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5/2/2010 - Bright Heart

Last year around Halloween, I was invited to participate in a carnival for Tuesday’s Child, an organization that helps children with the AIDS virus. I was asked to attend because I’m on a television show; I went because I care. I don't think that most of the kids recognize me as a celebrity. They just thought of me as a big kid who came to play with them for the day. I think I liked it better that way.     At the carnival they had all kinds of booths. I was drawn to one in particular because of all the children that had gathered there. At this booth, anyone who wanted to could paint a square. Later that square was going to be sewn together with the others, to make a quilt. The quilt would be presented to a man who had dedicated his life to this organization and would soon be retiring.     They gave everyone fabric paints in bright, beautiful colors and asked the kids to paint something that would make the quilt beautiful. As I looked around at all the squares, I saw pink hearts and bright blue clouds, beautiful orange sunrises and green and purple flowers. The pictures were all bright, positive and uplifting. All except for one.     The boy sitting next to me was painting a heart, but it was dark, empty, lifeless. It lacked the bright, vibrant colors that his fellow artists had used.     At first I thought maybe he took the only paint that was left and it just happened to be dark. But when I asked him about it, he said his heart was that color because his own heart felt dark. I asked him why and he told me that he was very sick. Not only was he very sick, but his mom was very sick also. He said that his sickness was not ever going to get better and neither was his mom's. He looked straight into my eyes and said, “There is nothing anyone can do that will help.”     I told him I was sorry that he was sick and I could certainly understand why he was so sad. I could even understand why he had made his heart a dark color. ButI told him that it isn't true that there is nothing anyone can do to help. Other people may not be able to make him or his mom betterbut we can do things like give bear hugs, which in my experience can really help when you are feeling sad. I told him that if he would like, I would be happy to give him one so he could see what I meant. He instantly crawled into my lap and I thought my own heart would burst with the love I felt for this sweet little boy.     He sat there for a long time and when he had had enough, he jumped down to finish his coloring. I asked him if he felt any better and he said that he did, but he was still sick and nothing would change that. I told him I understood. I walked away feeling sad, but recommitted to this cause. I would do whatever I could to help.     As the day was coming to an end and I was getting ready to head home, I felt a tug on my jacket. I turned around and standing there with a smile on his face was the little boy. He said, “My heart is changing colors. It is getting brighterI think those bear hugs really do work.”     On my way home I felt my own heart and realized it, too, had changed to a brighter color.
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5/2/2010 - Love You

That was a late October evening, the very first day that I ever saw you. Love at first site you may say. What a feelings. I knew right then that I will be spending rest of my life with you. I still remember the very first smile in your face, looking down to me from your balcony. WOW, how could I forget that?    That was the year 2003, my very first year in Dhaka University. Life was wonderful, lots of fun at the university and home, in the old town of Dhaka. Just came out of all male college. Got the freedom of my life. No restriction from home, I can come home whenever I like or do whatever I want to do. Just like a  bird, no limit.    To be honest, until that ate October day, I did not a have any female friends. So you can forget about a girlfriend. I was very shy and always nervous when surrounded women. But that afternoon, a RED piece of thin cloth (Orna) just changed all that.     I was walking down the street, just enjoying a wonderful late afternoon. All of a sudden, a piece of cloth just dropped on me, covering my whole upper body. I got surprised and uncover myself. Look around me and then looked up. There you were standing on your first floor balcony and laughing at me. That was the first time I have ever seen someone that pretty.    I am sorry — you said with big smile in your face.    My “orna” just dropped out, would you mind to hold on to it I am coming down.    No word out of my mouth. Is this really happening to me. Did she said that she is coming down.     I look around nervously. Should I just wait or should I leave. Where do I go. I see a little stair going from the street to the down stair of that house. I looked in by extending my head. Should I go in?    Before I decide I see you standing by the door. Just 5 feet away, with a great smile on your face.    Sorry for that, could I have my “Orna” please — you said.    Sure, Sure, here it is — I replied with a very nervous voice.    I step up to her and hand over her “Orna”.    Thanks, do you live around here? You asked.    Yes — I said.    Thanks again. I will see you again.    I nod my head with agreement.    That was my first conversation with you and for sure was not the last. My first love — I love you.
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28/1/2010 - Tips to buy links of london

