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2013 new energy capacity target than-expected

08:12, 30/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Much PM2.5 monitoring value to be regarded as "heavily polluted" 200 in some areas, such as Beijing instantaneous monitoring value even break in the fog and haze permeates most regions in the eastern part of China since the mid-January of 1000, grid tie inverter the World Health Organization's recommended value of only 25. Institute of Atmospheric Physics, observational studies have shown that the ingredients of a fog and haze, vehicle exhaust, coal-fired to become a major source of pollutants in the haze, the ratio between the total of more than 80%. Oil, coal-dominated energy consumption structure indirectly become contaminated "Pushing Hands". Touches on the recently held national energy work conference revealed a trace reform dawn: clear a total installed capacity of new energy, to be presented this year is to add 21 million kilowatts of installed capacity of hydropower, wind power inverter installed capacity of 18 million kilowatts installed capacity of 10 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation . In particular, the latter two objectives beyond the industry's expectations. If the problem is not clear "on the specific implementation details, subsidies and by whom, how compatible grid to achieve these installed task will not be easy." Said Zhou Dadi, executive deputy director of the China Energy Research Society. For this reason, on the introduction and implementation of renewable energy the electricity quota system policy voices resurgence. After the introduction in early 2012 discussion paper, the formulation and implementation of this policy involves many aspects of the energy and electric power industry and the delay did not qualify for the implementation phase. Ren Dongming, director of the National Energy Renewable Energy Center, 2013 Can the implementation of renewable energy power the quota management approach "still no set number. Over-target incentive Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a "notice" to further accelerate the development of new energy power generation industry, "second five" new energy installed capacity of 7,000,000 kilowatts to 11 million kilowatts jumped original plan. January 23, the solar inverter photovoltaic industry access conditions in the near future to discuss the draft is expected by this message from the Energy Division of the Bureau of Energy may allow the solar photovoltaic industry an "eligible shuffle". It is reported that "access conditions" will have research and development capabilities, the scale of production, shipping conditions, the number of patents to make clear that, include a range of silicon ingots, wafers, cells, components of the crystalline silicon and thin-film solar inverter production providers. Access conditions nonattainment enterprises, financial institutions not to provide loans and other forms of credit support, exports may not enjoy export tax rebates and other incentives, may not enjoy subsidies in domestic applications. Access conditions aimed at avoiding "swarming" the re-emergence on the project. In fact, under the guidance of the national industrial policy and development goals, the local government has to try it.

The Chinese government will release significant increase in anti-dumping announcement expected two polysilicon prices

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The SMM Reuters: According to the news, this week, China's polysilicon imports from the United States, South Korea and the European Union is expected to implement anti-dumping, two polysilicon prices remained firm. Is expected that the Chinese government will be released in February, the official anti-dumping announcement, this time the the possible tariffs will be pulled polysilicon overall price, two polysilicon production in China before this have to raise prices. On the other hand, solar inverter manufacturers worried about the possible retroactive tariff costs and overall production of photovoltaic grade polysilicon decline, this time do not want to buy imported polysilicon. Thus, although the spot demand for small PV grade polysilicon price remained appropriate growth. Polysilicon film this week because demand has picked up prices. Due to expected polysilicon anti-dumping, solar manufacturers willingness PV grade polysilicon wafer production has been reduced. Thus, many of the integrated solar manufacturers began to outsource wafer production to prevent the possible increase in the polysilicon tariff cost. With the increase in demand, the prices of the Week silicon. Downstream demand from China and Japan is still optimistic about the demand of Western countries as people return to work and pick-up. With the rising demand of downstream and wafer prices rise, this week, the solar cell and module prices also rose. Although the short-term price of solar modules is not expected to decline, but the market oversupply still give the price of solar modules bring pressure. If there is no substantial improvement in demand, the long-term component prices will still fall. Volkswagen in Tennessee opened the local's largest solar power inverter station According to foreign media reports, yesterday, Volkswagen announced that they will open the largest solar power station - Volkswagen Chattanooga solar power stations (hereinafter referred to as VCSP) in Tennessee, United States. , VCSP is located next to the Volkswagen plant, about 33 acres (approximately 133,546.3 square meters), equipped with 33,600 solar collector panels. The collection plate produced by JA Solar, generate 13.1 gigawatts hours of electricity each year. Volkswagen U.S. CEO Frank Fischer said, feel very very proud of their own to build the largest solar power plants in Tennessee. The move also proved the attention of the public on environmental issues. In addition, grid tie inverter it won the Volkswagen investigation Thanou processing plants LEED Platinum certification. , VCSP is expected to be available for the Volkswagen factory provided 12.5% of electricity. Volkswagen said that the power station will only use its factory, and not as a commercial sale.

