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My life


20:35, 8/5/2014 .. 0 comments .. Link

Is it just me or can be school waayy to stressfull and just drain you of energie? And the teachers keep being the most annoying thing?

Well than you get me, the next 3 weeks i've got my finals and I'm stressed out of my mind... If I don't pass I've to go to another school because it's not possible to redo this year on my school.

So I'm looking for something to get my mind off school, and keep the stress away for a little while, so I'm trying blogging ;).

If you know that schoolstress feeling here are a few ideas that can help you,

* Stresseating, it might not sound like a good thing but eating a bit more is better than not eating at all.

* Take a hot bath, if you don't have a bath just take a hot shower because it helps you muscles relax.

* Hang out with friends, even if you have to learn for a test a little break with friends can make a big difference.

* Go outside, sure when it rains it's not as smart to go outside but sunshine and fresh air can help you relax.

and than the most important (in my eyes, hihi)

* Sleep much, with your mind all hurting from all the stuff you are trying to put in sleeping can help you mind proces it better and faster, and it just feels very good to sleep ;)

Well I'm going to use the my last idea, hope I could help you

Love you xx

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