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tiffany outlet  

Ultimate shine and extraordinary feat beautiful rendering

10:37, 12/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
World top jewelry brand and diamond authority of Tiffany & Co. Tiffany at Tiffany stores nationwide from April 12 to May 26 carefully crafted a beautiful and romantic about tiffany outlet Wedding "activities, invited about to enter the wedding hall sweet lovers, as they carefully explain how to choose a diamond engagement ring, inviting exceptional hand carving skills demonstrated from the site of the United States from afar Tiffany master sculptor.
"Tiffany wedding about" perfect interpretation of the Tiffany brand essence - the ultimate bright legendary diamonds, love keepsake of the world's most sublime and superb extraordinary technological heritage, and to glorify the praise of Tiffany followed the more than 175-year-old legend style.
About "the scene" Tiffany Wedding invited to attend the lovers who are immersed in a symbol of purity and sweet white and pink bouquet, decorated in elegant white ribbon and the iconic Tiffany Blue to create a romantic atmosphere, Tiffany explore a series of dazzling Tiffany Pegasus diamond ring diamond experts explain in detail, among other things, enjoy a rich reputation classic tiffany ® setting Tiffany six claw set diamond ring. Then, Tiffany Carver selected by the lovers have a unique text pattern to exquisite handmade carving techniques demonstrates how to create a personal tiffany and co outlet rings and jewelry Pierre.
Tiffany is one of a handful of technicians with extraordinary hand-carved jewelry brand, The skilled carvers shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of generations. Engraving apprenticeship in research and study under the guidance of the master craftsmen of exquisite craftsmanship, many master craftsmen in achievements of a brilliant career for life. Zoran's sculpture is the history of the Tiffany gift legendary glory, so that Tiffany jewelry as the perfect symbol of personal style and unique charm.
Tiffany hand carvers can be tailor-made jewelry made of sterling silver, gold and platinum material and other design Pierre, they can discern and meet the special requirements of valued customers. Carver extraordinary exquisite skills will be a ring, a gift cleverly turned into a family .love treasured for generations.
hand engraving that carvers use of specialized hand tools for carving in the surface of the object, there is no template, sample, or machine assisted in its production process. Before each letter or graphic design during the engraving by its hand-painted, completed after the engraving objects gently depicts the tiffany necklace outline of the pattern drawn.

Sunglasses may be caused which injury to the eyes

10:37, 12/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

The scorching sun has to shake people blink, for a lot of people wear ray ban outlet sunglasses to prevent strong sunlight damage to the eyes. Note that the sunglasses selection and improper wear, may damage your eyes, but not suitable for everyone to wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses may be caused which injury to the eyes
1 can induce acute glaucoma. Because wearing sunglasses reduce visible light entering the eye, the pupil will naturally turn, resulting in a narrow anterior chamber angle, resulting in poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long time, easy to induce acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma. Occurs in patients with redness, eye pain, and headache, vision sharp decline, even accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Therefore, patients with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma should not wear sunglasses.
2 can lead to amblyopia. Children under 6 years of visual function is not yet mature, wearing cheap ray bans sunglasses a long time, the macular area cannot be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of the visual, and even the formation of amblyopia. Children under 6 years of age should not wear sunglasses.
3 can cause visual fatigue. Some people, regardless of time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the dusk, evening, and at the movies, television, also wearing sunglasses. Doing so would increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision; severe dizziness will appear, not for a long time as the other symptoms.
4. can cause syndrome of sunglasses. Sunglasses syndrome is more common in the fashion of young people, they prefer wear frame sunglasses, thick, heavy weight of large frame sunglasses. 1-2 weeks of continuous wear such glasses, wearing mirror appears slow to parts of the orbital or between two cheek numbness, sensory symptoms, respiratory nasal discomfort feeling, like a cold. Someone feel like bugs crawling on my face, maxillary gingiva numbness, and upper incisors feel ill eyes acid swell. This is due to the person's face is mainly dominated by the trigeminal nerve, infraorbital branch of the trigeminal nerve is the orbital margin under the infraorbital hole out, thick, wide side, the heavy weight of the cheap oakley sunglasses are often pinned infraorbital branch of trigeminal nerve, causing the above symptoms.