Build an integrated solar with construction

08:24, 24/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
It is understood that the main goal of the program include: the towns new building to strictly implement mandatory energy efficiency standards, "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the completion of one billion square meters of new green building; late 2015, 20% of urban new buildings achieve green building standards. The key tasks of the proposals include: really good grasp of the new buildings, energy conservation efforts, and vigorously promote the Existing Building Energy Saving; building large-scale applications to promote renewable energy. The mandatory promotion policies and technical standards for building integrated solar thermal solar inverter energy resources in appropriate areas should be introduced in 2015, the popularity of solar hot water, and actively promote passive solar heating. Safeguards, program policy incentives to increase financial support to study and improve the policy and objectives and tasks To The Green Building Initiative scientific analysis to the provincial government, into the provincial government energy-saving target responsibility evaluation and examination system. Huozhi Chen, Secretary-General of the China solar thermal industry associations pointed out that, according to two industry media of more than 140 companies in the first half of 2012 independent research results show that the overall speed of some decline of the development of solar energy. But the engineering market growth rate reached more than 50%, there are some people in the industry think the engineering market a separate calculation of the construction market, called the fourth market. The introduction of a strong policy making solar thermal and building integrated usher in a new period of development. It is understood that, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces and cities have introduced architectural layer below 12 after the acceptance of the standard by the project, greatly aroused the enthusiasm of solar energy companies, developers and consumers must install solar accessory products to also let the local overall supporting, household use, grid tie inverter central heating, single-energy dual-energy combination of IC card metering and other new technology, which greatly promoted the development of solar technology and building integrated. At the same time, however, the current national standards for solar installation yet introduced, the level of solar water heater technology, performance and quality requirements and building integrated still gaps. Most of the solar water heater installed on the roof of the slopes, all their own way, improper operation easy to damage the roof, resulting in leakage, a security risk, a common cause of complaints from owners and neighborhood disputes. Huozhi Chen suggested that the relevant government departments should take the lead in the development of specific solar installation Implementing Rules and solar energy use and management of the implementation details, enhanced training, to avoid drawing review detailed planning program approval lax control, poor oversight of the construction process. Building green residential energy conservation, the to increase solar design should not be considered only after the project has started, otherwise the program is difficult to achieve optimal results. Solar collectors embedded in the roof of the building, the exterior wall surface appearance of unity and concord, which is the initial stage of the integration solution. The combination of solar products and building should demonstrate link proposed combination of solar energy and construction issues. From the design when you consider how hot water solar system how placed, the details of what systems and auxiliary energy. Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning and Design Institute Building Branch, vice president Chen first spring agrees, he believes that the best solar energy and building integration is to build an integrated. From the planning stage of project orientation, solar products is necessary to intervene. At the design stage, it is necessary to communicate with the developers with no domestic hot water, and how to achieve the effect, reserved the position of plumbing construction.

It is worth mentioning that the bonds issued

08:19, 22/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
It is worth mentioning that the bonds issued also face the risk of suspension of listing day sun "11 Japanese debt. Corporate bonds of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules, the issuer's most recent two years of consecutive losses, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will suspension for its bonds, and 15 trading days to decide whether to suspend the listing and trading. This also means that, since the date of the annual report released 11 Japanese debt "will be the suspension. The bond March 7, 2013 will usher in the first interest payment date should be paying interest of nearly 90 million yuan, which is no small burden for the Ultra-day sun. grid tie inverter The data show that 11 Japanese debt issued in March 2012, the scale of 10 million and a term of five years, up to 8.98% per annum. In this regard, the Ultra-day sun bulletin, the bondholders will be held on January 23, General Assembly, informed the Ultra-day sun will credit status. Will hold a shareholder meeting to provide additional guarantees for the bonds, guarantees the range of assets, including the Ultra-day sun and subsidiaries portion of the receivables, real estate and machinery and equipment. "This company does not know whether the support in the past." Who participated in the listing of the Company's insider said, "like LDK, Ultra-day sun how to go depends on the government how to sell, as well as bank debt how relief." Ultra-Day Sun said the company has about 410 million yuan of bank borrowings overdue, in consultation with the relevant bank extension, subject to renewal, etc.. However, there are many banks for loans overdue proceedings, involving about 350 million yuan of loans. In addition, Ultra-day sun to multiple suppliers due to the payment settled matters proceedings involving the purchase price of about 160 million yuan; other creditors lawsuit loan matters, involving about $ 100 million loan. Terms of production, as of the announcement date, ultra-Day Jiujiang Chaori Luoyang's production line, Methodist snow solar component production line, headquarters solar inverter production line is to suspend production of the state, two normal production headquarters components six production lines, the current ultra-day sun The business is still running. Selling assets this year. Ultra-day sun, said the company intends to take four measures to recover funds: First, accelerate receivables collection. Second, the proposed transfer of overseas power plant with realizable conditions. As of September 30, 2012, Ultra-day sun carrying amount of long-term equity investment of 565 million yuan, mainly investing in overseas power plant projects. Ultra-day sun, said the whole power inverter plant projects overseas normal operating conditions, and can bring stable cash flows, and therefore its value is more certain, will be the right price to sell as soon as possible. In addition, the company plans to dispose of the book value of the total 1.898 billion yuan in the territory of non-core assets, operations are downsizing. Also plans to take part OEM production mode (processing) from 2013, combined with a weight-loss program merit taking orders. "Photovoltaic dilemma last year this year revealed, although the policy is out of many, but can be implemented and to what extent, the ability to benefit from ultra-Day, not to say. Selling assets to defuse the crisis, but many have not had that price, the company's assets losses may not yet finished.

