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requires user-installed

ard CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW media are read and written to at speeds up to 24x with the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series.
“Our ZOTAC DVD series are the perfect mini-PCs for users that demand the best performance and energy-efficiency from a home theater PC for streaming high-definition Internet media while maintaining compatibility with their existing DVD collection,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International.

the perfect home theater PC for DVD aficionados.
A power-packed combination of Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor and dual-core Intel® Atom™ D525 processor power the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series for superior graphics performance, system responsiveness and energy-efficiency. The Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor is the heart of the ZBOX DVD series and delivers hardware decode acceleration and Adobe® Flash® acceleration for smooth playback of online and offline high-definition media.
An integrated DVD drive provides the ZOTAC

HONG KONG – Nov. 11, 2010 – ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world’s largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and mini-PCs, today reinvigorates the DVD-format with the new ZBOX DVD series mini-PCs powered by Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ technology. The new ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series packs energy-efficiency, hardware high-definition streaming acceleration and advanced video processing capabilities into a slim chassis to create  ZBOX DVD series with DVD read and write capabilities at speeds up to 8x with DVD, DVD±R and DVD±RW media. Stand

the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series to connect to wireless networks at speeds up to 300 Mb/s for a high-speed network free of wires. Onboard Gigabit Ethernet delivers speeds up 1000 Mb/s for lightning-fast network performance for those that prefer to connect the ZOTAC DVD series to a wired network.
“Whether it’s DVD playback capabilities, connectivity to the latest and greatest or older displays, internal and external expansion capabilities, or wired and wireless network support, the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series is a flexible mini-PC that will accommodate your home theater PC demands,” Mr. Berger added.
Two models are available pandora Bracelet  in the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series – the ID31 and ID31 Plus -- the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD ID31 is a customizable mini-PC that requires user-installed

NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology with advanced video processing algorithms enables the ZOTAC DVD series to render existing DVD movies like never before with stunning details and vibrant colors for near-high-definition visuals.
HDMI and DVI outputs ensure the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series support the latest Full HD high-definition television sets. Users with only VGA ports can use an included DVI-to-VGA adapter to connect the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series to existing displays analog displays.
USB 3.0 technology equips the ZOTAC ZBOX DVD series with SuperSpeed expansion capabilities for compatibility with external accessories that rival performance of internal devices. An internal mini-PCI Express slot is available for superior expansion capabilities with the ZOTAC DVD series.
Integrated 802.11n WiFi with dual-stream technology enable

Posted: 16:02, 12/11/2010
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The company's products are

ht. Then you walk home in the morning barefoot along the beach and you still look gorgeous."

To say she was thrilled about being shot by Sanchez is an understatement. "I loved the creative process, and as a girl I love how beautiful they [the photos] make me look,” she said.

Deeley shared her secret to looking your best: "Being very comfortable in your skin. Like any other woman, some days I feel amazing and other days my skinny jeans are a bit tight and I don't like it. So I made the decision two years ago to style myself, because nobody else knows how you feel like you do."
Cat Deeley was recently appointed global brand ambassador for the Links of London 2010 autumn/winter ad campaign, shot in Los Angeles by Luis Sanchez. "We wanted somebody who was from London, somebody who was gorgeous and somebody who was very friendly, and that had to be Cat Deeley," said Andrew Marshall, Links of London's chief executive, at a party the jewelry line threw Thursday in a studio on Melrose Place. "It has been an absolute dream working with her, so easy, there is no pretentiousness there at all. It's fantastic," he said.
more jewelry to go out dancing all nig
Links of London had invited friends and clients to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the brand, the launch of the 2010 autumn/winter collection and the presence of TV personality Deeley as their first ever global brand ambassador.

 The company's products are pandora Bangles  available online and in stores globally. Collections include jewels and watches for men, women and children with charms starting at $30 and higher-end products costing upwards of $3,000. The  2010 autumn/winter collection consists of four lines: 20/20, Infinity, Effervescence and Friendship. Deeley designed two of the friendship bracelets, which are inspired by her vacations in Spain. "I was thinking Ibiza, in summer time, when I've been lying on the beach where the sea is that turquoise color and there's powder white sand," she said. "It's the piece you wear when you've been lying on the beach all day and your skin smells of the sunshine. You then throw on a caftan and

Posted: 17:26, 11/11/2010
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Enright said the company can pay for gold and silver by cutting out middle men.

group said it expects to find about $300,000 in antiquities, collectibles and gold and silver items during their five-day stay in Lancaster.

