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Ghost Story: Do not hit the Enter key

Posted at 08:26 on 27/10/2010
Ghost Story: Do not hit the Enter key

I am a geek, a standard geek.
  Not the network itself attracted me, but because I love the night that peace, as I had worked so obsessively and friends together like the impetuous carnival. I think perhaps one day I will return to the hustle and bustle impetuous, called the law the law of extremes meet. Study wall clock above the door rang about 12 points.

backup text message   I'm sitting at a computer desk, turned right, he pulled open the curtains and screens. Window has been open, because in the middle of the night in this study often smoking, that person is me. At this point, I do not want the day Rangrang the crowd, as long as the sky was clear and my cigarettes with me, a cigarette hanging from the mask of hypocrisy is much more reliable and credible people, it is true. Take a deep a familiar air, line of sight of the dark outside the window, across the floor, the lights went out early, and even the outline of building no longer exists. Yes, that moment I was idealistic, as long as I do not want to exist, it does not exist, and is very real to ignore.

  I'm not sleepy, because today is the weekend, my weekend. Casually into a chat room, find someone to step into the room up, watching them chat or cry or laugh, or play, or trouble, I did not speak, do not want to talk. Approached the friends over without success, walk away, I laughed at the side of the screen, for their own with the power of this silence and denial.

  "Afraid of me? Oh." This remark evoked interest in my chat.

"Not afraid! Hey, I am demon, perhaps it is also more afraid." I replied.

  I do not know why, since the beginning of our dialogue, chat room after another to leave, only one will work to only two of us individuals.

  "People? They are afraid of you here?" I asked with a laugh.

  "They all hang out, to start tomorrow morning." He said dismissively. "Why?" I'm confused, did not he is a hacker? I think.

  "Because I want to give you a man tell my story. Remember, I said, you do not hit the Enter key!"

"Why should I listen to your story? I chosen to hit the Enter key!" Once on shore, the words struck me heavily hit the Enter key, made in the past.

backup sms   Issue that moment, I am a little regret, I admit it was curious, I want to hear his story, but I hit the Enter key is more curious what will happen. But, too late, I have knocked everything inevitable happened. Study in the chandelier suddenly "snap" to flash a spark children off immediately, and without the slightest warning. I think I may be building power failure, often this is the case. However, in front of the computer screen was on, our chats are still displayed correctly.

  匯Came straight out of the window open blustery voice, windows and window frames of the crash in the middle of the night is particularly harsh. I move the boss chair to the window, the dark window at the no wind signs, they simply accompanied by no wind, the wind opening closed, then open then close ... ... mind went blank, I stand up to close the windows, the room dark and separated out the window the night, so I would feel a lot safer.

  When I was about to hit the window right hand trembling hands, the screen through the dim light, I saw a pale woman's hand, caught faster than my hand and gently close the window. I have a long hush breath, patted racing in the chest. But wrong! In such a night, in this study, where only one person I never! Home moms, mother in the bedroom next door must have already gone to sleep.

  This hand? The woman's hand is this? Is it? That is indeed a hand, just one hand or one hand there is no arm. I would only slowly retracted along the direction of the hands looked, eyes stopped at a computer screen, this hand actually comes from there!

  The original chat screen has been replaced by a woman in the head. Long black hair covered her entire face her hair fishes continuously to take on my computer desk, spread out the keyboard. Between the drops of blood from black hair to flow down a bit from the keyboard and then flows to the floor beneath my feet.

  I just want to escape, escape this study, but the body seems to be nailed to the computer chair, limbs limp drunk. Efforts to open his mouth, lips that exclaimed "OMG" shape, but actually unable to pronounce any sound throat.

  Bird just close the window of the hand, slowly stretched me, and I involuntary efforts by the chair. Hands off my fingers it will double the cigarette butts dropped on the floor, press interest in the ashtray in front of me, and soon after to retract into the display. I just sat, sat only, any part of my body no longer belongs to me, the only feeling is that my hairs erect, air infiltration from my every pore, I'm sure I'm shaking, shook.