Thin film solar technology leading global producti

09:33, 21/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Thin film solar technology leading global production conversion rate of 15.5% 2013-01-19solarF Sunshine Network Contributor I want to comment Abstract: Hina Holdings has headquarters in Beijing officially announced the completion of the acquisitions of MiaSol¨¦, so Han can get the highest conversion rates in the world copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technology has become the scale and technologically leading global thin-film solar inverter companies. Sunshine Network Communications Hina solarF Holdings has headquarters in Beijing, officially announced the completion of the merger and acquisition of MiaSol¨¦ Hina, so the highest conversion rates in the world copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) technology become scale and technologically leading global thin film solar enterprises. Understand, MiaSol¨¦ in Santa Clara, California, USA is a global leader in CIGS thin film solar module manufacturers, investors of more than $ 550 million investment in the 10 years of development, the market capitalization of over 20 billion dollars. Of MiaSol¨¦'s thin-film PV module production conversion rate has reached 15.5%, is expected in 2014, the conversion rate will be increased to more than 17%, and within two years, the production cost is reduced to 0.5 U.S. dollars / watt. According to reports, grid tie inverter Hina thin film solar production capacity has reached 3GW, more than the U.S. First Solar (First Solar), to become the world's largest thin-film solar companies. Meanwhile, Hina has film amorphous silicon - germanium, amorphous silicon - nanometer silicon, copper indium gallium selenide 7 of the world's leading technology roadmap, and the latest completed the acquisitions of MiaSol¨¦ technology, will form a good art Hina supplement. The Hina Holding Group Chairman of the Board, Mr. Li Hejun Following the successful acquisition of the German solar giant Q-Cells, a wholly owned subsidiary Solibro in June 2012 Hina Hina again successfully completed the acquisitions of the U.S. Silicon Valley enterprises MiaSol¨¦. Hina two successful overseas acquisitions, highlighting China's private enterprises "going out" the unique advantage of great significance. -China Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman, the Hina Group Board of Directors Chairman Li River Jun, The acquisition of MiaSol completed, is an important milestone in the global technology integration Hina, on behalf of Chinese enterprises has stood in the forefront of the global thin film solar technology . , Hina thin film solar production capacity has reached 3GW, more than the U.S. First Solar First Solar, the world's largest thin-film solar companies. The Hina Holdings has announced, after China and the United States government to allow mergers and acquisitions, Hina Group completed of 100 U.S. Silicon Valley enterprises MiaSol%. The acquisition Hina the world's highest conversion rate CIGS technology, thin-film solar companies are leading the world in terms of scale, technically. The, California MiaSol global leader in CIGS thin film solar module manufacturers, the market capitalization of more than 2 billion U.S. dollars. MiaSol film PV module production conversion rate has reached 15.5%, is expected in 2014, the conversion rate will be increased to more than 17%, and reduce the cost of production in two years to $ 0.5 per watt. Upon completion of the acquisition, MiaSol operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hina Group.

German SMA Solar low cost to enter the Chinese PV industry and then welcome the variables