During the event, which will be at Baymont Inn and Suites in Lancaster, residents will have the opportunity to sit with experts and sell the items in their collections.

Coins and paper currency, vintage jewelry, war memorabilia, musical instruments and toys made before 1965 are highly sought by collectors, said Matthew Enright, vice president of media relations for Ohio Valley.

country and will try to sell the items for you," Enright said. "In some instances we will be able make an offer to you on the spot."

Residents can bring their items to Baymont Inn and Suites, 1721 River Valley Circle North in Lancaster, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Enright said he always tells people to bring a book with them.

"But often you don't get very far in it before you see one of our representative

"We've been going out on the road for three or four years now," Enright said.

Enright said the company can pay for gold and silver by cutting out middle men.

"Normally people who want t Tiffany Watch o sell their jewelry or gold and silver take it to a pawn shop or jeweler, they normally sell it to a broker and the brokers sell it to the refinery, which melts it down to be used again," Enright said. "We are the refinery so sometimes you can get more money for your gold and silver through us."

As for the antiquities and collectibles, Enright said the group has experts who can look at the items and evaluate their worth.

"We will be in contact with collectors from around the

Posted: 15:29, 10/11/2010
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tough times, people turn

 company about two years ago, when a Tiffany consultant first identified the city among 64 to be considered.

In the end, Lexington competed with Tampa, Fla.; Greensboro, N.C.; and Austin, Texas — "cities of very high caliber ... with bigger airports and easier access," said Mike Mullis of Memphis, whose site-selection consulting firm, J.M. Mullis, helped Tiffany.

An economic-incentive package offered by the state figured into Tiffany's decision, he said. "But the real incentive was the leadership of this area, and the workforce" of people with good manual dexterity and coordination.

Mullis said Tiffany also is looking at the University of Kentucky's Coldstream Research Park as a possible site for research and development. "So it all fits," he said.

It might seem surprising for a company to be expanding in a recovering economy, and a luxury company at that, Petterson said, but "our business today is very healthy."

In its most recent quarter, worldwide sales for Tiffany & Co. (NYSE: TIF) rose 9 percent to $668.8 million. Profit in the quarter rose to $67.7 million from $56.8 million in the same quarter a year earlier. Tiffany stock closed Wednesday at $53.90, down 20 cents, or 0.37 percent.

The quality of life that Lexington  pandora bracelets would offer the company's employees also figured into clinching the deal.

"I want to be employing people in areas where I think they are going to have a great quality of life," Petterson said, noting the city's arts, history and sports activities. "That's important to us at Tiffany."

Mayor Jim Newberry noted that those qualities draw other companies, too. "Those characteristics are key building blocks of economic-development

wanted to make sure we could find the talent we need," Petterson said, explaining the temporary work.

The jobs will pay $18.96 hourly and will include benefits. He said the company is looking for people with either a background in jewelry or working with diminutive items such as computer chips or small parts. The new employees will be trained.

Tiffany has already set up a training school, Petterson said. "So far, it has been very successful."

Some Lexington jobs are posted on the company's careers Web site, Tiffanycareers.com.

Landing the deal

Lexington began luring the

"Especially in tough times, people turn to a brand that they trust," he said. "People trust the Tiffany name."

Petterson said state and local officials created attractive tax incentives — the state in April approved the company for a $2.75 million deal — and was attentive to the company's needs and questions.

In an early meeting, Petterson said, pandora beads pandora beads  Gov. Steve Beshear brought his wife, Jane, into the governor's office to tell the story of how Steve, then a young lawyer in New York, bought Jane her engagement ring at Tiffany & Co.

At Wednesday's news conference, the first lady wore the ring, which Petterson described as a classic, six-prong ring with a 1-carat diamond.

Posted: 16:00, 9/11/2010
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combination of vendors was working out fine until

the Charlotte, N.C., merchant reserved 5 percent of her showcases (or, a single 2- by 4-foot glass display) for silver jewelry. For three and a half years, all of it belonged to Pandora, a line she picked up at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.

