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history of puma shoes

{ 04:45, 15/10/2009 } { Link }

You would never guess it but the history of the Puma shoes company is a dramatic one involving world war, Olympic glory and brotherly strife.  The company began humbly enough.  Rudolph and Adolf (Adi) Dassler, two brothers from Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, grew up with a father who worked in a shoe  factory and a mother who ran a small laundry business.  Rudolph left his little brother behind to fight in World War I.  He eventually returned to Herzogenaurach in 1924 where he started his own shoe company with Adi called Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.  This was the first incarnation of what would become Puma shoes.  The brothers ran the factory out of their mother’s laundry business.  They were said to use a stationary bicycle to generate power in order to run their equipment. 

In 1936 Adi decided to drive across country to the Olympic Village.  He had a suitcase full of spikes and a simple plan: convince American sprinter Jesse Owens to wear Dassler Brothers’ spikes during the races.  Adi was successful, and after Owens went on to win four gold medals that summer Dassler Brothers’  athletic shoes were globally in demand.

Unfortunately, World War II was just around the corner.  Both brothers joined the Nazi Party, but at some point during the War, they had a falling out.  The facts are not abundantly clear, but the split between the two brothers may have had something to do with their different political viewpoints, or Rudolph’s belief that he was turned in to the Americans by his brother. 

The result was that after World War II the brothers split the business.  Adi founded the company adidas (from Adi Dassler), and Rudolph took charge of a company he dubbed Ruda (from Rudolph Dassler).  Ruda was later re-christened Puma, like the South American panther. 

Discord between the two brothers continued as each company fought for the sponsorship of different athletes.  In one particular memorable business transaction, German sprinter Armin Hary agreed to wear Pumas at the 1960s Summer Olympics for a sizable fee.  He decided against wearing adidas (which he had worn before) after adidas declined to pay the sprinter for wearing their shoes.  Hary wore his Pumas during the 100-meter dash and was victorious.  But he showed up to the medal ceremony in a pair of adidas.  The sprinter was hoping to be paid by both companies, but Adi was so angry that he refused to have anything to do with Hary for the rest of Hary’s career.  Both brothers’ businesses are extraordinarily successful.  Unfortunately, they never reconciled.  They are buried on opposite ends of the same cemetery.

"At first, no rea

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
"oh, so many people? what? see story-tellers to act in an opera or li?" a voice of noise gaoqiang big, yinde lin, see have relatives 150 year-old bald man was standing in the door.

"at first, no ready meals? who live a stuttering, have what good-looking? this busy busy!" what what bald man toward onlookers who waved his hand, "go away!" the street adjacent comment in succession, melted away. he niusue white sweater, pick up after they go out the men's 6 inch timberland door.

bald man carry a hand into the mansion house and see an inside the head of a bed zhoushuying and sat beside her mother-in-law, then look at the outer zhangyulan ends meets lin, lowered his relatives voice: "as the saying goes," home ", the stranger fraud siding, zha don't throw off playing warcraft? is that of decades, it is no use your brain, pretty can solve the problem?" see linxu would face but stood in his mother's bedside, the man to his men's timberland eyes: "don't stand there, where your uncle and aunt to pour the water into the building.

linxuyang's big jiu rather dismissive: "who are you? tube of this thing?"

"how do?" bald man faced his, "my name is xu 28%, this village village head!"

the villagers, the natural tube relatives at ease emotional slightly. xu and steps to 28% zhoushuying bed: "zha? i heard you wanted a divorce?"

zhoushuying sigh: "elder brother, you said that while still can?"

xu 28% of those yunu nods, then a cancellation of relatives say: "you go to have a rest, building, i asked her a few words."

linxuyang chanyouyou grandma to bed, "old xu 28% stopped without moving, aunt, might as well."

xu wai 28% between glanced into the water, linxuyang is a cup.

"good boy!" xu 28% acclaims heartfeltly, of course he is mainly to speak to, "my zhoushuying applet half as your yang, discount timberlands i told you my sister-in-law's blessing."

zhoushuying squeeze a wry smile: "if it weren't for the two children - i have -"

xu 28% sigh: "your house? i know you hate him. now it is cut down his knife and a smile

valley, carefully che

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
called no answer, dear recoba heart that really panic. he walked in the valley, carefully checked out, also do not here to run to the waterhole front for a while.

see clear, green pool, the water there was a white fish swim back tail. he classic uggs tried, only think this womens ugg boots cold, the pool in ugg boots this summer finally understand how this valley of the season so cool.

there is such a cold baths, like the valley has a natural air conditioning.

but in addition to the valley, no other found inside.

dear recoba sighed, and ran back to the bamboo pavilion inside sit, thinking.

you can come here, the natural wudaozi affirmation is that old bastard

dear recoba has 180 c

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
seeing this coldly muscle man than their short head half guy - although dear recoba has 180 cm in height, but face the two meters, the giant is too small.

" ugg boot hum, just before the competition we said ok! you lost to the flag down now want to go back?!!!!!!!!!!" muscle tone of men with disdain: "who are you? and bowen? if you taekwondo associations, although not come and i take it outside!"

tyrannosaurus rex is suddenly whispered, "dear recoba, except me, here is your best, you go action and he played! anyway, today we can lose face bowen!"

dear recoba stared at first "bah, t-rex was a", just gave way: "you stupid, don't i also silly? the womens ugg boots guy you can put down, don't i skin itching, go up play?" he turned his face to took a look that muscle man, sigh, helpless way: "okay, since you won, anyway winners have the right to make a loser to do anything mens ugg boots , is not a few flag? we take off."

say that finish, he jumped up, the body needs, will head of three flaglost to the flag

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history of puma shoes
"At first, no rea
valley, carefully che
dear recoba has 180 c


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