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14:50, 26/6/2009  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
I've been hiding my feelings for a very long time now.
I don't really know what's going on, but everytime I see my mother it makes me feel sad.

Today, 26/06/2009

My mother wants to go to the beach, I don't.
I already tolf here that it wasn't a good weather for the beach, but she didn't want to listen.
We made a lot of fun in the car, but it only gave me a weird feeling in my stomach.
We went to the beach, and on our way I was scared of a piece of lumber :/
I though that it was an animal!
So my mother laughed at me, told me I was scared of nothing, but inside I could feel she had the same thoughts.
I was right, the clouds came and came so I asked if we could go to home.
She said no, she wanted to play with the frisbee.
The wind was to strong, and it didn't work.
But every minute I've become angrier at my mother and inside I was mad.
How? She did nothing wrong?

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