Simple necklace to create a small summer fresh image

09:41, 11/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Into the summer, we dress cool accessories to wear naturally should be concise, simple and refreshing tiffany necklace suitable for life has become the hottest popular single product this season, What necklace styles most girls welcome it, Here's to you recommended.
Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Simple and elegant small butterfly-shaped necklace, though not eye-catching, but full of texture, but also wild summer accessories, is preferred necklace with a little fresh dress.
Hollow butterfly-shaped necklace
Necklace pendant of simple lines, full of nimble and lively atmosphere, it is extremely stylish and soft.
Crown shape necklace
Three-dimensional crown-shaped pendants, very cute, with a casual dress is more beautiful type.
Five-pointed star-shaped diamond necklace
Lovely pentagram necklace, middle inserts a white diamond, very shiny, simple trace small fresh style.
Teardrop-shaped diamond necklace
Solid teardrop-shaped pendants, plus red rose decorative stones, a bit like a ladybug cute, casual and sweet feeling.
Simple cross necklace
Very simple cross tiffany and co outlet pendants, coupled with the thick chain necklace, very casual punk tidal range.
Snowflake-shaped pendant necklace
Silver-white snowflake-shaped necklace, the center with a light blue diamond embellishment, very cool feeling, and is very innovative.
Teardrop-shaped pendant necklace
A hollow teardrop-shaped necklace, plus a pink diamond, stylish and bright, shiny silver is very refreshing.
Gold necklace always makes girls eyes are bright flash of light, especially European style shape, the use of the golden necklace is extensive, with a simple black T-shirt will be able to highlight the elegant texture, beauty network fine elect ten fashion gold necklace, make your autumn style more better.
Gold heart-shaped pendant necklace
This tiffany outlet necklace is very elegant and charming, heart-shaped pendant carved exaggerated eye-catching, but also full of romantic feelings, the minimalist clothes with black is a color.

How to Protect Your sports glasses

09:41, 11/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Avoid contact with perfume, pesticides and other chemical composition of items, in order to avoid chemical corrosion, to better protect your cheap oakley sunglasses lens frame;
After you wipe your sports glasses, glasses bag is loaded properly preserved, do not be stored together with hard or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lens or paint;

With professional glasses cleaning cloth to wipe, used when necessary professional cleaner or rinse, rejection of the net with a clean paper towel gently by suction, until the water droplets dry; Special Note: The glasses use polarized lenses cannot be used ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will damage the polarizing effect.
Adhere to the hands pick to wear glasses, one-handed pick wear when excessive force, may lead frame deformation and fracture;
Sports eyewear should not be left for a long period of time at a high temperature environment, and do not sport glasses soaked in water for a long time;
Long-term when not in use, you will be placed in special cheap oakleys glasses bag sports glasses, the lenses are personal care.
Sports glasses after long-term use will inevitably have scratches and dark spots, if the above scenario, it is recommended that you timely replacement of glasses or lenses protect your eyes; For replacement lenses, please go to the professional optician optional or directly with the manufacturer Contact.
Space-lens glasses, has not broken do not crack, you can ensure that you wear safety in professional sports, but it's easier to scratch relative to other materials, please do your sports eyewear protection work;
For the safety of your life, is not recommended in the following cases with tinted ray ban outlet glasses: driving at night, used in industrial protection.