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22/1/2010 - Lake Of Autumn

I remember quite clearly now when the story happened. The autumn leaves were floating in measure down to the ground, recovering the lake, where we used to swim like children, under the sun was there to shine. That time we used to be happy. Well, I thought we were. But the truth was that you had been longing to leave me, not daring to tell me. On that precious night, watching the lake, vaguely conscious, you said: “Our story is ending.”
The rain was killing the last days of summer. You had been killing my last breath of love, since a long time ago. I still don’t think I’m gonna make it through another love story. You took it all away from me. And there I stand, I knew I was going to be the one left behind. But still I’m watching the lake, vaguely conscious, and I know my life is ending.
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20/1/2010 - The door of happiness

There moment in life when you miss someone so much, that you just want to pick them from you dreams and hug them for real.
When the door of happiness closes, another opened. But often times we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opined for us.
Don’t go for looks; they can deceive. Don’t go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that make you heart smile.
Dream when you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet; enough trials to make you strong; enough sorrow to keep you human; enough hope to make you happy!
The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they make the most of everything that comes along their way.
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with tears.
The brightest future will ways be based on a forgotten past, and you can’t go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.
When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you, is crying.
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15/1/2010 - J'Attends L'Amour

Dans ma tête j'ai des chevaux
Lancés au triple galop
Je sens battre mon coeur
Dans cette course folle
Dans mon ?me tout est clair
J'ai la place pour la lumière
Et la sincérité ne me fait pas peur
J'attends l'amour de mes rêves
J'attends l'amour
La douceur et la fièvre
Il peut venir
Je suis prête à aimer vraiment
J'attends l'amour
Il viendra de loin, se moquant
Des kilomètres
Il désarmera les vents et les tempêtes
Et rien ni personne
Ne fera qu'il abandonne
Il viendra et je saurai le reconna?tre
J'attends l'amour de mes rêves
J'attends l'amour
La douceur et la fièvre
Il peut venir
Je suis prête à aimer vraiment
J'attends l'amour
J'essaie de m'imaginer
A chaque heure, seconde
Que c'est lui que je suivrai
Jusqu'au bout du monde
Toujours ces chevaux
Et le vent sur ma peau
Comme une promesse
Je le sais c'est toi qui me caresse
J'attends l'amour de mes rêves
J'attends l'amour
La douceur et la fièvre
Il peut venir
Je suis prête à aimer vraiment
J'attends l'amour
J'attends l'amour de mes rêves
J'attends l'amour
La douceur et la fièvre
Il peut venir
Je suis prête à aimer vraiment
J'attends l'amour
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12/1/2010 - The first snow

The first snow came.
How beautiful it was, falling so silently all day long, all night long, on the mountains, on the meadows, on the roofs of the living, on the graves of the dead!
All white save the river, that marked its course by a winding black line across the landscape; and the leafless trees, that against the leaden sky now revealed more fully the wonderful beauty and intricacies of their branches.
What silence, too, came with the snow, and what seclusion! Every sound was muffled, every noise changed to something soft and musical.
No more tramping hoofs, no more rattling wheels!
Only the chiming of sleigh-bells, beating as swift and merrily as the hearts of children
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11/1/2010 - Waves of the life

My grandfather took me to the fish pond on the farm when I was about seven, and he told me to throw a stone into the water. He told me to watch the circles created by the stone. Then he asked me to think of myself as that stone.
"You may create lots of splashes in your life, but the waves that come from those splashes will disturb the peace of all your fellow creatures," he said.
"Remember that you are responsible for what you put in your circle and that circle will also touch many other circles."
"You will need to live in a way that allows the good that comes from your circle to send the peace of that goodness to others. The splash that comes from anger or jealousy will send those feelings to other circles. You are responsible for both."
That was the first time I realized that each person creates the inner peace or discord that flows out into the world. We cannot create world peace if we are riddled with inner conflict, hatred, doubt, or anger.
We radiate the feelings and thoughts that we hold inside, whether we speak them or not. Whatever is splashing around inside of us is spilling out into the world, creating beauty or discord with all other circles of life.
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30/12/2009 - The Light Will Always Come