A year and a half ago, Holt picked up another silver line to satisfy the demand  for monograms in the South. That acquisition, Waxing Poetic, is rich in tiny pendant necklaces featuring positive themes and sentimental messages, as well as an abundance of letter or initial charms. “People will wear anywhere from three to six pieces on their necks at one time,” Holt says.

Silver jewelry is, of course, the not-so-secret to the Silver Lady’s success. Some 90 percent of her sales come from the category, even though it occupies just 20 percent of the store’s square footage. Her list of vendors is lengthy: Chamilia pandora bracelets , Kameleon, Beyond Words, Sarda, Waxing Poetic, Hot Diamonds, Christian jeweler Anita Goudeau, and Thistle & Bee, which is newer to the Silver Lady. Thistle & Bee has “caught on well,” according to Yancey. “They make a lot of heavy pieces. It truly is fine jewelry.” Her best seller, though, is Kameleon (see sidebar), the trendy interchangeable line that features a couple hundred different options for center stones in rings. “Customers feel like they’re getting a value,” she says.

The combination of vendors was working out fine until the spring of 2010, when Holt decided to explore other bead brand options. (Pandora had opened two corporate stores in her area and was setting up accounts within Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores nationwide. “I wanted a brand whose focus was still on the independent retailer,” she explained.) Holt discovered Lovelinks Jewelry, a European company just making its way to the States. She arranged to be the vendor’s first account in North Carolina and, at press time, was awaiting her first shipment.

“What I love about this line is that it’s universal—every competitor’s bead will fit on their bracelets and all of theirs will fit on the competitors’ bracelets,” she explains. Among Holt’s purchases to date: a bead called “Marry Me” that looks like a diamond engagement ring and a number of Murano glass bead sets that offer three or six beads for the price of two or five, respectively. Lovelinks makes sterling and 14k gold beads, but Holt is also a fan of the brand’s gold plate. “For those who love two-tone, this is a much more affordable way to get that,” she says.

Before the downturn—“Charlotte is a banking city slammed hard by the economy,” says Holt—silver ­jewelry accounted for 13 percent of her total sales. Today, silver is still the best-selling product, though it accounts for just 5 percent of all sales. “I’d rather have one or two higher-quality lines than a bunch of lower-quality ones,” she explains. She’s confident she can capture a 2.9 markup on Lovelinks and a 2.3 markup on Waxing Poetic.

years ago, silver jewelry became a pandora Bracelet  beacon of hope for retailers scrambling to make sales. After all, consumer spending may have weakened, but the desire to shop was strong as ever. In this post-recession, pre-recovery mindset, retailers nationwide shared the secrets of their silver department successes with JCK, offering up some new—and familiar—names for colleagues to consider when it’s time to restock.

When Janet Holt opened her 1,500-square-foot gift shop called Dazzle! on Memorial Day weekend of 2005,

Posted: 13:12, 8/11/2010
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gourd, with bat and ruyi

n of rings includes rare colored diamonds. An unusual pink diamond ring (approximately 4.50 Carats) is prong set in yellow gold and  pandora bracelets surrounded by small white diamonds. It is expected to command about $12,000. There is also a find pink tourmaline set with brilliant cut diamond accents. It is estimated at $4,000 to $5,000

For men, a Rolex Oyster chronograph in stainless steel and black is a knockout. With calibrated black dial, three sunken white sub-dials and black leather strap, this Cosmograph Daytona-style has a Christies' 2008 provenance. Lot 385 carries a catalog estimate of $6,000 to $8,000.

The exceptional collection of earrings leads with a pair of Tiffany diamond and platinum studs. The central round brilliant cut diamonds, each weighing slightly more than 1-Carat and each with it’s own GIA report, are framed by a row of smaller diamonds. Signed Tiffany & Company, the pair is moderately estimated at $24,000 or more.

The Judith Leiber luxury brand is represented by multiple-look enamel earrings of ombre, red, green and gold. For a festive fun look, sinuous heart-like forms dangle from a sinuous leaf. They then snap apart for a more tailored look. Signed by the maker, Lot 380 is estimated at $2,000 to $3,000.

kept secrets for fine estate jewelry is I.M. Chait's regular Asian and International Fine Arts auctions. The upcoming sale on November 7 is no exception. It features collections of important jade jewelry, diamond rings, luxury brand earrings and men's watches.