Distinguish whether the polarized sunglasses

04:05, 10/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Summer, UV damage and even more eye shading and anti-UV, the preferred is essential cheap oakleys sunglasses, polarized sunglasses are now more and more people buy, the difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses where is it?
The difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses
Difference: The biggest difference is that in the production process, polarized sunglasses compared with ordinary sunglasses, the lenses of an intermediate layer of vertical molecular polarizing layer coatings produced by the polarization effect removes clutter light entering the eye play the role of the anti-glare; ordinary sunglasses not have this feature.
Difference: Sunglasses feature is basically a mirror ordinary sunglasses tinted mirror filter, UV, and decorative features; more suitable for shopping and leisure, walking match; polarized sunglasses the middle of the polarizing layer, so that people wear. When you feel depending on the material clearer and natural, more suitable as a function of driving sunglasses, fishing mirror, cycling sunglasses, outdoor sports sunglasses, most of the brands of sports sunglasses are polarized sunglasses lenses. Polarized sunglasses lens is shown in:
The role of oakley outlet polarized sunglasses
Difference: price polarized sunglasses Price compared to ordinary sunglasses, sunglasses products of the same brand on the market, the price difference is relatively poor, a difference of at least one-third.
Difference: In the style of sunglasses, no doubt, ordinary sunglasses style more than the colors and styles of polarized sunglasses, fashion, polarized sunglasses polarized layer color, the majority of non-gray, dark green, brown lenses.
Difference: UV protection sunglasses, whether ordinary sunglasses polarized sunglasses, UV is good or bad depends on sunglasses middle layer of UV protection layer, a lot of sunglasses uv-400 "logo, indicating lens can block all UV, 100% reflection, absorption of ultraviolet; Of course there is no layer of UV sunglasses, ray ban outlet polarized sunglasses stronger than ordinary sunglasses UV protection
Three simple methods to teach you how to distinguish whether the polarized sunglasses:
Identification of polarized sunglasses
First method: the counter, the clerk take two polarized sunglasses lenses vertical overlap of the two polarizer placed (two lenses do not stick together), to observe the intersecting portions of the lens, the lens is almost opaque compared Polarized lenses.
The second method: got an LCD screen mobile phone, through the polarized sunglasses observation LCD screen, rotate the screen to see the LCD screen with rotation becomes a black screen, this is because the polarized lenses filter issued a single screen direction of the light, and then congratulate you, is the real polarized sunglasses.
The third method: or LCD display principle, find an LCD screen, the level of sunglasses at the screen, when the lens does not change, then the glasses up to 45 - 175 degrees clockwise rotation, if you see cheap ray bans lenses become darker in color, and then rotate back to normal, I congratulate you polarized lenses, whatever rotation does not change, then quickly back fake.

Exotic vintage earrings light up your summer style

04:04, 10/5/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Had some minor mood like injected into tiffany outlet jewelry, some thought implied in the jewelry; whether express themselves or show style, earrings are one of the girl's favorite jewelry, small and charming, lovely fresh, mysterious temptation, simple atmosphere, Variety style hidden in this small article, the crowning touch often can make you trip out, and quickly take a look at the of small fine selection of exotic retro, definitely worth you have.
Ice flame opal earrings
Personality and full of flavor a fine flash diamond embellishment on the corrugated, charming opal cuddling, and sketched out the beautiful teardrop-shaped, perfect retro temperament.
Springs white crystal earrings
Small and exquisite appearance, at first sight, perfectly clear white crystal exquisite, long retro temperament inadvertently distributed, flash diamond embellishment silver are like inverted flowers, carefully nurtured crystal, exotic accentuates.
Silver Beach white crystal earrings
The scallops are like fine shape, white crystal and dark gray Diamond pavilions, the exotic retro atmosphere evocative, compact design, are like a time the old man tell.
The tassels Crystal earrings
Slender tassel sense of design, delicate and wonderful, silver flash drill a series of gently supporting the good from the crystal, rich exotic retro atmosphere, distant long.
The crystal ball earrings
Small and unique exterior design, with some lovely and fresh, silver and transparent tiffany and co outlet crystal ball with extremely wonderful, fully transparent crystal ball carved rounded, gentle temperament perfect highlight.
Diamond crystal ball earrings
Small and exquisite, gentle touching love at first sight, are like a flower rhinestones arranged to lie quiet, crystal-clear crystal ball with perfect integration, exudes atmosphere and elegant temperament.
The shimmer Crystal earrings
Are like the mysterious wonderful design, distant fresh feeling, with a little sense of national charm, white crystal reveals the dim light of the crescent, deep and fresh, as if to give you a quiet strength.
Retro opal earrings
beauty butterfly design, dynamic the mysterious exotic atmosphere with a retro, teardrop-shaped opal carved shimmer, just like the ancient princess, sweet with extravagance.
The giant salamander opal earrings
Lovely the giant salamander shape, small and charming, vivid detail all water drilling and red crystal embellishment made, carved round opal as fish, tiffany necklace more and more smart and pretty.