As the water frothed,
And the sun did go,
The dark brought forth a tear,
I sat up high,
Upon my rock,
No one would see me here.
When all is lost,
I stare alas,
And listen to the oceans prayer,
You must listen close,
Her words are soft,
Yet, they are always there.
She knows how you pain,
When the light is gone,
And the dark tells you lies,
She says to you,
That no matter what,
The sun will always rise.
And when it comes,
It pierces the horizon,
Showing the dark no fear,
For the light comes every day,
Each morning,
To dry up that fallen tear.
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28/12/2009 - Yesterday

Oh ohh noo ohh ohh
Gave you the benefit of the doubt
Till you showed me what your all about
True colours came out
Oh ohh
And your words couldnt hide the scent
Of the truth about where you been
Coz it was a fragrence I cant recognize..
Standing there
Scratching your head
Blood shot eyes, drunk with regret
(hanging yourself , turn deep over the edge)
Im done with this
Feeling like an idiot
Lovin you, Im over it
I just dont love you, dont love you no more
You, you are so yesterday
Never thought youd loose my love this way
Now youve come back begging me to stay
Say, you, you are so yesterday
Wont let you rain on my parade
Dont wanna hear a thing you say
So yesterday
Funny now how Ive gone
The little light in your head came on
Now youve realized this is all your fault
Oh ohh
Dont you wish you had a time machine
That way you could change history
Its the only way that you could be with me
Standing there
Scratching your head
Blood shot eyes, drunk with regret
(hanging yourself , ten feet over the edge)
Im done with this
Feeling like an idiot
Lovin you, Im over it
I just dont love you, dont love you no more.
You, you are so yesterday
Never thought youd loose my love this way
Now youve come back begging me to stay
Honey, you, you are so yesterday
Wont let you rain on my parade
Dont wanna hear a thing you say
So yesterday
And now you wanna reminisce
Say you wanna try again
Started with a little kiss
(we cant even repent) no no
now I never wanna see you, never wanna feel you
ever wanna hear you
I dont love you, dont need you, cant stand you
No More..
You, you are so yesterday
Never thought youd loose my love this way
Now youve come back begging me to stay)
Baby, you
you are so yesterday
Wont let you rain on my parade
Dont wanna hear a thing you say
So yesterday
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22/12/2009 - Pricing for Life

“Your money or your life.” The choice traditionally presented by the highwayman is supposed to have only one sensible answer. Money is, after all, no use to a corpse. Yet economists often study something rather like the highwayman's offer in an attempt to uncover the answer to an important question: how much is your life actually worth?
Like many awkward questions, this is one that has to be answered. Safety regulations save lives but also raise the cost of doing business, a cost we all pay through higher prices. Are they worth it? Our taxes pay for life-saving spending on road safety and fire fighting. Are they high enough, or too high?
So how much are we willing to spend to save a life? A traditional planner's approach used to be to measure the value of wages lost due to death or injury. That's dreadful: it confuses what I think my life is worth with what my boss thinks my life is worth.
So an alternative is to ask people how much they would pay for a safer car or kitchen cleaner. But such surveys do not always produce sensible results. Our answers depend on whether we're being offered a safer ?10 household cleaner and then asked if we want the more dangerous ?5 version, or whether we're offered the ?5 brand and then asked if we'll pay ?10 for the safer product. People often answer ”no” to both questions, contradicting themselves. These inconsistencies mean that we're either irrational or lying to pollsters, and perhaps both.
Economists therefore tend to prefer observing real choices. If you're willing to cross a busy street to pick up a ?20 note, the economist who put it there can infer something about your willingness to accept risk. More orthodox approaches look at career choices: if you're willing to be a lumberjack, part of that decision is to accept risk in exchange for financial reward.
Being a soldier is risky; so is being a drug-dealer or prostitute. The difficulty, evidently, is to disentangle the health risk and the financial reward from all the other motivations to choose a particular way of life. That isn't easy but economists try.
World Bank economist Paul Gertler and his colleagues reckoned that Mexican prostitutes valued their lives at about ,000 per year, based on willingness to take money not to use condoms. At five times their annual earnings, that's a similar figure to workers accepting risky jobs in rich countries.
There are anomalies. Steve Freakonomics Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh calculated that Chicago drug dealers seemed to value their entire lives at ,000 to 0,000 - low indeed, even for poor young men whose career choice indicates a taste for risks.
Whatever the frailties of these calculations, they are the best we have. And far from cheapening life, this sort of research often highlights just how valuable our safer, healthier modern lives really are. Kevin Murphy of the Chicago Graduate School of Business recently visited London to present his research on the value of health improvements in the US since 1970. They're vast - about trillion in today's money. Looking further back, if you had to choose between the material progress of the 20th century and the improvements in health, it would be a toss-up. The health gains are as valuable as everything else put together. Encouragingly, health in most developing countries has improved faster than in rich ones, suggesting that global inequality is falling.
And a more personal piece of good news: Murphy reckons the delicious cheeseburger I ate before interviewing him only cost me ?1 worth of health. Talk about a good deal.
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17/12/2009 - Top 20 of the article web sites in 2009

