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Lucin Celmerel

9/1/2008 - Top Ways To Achieve Alkaline pH In Your Body

An alkaline ph is live oxygen for the body. If we do not get enough oxygen within minutes we will die. Similarly if we are derived of an alkaline ph in time we will die. So if we want to lead healthy and long lives then the answer lies in achieving and maintaining an alkaline ph of the body.

The neutral ph rests at 7 and more than this is alkaline while lesser is an acidic ph. The human body naturally has an alkaline ph of 7.4. This alkaline ph is of utmost importance for the acidic functions of the body to continue smoothly. Since all the metabolic activities of the body releases toxins and waste they are acidic in nature, if the ph of the body is also acidic they will not be balanced out and so diseases will occur. An alkaline ph on the other hand helps to flush the toxins out of the body as well as carry oxygen to the parts of the body. Most diseases have there roots in an acid environment. When our alkaline ph tilts to the acidic side the consequences are serious diseases like arthritis, coronary problems, migraines, cancer and so on. Even seemingly small problems like constipation and common colds have an acid ph to blame for.

The next question is how to maintain this alkaline ph. whatever comes in contact with our body has can affect on us. Even chemicals and air which come in contact with our skin and hair affect us. We must try and introduce our body to only those things which have a positive affect on the body. We are most affected by what we eat and drink. By consuming alkalizing foods we will be able to maintain as well as restore our alkaline ph while on the other hand acidic foods will misbalance this alkaline ph and lead to serious complications. Alkaline foods comprise of mainly vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, salad leaves and asparagus are very high alkalizing foods. Not only do they help to maintain an alkaline ph but also provide roughage for the body and so help in releasing toxins and wastes of the body. Vegetables and fruits are best eaten raw. Cooking leads to vegetables loosing their nutrients. Spinach when eaten raw is highly alkalizing for the body but the same leaves when cooked become acidic in nature. Care should be taken in washing the fruits and vegetables well so as to not consume harmful pesticides etc with them. Other foods like almonds, honey, olive oil, miso, herbal teas and alkaline water should also form a major part of our diet if an alkaline ph is to be maintained. Acidic foods like wheat, barley, animal flesh, processed foods and juices should be taken off the menu. It takes 32 glasses of ordinary water to balance out the acid introduced in out body by on glass of soda.

An alkaline ph will safeguard us from all kinds if disease, will prevent cell degeneration as well as energize us.

Discover How Alkaline pH Works and Why An Alkaline Diet Is Recommended, including Free Foods Chart: http://www.AcidAlkalineDiet.com/Health

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