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Edinburgh Festival diary _4071 697652

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
TV/FILM: A Night of Vitaphone Shorts at the WilderWarner Bros. shorts are a window into the performers and comedians who entertained audiences 80-plus years ago. As Al Jolson put it anhui travel http://anhui-travel.info anhui travel, You aint heard nothin yet. If you know about Vitaphone shorts, the news that a newly restored selection is ready for public viewing courtesy of the UCLA Film and Television Archive is all the information you need. If you havent heard of them glass bathroom vanity http://glass-bathroom-vanity.info glass bathroom vanity, be prepared for Read more on All About JazzMichelle Obama Portrait Debuts At SmithsonianMove over Martha Washington. Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama are getting space in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington for the first time.Read more on Local 6 OrlandoEdinburgh Festival diaryThe spat between comic Stewart Lee and the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards (previously the Perriers) is descending, fittingly, into farce. Lee (who has never been nominated) objects to the Comedy God award china red tea http://china-red-tea.info china red tea, where the public decides who is the best of the 173 acts nominated in the awards 30-year history.Read more on IndependentNew Post:

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Edinburgh Festival diary _4071 697652


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