How time flies! Looking at the calendar, 2010 is coming in a few days later. Let’s look back the past twelve months, there must be many deep memories, unforgettable things and outstanding achievements you had got. Undoubtedly, the more knowledge you learn, the more achievement you would get. With the development of society, reading online is becoming a fashionable and effective way to learn what you need. OK, under such circumstances, good web sites would be useful for you to learn the knowledge. Top 20 of the article web sites in 2009 are introduced in the following article.
No.1 http://www.articlecat.com
No.2 http://www.articlerich.com
No.3 http://www.articlesbase.com
No.4 http://www.mycontentbuilder.com
No.5 http://www.sirlook.com
No.6 http://www.myfreearticlecentral.com
No.7 http://www.jewelry1st.net
No.8 http://www.amazines.com
No.9 http://www.123articleonline.com
No.10 http://www.articlesnatch.com
No.11 http://www.series-of-articles.com
No.12 http://www.everyonesarticles.com
No.13 http://www.itechnoworld.com
No.14 http://www.goarticles.com
No.15 http://www.pieceabout.com
No.16 http://www.articolando.com
No.17 http://www.articlewisdom.com
No.18 http://www.articlerack.com
No.19 http://www.articlecounty.com
No.20 http://www.articles4y.com
Of course, this is my personal view, these sites I read, the content inside is rich, I would rather like it, good things should be shared, I also hope that you can enjoy them,I have already recommended to my friends they are very like it, maybe you will like it, you can see the following.If you come across any good web site, then remember that you want to share what can recommend to me, Thank you very much.
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16/12/2009 - Life History

Root deeply plugged into the backbone of the earth
Looking at the direction of Venus rising
Man rushed over frost snow and rain seasons
A deep imprint filled with vicissitudes of life
Hot heart
Filled with hope
Changes again and again eager to paradise
cold Night
Lonely Watch
Moon speckled brown clothes
Innocent Steps Falling bleak season
Wei-an's body
-Song in the mountain ridge
Quietly waiting for the glory of life
Distant memory
In the era of dinosaurs reproduce
Quiet sleep
Was cold stream hugging
Isolation of the lonely
Silence Shen Yan
Life again and again trying to convert
Fei-ridden years
Cold Night
Life once again reborn
Fade in the dust-covered
Leaving only a cavity quintana flush of sincerity
Is a green forest
Is a red rose in full bloom
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14/12/2009 - View in the heart

There is a temple at the foot of Nanshanand an ancient banyan is in front of it.
One morning,a young monk gets up to clean up the courtyard and sees the fallen leaves from the ancient banyan are everywhere,he can't help worrying and look at the tree to sigh.
For his sorrow is on the toppest,he throws down the broom and rushes to his master's room ,then he knocks on the door to plea for interview.
His master hears it and opens the door,when he sees the disciple's worried look,he thinks something takes place,so he hurries to ask him:" My disciple, what does you worry about so much in the early morning? "
The young disciple is full of doubt and tells him:"Master, you persuades us to be diligent to cultivate our moral character and grasp the truth day and night,but, even I learn them well ,it is hard to avoid to die.Till that time,so-called me, so-called Dao, aren't they just like the defoliation in autumn or the deadwood in winter? and they will be buried by a heap of loess?"
After hearing it ,the old monk points at the ancient banyan and says to the young monk:" My disciple ,you don't need to worry about this.In fact, the defoliation in autumn and the deadwood in winter will climb back to the trees silently and become the flowers in spring and grow up into the leaves in summer at the time of autumnal winds is blowing strongliest and the snow falls down most heavily."
"Why don't I see it?"
"It is the reason that there isn't any view in your heart, so you can't see the bloom ."
Facing the withering defoliations and imaging they will be in bud,it needs to have an immortal of spring heart, an optimism of heart.
There are always some miseries you will meet in your whole life and strike you when you are unprepared, but we don't need to worry day after day for the arrival of this day, and feel sorry to yourself.
Treating the life with the attitude of the optimism, it can not only dissolve the agony and misfortune , but also bring a kind of pleased mood to you everyday and make your life bright and flourishing .
As long as the view is in the heart,aren't the paths full of fragrance of flowers everywhere
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10/12/2009 - Sadness of life is doomed