 A desolate empty after the woman's voice from the hair came Youde: "I said do not hit the Enter key, and now I have to personally tell the story for you, Daddy." sms backup
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Ghost stories: ghost stories ten a dilemma (1)

Posted at 08:12 on 25/10/2010
Ghost stories: ghost stories ten a dilemma (1)

(1) ghost Suoming

There was a man, he has a girlfriend. He more than anyone in the world love her. But one day his girlfriend left him mercilessly, even did not give him a reason. By others to watch their girlfriend shopping arm in arm, he'd rather die, lose his mind. Finally one day he killed his girlfriend. Originally, he intended to kill her after the suicide. However, when the death was that life is precious. After that day he was troubled by nightmares, dreams, his girlfriend was naked, disheveled, red tongue hanging, the fingers like a hook to him Suoming. Tortured by nightmares of his bone shaped like a pin, one day he gets a priest has been seeking out. record desktop video

Taoist priest asked him to do three things First, the good buried body of his girlfriend Secondly, his girlfriend wearing pajamas burned alive Third, wash the pants hidden

   Everything must be completed before a three-shift, or there will be fatal disaster! He followed the priest's orders to do everything very carefully, but it was pieces of the pants but could not find out how. Soon three-shift, and large drops of perspiration dripping from his face all the carpet wet.

In the three-shift, when he will be found that pieces of clots of blood, but the rub is that no matter how how not wash off. This time the strong wind was blowing, thunder and lightning. The windows were wind swaying left and right flap, broken glass makes the sound more gripped with a sudden all the lights Quanmie, the whole house was dark.

  Lightning, I saw his girlfriend wearing pajamas stained with blood, eyes dripping blood, his face grim, pointing to his snapped: "Do you know why you wash off the blood??" He was a lousy one words can not say

 Girlfriend continued: "Because you did not use Diaopai detergent, stupid."

(2) Night event ghost

   Is already too much the night, a taxi driver decided to pull a passenger to go home, but the road has not many people. Drivers driving without a purpose, find the white rock in front of a, waving at him, had a quiet night with one hand, a sudden unnatural, and, had such a situation reminiscent of the kind of thing do not want to think of , that is a ghost! ! ! webcam video

  Finally, the driver can still decide to pull her, the man got on, with the miserable and hoarse voice said: "Please cremate plant." Driver Jiling shivering. Does she really down ... ... he could not think, do not dare down thought. He was very sorry, but there are only actually sent her to the destination quickly.

The woman handsome face, pale face, all the way no words, creepy. The driver really can not continue to go on from where she was going to close, he had an excuse, stammered: "Miss, I am sorry, not in front of a U-turn, you walk on, already near. "The woman nodded and asked:" How much is that? "the driver said quickly:" Come, come,

  You are a woman, is not easy to come here so late, forget it! "" That's how the nerve. "" So be it! "The driver insisted. Fail to beat the woman," Well, thank you! "Then, open the door ... ...

The driver turned to launch vehicles, but did not hear the voice of car door, then back too far ... ... how the woman gone so fast? He looked at the recoil, no! Car front, left, right, after all! Does she like disappeared?

   Driver's curiosity that he wanted to find out what he got out, came to the door on the side did not, "Is the woman's gone up so quickly, or she is ... ..." he collapsed, just to out of here, a bloody hand on his shoulder, he turned around, the woman standing in front of him Manlianshixue talking. "Master! Please do not stop when the next stop in the ditch next to ... ..."

(3) two people

   In a remote village, a trail on a straight poles, strange to say, often been in that accident. Soon a pair of young men and women knocked down by careless riding, killed on the spot. One night, five-year-old blog and the way home after his mother there, little blog Suddenly: "Mom, there are two poles." Mom holding his hand quickly away, said: "Children should not talk nonsense! "But it quickly spread, and one day, a reporter to interview a small blog to let him take him to the place where a car accident, big big little blog that brought him, the reporter asked:" Where ? "Little Chi pointed above, the reporter looked up poles hung a sign that read: Traffic safety is everyone's responsibility

(4) complaints of the three ghosts

One day, when they met in God shopping! They said to God, they died a sad death, I hope they go to heaven! God is frustration that too many households in heaven now, were full. But now there is a quota! You say, see who die the most miserable, let who go to heaven!