The most fashionable sunglasses

16:18, 26/4/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Summer is warm, enjoy the sun at the same time, but also protect your eyes! Mind solicited fashion sunglasses, across the tidal wave of men and women over here.
Elements of the "boom"
d word box, cat's eye, yurt
Small note of high school is very popular bell-bottoms, bitter save a few months pocket money, to buy back a trousers Waist jeans. Put on a show to my mom, my mom on the music: This is not my youth popular bell-bottoms? Want to wear with a young mom, mother wear left in the bottom. After a while rummaging through to find out the bell-bottoms of the year really is the current popular look. Mom said it popular not chase, etc.!
Extending the straight side of the mirror, picture frame, a slight curvature of the nose on both sides of the frame. This is the legendary d word box, pop index rising. Zhen Li, Po, as Zhengzhou, operations manager said d word box is the most popular this year, and the introduction of more than 70 sunglasses brands, almost every brand has a of d word box payments.
The lazy cat sexy extends to the design of oakley sunglasses cheap; charming cat's eye style is a hot topic this year. Design of the frame exaggerated upturned end of eye, like a sexy woman charming corner of the general style of thousands, not to dress up a pair of sunglasses let you radiance.
When the lady gaga Frightening fashion dress to attract the attention of people around the world, her any fashion details will not be fans let strange shapes, highlighting the personality of the yurt lady gaga and return to real life. You may also obsessed with the toad feelings, or you have not felt its charm, cannot miss this year pulled uninhibited cool yurt.
"Boom" material
Woman wearing a metal, male wearing a sheet
Chun, brother and Sister Xia, Liu Zhu et al became popular, disrupted the boundaries of men and women in the popular elements, but bring a different kind of charm style with elements of the gender contrast.
Men wearing The Sheet sunglasses on the promotional photos for this year, brand sunglasses, calm and reserved gentleman look very seductive. Long hair floating shoulder ladies wear fortitude metal frame sunglasses; hair elegant and tough metal edge matched as much kinds of amazing able sexy taste.
The color of the "boom"
To pay tribute to the traditional tie-dye color halo
Color is the darling of the fashion trends, and the national wind tie-dye is particularly eye-catching. Tie-dye is a kind of ancient dyeing process, is tied to soak into the fabric in the dye cannot be uniform dyeing, and in bundles formed at the special pattern of nature. This year's sunglasses design, this natural transition color halos brought to the trend of the wave, aimed at the use of tie-dye the color halo manufacturing vivid and natural beauty of color.
Tie-dye color halo impact, gradient color, two-color mosaic frame color (multicolor) has become the most popular elements to and different styles ingenious combination. Color gradient, tie-dye, stitching create a halo of color, is a popular essential element of this season sunglasses.