Of the more than 30 fine antique and contemporary jewelry pieces in the sale, the marquee offering is a Imperial Jadeite and Diamond Necklace.

 gourd, with bat and ruyi , Chinese symbols of fortune and wealth, the translucent emerald green jade pendant is surmounted with a cluster of marquise and round diamonds. It hangs from a white gold necklace. It's Lot 369 and is pandora Bracelet  expected to command $25,000 or more.

Other highlights include Lot 365, an Art Deco style jadeite and diamond ring. The oval jadeite cabochon weighs approximately 5.0 Carats and is surrounded by small round diamonds in a foliate setting. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately 1.0 Carat. The catalog puts the estimate at around $12,000.

Posted: 13:11, 29/10/2010
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Weimer plans to return home

Here are some little known facts about Tiffany Weimer: When she was 22 years old, she juggled the ball 1,000 times in a row. “She was so excited, she ran in the house like a 10-year-old,” her mother said … Her first experience on Twitter came when she found out she was drafted by FC Gold Pride … One of her favorite post-game drinks (when she’s in the U.S.) – a small, iced regular coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts … Some of her favorite bands include Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, and Third Eye Blind … Her favorite place to eat back home is at her Tiffany Bangle  uncle’s Riverstreet Restaurant in Milford, Connecticut … When it comes to rooting for a team in the National Football League, it’s not the New York Giants or Jets. Her favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 49ers … and her best friend Carmelina Moscato pointed out th

In the meantime, she will continue to work on her latest venture, one she started this spring – Our Game Magazine. Weimer is the editor of the women’s soccer magazine that features stories and columns written by professional soccer players, including Leslie Osborne, Alyssa Naeher, Carmelina Moscato, Meagan McCray, Manya Makoski, Carrie Dew, and Val Henderson.

“(Starting Our Game) I thought it was awesome,” Michele Gates, Tiffany’s mother said. “Not only was she writing, which is something she likes to do, but it was her major.”

“Tiffany is someone who exemplifies her passion for the game by coupling that with another passion – writing,” Moscato said. “She is a talented journalist and has been able to show just how talented she is through the launch of Our Game. She has a bright future in writing, and I am glad she has been given this forum to flourish in.”


It was cool at 12, semi-cool in high school, not cool in college,” said Weimer. “People don’t recognize me unless I’m wearing it.”

Still today, Weimer wears the headband, now sporting it for AIK in Sweden, where she has scored three goals in six games. The team has two games left and is fighting to stave off relegation.

“Playing overseas has always been beneficial for me. I have learned different styles of play, played in almost every system possible, different positions, new ways of training, conditioning, recovering,” Weimer said. “It broadens my horizons as a player and student of the game. AIK, from the time I’ve been here, relies mostly on possession and breaking teams down. What the team lacks in athleticism they make up for with their technical ability and possession. This style seems more fitting to my style of play, so it has been fun playing here Tiffany Necklace . The quality isn’t as high as WPS, but it’s not too far off. “Playing professional soccer is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was my goal and my dream.”

Weimer plans to return home later this fall and in November, on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 26 and 27), she will host the Tiffany Weimer Soccer Academy, a clinic for girls and boys ages 9-16, at United Athletic Center’s Stratford Field House in Stratford, Connecticut.



Posted: 15:27, 20/10/2010
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But a phone call in December

Blanchett, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Anne Hathaway. Berry was wearing black diamond jewelry by Bach when she won the Emmy in 2000 for “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.” That same year, Blanchett wore a black gown by Jean-Paul Gaultier accented with gold, East Indian-inspired jewelry by Bach.

Bach said to see her pieces on celebrities on the red carpet is thrilling, especially when they mention whose jewelry they are wearing.

“Of course, in my business, I love fashion and to see what everyone is wearing,” she said. “It’s kind of like the Super Bowl of baubles and clothes.”

Hayek borrowed one of Bach’s crown-styled bracelets and wore it on her head, like a tiara, to a dinner at the White House. That piece is currently touring the country as part of an exhibit on diamonds. In January, the Smithsonian Institution

Before you could count the carats in a diamond, Bach and Matthews found themselves living in Beverly Hills and working in the studio on Rodeo Drive.

The difference between Abilene and Los Angeles became apparent very quickly, Bach said.

“I got three tickets and lost two radios in the first week,” she said, explaining that she didn’t lock her car and rarely put coins in the meters. “I think I probably made the payroll for the police that month.”