  Thus, the first ghost began ... ... I was a cleaner during his lifetime. Work very hard! From morning till night! One day, I was a building out of Cabo! Is the kind of hanging on the outside of the dangerous work at height! In more than 30 F! Suddenly, my foot slipped, and slipped fell out! I think that over! Die! But allow me to survive in the unconscious of the scratch! Fortunately, I grabbed the railing of a balcony, in the 13th floor. I would like to have saved! So like so got it together after the climb!

  Unexpectedly, suddenly it was a strike with fists of my hands, I fall down! I think that I really finished the next! However, I decided life should not, under a tent to catch me, I am glad the German plot Past sure! Like so got it together to go. Who knows, fall above a refrigerator, and kills me!

record webcam video
  The second ghost said ... ... I was a clerk before his death. Anything better, I have a wife, beautiful. Great body! However, flowering is a little water. I have a mild heart attack. Forgot to bring medicine to work one day, I get to go home. A door and saw his wife messy hair, Yishanbuzheng. Certainly adulterer. Full House so I find the kitchen are also looking to find toilet, did not find. To the balcony, I found two hands pawing at the railing, I thought: adulterer! So a strike with fists of his hands. I thought, 13th floor! You look drop dead!

  I saw the results, actually did not die! Were tent caught! I'm anxious, so Full House looking into the kitchen and found that the refrigerator is large enough, then dropped to the refrigerator. He finally killed it! I was so happy! Laughing. Surprisingly, myocardial ridge Cypriot smile, died laughing!

  The third ghost said ... ... I am alive is a small fry, but I did nothing wrong! One day I went to a female friend's house shaking! Just after finishing things, her husband suddenly back! I have to find a place to hide. So look for the kitchen, the toilet is also looking for, and eventually found their home refrigerators big, so I hid in the refrigerator gone! I do not understand how her husband know that I am in the refrigerator, the refrigerator he actually dropped from the 13th floor to go!

  I like carrying the man killed the fridge!

(5) ghost toilet case

  Chu Yang stopping by to go to rural children, and relatives in the chat, relatives told him that there was something fishy about the toilet, but what you do not accept ghost, ghosts will not hurt you. The reason may be acclimatized to the evening, Chu Yang terrible pain to the stomach. Is no way, Chu Yang had with horror to, bite the bullet and went to the toilet. Chu Yang to just squat down, we heard the voices of ghosts:  

 "To the red white toilet paper or toilet paper?" Chu Yang to know that things can not accept a ghost, he replied: "I have been with the newspaper." It appears to be suffering from dysentery Chu Yang, and after a short time, Yang Chu and ran to the toilet, but this time, he was not scared anymore.

  Chu Yang back to see a ghost, You Shen shot, said: "to" Youth Daily "or" Central Daily "?"

WM Sound Recorder   "I have been using sports newspaper." Night, Chu Yang to the Third to the toilet. "To" Youth Sports "or" Sports Central "?" Ghost asked. "...... I am ...... I just want to pee. "

Ghost Stories: Ghost Stories a dilemma ten (2):http://roossis.journalspace.com/
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Ghost Stories:baby evil (3) March 5, 2000

Posted at 08:37 on 22/10/2010
Typical joke: baby evil (3) March 5, 2000

  Today, I just dry diaper to find that he is not in the bed, all over the world to find, finally, to Yat-day half way home to find him, how he could climb so fast? Perhaps, the children are in want a father. Kids, do not worry, maybe next year we will be able to a family reunion.

  January 6, 2001desktop video

Villagers know that we a good friend, and say this is the perfect match, perfect match, we are approaching the Court was advised to go for a declaration of Li Yuan missing, saying that we can get married. You find out the back, told me in frustration, but also wait for six months to apply. I can wait. I have too much happiness.

