing her precious trinkets.

My father-in-law talked about selling their antiques to pay for a full-time nurse. I wished he would. I’d have gladly traded our “inheritance” if that meant Joe would be less angry, we could spend more time together away from his parents, and I’d have more time to write. But the antiques remained.

Eventually, the pressure got to be too much. Joe cheated and got the woman pregnant.

While I hated him, I also couldn’t let him go. Not ready to tell my own parents, I talked to his mother, who already knew. I wanted her Tiffany Cuff Link  to tell me she was sorry her son had done such a terrible thing; I wanted to hear that I deserved better.

“I can’t tell you what to do,” was all she said.

Less than a year later, I left. “Keep the ring,” Joe said.

My absolute favorite memory

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In the meantime, she will continue to work on her latest venture, one she started this spring – Our Game Magazine. Weimer is the editor of the women’s soccer magazine that features stories and columns written by professional pandora bracelets  soccer players, including Leslie Osborne, Alyssa Naeher, Carmelina Moscato, Meagan McCray, Manya Makoski, Carrie Dew, and Val Henderson.

“(Starting Our Game) I thought it was awesome,” Michele Gates, Tiffany’s mother said. “Not only was she writing, which is something she likes to do, but it was her major.”

“Tiffany is someone who exemplifies her passion for the game by coupling that with another passion – writing,” Moscato said. “She is a talented journalist and has been

“Playing overseas has always been beneficial for me. I have learned different styles of play, played in almost every system possible, different positions, new ways of training, conditioning, recovering,” Weimer said. “It broadens my horizons as a player and student of the game. AIK, from the time I’ve been here, relies mostly on possession and breaking teams down. What the team lacks in athleticism they make up for with their technical ability and possession. This style seems more fitting to my style of play, so it has been fun playing here. The quality isn’t as high as WPS, but it’s not too far off. “Playing professional soccer is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was my goal and my dream.”

Weimer plans to return home later this fall and in November, on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 26 and 27), she will host the Tiffany Weimer Soccer Academy, a clinic for girls and boys ages 9-16, at United Athletic Center’s Stratford Field House in Stratford, Connecticut.

Bob, played hockey. His number: 8. His favorite player – Dave Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers – also wore number 8. Today, Bob Weimer has another favorite number 8.

“Watching Tiffany grow as a soccer player has been a thrill to say the least. When she was drafted (by Gold Pride in the 2009 WPS Draft) I was so excited for her, finally achieving what she’s played so hard for. We were very proud of her,” Bob Weimer said. “Tiffany is great person off the field as well, always laughing, playing jokes on people and has a great sense of humor.”

There is one particular moment in time that stands out to Bob Weimer.

“My absolute favorite memory of Tiff’s career was at Penn State when they were playing Santa Clara in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament,” he said. “It was cold, (there was) snow and ice on the field and in the stands. The game was tied 1-1 with three or four minutes left when Tiff got hold of a cross and scored the game-winner with a diving header to send them to the Final Four in Texas. The headlines in the paper the next day read ‘Headed to Texas,’ with a picture of Tiff celebrating her goal.”

Something else that immediately stands out is the white headband Weimer wears. It all began back when she was 12 years old, playing basketball.

“It was cool at 12, semi-coo pandora beads l in high school, not cool in college,” said Weimer. “People don’t recognize me unless I’m wearing it.”

Still today, Weimer wears the headband, now sporting it for AIK in Sweden, where she has scored three goals in six games. The team has two games left and is fighting to stave off relegation.

We did have a trio of new stocks

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TOM HUDSON: This week clearly was marked by the foreclosure documentation mess hitting banks and technology earnings helping out that sector. For the week, we begin with the Dow Industrials (DJI) gaining a half percent, despite dropping  Tiffany Earring yesterday and today`s bigger drop. The NASDAQ (IXIC) meantime saw the biggest gains among the top three, up 2.8 percent with the biggest gains coming today. The S&P 500 (GSPC) added about 1 percent on the week. The indices by the way are up six of the past seven weeks now. Today for the second session in a row, financial stocks clearly weighed on the market, including General Electric (GE). Finance remains GE`s biggest business. While earnings were better than expected, revenues did come up short with sales off for wind energy equipment and jet engines. GE was the worst performing Dow component, falling more than 5 percent on four times average volume.