10:03, 18/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
According to Voice of the economy, "the world" reports on the PV industry in China suffered disaster, devastated Europe and the United States to lift the anti-dumping, countervailing "big stick foreign giants began the acquisition of the Chinese PV industry chain and strategic layout. German solar inverter company called SMA Solar Technology Group leading enterprises, has completed the acquisition of 72.5% equity interest in Jiangsu Zhao the volts love cable New Energy Co., Ltd.. Insiders say the first step, the surface normal cross-border acquisitions caused anxiety and fear of the other peer companies, they worry that this is likely to be foreign-funded solar giant about to erupt for the control of China's solar energy market, and to take strategic action . And foreign giant and Europe and the United States set off a double reverse the tide seems to have some connection to the outside world is full of doubts and suspicions. Perhaps the real challenge of China's PV industry has only just begun. December 20, 2012, the global PV grid tie inverter giants - SMA Solar Technology Group announcement, has signed a contract to acquire its 72.5% stake in the cable New Energy Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhao volts love. By calculating the purchase price of 160 million yuan. In this regard, doctoral tutor Cheng Liu, Beijing University of Science and Technology School of Economics and Management, which is the usual practice of the business sector in developed European countries. Liu Cheng: Western monopoly capital has always been to suppress the common practice of the industry in developing countries should be said that the acquisition of German companies on the Chinese PV companies. Chinese PV companies in recent years fast flourish due to the main market of the Chinese PV companies in developed countries in Europe and the United States, in the process of the financial crisis in Western countries generally provoked a "dual" banner on China PV enterprises have set up a lot of barriers to foreign trade, leading Chinese enterprises are struggling. At this time Western monopoly capital to kill a Parthian shot from chestnuts, cheap form of control over Chinese enterprises, finally worked so hard to establish the photovoltaic business so Western monopoly capital control. Insiders said that the acquisition can be said that the share of the global market share of 40% of SMA officially enter the Chinese market, to compete for the next three years, 200 billion inverter sales market. PV inverter is one of the core equipment of the solar photovoltaic power inverter plants, solar photovoltaic systems, solar energy through solar components into DC power, and then through the PV inverter power conversion and control system DC energy into in line with the AC power quality requirements. It not only has the DC-AC conversion function, but also has to maximize the solar inverter performance and system failure protection function. Therefore, occupy an important position in the photovoltaic industry chain has been.

that a sharp decline in the market in 2011

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Week aquatic: As a rising star, our advantage is that a sharp decline in the market in 2011, companies have the capacity but not heavy volume production, so the loss is less burden light. As state-owned enterprises, we have a social responsibility, so as much as possible to ensure the stability of the workforce, grid tie inverter in difficult circumstances, did not lay off any one employee. The Lu'an the rapid development of the solar energy is that we always rely on workers to do state-owned enterprises, to run on the state-owned workers' falls actions. From that day onwards Founded attaches great importance to the construction of a harmonious enterprise, Lu'an excellent traditional values and the spirit of the modern era and the development of photovoltaic industry is actually a combination of established and perfected the system of corporate culture for their own development requirements, "the pursuit of excellence, The concept of technological innovation, green low-carbon future success, "the company to highlight of Lu'an solar broad mind to lead the company all staff to encourage enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. Director-General of efforts to create to encourage people to support the people do nothing, the work environment, to do each according to his ability, to each according to his Renjinqicai, maximize the promotion of the realization of the value of individual employees. Luan solar company has built relationships harmonious, full of love, solidarity and a vigorous harmonious collective. Rely on future social competition is the talent competition, Luan solar inverter company has been able to rapid development and become a new energy "most growth enterprises" simply lies. Followed by the national policy to enhance the competitiveness of China Energy News: December 19, 2012, the State Council convened enabling Photovoltaic Conference, do you think about how to bring the domestic photovoltaic industry development signal? The Lu'an Solar how to grasp the development opportunity? Aquatic weeks: December 19, 2012, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, study and identified five policy measures to promote the healthy development of the PV industry. The first two of these five measures is to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and technological progress, standardize the order of the industrial development. Market "Forced mechanism to encourage corporate mergers and acquisitions, eliminate backward production capacity, and improve the level of technology and equipment, can be described as treating the symptoms. In my view, the crisis is to accelerate the photovoltaic industry chain upgrade, technological progress, the best time of consolidation in the industry, through the survival of the fittest, does not meet the need of the future development of the photovoltaic industry enterprises eliminate excess capacity freed. Only experienced the pains of China's photovoltaic industry to the healthy development of truly become an important force for the national strategic emerging industries. Another three of the five measures to develop the domestic PV application market, improve support policies, and actively give full play to the role of the market mechanism, which will mainly depend on the future development of the domestic PV market industry organizations and self-regulatory mechanism, the government in addition to improve the support policies In addition, the intervention But PV market development. This is undoubtedly conducive photovoltaic healthy development of enterprises in accordance with the laws of the market, to consolidate the international market at the same time, expanding the applications and large-scale application of the diversification of the domestic market, stable market relying on industrial development, and enhance overall competitiveness. My company as Changzhi City, Shanxi distributed photovoltaic generation of large-scale demonstration area project leader units currently being actively cooperate with declare the province distributed photovoltaic power inverter generation project. I believe that with the introduction of supporting policies, the company will make full use of this golden opportunity to take the lead out of the "winter".