To show the beauty of nature and magnificent

16:18, 26/4/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Famous brand tiffany outlet is always full of ideas, from marine life to the vegetables and fruits can be used as material, and the introduction of batch after batch of fine art. nova series jewelry with butterfly elements, elegant design, to show the pure charm of nature.
This photo heartstrings featured bracelet, wonderful fusion of different shapes, materials and colors, to show spring pleasing charm. Butterfly decorated with fine workmanship, the use of the Pointiage low temperature ceramic technology decorated with crystal details; adjustable palladium-plated buckle, to achieve maximum wearing comfort.
Different materials, shapes and color combinations surprise, coupled with clever concatenation of the various crystal elements, creating elegant and extraordinary charm of spring. Delicate and beautiful butterfly decorated with a red ribbon for the overall design of additional add moving eye-catching embellishment.
The palladium color earrings to show fresh green tone, elegant and charming, and easy costume. Single design earrings, decorated with a magnificent, the olive crystal bezel setting.
The palladium color brooch filled the Kasuga breath pattern and color perfect blend. Chic butterfly design, the use of the Pointiage low temperature ceramic technology decorated with crystal elements, coupled with the popular retro style with elegant gradient crystal color is the trendsetters essential accessories.
The workmanship is exquisite, plated with palladium-plated chain necklace, unique blend of crystal elements of different shapes and sizes. The use of the Pointiage low temperature ceramic technology decorated with Crystal butterfly decorated with bezel setting, to show fresh spring day color crystal embraced each other.

Sunglasses style trends

14:07, 25/4/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Sunny days, sunglasses are one of the best fashion accessories to make you look cool, flashy, very "Star" flavor
Summer street fashion large frame, lenses, sunglasses with exaggerated wide temples, the color more vivid bright color trend is getting up fierce, put on a pair of sunglasses walking down the street, especially attracted the eye. If you want to display the "Star" taste, that sunglasses are the best props. If you don't have a hobby, oakley sunglasses cheap for your eyes "protect". Sunglasses with excellent practicality and fashion, undoubtedly was elected among the summer's must-have items.
From a fashion point of view, shape and color to the material, details, sunglasses all aspects of pop. Designers into fashion philosophy, science and technology make it more ergonomic, blocking more harmful light, clearer vision. Sunglasses is the most amazing accessories, can be modified to face, bring color to change the look, like a magic mask, and instantly let you in the natural wave of cool, elegant switch between.
Style trends: gorgeous pattern
Ray-ban sunglasses is a classic Versace Baroque pattern sunglasses, a gorgeous pattern pattern as this summer's popular elements, colors and background form a strong contrast.
Style trends: retro tone
Full of 70s retro means minimalist design and nostalgic, classic style and fashion butterfly shape glasses showing the ultimate female elegance and mysterious style.
Style trends: translucent color
Familiar styling elements, with the popular colors this summer, pure.
Style trends: elegant details
This summer, sunglasses details show dripping fine, very tempting frame, a comfortable classic lines, slim temples and matte color reflects the inherent quality, elegant in this freeze.