Bank of America (BAC) and JPMorgan (JPM) weighed on the Dow as well. Each of them reviewing their foreclosure procedures. S&P cut its rating on B of A to "hold" over foreclosure concerns. Meantime at the bottom, you can see Capital One (COF) financial, the credit card company, it dropped more than 7.5 percent. And it increased the amount of credit card balances it does not expect to collect on.

Now technology was the leader in the market today, thanks to Google (GOOG) earnings and more merger talk. Google popped 11 percent today on the heels of that much better than expected earnings last night. Volume really jumped on this rally too. Google over $600 per share tonight for the first time since January. While we`re talking about tech earnings, Apple (AAPL), watch this one, due out Monday after the close. The stock hitting a new high in anticipation of strong results.

The merger talk in tech land was in disk drives today, focused on Seagate Technology (STX). It did help out that entire data memory industry though. Seagate skyrocketed 22 percent, very active today. The company has been approached by a potential buyer to go private. Fellow disk drive maker Western Digital (WDC) added eight percent. And flash memory maker Sandisk (SNDK) was able to get in on the rally, up by better than 1 percent.

One final earnings update here, toymaker Mattel (MAT), we heard Erika talking about retail and the holiday. Well, Christmas may come later than usual according to Mattel. Earnings were a penny above estimates but Fisher Price sales were disappointing in the past quarter and that knocked the stock off a 52-week high hit earlier this week. Mattel figures that holiday buyers will wait until the last minute to make purchases.

We did have a trio of new stocks hit the market this week -- a retailer, auto parts maker and college apartments. Check out this group, Tiffany Bracelet  Campus Crest Communities (CCG) builds and manages student housing. It came public at $12.50 per share, up slightly tonight. Tower International (TOWR) makes automotive frames and chassis. Its IPO price, $13 per share, right where it closed tonight. That also was the IPO price for women`s clothing

The Powells are no longer ordinary

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When Daphne elected to take up George's offer to talk, she not only got a sounding-board, but she also discovered that George and her dad were keeping a secret. While it was funny watching George try to think of anything else to prevent her from reading his thoughts, something better came out of it: it gave Daphne a sense of purpose Tiffany Watch . She was no longer adrift wondering what the heck to do with this new ability, she could figure out what her dad was up to. She was absolutely right when she told him that they cannot keep secrets from one another -- because in their "special" world, they are the only ones they can trust and talk to. Just like her dad needs to feel needed, so does she.

Finally, it is worth noting that something is up with the Powells and their fruit consumption. What is with their obsession with apples and oranges? They seem to be always drinking orange juice or grabbing an apple or orange. If they were infected another way besides the phosphorus in the Amazon water, it is probably through all the fruit they consume - food for
wants his peers at the police department to respect him for his abilities. However, as George reminded him, in all the comics, the minute someone finds out, it's over. Anyone who finds out a super-hero's true identity immediately has a bulls-eye painted on their back. Knowledge is a dangerous thing and being a friend or confidante of a super-hero only increases the danger level.

Echoing Jim's frustration was Daphne who so desperately wanted to tell someone about her ability. She thought it was unfair that her parents got to tell their friends, but she could not. Chafing at the restrictions placed on her by carrying this weighty secret, Daphne also did not want to confide in George and Katie (Autumn Reeser). What teenager wants to share their fears and frustrations with their parent's friends?

As relatable as her resentment was, it only served to make it all the more funny when Daphne elected to confide in George about her concerns about telling J.J. what she found out about the girl he liked.

On a parallel path, Steph has probably begun to regret telling Katie about her ability since Katie, in her haste to help, impersonated Steph during her physical exam -- leading to the necessity break into the lab to swap blood samples. As Steph quipped to Jim, "You're stopping a felony and I'm committing one. Remember when we used to have movie night?" There was a hint of winsomeness behind that remark. Steph is just now wishing that things could be normal again. But this wish may not come true. Fortunately for her, Jim loves her just the way she is, special or not. For as he told her, "I love you for the beauty you see in ordinary things."

The Powells are no longer ordinary Tiffany jewellery , but they still appreciate ordinary things. The one distinct upside is that before they were special, they were just a fragmented family barely speaking to one another. Now they are working together as a family -- a team. They are communicating. They are sharing in each other's problems. And they are becoming closer than ever before.

Thomas struggled Sunday against Atlanta Falcons

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the NFL," Thomas said. "He's very fast. He's very quick and very strong. On first and second down he's on the sideline drinking water. On third down they put him in there and he's fresh."