She said when she and Matthews first got to California, they ate out every night, visiting a multitude of restaurants of a wide variety of eth cheap pandora bracelets nicities. They ate German food, Russian food, Italian food, they even went to a Scandinavian smorgasbord. She said she gained about 15 pounds the first month.

The couple spent three years at Van Cleef & Arpels, until the family that owned the company sold it to a much larger company, and Bach and Matthews found themselves without jobs. It turned out to be a blessing.

Bach took sketches of crown-based jewelry she’d been designing for some time and took them to Neiman-Marcus in Dallas. The pieces were a hit, and her line of jewelry was launched.

Today, her pieces are worn by celebrities such as Cate

spent one year at university in Germany and while still in Europe, apprenticed in metalworking and jewelry. She chose to continue her education at McMurry.

“I majored in art, but my love was jewelry,” she said.

McMurry didn’t offer a course of study in jewelry, but Bach and four other art students convinced Bob Howell, one of the art professors, to create jewelry classes. She said she remembers going out behind the arts building with a coffee can filled with sand and pouring hot metal into it, recreating one of the earliest forms of metalwork, sand casting.

Bach met her future husband, Jim Matthews, a master jeweler, while still at McMurry. She apprenticed with him, working in the basement of his jewelry store, honing her craft. The couple later had a shop called Gold Design at Leggett Drive and South 7th Street.

“We specialized in custom design work,” Bach said. “We had a following of local people who appreciated our talents.”

But a phone call in December 1989 changed her and her husband’s lives forever. A recruiter out of New York called and asked them if they wanted to work for a prestigious firm, but wouldn’t reveal the name of the firm. Bach said she and Matthews weren’t really interested. But when the recruiter told them they could basically name their own salaries, their interest was piqued.

After a year of sending renderings a pandora bracelets stockists nd samples and negotiating on terms, Bach said they found out that the company in question was Van Cleef & Arpels, one of the most prominent jewelry companies in the world, right up there with Cartier and Tiffany’s.

Posted: 16:25, 18/10/2010
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Echoing Jim's frustration was


On a parallel path, Steph has probably begun to regret telling Katie about her ability since Katie, in her haste to help, impersonated Steph during her physical exam -- leading to the necessity break into the lab to swap blood samples. As Steph quipped to Jim, "You're stopping a felony and I'm committing one. Remember when we used to have  pandora Bracelet movie night?" There was a hint of winsomeness behind that remark. Steph is just now wishing that things could be normal again. But this wish may not come true. Fortunately for her, Jim loves her just the way she is, special or not. For as he told her, "I love you for the beauty you see in ordinary things."

The Powells are no longer ordinary, but they still appreciate ordinary things. The one distinct upside is that before they were special, they were just a fragmented family barely speaking to one another. Now they are working together as a family -- a team. They are communicating. They are sharing in each other's problems. And they are becoming closer than ever before.

When Daphne elected to take up George's offer to talk, she not only got a sounding-board, but she also discovered that George and her dad were keeping a secret. While it was funny watching George try to think of anything else to prevent her from reading his thoughts, something better came out of it: it gave Daphne a sense of purpose. She was no longer adrift wondering what the heck to do with this new ability, she could figure out what her dad was up to. She was absolutely right when she told him that they cannot keep secrets from one another -- because in their "special" world, they are the only ones they can trust and talk to. Just like her dad needs to feel needed, so does she.

Finally, it is worth noting that something is up with the Powells and their fruit consumption. What is with their obsession with apples and oranges? They seem to be always drinking orange juice or grabbing an apple or orange. If they were infected another way besides the phosphorus in the Amazon water, it is probably through all the fruit they consume - food for
wants his peers at the police department to respect him for his abilities. However, as George reminded him, in all the comics, the minute someone finds out, it's over. Anyone who finds out a super-hero's true identity immediately has a bulls-eye painted on their back. Knowledge is a dangerous thing and being a friend or confidante of a super-hero only increases the danger level.

Echoing Jim's frustration was pandora Bangle  Daphne who so desperately wanted to tell someone about her ability. She thought it was unfair that her parents got to tell their friends, but she could not. Chafing at the restrictions placed on her by carrying this weighty secret, Daphne also did not want to confide in George and Katie (Autumn Reeser). What teenager wants to share their fears and frustrations with their parent's friends?