If I do not love you, I think I will not cry, if I do not despair, I think I will not leave, if you love me, You would not hurt me. If you can, please let your memory, without my presence.
In the winter's first flakes of snow falling shoulders, I clearly heard, this season's grief at the gently weeping.
She did not know how to love, met a person who loved her, and when he say I love you, she is only a loss of the eye, because she does not know what love is a feeling, just to see a boy hanging corner of the eye a fascinating and bright things, broken look of sadness, a sudden pain in her heart a bit. He wanted to say something to her, how could also Kaibuliaokou end they can only look at the back of her departure, Then he realized that he lost her forever, tears are shed indiscriminately.
The clock is ticking, there are some things that will eventually be forgotten, forgetting that I had a warm smile, forgetting those who were moved off my sorrow, forgetting those who have not let me cherish happiness.
Is it because the wind dried my tears, they will not sorrow; whether, broken dreams, it will not put together; whether, loved the people, they will not forget.
Occasionally, the wind moving the window when thankful Campanula also think was close at hand, but now scattered horizon the girl, think of her gentle smile, could be the time my memories have been torn by a film, no matter how hard is also not a complete piece together the past, the memories are like a yoke, and imprisoned on my soul, then one by one clear-cut face was wiped away years of pain to remind me to remember, but memory and tears are inseparable .
Some things are destined to erode the memories of your life, get rid of.
Perhaps fate is such, and everyone joked that he hard to trace the person, not the person to accompany you through life.
Perhaps the sadness of autumn leaves will be falling over the years in the quiet bar, we need only remember the tears that flow through the story, perhaps the protagonist of the story, but touched and happy!
Life chances of different, similar to the tragedy. When Love demise of the love of life as all of you, have collapsed.
If life is doomed sad, why bother you and I love a, if destined to became estranged, why did Juanqimei.
A child can see the fish dry rut similar story of Confucianism to Mu heart was extremely shocked. Have a deep love how can there be suicide for love of understanding, will have the same lofty sentiments of Health of death ...
If life is doomed sadness, invited him to remain in the clear dance flying moment. Delpy, such as putting out the fire of the dead in the warm arms, such as the Nirvana of the birds into a immortal phoenix.
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7/12/2009 - Lake Of Autumn

I remember quite clearly now when the story happened. The autumn leaves were floating in 1)measure down to the ground, recovering the lake, where we used to swim like children, under the sun was there to shine. That time we used to be happy. Well, I thought we were. But the truth was that you had been 2)longing to leave me, not daring to tell me. On that precious night, watching the lake, vaguely 3)conscious, you said: “Our story is ending.”

The rain was killing the last days of summer. You had been killing my last breath of love, since a long time ago. I still don’t think I’m gonna make it through another love story. You took it all away from me. And there I stand, I knew I was going to be the one left behind. But still I’m watching the lake, vaguely conscious, and I know my life is ending.
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4/12/2009 - teens experience China Day in Shanghai

“The Chinese kung fu represents traditional Chinese culture, and I’m eager to learn it.” “It’s amazing that Shanghai has become a modernized metropolis !” Members of a youth delegation  from California, US, made these remarks while talking about their impressions of China. They have just experienced their first “China Day” on July 3.
The year 2006 is the 10th anniversary of youth exchanging visits between Shanghai and California. Elmer, a supervisor  of the delegation, said many American young students hope to visit China and experience “common Chinese citizens’ life” in Shanghai. In the views of many students, to live in a Chinese family is the best way to know Chinese tradition and culture.
“A Shanghai girl let us live in her home. Her family cooked Shanghai-style dishes for us, and their taste was quite different from that of what we eat in the US. But I like the food,” said Darwin, another member of the delegation. He also indicated he had plans to learn Chinese kung fu in China, though he just had limited time here.
The American students admired Chinese children’s skills in traditional calligraphy and painting. They even wished to master wonderful arts like paper-cut and shadow play.
As the only girls’ school in the city, Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School is recognized by Chinese and US leaders as a bridge for deepening exchanges between students of both countries. The school grew out of the McTyeire Home and School founded by an American missionary Young Allen in 1892. Soong Ching-ling was one of the best-known graduates.
The American students saw the pictures showing former US President Clinton and his wife Senator Hillary’s visit in the school. They were very surprised. “You and we are quite close!” one student remarked.
As the only girls’ school in the city, Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School is recognized by Chinese and US leaders as a bridge for deepening exchanges between students of both countries.
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3/12/2009 - Ghost Monologues