Thomas' teammates haven't lost faith in his abilities. Right tackle Tony Pashos is among Thomas' biggest fans.

"I've been blessed to play with Tiffany Jewelry Set  some of the best offensive tackles," Pashos said. "Jonathan Ogden and Joe Staley in San Francisco. I think Joe Thomas is right up there. Those are tough situations whoever goes up against that guy."

The Falcons' defense picked up the pace when Delhomme replaced the injured Wallace. Delhomme said his lack of mobility was like blood in the water to the Falcons.

"They watch and pay attention to stuff, just like I pay attention to stuff," Pashos said. "But if Jake or Seneca

"We weren't able to run the ball," Thomas said. "That's the way Atlanta's defense is set up. They can stop the run. They have four excellent pass rushers. They have more than that. They have guys in the two deep who are excellent pass rushers. They want to get you in situations where they have to throw the ball and then they can tee off on you."

Abraham used nothing but speed to get around Thomas on the sack of Wallace in the second quarter. The strength of Thomas' game is quick feet and the ability to cut off the corner for speed pass rushers.

"I tried to push him upfield," Thomas said. "I tried to run him around the hoop, but I didn't push him far enough past and he was able to get Seneca from behind."

This isn't Thomas' best season since being selected third overall in the 2007 draft. He was beaten on pass coverage on the play that resulted in a hit on quarterback Jake Delhomme against Tampa Bay in the season opener. Delhomme suffered a high right ankle sprain and still isn't 100 percent.

No one he's faced this season measures up to Abraham.

"I think he's probably the best or second best pass rusher in

Thomas struggled Sunday against Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham, who's one of the best at his position in the NFL. Abraham flashed speed and power in recording five tackles, including a pair of sacks.

Abraham's first sack  Tiffany Watch resulted in an ankle injury for quarterback Seneca Wallace.

Thomas admitted he didn't play well.



who as an amateur played in the same Walker Cup team as Rory McIlroy

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Fisher, who shot 68 on the Old Course, showed that the Ryder Cup celebrations had not dampened his ability to mount a serious challenge.

"I always set high expectations. I wouldn't have come here if I didn't feel like my game is ready and in good enough shape to win," he said.

Harrington, who also shot 68 on the Old Course, said: "It was a good score and certainly I would have taken it on the way out.

"This is my third team event in a row. There's a lot going on when you're playing in a team event. If it's not just your own game, you have someone else to look after and watch over. I like the Dunhill.

I'd also love to get into the top 50 in the world as well - that would make it a great year."

Gallacher played Carnoustie on  Tiffany jewellery a miserable day - and was hoping leader Parry and the nine members of the winning Ryder Cup team would get a taste of the same there today.

"It was pretty brutal to start with - and I was two-over at the turn," he added. "There were three par-4s you couldn't get up in two.

"I just hope it's the same tomorrow with the wind. It was a bit easier on the back nine, a bit more downwind.

"This is my favourite course of the three and I'm very happy with that score in these conditions.

"It was playing so tough, even downwind it was difficult to get close to the flag.

"So I'll take 72. I just hope it's the same tomorrow so it's pretty fair."

Parry, who as an amateur played in the same Walker Cup team as Rory McIlroy, gave much of the credit for carving out a four-stroke halfway lead to his putting.

"I've pretty much holed every putt for two days. It's going to be a big help when you're doing that, especially in the wind because you're always going to be struggling to get up and down from different positions," said the Englishman."

The big question is, can Parry hang on from the chasing pack over the last two days to record the biggest win of his life?

The biggest threat seems likely  Tiffany to come from a posse of European Ryder Cup challengers - Ross Fisher, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington, Graeme McDowell and vice-captain Thomas Bjorn - who are all within seven shots.



what are you doing

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Bury manager Knill was up for Manager of the Month after a good run of form in September and Coleman knows all about their seven-goal striker Ryan Lowe, who the Reds tried to sign from Chester, and defender Lees.

"We have tended to do well at Gigg Lane in the past and we can’t give Ryan Lowe a penalty as he is deadly from the spot," said Coleman.

"We need to tighten up and I hope it won’t be as open as it was on Saturday, but it should be a good local derby."

"They beat us at Gigg Lane and I think it was a turning point for us. I hardly ever show DVDs to the players but I showed them the one of that game and they all came up with the same thing, that we were out-fought and out-battled.

"That’s not really what my team does but after that, we went on a really good run. It was a turning point for us and I hope we’re not showing the DVD after tomorrow’s game.