As relatable as her resentment was, it only served to make it all the more funny when Daphne elected to confide in George about her concerns about telling J.J. what she found out about the girl he liked.

Posted: 16:41, 15/10/2010
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After receiving a tip from another law

HOLIDAY, Fla. -- A West Virginia native was found dead in her
As for Cacacie, "We have incidents pandora Glass Beads  where we've been notified about him -- domestic or Baker Act calls," Tobin said. The Baker Act is a Florida law under which someone can be referred for an involuntary mental health exam if he poses a threat to himself or others.

As of Sunday, police had not released details of the incident, such as the cause of death or location of Capps' body. "We're waiting for the medical examiner's report on how she died," Tobin said. "It wasn't immediately obvious." He would not say whether a gun was involved.

"There is at least one child in state custody," he said. "There weren't any children

"My understanding is he made some sort of confession," he said. "He was at the scene of the crime and made some confession. We charged him based on the confession and evidence we collected at the scene."

Police believe Capps once had a relationship with Cacacie, a native of El Salvador, and had at least one child together, but had split up, Tobin said. Asked about their relationship, he said, "Estranged. I don't know if they were married.

"We believe Thomas was in New York and returned to Pasco County on Wednesday. He was a transient, with no permanent address." Pasco County is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, just north of Tampa Bay.

Both Capps and Cacacie were known to county authorities, Tobin said. Sheriff's Office records show Capps was on probation for two burglary arrests within a week in November 2008. She was born in Charleston, the report shows.

Florida home Friday, raped and brutally murdered by her former boyfriend, police said.

After receiving a tip from another law enforcement agency, sheriff's deputies entered the home of Sarah Ann Capps, 22, just after 1:30 p.m. Friday, Pasco County Sheriff's Office spokesman Doug Tobin said Sunday. They found Capps' body inside, he said.

"We're describing this pandora Bracelet  as a brutal murder," Tobin said.

Later, using tools from the U.S. Marshal's Service and after interviewing neighbors, they found Capps' former boyfriend across the street, Tobin said. After questioning the man, they arrested Thomas Cacacie, 26, and charged him with first degree murder and sexual battery, Tobin said.

Posted: 16:09, 11/10/2010
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Ashlyn had her two best rounds ever these last two

Team standings: 1. Shawnee Mission East, 975; 2. Olathe Northwest, 995; 3. SM South, 1,104; 4. Lawrence, 1,162; 5. SM Northwest, 1,174; 6. Olathe North, 1,205; 7. Olathe South, 1,249; 8. SM West, 1,335; 9. Olathe East, 1,368.

Free State, Leavenworth and SM North did not qualify for the team score.

Individual medalists: 1. Anne Willman, SME, 224; 2. Cassie Wang, ONW, 225; 3. Audrey Judd, ONW, 237; 4. Sarah Genton, SME, 240; 5. Jessica Young, SME, 253; 6. Laura Meschke, SMS, 254; 7. Ashley Manhnieo, ONW, 257; 8. Elizabeth Ward, SME, 260; 9. Megan Manning, ON, 263; 10. Hannah Sears, SMS, 267.

Other Olathe results

Olathe East: 25. Haley Robertson, 303; 28. Kelsey Gertsema, 316; 42. Tiffany Churchill, 366; 43. Erin Suggs, 376. Olathe North: 22t. Jacque McMillen, 299; 24. Katie Smith, 302; 37. Kim Steele, 341. ONW: 15. Ashlyn Landherr, 276; 18t. Chelsea Ziu, 291. Olathe South: 13. Bailey Gibson, 273; 31. Emily Farrar, 320; Andrea Meise, 324; 36. Halle McCourt, 336; 38. Taylor Kauffman, 351.


The Sunflower League girls  golf  pandora Bangle race turned into a two-team showdown with Shawnee Mission East claiming the program’s fifth consecutive championship.

But right behind the Lancers, who totaled 975 shots over three rounds, Olathe Northwest turned in its best finish in school history, finishing second 20 shots behind SM East.

“It’s the best we’ve ever done in history,” Ravens coach Mardy Robinson said. “The fact that we finished second was positive, but I think we all really wanted to finish first and thought we had the ability this year.”

Still, ONW ought to take plenty of confidence from the runner-up finish into the regional meet next week and, Robinson and her squad hope, on to the Kansas 6A state meet Oct. 18 at Manhattan Country Club.