Photovoltaic mergers and acquisitions in the intelligence

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Photovoltaic mergers and acquisitions in the intelligence war: China trap fully transparent state SMA localization strategy implemented by means of mergers and acquisitions is understandable, decisive reached the trough of the photovoltaic industry in China, and opportunistic share the China Light market launch of the "feast", reflects the strategic vision of a multinational, SMA opportunity to intelligence to collect their Chinese counterparts, many Chinese companies are very angry. In the beginning of 2013, more than one person in charge of the company's grid tie inverter to the "China Business" reporter revealed: "SMA cable with megavoltage love 'gonna get married', but also with their own business to discuss cooperation and pre due diligence, prototype, technical information, business contracts, financial data are not fortified to provide to the other side. " Acquisition announcement released until SMA and megavoltage love, cable, these enterprises was awakened as aware of: "in the SMA before the competition, he had become completely transparent." Strange acquisition talks According to informed sources, the period from September 2012 to December, SMA extensive contacts with a number of mainstream inverter companies, these companies do not know SMA is "Tanhunlunjia megavoltage love cable. Company Announcements "of megavoltage love cable SMA by holding megavoltage love cable to enter the fast development of China PV market, SMA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pierre-Pascal Urbon said:" The local production operations is consistent aim of SMA through joint ventures The company, SMA can learn more about the needs of customers in China for the production of customized products. megavoltage love cable as China's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, has been to maintain good relations with important customers in the energy field. located in modern Yangzhong production base, power inverter SMA rich products for the Chinese market and to increase production. " Some domestic counterparts, however, do not agree with this statement, they think that the SMA to the existence of multiple motives in the process of acquisition of Chinese enterprises, The "SMA take full advantage of the characteristics of Chinese enterprises lack experience in international mergers and acquisitions through M & A preliminary negotiations and due diligence, comprehensive mastered a few large companies in the inverter industry information and trade secrets, and laid the foundation for its future on the overall control of the industry. " According to informed sources, the period from September 2012 to December, SMA extensive contacts Guanya power the GREAT new energy, and a number of domestic mainstream inverter companies, these companies do not know SMA cable with megavoltage love gonna get married ", they are interested in with the SMA to discuss cooperation, the person in charge of the Second Power even told reporters:" We have a variety of power prototype based on the requirements of the SMA, technical information, business contracts, financial data, and The SMA also sent large numbers of people to do a site survey. because all you know, the attitude, the lack of international experience in mergers and acquisitions of domestic firms in the face of international giants become an undefended city. "

Some prototype was sent to the German headquarters of SMA prototype

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Editor's note / suffered disaster, devastated by the PV industry in China and Europe and the United States lifted the "anti-dumping" countervailing "stick has foreign giants began acquisition and strategic layout of China's photovoltaic industry chain. German solar company called SMA Solar Technology Group leading enterprises have completed the acquisition of 72.5% equity interest in Jiangsu Zhao the volts love cable New Energy Co., Ltd.. Normal cross-border acquisitions in the surface caused by the anxiety and fear of other peer companies, they worry that this is likely to be foreign-funded solar inverter giant first step of the strategic actions taken for the occupation of the control of China is about to break out of the solar market. And foreign giant and Europe and the United States set off a double reverse the tide seems to have some connection to the outside world is full of doubts and suspicions. Perhaps the real challenge of China's PV industry has only just begun. First-line investigation Side benefit "dual" side took the opportunity to acquire subsidized The foreign giants predatory Chinese PV "leftover feast" December 20, 2012, the global PV grid tie inverter giant SMA Solar Technology AG (hereinafter referred to as the "SMA") announced that the contract with Jiangsu Zhao the volts love cable New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the megavoltage love cable ") signed to acquire its 72.5% stake. By calculating the purchase price of 160 million yuan. Informed sources told China Business News (blog, microblogging) "reporter," This acquisition marks occupies 40% share of the global market SMA formally enter the Chinese market, to compete for the next three years, 200 billion in sales of inverter market. ' PV inverter is one of the core equipment of the solar photovoltaic power plants, solar photovoltaic systems, solar energy through solar components into DC power, and then through the PV inverter power conversion and control system DC energy into in line with the AC power quality requirements. It not only has the DC-AC conversion function, but also has to maximize the solar cell performance and system failure protection function. Therefore, occupy an important position in the photovoltaic industry chain has been. The acquisition artsy background is that, SMA inextricably force behind Europe and the United States launched the "double reverse" the Chinese PV industry association and contact. Round of the acquisition in the end there is a kind of logic is becoming PV companies in China to be the crack of doubt. The enterprises who told reporters that young Chinese power inverter industry "This acquisition may cause long-term damage." Another SMA have been classified as acquisition targets in China, and that its long-planned.