  January 9, 2001

  But today there's something, let me uneasy: Yat-day laundry when I suddenly heard the house "Tuk tuk tuk" sound of the beat. I said, boy, do not play, do not knock. Can not stop the sound. Passing a mind like a black lightning, the fear of memories hit me a shiver involuntarily.

  "I told you not to play, and Mom did not like the sound." I went to the side edge roar. Children squatting on the floor hands behind, apparently just now knocking at the floor. "Hand it over!" I'm angry.

Children did not move, try to retreat back. I pulled him over, snatched his hand things. Flanagan shot a damn pipe down! Is nothing but Flanagan. The child cried, peering at me, eyes glowing Shuoshuo. Dark red, is a dark red, it expanded! I squatted on the ground, half a day without it.

  August 18, 2001

  Dream come true, today, we finally got married! Yat-day, let us forget it, forget the original Li, forget the past and the uneasy, and today I am your bride, your immaculate bride.

  However, halfway through the wedding, when I saw Zhangma rush came and said: "I deserve to die, ah, I'm worried to death, that child was missing." Village for guests grouped separately to find. Suddenly, the mountain foot of the mountain, coming and going of the torch is everywhere, everywhere is the high and low cry. Months after the hour, people start arriving home, they answer very much the same: "I did not see." "Strange, how to not have it." It was proposed that the police, maybe people Guaipao, can catch the morning papers back. They all nodded in agreement.

  Police station, the county's police have arrived, people gradually quiet, yet only a child stop crying.

  I also heard someone come out and shouted: "Your children are not in the house crying? Listen!" Some people say: "No, I just come out." Police who propose to go in and see, people followed the go, filed into the room, a room of people, the quilt under the bed, rummaging through to find the right, or not. Mayor motioned for silence, everyone Shenzhuobozai, listen.

  After about half a cigarette in the work, and sure enough, came the cry again. This time we hear, and agreed that it was there from the north came a large wardrobe. A few people to open cabinets, the inside big things to all hang out, or empty.

  Did not stop crying this time, become continuous shouts and crisp! Like sorrow, of triumph, yet also seemed to fear, only Modoribashi will happen under the evil Mastermind Duopo voice! Some people are alarmed, some transfixed, and some trepidation, only a few people are aware of their task, they are busy divvying up the wardrobe to move away, it sounds clearer than the original, and people finally noticed That sound is from the devil cries cupboard in the wall after coming out!

record desktop video   I have been frightened, feel dizzy, trance, stumbling walk the wall, after a while child, only to see a dozen stout arms were busy tearing down walls. Shortly afterwards, there appeared a hole, a dry pale skeleton stands impressively against the wall, and sealing the wall when the Li Yuan's body is lying flat

  Joe watched in despair Yat-day mess, his face pale, my heart is broken

  Lee of the original, he pound a ghost, in that fatal night of August 1, Nazhen "Tap Benedict" is dying when he beat the walls! In our issue of the devil driven involuntary scream of bliss, he just laid to the dead, but he was viciously evil ghosts possessed in our children. Him with all kinds of strange behavior to torment us! Let him in the foot with the bones howl!

Ghost Stories: baby evil (4):http://lucyisssi.livejournal.com/
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The classic joke: road to death

Posted at 07:21 on 20/10/2010
The classic joke: road to death

Woke up this morning, suddenly found that the alarm did not go off accidentally.

Manager Zhou thinking goes hand full of gloating and grinning expression, wild side of hastily grabbed a piece of bread into her mouth.

SMS Transfer Three years of work, the text unexpectedly never late and leave early, this is so has been looking for opportunities to buckle Manager Zhou is always on his salary can not start. Today ... ... he thought of my colleagues last night drunk intoxicated Lao Chen's facial expression and face full of indignation, "Do you know how the capitalist exploitation of workers do? Increase working hours and reduce wages. Damn, Bill. Cover Heights are not Zhou Papi hard, I do not be late for five minutes? ... ... "

 Unfortunately, adults with poor manager, the most famous modern Chinese history that the landowners clan, even more unfortunate is that early development of the company under the strict rules for Gao Yubao have nowhere to sue.