Sophomore Cassie Wang led the Ravens and was the individual league runner-up. She had 225 strokes during three rounds, including a 77 at Wednesday’s Olathe East Invitational to wrap up the league slate.

Wang won the tourney on a scorecard tiebreak, but ultimately finished 1 stroke behind SM East’s Anne Willman (224) for the individual gold.

“I believe Cassie feels like she definitely could have been the Sunflower League champion and that was her goal,” Robinson said. “It’s one stroke, so she was disappointed not to win, but I’m definitely thrilled with Cassie’s performance and Audrey’s too.”

Freshman Audrey Judd claimed third overall with 237 three-round total.

“That’s great for a freshman,” Robinson said.

Meanwhile, transfer Ashley Manhnieo medaled in seventh place in the Sunflower League at 257.

That core group has carried ONW throughout the season and again will be expected to do so at the regional meet, which takes place Tuesday at Heritage Golf Course in Olathe.

The difference between making state and coming up short for the Ravens likely comes down to its fourth golfer, Ashlyn Landherr.

“Ashlyn had her two best rounds ever these last two tournaments, shooting 89 and 90,” Robinson said. “She’s still leaving a few strokes out there, so there is room to improve.”

If Landherr shaves another stroke or two, ONW shouldn’t have any trouble pushing through to state.

The Ravens easily claimed second at league, beating third-place SM South by 109 shots.

“Every team has one or two great  pandora Glass Beads golfers, so it will come down to those three and four golfers and who can step up,” Robinson said.

Olathe North sophomore Megan Manning also earned all-league honors with a ninth-place overall finish.

Posted: 17:48, 9/10/2010
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it is currently Sunday

earlier in the movie. If these were my employees, I am giving somebody a write-up for sure. 4. Why do wolves love ski hills so much?

To be honest, I actually really  liked this movie. pandora bracelets stockists  This film held my interest the entire time. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good scary movie and does not like to ski or snowboard. After watching this film, I do not feel the need to dust off my snowboard and go down some hills. I think I am just going to stick with the game Skifree and deal with the Abominable Snowman instead. This movie taught me a couple of valuable lessons though: 1.Urinating off a chairlift is not that difficult. 2. Grow a beard! You won't get frostbite as quickly! 3. Never bring your girlfriend on a ski trip. Frozen is now available on DVD

Frozen is about three people who want to take one final run down a ski hill. The group has been on the bunny hills all day long, because one of the guys thought it was a grand idea to bring his significant other, who is inexperienced beyond comprehension. They convince the chairlift operator to let them up the hill for one last run before heading home. Well, half way up the hill, the chairlift stops and everything shuts down. The group realizes the hill won't open again until the following Friday, and it is currently Sunday.

The moment they got stuck, pandora jewellery  I began to ask a couple of questions: 1. Wouldn't anyone notice a car still in the parking lot? 2. How does a ski resort make enough money only being open on the weekends? 3. Who hired these bone-headed employees? They should be fired, that's horrible work on their part. They accepted bribes to get on the ski lift

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this is my first blog

An ongoing collection of feminine pandora Silver Beads  hygiene and toiletry products, clothing and blankets benefit the guild's Mission Make A Difference program.

By foregoing the members' gift exchange each Christmas, the guild gathers gifts for Genesis thereby continuing its spiritually-based mission.

Another guild program founded as a community service, the faith-based Moms & Tots meets 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesdays beginning Sept. 21.

And for 17 years the guild's prayer group has met at 10 a.m. on Thursdays.

The De Marillac Guild meets the second Thursday of each month September through May. Clutter Buster will be the theme on Oct. 14.

Each year, guild members have welcomed their daughters to serve as hostesses for its Coronet luncheon. As a special feature for this milestone, all past hostesses are invited to join the celebration.
Classic fall fashions from LaPerla Boutique will follow lunch. One-of-a-kind jackets, tops and slacks will be complemented by eye-catching accessories such as scarves, jewelry and belts. Macy's Fur Vault will feature a fine selection of fur fashions, the finishing touch to a woman's wardrobe.

Silent auction items include Steelers tickets, P. Buckley floral prints, Pandora bracelet and Valley Brook Country Club golf package. Restaurant and salon certificates, auto care and lottery tree are just a few items filling the baskets in the Chinese auction.