the production and application of solar water heaters in China

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At present, the production and application of solar water heaters in China mainly economically developed provinces of the north, east, south and eastern service in the Midwest energy conservation work in response to the overall strategic plan of the national development of the central and western China solar thermal industry first exhibition - Tenth China International solar inverter Brand Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China International Texpo) will log in again in the Triangle Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha City, Hunan Province, a large province held on 16-18 March 2013. The Expo by China's solar thermal industry alliance, Solar Energy Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, China Association of Rural Energy Industry use of solar thermal Professional Committee authority associations and institutions jointly organized. Solar thermal engineering technology and products into a bright spot In recent years, due to global climate anomalies, south China provinces and cities generally arctic weather, snow, fog often very hot, so this cold and humid southern climate is more cold southern people require 24-hour hot water and heating the voice again rang onwards. Solar thermal industry has been committed to provide hot water and thermal technologies and products, will surprise with the Gospel in solar hot water engineering, heating engineering. A few days ago, the 2013 Tenth China International too Fair organizers revealed China heat Industry Alliance Executive Director, Professor Luo Zhentao Undertaker Chinese solar energy industry information, the Chinese solar power inverter engineering magazine programming Yu hung a media interview in Beijing the exposition News 2013 year highlights: 1,2013 Tenth China International Texpo will showcase 20 years of technology and product development achievements of China's solar thermal industry, especially high temperature solar technology and the use of solar thermal engineering applications in the industrial and agricultural success stories. 2, the conference in addition to the more than 200 known manufacturers of solar water heaters and solar hot water project show, the organizing committee in order to promote complementary industries, cross-border collaboration booster southern heating and 24 hour hot water supply, opened a special exhibition area air heat pump The gas boiler exhibition, electric radiant heating products exhibition hot water, heating field dozens of well-known enterprises jointly exhibitors. Expo booth area will exceed 20,000 square meters, a super one hundred media attention, professional visitors are expected to more than 25,000 people, far Emperor Ming, Sun Rain, Four Seasons song Mu, Yang Hua, Thumper, Sunshine, light , million and Societe Generale, Dongtai, step can, in the Division blue sky, Stitt, Yang Mu, Fench, philosophy can He, Sang Baojin 100 more than the mainstream, well-known enterprises exhibitors, is expected to be more than 300 companies a high-profile show. 4, combined with the 2013 solar thermal industrial development trend, the Expo will be held over the same period, five new standard training courses household building solar heating technology conditions, solar water heating systems heat metering and monitoring specification "," Chinese solar engineering marketing Forum "," China Southern heating system and Technology Development Forum ", project matchmaking, rich content and practical.

the new round of expansion is worth the wait

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Extending upstream industry chain, the new round of expansion is worth the wait. The company plans to use 465 million yuan raised funds over the implementation of the annual output of 160 million wafer cutting business, in silicon wafer tight situation, into the field, not only increase revenue, but also to provide a guarantee for cell production. The polysilicon film is put into production capacity will be exceeded the current downstream solar inverter and module production capacity, the possible existence of a new round of expansion. The strong euro, foreign exchange losses no longer. Company unilateral decline of the euro exchange rate in the first half, resulting in finance costs increased dramatically, up to 132 million yuan, and seriously affect the profits, most of the manufacturers have to raise prices. Same price expected in the second half, due to the strong euro callback, good results are expected in the first half of the year. Reasonable valuation range of $ 31.15-33.82, maintaining a "recommended" rating. The company expects earnings per share of 10-12 years were 0.50,0.89 and 1.16 yuan, in view of the company's 11-year existence of the possibility of expanding capacity, we have to give the company 11 years and 35-38 times earnings, the reasonable price of $ 31.15-33.82 maintain "recommended" rating . grid tie inverter Aerospace Electrical (600151): PV benefit the economy rebounded, the performance of growth-than-expected Since April 2010, with the sudden increase in market demand in Europe, the PV market appears to explosive growth, as the price of the raw material polysilicon PV module thereby rapid rebound have rocketed since the trough. September polysilicon spot price exceeded $ 90 per kilogram, after the National Day, the spot price of foreign has reached $ 100 per kilogram to $ 110 half year or nearly doubled. Fast recovery of the photovoltaic industry boom, driven by the profit growth of the whole industry. The first three quarters of this year, the company achieved operating income of 1,616,530,000 yuan, an increase of 957.82 million yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 145.41 percent year-on-year net profit of 120.75 million yuan, an increase of 72.04 million yuan over the same period last year, a year-on-year growth of 147.90 percent, the first three quarters earnings per share of 0.133 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 557.14% more than our previous performance expectations. The Fourth Session of the Board of Directors of the Company thirtieth meeting examined and adopted the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Shenzhou New Energy Development Co., Ltd. to invest in new the "200MW high efficiency solar power inverter production line technological transformation projects," the motion. 200MW solar inverter production line, built in the end of 2011 and be completed by the end of 2012, the technological upgrading of products, the ultimate goal of not less than 17.0% of the average conversion efficiency of not less than 18.5% and polycrystalline silicon cells monocrystalline silicon cells. According to the current development of the photovoltaic industry, and a comprehensive analysis of the company's situation, to adjust the 2010 to 2011 income and profits, due to increase corporate earnings expectations. From 2010 to 2011, revenues were 2.716 billion yuan and 3.627 billion yuan, EPS 0.21 yuan and 0.31 yuan, respectively, 2010 and 2011 static price-earnings ratio of 28 times and 19 times, respectively, to maintain "overweight" rating.

