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Everyone will become a cripple

Posted at 06:17 on 7/9/2009
"Chirp!" Guimo Mo, with Rong Momo shouted Answer. Flying Swallow on the last to go pull the clothes, where willing to swallow two wet nurse touch her, and asking for a push force, Gui Momo would drop out. "Oh Oh," groaned.

Rong Momo hurried one back, knees and bowed exaggerated, said:

"Back to Buddha, slaves did not dare touch the Fair Princess, she has practiced martial arts, would slaves bruises! Slaves before the powerful do not know, was that she learned to have a good many times!"

Startled Empress Dowager.

"What?" Shock to see her swallow: "Do you dare hands? 2 Teresa instructions from my order came, the representative that I! How dare you hands?"

"If I do not get involved, I am sure will be in trouble! Can not always just beating each time's sake, do not fight back copies! Pretty fellow! Do not study my knees in! To you to see it wants to!" Flying Swallow cried, we set off clothes, exposing "kneel down too easy," the patted his knee reaching proud: "This thing called 'knees a little more easily,' is my invention! in this palace whenever they must kneel down, if not to protect the knee, Everyone will become a cripple! "

Qianlong, Ling Fei ridiculous, anxious heart. A room palace eunuchs, they are both laughing simmering.

Dowager see stunned.

Qianlong want to swallow siege, loudly said:

"Flying Swallow, you read the book well, a lot of tricks down! Later allowed to wear this thing! Kneeling is a courtesy, everyone can be protected? You this is not a 'sham' it?"

Flying Swallow a good worry, Aisheng exclaimed:
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