Choose the wedding ring to personalize or carat

14:07, 25/4/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Rings, a symbol of faithful love, a marriage ring is essential. In Europe in the eighth century, the ring is conventional worn on the left hand on the fourth finger, it is believed that a vein in this finger, the vein of love, through the heart the tethered ring finger would allow two people connected to the mind, and the people Early habits in such a way to accomplish a "hold your hand, and grow old with" ancient oath.
Women in this the sweetest moment in the life, usually the most to worry about tangled matter of choice on the wedding ring, followed by personality to go or follow carat go? To go along with the brand or grade to go along? Classic or avant-garde? Different options of its own respective different understanding of the relationship between marriage and tiffany outlet jewelry.
Recommended along with the celebrity go
Which styles and the brand's most sought after high society favorite stars extravagant or classic simplicity, celebrities may not be authoritative, but the power of example can be made popular, may wish to take a look at the selection of these celebrity idols to serve as a reference .
The first wear diamond engagement ring is a 1477 French Princess Mary, the classic Strength in select jewelry natural royal primary, tiffany, Cartier and long jewelry brand design have set off the European royal carat diamond ring buying frenzy, Monaco princess grace kelly cartier10.47 carat large square diamond to create a classic.
Under this trend, we have seen, to some extent, so carat diamond ring will also be a hedge against inflation and show off tools sufficient to satisfy the vanity of women, large pieces of the main drill style, there is still will occupy the matchmaking styles of mainstream status. But the royal family and nobles in personality such as the Duchess of Windsor was obtained true love is not a diamond ring, but an emerald ring from Cartier, Kate Princess wedding ring by a large sapphire as the main character, so Choi Po build aristocratic Fan is also a choice of personality.
However, most people are still in the habit conservative choose a classic brand classic series, many stars love to select the selection of wedding ring from such as tiffany solitaire 1895 series, almost equal to the timeless styling inspired by centuries-old set an example of love.
Tiffany famous Josephine series, rings are made of a small crown, the middle of a main diamond, the concept of "love coronation" a play on the infinite love. This brand series to select the most concise way.
Although most of the celebrity's choice, but because most women in the world are not stars or nobility, so we often need to sincerely give some practical advice: usually diamond weight need not necessarily do not buy more than 1.5 kt marriage ring, because of the fact that the jeweled shiny ring belonging to the engagement ring, usually held before the marriage proposal and wedding wear, wedding newlyweds should be muddy, the style is relatively simple and concise, easy to daily-wear ring, so those who shine brightly carat diamond ring, more generally on the time of the jewelry box.
Relatively speaking, less than 1 carat recent drilling group inserts from the engagement ring, has become popular, because they are not blindly emphasis on the size of the main stone, a combination of various diamond designer has more shapes possible , in the visual arts has also been a considerable increase, consumers can have more style choice.
If we must choose more than one carat diamond tiffany and co outlet ring, to be aware that not more than one carat diamond can hedge must first pay attention to the other 4c parameters on the diamond certificate, a one carat diamond, only in the clarity, cut and only after preservation may have reached a certain color indicators

Personalized candy-colored jewelry

13:05, 23/4/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Candy colors have hit a few seasons, but still missing the headlining status, the reason is that the bright colors always easily suction eye to steal the spotlight, pretending by age. With the arrival of spring, the streets of the influx of people are mustering the strength vowing to make you stand out in a pile of bright. Lapis lazuli multilayer tiffany outlet necklace, starfish bracelet, small animals, interesting earrings, fashion jewelry so that you become shining in the crowd Fashion Star.
Blowing the breath of spring, at the moment is in need of bright colors for your fashion open. Candy colors still continues the heat of the previous quarter, the multi-layered necklace of semi-precious stones still leading the fashion, at noon with a tight-fitting vest or windbreaker evening outside the ride, the magic of the necklace diminished bloom fashion charm!
Love leisure section, spring the hoodies season, does not wear hoodies rigid movement, the emergence of the bracelet to break the deadlock. Color spell color bracelet full of positive energy, always give you create a good mood.
In one of the elements of color, if you want to stand out, colored semi-precious stones earrings can definitely help you find one. 100% of such high-profile design earrings can make you become a shining crowd Fashion Star.
Color chicken tail ring always occupy led the accessories position, the reason is that the bright colors always easily suction eye to steal the spotlight, pretending by age, more importantly, can also make their feelings are becoming cheerful and bright !
The Tourmaline Ring circle around the diamond classic simplicity, but now rarely worn, but still very fond of. Aquamarine ring, had liked the color of aquamarine, see it make people like an ocean beautiful, wonderful unlimited Xia Xiang!
Morgan heart-shaped stone do a small yellow cup style. Wear them look stylish and playful! This is a very special style u-18k gold diamond tiffany and co outlet ring; remember to be a style was removed several times to find a master to do. Because of the complicated style, although some years the baby, but now wear them is still very domineering, special!

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Ultimate shine and extraordinary feat beautiful rendering
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