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Life is Struggle

{ 07:50, 18/10/2009 } { Link }
Everything in the world is in constant struggle, 'struggle' in the sense of competition in natural selection among organisms.

  Animals and plants struggle for their existence. Nature provides them with weapons for that struggle. Lions have claws; fish have scales; roses have thorns. They use their weapons for the un-

  avoidable war of existence. Nature also orders us to struggle;when we obey Nature, we win our existence.

  The result of struggle is the evolution of a better society.In order to surpass others, one has to devote himself to what he does. If every individual does so. the society will make progress.

  Struggle is inevitable. But we should struggle with sportsmanship, not stand in the way of others in order to achieve our own success. It is Only by struggling in such a way that mankind will see a world getting more glorious day by day.

! If I say no, you immediately fell face, how to leave? "

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
! if i say no, you immediately fell face, how ugg classic short boots to leave? "

other melancholy, probably by "away free to move these four words". finally, the sat out his left hand.

"hmm... uh..." dear recoba narrowed eyes, pretending to read a few, but happy heart of call way: "good good, good pair of hands, the thick flesh the ring finger is probably 24k gold, lest have 35 ounces? it is the only choice sheep!"

a faltering charlatans rubbernecking, gently coughed, dear recoba primly way: "you some time ago seems quite a good fortune, but little money. er... i have to say?"

fatty face immediately much a few minutes trust, hurriedly way: "quite good!"

hum, of course good! see you mens ugg boots feitoudaer ugg boot and covered with gold and silver, oil and gas, a deputy nouveau riche, nature is developed soon... uh... of course! more important is that some of the gold ring cornelians are new!travel

specially J

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
since the au, the company has attracted some overseas customers, especially japanese customer, thus make the total amount of funds management reached 2 trillion pounds. in recent five years, nianjinguxi has the work week mr joan only three in the morning. he is still full control of the company, and jinyiyushi earn. cheap ugg boots capital investment direction is various uggs boots monetary bonds, the management of securities by hamilton hegemony, including me, six people for hamilton.

jeff richards is among us, he has the deepest qualifications with 20 years of experience in investment. his job is to determine the exchange rate and the deposit rate movements, and corresponding changes his buy ugg boots securities positions. he mild-mannered, by its roots deep theoretical analysis on the market, so he usually sewn. rob green hal and help him to do the job, also manages the dollar bonds ugg boot positions. he and i like age, the company has done in two years. we have a chart production and researchers, gordon hurley. the price of his past to predict ugg uk future technical analysis, the price. in my opinion, it is almost as sit view with leave tea cup slag, however, gordon divination future forecast tend to be ugg correct.

my task is responsible for the dollar securities, this part of the total capital ugg boots of us more than half. this is the interesting hamilton area, but also he is still active participation, plays the role of field. finally, i should is the common and debbie. she even better than my duty time is short, most of the time, she used to administrative and legal documents, and some drafting relatively little stake trading activities. we all share a helper, a girl named karen. she shujing temperament, 20 there, but the work efficiency is very high.

i became a member of the team has six months, i love this small group.

as i walked along the street, door bixiaopu walked on, finally

yesterday, sl

{ 01:00, 1/1/2000 } { Link }
here, wangyuxuan wear good clothes, find oneself wore sunglasses yesterday, slightly larger straightened, leave this let her lifetime all the rooms.

when wangyuxuan left the room that instant ugg uk , she looked at this let her have numerous room, but sadly heart produces a ugg classic cardy he feels funny idea, "is he not know who i am?"

last night when wutianlin save the girl is in the pub, because in dim light bar with the girl wearing a face of sunglasses, he did not see the girl's appearance, came to the hotel he didn't think to save more, until the girl, observe this morning, when wutianlin from last night's chunmeng in woke up, he found himself last night was saved by a delicate and pretty girl looks at side delicate sweet sleep, maiden, snow-white skin, the source of round lustre joss-stick shoulder, and the snow-white dazzling center is a soft, smooth and charming jade bright girl's milk. chanweiwei nusong of pepper on top, a cherry red breast like blood, blushing puerile "flower" shrine promise.

seeing this, thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of wutianlin pain again have produced swell, frighten him hurriedly pull up the quilt cover, and then help girls to wash in the bathroom, under the simple body from the baggage took a suit of clothes wear well, look ugg slippers at the clothes on the floor, room to help downstairs fragments that strange girl bought a sweater, back to the room, and write the letter in the room, took his resume last glance at bed, do not disturb the girl hang outside the room of brand, then leave hotel sat a taxi bright hospital services.

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Life is Struggle
! If I say no, you immediately fell face, how to leave? "
specially J
yesterday, sl


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