Buffett likes to solar in aluminum denounced 20 billion into the new energy industry

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Trading live ", according to Voice of the economy reported, Silver Star Energy daily limit today, mainly from a bulletin, the Aluminum Corporation of China will invest 2 billion yuan of Silver Star Energy to increase their investment. In aluminum White will be what kind of impact the future development of this company? grid tie inverter Galaxy Securities senior investment adviser Luo Feng 14:30 live guest transactions, market reviews. Luo Feng: Silver Star Energy was first called Wuzhong Instrument do instrumentation, since White of Ningxia Electric Power Group, in the past few years has been in transition, the direction of the new energy. Judging from the current situation of wind power and photovoltaic its main development direction. The aluminum in the White should not change its development ideas, including the capital increase of 20 million, or want to promote its development in the new energy on the road. However, from the industry point of view, the new energy is now in a relatively difficult position, wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, after the first high-speed development, now into a bottleneck. The industry now exists a certain degree of uncertainty. Silver Star in the process of transformation to a certain extent, but the pace of development is not very fast, this time in aluminum can bring reborn changes still need to observe, not including capital increase because of changes in shareholders' short-term immediately give him a high rating. Silver Star today's market performance to go strong addition to outside news, with certain changes in the market today. Today the media announced the Buffett again inject solar project, Warren Buffett in recent years is also has been in the investment in new energy, today announced funding not more than U.S. $ 2.5 billion, the acquisition of a solar energy project, the news for domestic related plate also constitute a certain stimulus. Silver Star Energy better short-term trends in this occasion today. Personally, I still feel that still need to observe As for the impact on the medium and long-term point of view, first as a short-term stimulus. Qianlong Beijing News "is now much more convenient, even cold days, we can be at home to wash on hot water bath. Hefeng Village, who lives in niulanshan town, Zhang aunt said pleased. Recently, the Hefeng Village, Niulanshan Town, solar baths officially open to the villagers, the villagers sent a New Year's gift. It is understood that the rural public bathroom with solar collectors 500 groups, each set of equipment per day can produce five tons of high-temperature hot water to meet the need of 100 villagers bathing. Compared with coal heating, solar public bathroom one-time investment is not high, the subsequent operation and maintenance costs are also relatively low. A rural solar public bathroom equipment, can be eliminated to a rural coal-fired boilers, an annual reduction of 80 tons of emissions of polluting gases. In this, niulanshan town after Yanzi Fangezhuang, the Hefeng three solar village bathroom have been put into use to benefit the surrounding people, more than 2,000 people. Currently, the town a total of eight public solar bathroom, bath brings great convenience for the people in winter. In recent years, niulanshan town will enhance the happiness of villagers as one of the priorities of the work to continue to strengthen rural infrastructure construction, the new solar bathrooms and other measures, through the construction of public sports facilities, pollution toilets, and constantly improve people's livelihood The innovative carrier deepen service, so as to facilitate the people to enhance the quality of life of villagers, build a low-carbon energy, green, comfortable and livable new rural. The the Jingtai region has abundant resources of wind and solar energy resources, China Power Investment Jingtai first photovoltaic power plant since October 2008, King Taixing the springs wind farms and grid, one after another, MA Chang Wind Farm, Kingfield - Bluff wind farm access grid. The addition of new energy in the net is not only for the silver grid provides new power point, at the same time due to the load to be fully in situ digestion reduced network losses. It is reported that the HTIL Jingtai the grid in the second photovoltaic power plants of total capacity of 20 MW Power International two 30 MW photovoltaic power plant also plans to put into operation in early 2013, when the silver grid PV capacity will reach 60 MW., an annual reduction of 80 tons of emissions of polluting gases. In this, niulanshan town after Yanzi Fangezhuang, the Hefeng three solar village bathroom have been put into use to benefit the surrounding people, more than 2,000 people. Currently, the town a total of eight public solar bathroom, bath brings great convenience for the people in winter. In recent years, niulanshan town will enhance the happiness of villagers as one of the priorities of the work to continue to strengthen rural infrastructure construction, the new solar bathrooms and other measures, through the construction of pub