"They are a very dangerous side," pandora Silver Beads  he added. "They’ve got some good players and they play good football but we’ve got to combat that."

Bury defender Tom Lees knows all about the Reds after making 46 appearances while on loan at the Crown Ground last season.

The 19-year-old – on loan at Gigg Lane from Leeds United - paid tribute to Reds management team John Coleman and Jimmy Bell ahead of tomorrow’s clash and warned his current team-mates that they would have to be at their best.

"They’re a very good team," said Lees. "We can’t underestimate them because if we do then we’ll get beaten.

"John and Jimmy have done a good job at Accrington. They’ll have them fired up for the game and we’ve got to be ready. They try to pass the ball and play the right way and it’ll be up to us to stop them."

Reds boss Coleman is hoping his side can cut out the mistakes at the back afer their 11-goal thriller - a 7-4 win for Stanley - against Gillingham on Saturday.

Bury boss Alan Knill is out for revenge when Accrington Stanley visit Gigg Lane tomorrow.

The Reds came away with all three points the last time they visited Bury after what Knill says was one of the Shakers poorest performances of the season.

Bury sit fifth in League  pandora Jewelry Two on the back of a four-match unbeaten run - with Stanley sixth - but Knill has urged his players not to make the same mistakes twice against Stanley.

"They're a good side and they were a good side last year," he said.



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Other items stolen included a collection of money from a pot, a pair of expensive Rayban sunglasses, a big black leather holdall and a phone charger.

The silver bracelet is described as a Pandora charm bracelet.

It had a number of distinctive Tiffany jewellery  charms including a rocking horse, two flowers, a music note, a skull and red, green and pink beads.

The girls' stolen property was insured but they are still keen to get back their sentimental items.

If you have any information, call polic

"We got in and were in the living room so didn't notice anything at first," said Katie, a second year economics student.

"I started to take my make-up off but then I heard Amy shouting my name saying 'Katie, Katie, we've been burgled — I didn't leave my room like this'," she added.

"They'd emptied her jewellery box over her bed. We called the police straight away and it was only when they arrived that I realised they'd taken my laptop," said Katie.

Police did forensic examinations at the house and it was discovered that the thieves had entered through an old back bathroom window.

Katie, 22, said she now felt scared at night: "At first I felt fine but now when I lie awake in bed and hear a little noise, I'm worried and scared.

"It's shaken us up."

The University of Plymouth students live with five others but were the only ones in the house at the time.

Katie was very upset that all her pictures from her African holiday were taken.

She said: "I'd literally just uploaded them on to my computer.

"You can replace the laptop but not the photos."

TWO students have been left feeling "scared" after having their Mutley home burgled.

Police are hunting thieves who struck in Houndiscombe Road, entering through a back window between 8pm on Friday, September Tiffany  10 and 5am the next day.

They stole items of sentimental value, including a charm bracelet, as well as a laptop containing hundreds of personal photos taken over the summer.

Katie Beckett and her housemate Amy Littler came home after a night out at 5am to discover the burglary.

She added that she felt lucky that at least none of her work was lost as it was the beginning of the academic year

ICC code of conduct.

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Pandora’s box is now open and what consequences it would bring on Pakistan’s cricket in particular and the sport itself is yet to be determined. Whether Yasir Hameed has been manipulated by the British tabloid or he intentionally fuelled the controversy is not known. Responsible behaviour is need of the hour to protect the deteriorating image of Pakistani cricket from further degradation.

Whereas the situation demands players to be extra careful and vigilant in their act and talks, the appearance of video conversation defies situational awareness by Pakistani players. The video clearly depicts Yasir Hameed slamming his teammates and creating further doubts.

In the interview, Hameed attributed several past defeats with the attitude of players. He said that players intentionally played dismally due to their links with bookmakers. He expressed his disappointment and anger about the lack of sportsmanship in his teammates. Hameed said that he tried to play his best and win matches but his teammates did not support him due to the charm of money.

The appearance of another controversial video at this critical juncture has exacerbated the situation for Pakistani cricket. However, Hameed rejected any statement attributed to him by the News of The World on local media. Hameed has been called by the Management for explaining his alleged interview with the (NOTW) correspondent. Pakistani High Commissioner, Wajid Shamshul-Hassan, has arranged an emergency meeting with the PCB and Yasir Hameed, who would be asked to explain his point of view in the meeting.