Love is when his eyes where he is the only one person; he is not the time, everything with his shadow.
Like to read at night suddenly think of him, imagine what he is now, and my heart burst of floating Yang Qi warm, but never took the initiative to call him. A few minutes later, attention, once again, the plot of the book to attract!
Love is in the lonely night, the flood, holding in their hands could not see how the book but not enter, and my heart is always thinking about whether he is still working overtime at this time, eat dinner without food, is not thinking of him as their own general would like to with your favorite, and his discussion is the undisputed red in the face, do not give way, in front of him like a hedgehog, like never admit defeat, but in their hearts has long been secretly admire his insight to his talent.
Love is the hope that he and his act in unison, and their own similarities, he inadvertently said a joke also allows himself a moment of depression or even tears in his eyes. In front of him he is undefended.
Like it is away from home sent him a message and tell his side of the weather good, and then turn off the cell phone alone for a week in the off-site Feng Wan, tan a black suddenly appeared in front of him threatened him with a hop.
Love is that no matter where people want to have accompanied him. Can stand the sea to give him a cell phone, let him hear the voice of the waves; also be due to the streets in a foreign land to see the back of one exactly like him but froze in place a long time still.
Love is his pre-mission brief Tao out "bon voyage", watched him leave the back of mind a bit of parting, and not saying anything, just quietly waiting for him to return messages.
Love is temporary pre-mission 1000, he exhorted 10000 asked, to his backpack filled with clothes and food, at the station until the train pulled away before it is ready to leave. And in the days when he leaves every day, distraught, the prayer over and over again that he can return home safely.
Like it is when the injury did not want him to see his vulnerable side, in front of him quietly erase the tears, turned his head is still a strong body.
Love is in the aggrieved party when crawling on his chest crying, there is no camouflage did not concern all the troubles were all told him, and eager to get from the comfort of his embrace.
Like it is, and his weekend shopping and visiting the tired, eat Kentucky Fried Chicken; it is in a cold, and his grab a cup of hot coffee; it is, and he was walking side by side separated by half a meter on the street has always been the middle of the distance; is just to keep him in front of the computer playing games two people like to laugh.
Love is the use of a half-day hands-on weekends to make good food with a few satisfying to see him eat; it is constantly in the cold of winter and continued on his coffee cup hot water; it is, and he was walking on the street to let him close Accompanied by their own hand; was quiet next to him with doing, and looked at him to concentrate on work at the computer look.
Like it is listening to him make his childhood on you, then laugh, hearts filled with inexplicable burst.
Love is to listen to him will be his childhood on you, and then smiled even more pity on the hearts of not just this man who had been so naughty
Like to hit him in the corridor and pleasant, and his say hello, and then a few simple greetings, pass by the window of time to see the bright sunshine, no reason a lot better.
Love is in the corridor had to see him, put on a face of an indifferent expression, but when you pass by carefully feeling the air around them vibrate, so can not help but look back a
Liked to see him and the other girls stroll by, and my heart a little bit sore, but the sun will soon be re-directed at stirring up smiling.
Love is not love is lost not afford to lose the game, paid only after all the left may simply engraved in the hearts of a wound
Like a person wants his own, so you can enjoy a lot of people want a lot of people are their own.
Love is obviously can not do without him, and have to had to abandon him, because he's happy, maybe I can not give. Did not dare to occupy him and hope to see him find happiness, even if the share of happiness is not shared with me.
Like, I hope that when the lonely and bored, when the time to find someone to talk with.
Love is, at any time say to him to share a happy time to even hope to have a happy mistake gave him.
Like it is, in the long, long time no contact, when he received a phone call and then a laugh listening to him.
Love is, in a few days without contact, when anxious entitled to call him, and then held back the tears smile.
Like, only together, it is always thinking about each other.
Love, yes even if it is together, reminiscing about her every second also miss him.
Like a person, the majority of many, will feel happy. Love one person, one more person will be uncomfortable for two people in the world.
Like a man, never too sweet to. Love a man, Kujinganlai's.
Love one person, the time will be very happy together. Love one person, together, would be inexplicable sense of loss
Like a person, you will not think of your future. Love a person, you always look forward to tomorrow with
Like a person, the time together is always a joy. Love a person, you will always shed tears
Like a person, when you long-lost, you will suddenly think of him. Love a person, when you long-lost, you will think of him every day
Like a person, when you think of him, you will smile. Love a person, when you think of him, you will daze towards the sky
Like a person, you would think he had children, you must be very like
Love a person, there will be one day, you suddenly very curious: the future of our children would look like
Like the one it is hoped everyone happy. Love one person I hope that he would be more happy
Like a person, you quest for just today. Love one person, you expect is always
Like a man, saw his advantage. Love one person, is inclusive of his shortcomings
When you stand in front of you love, your heart rate will speed up when you stand in front of you like, you can only feel happy
When you and your loved one 4 head trading, you will shy but when people like you and your four-head transactions, you just smile
When you and your loved one dialogue, but when you think you are too ashamed to talk to people you like, you can speak their minds
When you love people crying, you will accompany her to cry when you cry like, you will comfort her skills.
When you do not want to love someone, you have to close your eyes and endured the tears when you do not want to love a person, you just cover your ears!
Like it is a kind of feeling love, is a kind of
Love, love is a kind of intuition is a kind of feeling
Like, you can stop love, not resting
Like a person, especially a natural love of people, especially the calm
Like a person, sometimes with hope and his love of a man, and sometimes fear, and with him
Love one person, and his incessant disputes. Love one person, non-stop for him to pay a
Like a person, I hope that he can always find their loved one, hoping to find him at any time
Like a man, always for him and laughed. Love a person, always ever cried for him
Like it is persistent. Love, is worth
Love is love, is very simple. Love is love, is very complex
Like you, not necessarily love you. Love you, you must be very like you
In fact, within a whisker of love, and love. But, you want to step this step
To see if you are like a step this step. Still love this step Mai
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1/12/2009 - Listen