As the St. Louise de Marillac Parish built its congregation in the early 1960s, the DeMarillac Guild's first president, Theresa Redlinger, eagerly planned fundraisers to help support church ministries. Bridge parties, bus trips and bake sales became popular functions.

As the church and guild grew, pandora Jewelry  members gave their time and energy in many ways. At Mayview State Hospital, they provided assistance with resident bingo, wrapped Christmas gifts for patients and provided snacks for holiday parties.

The fruits of their endeavors have benefited additional recipients including SHIM, Washington City Mission, Little Sisters of the Poor, Jubilee Soup Kitchen and Catholic Charities.

New outdoor benches, vestments for priests and help with church upkeep have also been provided through their fundraising efforts.

Guild women continue to sew Baptism robes for newborns, provide crucifixes for first communicants and Bibles for confirmation candidates.




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the King family.

27th received a long-stemmed red rose from a debonair doorman greeting guests. In a playful homage to the ABC television series, “The Bachelorette,” King Jewelers executed the whimsical theme flawlessly at a fashionable engagement party for clients honoring the guest of honor, DeAnna Pappas of the popular show.

Honeymoon consultant, Mimi Bonomi from Scituate Harbor Travel informed those inquiring of idyllic excursions near and far.

The staff of Ellen MacKenzie Catering Co.  presented trays of delectable bites as guests mingled and viewed the alluring selections surrounding them. A cascade of fanciful engagement cupcakes created by Five South Main Street Confections graced a table enticing guests to sample one. Cosmetic and hair professionals from Lemon and Lime Salon gave beauty tips for special occasion looks.

DeAnna beamed in a black cocktail dress and stunning matinee length sprinkle necklace made of 22 karat gold fine chain and white topaz by Dragonfly Studios of Cohasset.

Guests attending included several King client


Accompanied by fiancé Stephen Stagliano, Pappas, whose dazzling engagement ring had been purchased at the store, emerged from a midnight blue stretch Lincoln limousine once owned by Katherine Hepburn and provided for the evening by Robert McNamara of Norwell. She proceeded into the soiree to enjoy a warm and elegant event hosted by the King family.

Area guests joined the t pandora Bangles elevision star in a romantic and inviting experience which presented multiple services for brides-to-be and those seeking ideas for getaways, pampering, luxurious baubles and delightful edibles in an intimate and welcoming setting.

Future brides posed for pictures holding bouquets by Winston Flowers and a piece of jewelry of their choice from the cases of the King show room. Vendors of versatile collections from precious stones to casual sterling possibilities chatted with clients.

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It was nice to have the company in a time like this as

She went downstairs to confront the mother.

''Her response was that perhaps I had moved my passport myself and left everything like that, but I knew I hadn't,'' she said.

''I then went to the cupboard to look at the Pandora bracelet I had bought for my
daughter's birthday. I was meant to go down to Timaru in the weekend for her
birthday but it got cancelled. I thought, 'yes the box is still there it hasn't been
moved,' but then I opened it and it was empty.''

Loomes was irate and confronted the woman again.

''She told me to stop yelling, it was nothing to get upset about, but I went and got
everybody out of bed and told them to leave.''

As the family was stripping the beds the Pandora bracelet fell out between the
daughter's sheets.

''I just felt empty and distraught,'' Loomes said.

A Phillipstown woman says she has been ripped off by earthquake victims she took into her house.
Norma Loomes, 62, thought she was doing the right thing in troubled times when she offered a family of four rooms in her house.

They had been staying at the Linwood Welfare Centre after they left their earthquake shattered Avonside home.

But the Good Samaritan act came back to bite her and has left her greatly

She evicted them yesterday after returning home to find her house had been searched and cosmetics and fashion jewellery missing.

A Pandora bracelet, her daughter's birthday present, was also gone.

After Loomes evicted them, she found the bracelet in the bed of one of the family members.

She went to the Linwood Welfare Centre and asked the Civil Defence staff who was most worthy of her home.

They pointed her in the direction of a mother, father, their young son and pregnant daughter.

Loomes happily took home the family. She cooked the family scones and took
the son to the park. She had many long chats and found out all about their lives.

''It was nice to have the company in a time like this as well,'' she said.

Loomes had to go to work during the week and left the family home alone.

When she came home on Wednesday night she noticed her passport folder had
been moved. She also noticed her drawers and cupboard had been opened.




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