Although, Yasir Hameed has termed the video recording as fabricated, he is required to explain various facts. While he was aware of all the issues in the team, never did he bother to inform management about the corrupt practices observed by his teammates. ICC has yet not given any official statement on the appearance of the video conversation. However, reliable sources within ICC termed the allegations as attributable to breach of Anti-corruption code. According to the source, Yasir Hameed failed to observe the responsibility entrusted on him as per ICC code of conduct. According to the Anti corruption code of conduct, it is the responsibility of every player to identify and highlight any corrupt practices within the cricket sports.

Article 2.4.2 of ICC code   

Tiffany Key ring

of conduct stipulates that a player is responsible to provide full details about any misappropriation in case anyone attempts to seduce or approach him for any act contrary to the Anti-corruption code. Hence, Yasir Hameed has committed an offence by not divulging the known truth in time according to

The startling revelations by  Yasir Hameed deserve close scrutiny by the ICC and PCB. Similarly Scotland Yard must also enhance its scope of investigation as per the revelations made by Yasir Hameed.

PCB, on the other hand is maintaining its mysterious silence

$250 gift certificate to the Green Tree Mall or a Pandora Bracelet from Koerbers.

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$250 gift certificate to the Green Tree Mall or a Pandora Bracelet from Koerbers.    

Dawn Bennett, vice president for business services with One Southern Indiana, said the additions and changes were in response to low numbers to similar expos across the country. But the numbers for Business Boost were up 18 percent. 

“You have to change things up to make it interesting because doing the same thing becomes boring. When they come through, they see it in a totally different layout, and with the way we market it, and changed everything and it worked,” Whitaker said.

John Lawson, chair person for Business Boost, admitted there was some uncertainty when the event was in pre-planning stages, “but actually we have a bit of a different mix of participants and the majority from last year are back. The participants are upbeat about it.”

Tom Fields, vice president, Blue Sky, Inc., located in Louisville, experienced results from attending Business Boost immediately, and said he has about a dozen leads. However, he admitted that at first, he was nervous about investing money to attend.    

“Especially as a small business. We got the [One Southern Indiana] membership last week. It’s a hefty investment. Not only are you spending money for the booth, but you got everything that goes on with it. But there’s no other place where you could come and spend this amount of money you spend here, and get the type of response and face to face contact with decision makers like you can through a chamber event,” Fields said. Blue Sky, Inc. also provided the recycling services for the event.

One Southern Indiana focuses on business efforts of Southern Indiana and the Louisville Metro area, but there were people attending Business Boost from across the country.

“I’ve talked to people from as far away as New Jersey, Texas and New York,” said Daniel Flow, who was helping at the Great Harvest Bread table, which is owned by his wife and mother-in-law. 

The majority of businesses were business-to-business companies, but Michelle Pendleton, president, Chardeau’s Classic Catering, saw great opportunities.

“We’ve always done bridal markets, and this year we decided to branch out a little more, and I think a business expo is not the type where you find a caterer so we thought we’d branch out a little more,” said Pendleton, who also said she talked to more than 100 people and made good connections.

Mike Kopp of Develop New Albany also enjoyed his third year at the event.

“I’m enjoying talking to people, and the next thing you know people are going downtown [New Albany] to check things out,” Kopp said.

To keep the networking going, One Southern Indiana is offering a class in opportunity management next Friday at Clark Memorial Hospital. It’s free for One Southern Indiana members and $25 for the public. 

JEFFERSONVILLE — While the latest news about the economy may not always shine the brightest light on the job market, the atmosphere at One Southern Indiana’s Business Boost 2010 seemed to be positive with lots of businesses networking. 

“Spirits seem to be up this year. Haven’t heard much about the down economy here. You do hear so much about that, but not today,” said Peggy Whitaker, events and program coordinator for One Southern Indiana. “The purpose of One Southern Indiana is to make connections, and to help grow our economy. We actually help build relationships for people. They connect and engage with people they wouldn’t normally meet.”

On Thursday, 109 businesses tabled the event, and more than 1,000 people were expected to walk through Kye’s I and Kye’s II during the annual business expo. In order to attract more people this year, Whitaker explained that One Southern Indiana kicked things up with some changes. For example, this was the first year for the silent auction that included media packages, lunch was offered and throughout the day, different themes were presented such as happy hour networking.  To add to the event, businesses gave away tickets to everyone who visited their table, and the tickets were then included in a drawing for a

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