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My life 

15:34, 16/2/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
I haven't been here for a while now! So I am gonna tell you what happend at my birthday, because that is very much! Friday morning: 7 am. Yaaaaay it's my birthdaaay! I am so excited that I can't even sleep anymore :O. 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to youuu!' My parents and my sister are in my room now! I can see the package where my present in is, but what is it? I really wanna have it! And then the package is in my hands, I shake with it but it sounds weird... Then I open it with my eyes closed.... YAAAAAY! THE LATEST BLACKBERRY! OMFG! I am freaking out right now, yesssss finally a new mobile! And then my sister gives me this present; THE UP ALL NIGHT LIVE TOUR ONE DIRECTIOOON! And the movie Bridesmaids!!!! I am so happy! It is a normal schoolday, so I am gonna get ready for school... At school it is like heaven; everybody is happy and congratulates me :D. I love having my birthday! Even the cutest boy in my class congratulates me!!! Yummyyyy, that's what I also wanted hahaha :). And finally it's the end of the schoolday and when I get back, my granny's and my grandfather's are here, yaaay! Moneeeey and happiness ♥. We are getting ready for eat and we eat my favourite food; Italian ☺. After the dinner we're waiting for the rest of the family and friends that are coming. During that I'm already addicted to my new mobile ;p. Yesss, my friends and family are arrived and I get my presents and we are gonna eat some cake! Al the evening long everybody is having fun and there is a lot to talk about! At 00:00 h we're ending the party and then we're gonna sleep. That was the most perfect birthday ever ♥♥

Hello world!

17:06, 7/2/2013  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Hey guys, I am new on this site. I don't know sure if this is a English site or a Dutch site. Tomorrow is my birthdaaaay! I am so excited! I really don't know what I get as a present, that makes it also very exciting :). Today I had my Latin presentation and I freaked out. I was so nervous, the nerves killed me! But, it went good, my teacher was happy and so was I. Look, there is such a cute boy in my class, he is sooooo handsome! But I really don't know if he likes me too, but I am going to find out :D. Aaahh, I am already telling you personal things of my life. I barely know you :) But I have to quit now, because I have to go to theatre. Yes I am on theatre, it is not in my biography, but fuck it ;). It is really fun and I really like it! So, I will have the best birthday of my life, tomorrow, I hope at least :) Lots of Lottie ♥

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