Moonlight quietly sprinkled on every corner of the room
Feel very cool and calm
Perhaps at this time opened the hearts of the fence
Released from heart trouble
Listen to soul ding-dong
Deep down into the infinite reed would like to
Bursts of wind chimes to listen
Futuristic notes everywhere
To listen to the voice of another person
Perhaps the heart and soul intertwined with the collision between the
To draw a rainbow trajectory
Outlines a beautiful Sky City
No trouble is not a sad fairy
Listen, listen, listen
Unlimited month to the next reed
Listen to the voice of the silent stars ... ...
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27/11/2009 - Sincere feelings

All of their people are saying Happy Valentine's Day, whether you have any lover. Valentine's Day, looks like very popular. Lover, seems to be a little bit of an ambiguous term. A small M sent a message yesterday, saying that recent days, L has been sent her text messages, phone calls, and then declare that like her. I know, talk a little bit like the voice of small Shenyang, Shenyang, but if there were no little humor. Poor speech looks like, in fact, is a very active person. Like the Internet, like the contact with different girls, like the hair a little ambiguous messages.

I also received this message before, with a smile to see, read on deletion of the. In fact, I was a very traditional person, in fact, I believe that boys and girls between the pure friendship, but I do not like SMS where the taste of that little ambiguous, as I do not like too casual person. M for L also seems to know what sort of person, the heart of the idea also seems to disagree, it seems do not like him, and sent the entire message that you want to look at him, and asked if there is no "bad ideas." Seems very excited little girl I do not know due to the receipt or a confession, because the whole people. I laughed, the whole people, it seems very popular. I reply to text messages, or not the whole of it, it does not want contacts, not to have too much entangled bar. I wonder if I look so serious, little girl will feel unhappiness. But seriousness has always been a matter of love is not it? Valentine's Day, looks like very popular. Love, seemed to spread. All the people are Shuoai, but what is love then?
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