He added the footsteps disease, heart full of money will be deducted first anger.

 Sky overcast, light rain, the bus station side of the text unexpectedly stood, anxiously looking at the foggy road. Suddenly a burst of cold wind blows, and he hit a cold war.

He had never seen a white bus waltz came, he looked around curiously indifferent to the passengers, there only after the bus all the way Yeah, they waiting for? No time to reflect on his rushing into the already activated in the white car.

Morning in a crowded city, it is peak time for work, but the car but he is not crowded, and even left the last two seats. This text unexpectedly every day to catch the bus, but it is the first time that the car would have a seat. He did not think carefully, his mind just want to drive a little bit faster, earlier arrived at the destination.

Compartment is very quiet, even the car itself is not making a start like sound. This paper is really a very delicate unexpectedly very strange journey. He has grown used to noisy and noisy, he is always full of all kinds around the various purposes for people coming and going running, and even he himself is in a cycle can not maintain a busy calm.

 In such circumstances, the text began imperceptibly unexpectedly meditation, from childhood to now commonplace ideals, the first woman from the love of self that is now chic to often wake up in the middle of the night alone in the world, from the distant hope be successful in his parents to depend on others like the current working life, from the abstinence goal in life determined to put a smile to please the boss is around or worry about, "Zhou Papi," the unpaid wages ... ... He wanted a lot, thought crest, again and again and to many the idea of divergent, if the trance muddy clearly relive their earlier life ... ...

  Vehicles have stopped, a delicate featured, stamped with a five-year-old woman's little boy got on, mother and son sitting on the last bus seat to unexpectedly around in the text. The little boy wore a navy blue short-sleeved, lively and lovely, he spoke loudly against the mother, mother smiling, explaining, finally has a trace of anger in the car. "A man can only take a seat." Face of the conductor is a dark young man, and looked indifferent, dull sound.

"He was just a child, it does not matter." The little boy hugged his mother, protective nature, shone. "No, a person must go." There is no discussion in the conductor said coldly. "But ... ..." "But what, or go on a person, or went down." "That I'm standing right now, children sit."

 Unexpectedly strange people around the text is so indifferent, so he handed the bus the first time to see, can not help but heart gas. However, fierce look at the way the conductor, did not dare to dispute that statement, but subconsciously stood up to the seat that his mother, really, he did not used to sitting, working eight hours a day he is sitting ... ... "Thank you!" his mother smiled, feeling that helping others to keep him warm.

"Then you go!" The conductor's eyes turned to the dense text unexpectedly. He saw a dark gloomy face without expression, I do not know how even some cold, sense of justice comes out the hearts of just a flash gone. He suddenly found himself not buy a ticket, the only responsibility of the conductor is to keep the car seems to have extra passengers. "I'll be at your station." "I said no, the car seat does not allow the extra people there." Conductor no concessions, far better than Zhou Papi also ruthless! Contacts Transfer

"What is the attitude of ... ..." he whispered, muttered, cars could not find a trace of sympathy in the eyes, bowed his head everyone is not saying a word, he just stood empty middle compartment, Renxinbugu Yeah, he thought ... ... the bus abruptly stopped, the door opened, the conductor looked at his head, not saying a word. Wen unexpectedly bitterly of the car and bike looked dazzling white bus silently away, open on the bridge of a strange style, gradually disappeared in the dense fog in the ... ...  

He suddenly did not know where they should go, trance do not know why the car on, I just feel life is like a big dream, impetuous Red, Lengnuanzizhi ... ... what ideas he was trying to comfort himself, but still could not help but grief, the rain hits you bit by bit, cold cold ... He suddenly remembered something ... look at the table as only memory was that this is the way to work, late has been set, Manager Zhou face flash in front of the heart suddenly surprised, nothing in sight, do not know the ... ...