Big break to stand: the rise to power of solar photovoltaic industry

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Within the U.S. federal government for a long time only in the R & D and the tax rebate policy given to the photovoltaic industry support, such as investment deduction (ITC) that 30% of the total investment plan one-time or yearly tax deductible; production deductible (PTC) The plan is pointed out that a tax of 1.8 cents per kilowatt photovoltaic electricity tax, the above policy photovoltaic support small, the effect is not obvious. Until July 21, 2010, the U.S. Senate Energy Committee voted in favor of the United States 10 million solar roofs plan, the passage of this bill will greatly promote the rapid growth of the U.S. PV market in the next decade. Beginning in 2012, the United States will invest $ 250 million for the scheme, from 2013-2021, will invest $ 500 million a year for the solar roof plan. Under the bill, together with the existing incentives, solar power generation system shall be less than 1MW to obtain up to 50% of the solar energy system installed grants. The legislation grant funds to subsidize the new installed capacity of 40GW, plus terrestrial photovoltaic power plants, state, federal government subsidies, the total U.S. PV market is expected to exceed 100GW will replace Germany as the engine of future solar power market. The PV development most bright spot is nothing more than the EU countries, the analysis pointed out that Germany, Italy, Spain and France will remain large country is mainly installed in the next few years. However, due to the governments of several countries are worried about overheating PV development has been to adjust the grid tariffs (FiTs) to guide the rational development of industrial health, which will make Europe the growth rate will not in the short term as before. In 1991, Germany passed the mandatory power law (StrEG) ", require grid companies to purchase renewable energy generating capacity by the provisions of the tariff. In 1998, the German government further proposed the 100,000 Roofs Plan "(100,000 RoofsProgram), and in 2000, strive to obtain 300 megawatts of solar electricity from the roof. This will greatly stimulate the PV market in Germany and the world as a whole. In 2000, Germany enacted a "Renewable Energy Act (EEG), to solve the photovoltaic system and the world's first network to difficult problems. EEG also enjoy a fixed feed-in tariff provisions of photovoltaic power generation in a fixed period of time (20 years), the feed-in tariff decreasing proportion of 5% annually; also set a maximum capacity of 350,000 kilowatts annually provide preferential feed-in tariff, 2002 turn adjusted to 1 GW. In 2004, Germany amended EEG, the provisions of different capacities, different forms of photovoltaic power generation implementation of the difference between the feed-in tariff of 46 to 62 euro cents / kWh. In 2009, Germany adopted a more flexible grid tariff policy, the proportion of its annual reduced by a fixed value instead linked with the capacity to make better use of the electricity price lever to adjust the new installed capacity. In 2011, the German photovoltaic electricity price is reduced from 0.24 to 0.39 euro cents / kWh. Germany's renewable energy feed-in tariff subsidies from electricity users sharing. In 2010, the Merkel government proposed to substantially reduce subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, was the strong opposition of some of the opposition within the ruling coalition. Finally, still on the subsidies to reach a compromise, the German photovoltaic power generation can be maintained at an appropriate development speed. Since 2008, Italy has unveiled a plurality of photovoltaic energy applications stimulus policies and regulations, in addition to European countries generally adopt preferential the grid tariff repurchase policy, capital subsidy to provide up to 20% of the total cost of photovoltaic applications: the Italian economy Development Department announced late last year invested 77 million euros to support domestic small Tianyang the PV website with National Grid and network. Austrian Federal subsidies and is divided into federal cost subsidies and federal investment subsidy. Austrian Federal Government's annual set of federal cost of 17 million euros subsidies, subsidies for the all new energy applications, but require solar and other eco-energy funding at least 10% of the total annual cost of subsidies. The subsidies will be supported for 12 years, the last two years, diminishing subsidy, while accepting subsidies obliged to use at least 13 years of solar equipment. European feed-in tariff has been less than 20 cents per kilowatt-hour, the photovoltaic power generation has entered the era of cheap consumer, means that no longer need state subsidies. Britain innovative renewable energy commitment to guarantee (roc) policy, roc is a green certificate issued to accredited power plant that production in the UK renewable electricity supply to domestic customers qualified through licensed electricity suppliers to produce. roc is the main support scheme for renewable power projects in the United Kingdom, it is mandatory electricity suppliers in the UK continue to increase the proportion of renewable energy used in the production of its electricity. roc release, per MWh of green electricity production, electricity production for personal use or fed into the grid. roc quota obligation to be completed in accordance with energy suppliers (yearly increase) for sale, the average price of 35 to 50 pounds. The PV market come from behind in Southeast Asia, in the future or the diversified situation. The photovoltaic IMSResearch market analyst JessicaJin: "Although Thailand dominated the Southeast Asian market, but some of the other countries of the region there is a huge potential for photovoltaic, provides a lot of opportunities for suppliers, these countries will account for a growing market in the future. view of the rapid growth in demand for electricity, photovoltaic power generation can be used on small population the share of the more dependent on the status of the diesel generators and thousands of islands, Indonesia distributed photovoltaic power generation to provide a pole attractive solution. "the report predicts that over the next four years, Indonesia will install 1GW of photovoltaic power generation system, to become the fastest growing market in the region, which occupy most of the market share of the off-grid system.

This is my first blog article, you know

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This is my first blog article, you know

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