Man woke up unexpectedly, the sight of a colleague Lao Chen, "Great, Wen unexpectedly you in a coma for three days and nights, finally woke up!" He feel so sore, "Where am I? "" This is the hospital Yeah, count your life large, live in a car accident you're the only one who survived. "

Manager Zhou's voice rang, "Wen unexpectedly do not worry, you are at work on the road accident, the company reimburse all medical expenses ... ..." Lao Chen winked to him, teasing Manager Zhou sudden kindness, But they immediately replaced with a bleak expression, "Oh, really Cana, especially the little boy's clothes were stained blue, the ... ..."

sms backup "Ah! ... ..." He thought that the child was wearing a navy blue, think of the mother of that same good looks, think of the conductor that looks strange, thought he had never seen the car and the bridge, suddenly seemed to understand what a burst of cold heart and closed his eyes.
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Claw Machine Party

Posted at 06:58 on 18/10/2010
Claw Machine Party

Claw machine of the party ... hope to have no brain ... I love the stars who slip of the tongue ... ... and the "daily life more healthy nervous" as the motto to live happy and Happy ... view of the memory is not very good ... so I only remember a few seemingly not very embarrassing ... who do not want to see my family ... my jacket is embarrassing him on a hundred ...
1 ... First of all ask you a joke of a melon out of a car accident ... what has become ...
One day after school ... and who go home with my family (back home ...) ... I tell him the joke ... he thought the results turned around and asked me why I have not seen ... I just heard my people say "Oh "... jokes ... too much focus on giant crude hit a very strong sense of being a long gray concrete pillars on the ... ... to hit it would have hit the peak of coming and going from school ... although many people did not pay attention to it ... but then my family bit to see me hit the post and especially the heroic ... laugh ... So ... ... a kind of feeling was again after the crowd ... he put his signature changed Q: look at the road to walk, carefully hit the column. The silence of my eggs set ...

desktop video That joke answer is: Why is the watermelon ... ... because "outside the bruising internal bleeding ..."

2 ... ... my house or school on the road who said one thing I do not agree then the following dialogue took place ...
Me: Nonsense, you fart!
Him: how not civilized ... you are the fart ...
Me:you fart!
Him:you fart…
I: You are fart fart you are!
He (very reluctantly): OK, OK ... I fart I fart ...
My (pitiful tone of voice): you you you ... even when the fart also and I fight for ... hum ... (I'm in the end, what bar ah head was pumping lift tables)
So ... once again by his preaching everywhere ... I was once again kind of feeling of onlookers ...

3 ... ... One day I rot properties between classes ... our class boys in the classroom computer to play King of Fighters (really amount to anything ...) A boy is trying to finger movement because it took no time to eat the ham ... he ... he ... he ... he ... the sausage in the mouth with my left rot man ... (but he does not recognize his life and death rot) suddenly came into my deep sentence:You say he's ... including how to then that Shane Leng Leng ... ... I slap hit him back then: I will not say at the most out of their own YY ah! ! !
(Although I have long gray rot but still shy ...) He: (laughing, to hide) you look like, look like? ... I blushed ...: I've seen where that was not any kind! ... Moment of silence ... we all come together ... and then he asked me ...: You are so rotten the size of what are ... ... ... I do not know what: just read the manga but it is still no concept of the ah ... ... ... While we were discussing The size of the problem ... when suddenly the girls sitting behind him tapped him ... smile to the sentence: XX with you how the sausage ... so thick. ... How so thick ... so thick ... thick ... I'm with him ... silence ...
Girl you whatever the outcome, whatever the outcome is not so rotten little attention to points shy girl let's not point so! ! ! record desktop video
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Teacher Quotes---Comedy(屈)

Posted at 07:49 on 15/10/2010
Teacher Quotes---Comedy(屈)

26One day a student biting root Sausage (dangling vertically) from the second floor dining out coincided with the down side of Chiang stick side teeth..
Club, said: "Do not easy to stick a finger vertically Diao"
Students bowing, said: "Thank you teacher"
Stick said: "You can Diao sideways like a dog"
Students in the cafeteria listening to almost nibbling dead on the stairs outside ...

27:Zhushi to eat like you are into university, let alone eat dog feces that you are growing up!

28I explain to a class thing, no, tell him again, no, tell him again, not enough, then tell him again, and then not, then I can say is: say you are pig, the pig is really slander , did not you stupid pig's. This is my source of classic quotations

2907-year high of a military training stick the boys to go missing step brother say "not yet seen the pigs had been a pig run?"

302003 new homes in the North Conference of the playground, Jiang Zhuren fancy dress said to students: Do you think you looked like you wear, vulgar, Zhen Su, Tu, Eupolyphaga ~ 31His classmates stand in consort to sentence him: all TM hurry up, or castrate you

32: One day, a students to show their extraordinary jumping ability, jump in the porch feel safe exit signs, Jiang Zhuren see, with rich voice, said: idiot, you put it down enough, I hang you! ! ! ! !

33:You must not break and partisan, you do in this boss, you dare to separate the hills? This is what you do not court death

Contacts Transfer 34:A buddy to answer questions sound very small children, Chiang Teacher: Do you speak louder, II and not a eunuch, a teacher with Chiang, to be a pure man child ...

35:To find language problem, the class did not find the answer after the announcement Chiang division, said: "China is not all the teachers have teachers that IQ Chiang ..."

36:Class, there are reports the value of Chow Sang shouting: "Let your class president ..." Master anger Jiang said: "Let the president to go eat shit!"

38Green our school is not very good. Jiang Zhuren this comment: "I know why so many bald II? Because two heads are not too hairy!" (Well, our school teachers do a lot of bald)
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Daquan jokes眉

Posted at 07:23 on 13/10/2010
Daquan jokes眉

Forum landlord: Chen Liang Wang Xiaoya married with, please use the words comment.
Forum replies: Ah from good to it!

Forum landlord: you say I look a lot like WuBai?
Forum replies: Only half of the like! (two Hundred and fifty ??!!)

Forum landlord: Men last night, when walking the dog and the big mastiff edge of the wood of a bald wild dogs together. Dry! Tibetan Mastiff actually did not expect a big loss to grass dog! ! !
Forum sofa :****, bald before God, they call me the lion!

Forum landlord: Guess what country I am a hybrid of ^ _ ^
Forum Re: Chinese + deformation of magic!

record desktop video 25:
Forum landlord: girlfriend always says he's a small chest, I felt that I could, ah, please help them identify what forum ~ GG
Forum sofa: two long pimples on the back!

Forum landlord: If I have a million yuan, I can loan to buy a house in the Tomson Riviera!
Forum Re: ah, but you're going to borrow money to pay property charges ~

Forum landlord: He vows that today, I was part of his life, I was part of his body, if not me, he can not live ~
Forum couch: My ex-boyfriend said so, but then I realized I was his appendix, appendix, Aberdeen ears, six refer to such non-essential stuff!

Forum landlord: his aging mother I am so rich, I buy a nanny what car?
Forum replies: That depends on the development of her husband to tell you anything to do with the ~

Forum landlord: damn barber cut my head bad! All the points Sunzhao require destructive bigger the better, the smaller the movement the better, because I go alone.
Forum Basement: middle of the night, a dark and stormy, quietly, gently, a man hanged in the barber shop door ... ...

backup sms 30:
Forum landlord: how do I got amnesia?
Forum Re: Would not it be cool? Woke up every morning to sleep in their own side, a different woman ~
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Nine Kick Butt Video Market Tip -

Posted at 07:41 on 11/10/2010
appli these nine Killer Video Market Tip and you will experi deeper connections,Mi friends. rapport and relationship with your lead or prospect.backup text message

A few week ago I particip in a Leadership Brand cours with Mark Hoverson in which share nine kick butt video market techniqu that will improv the appeal and qualiti of your videos.
look your best so that inspir can be act on. Look well make you feel well and perform and produc wellTip 1. Whether you full-tim or part-tim in network marketing..
shoosh,Tip 2. Everi 7 second have a differ background. that' the "Hollywood Secret." An exampl of thi is film while you'r walk and show movement. It' good to show someth uniqu in your videos.
"come up next you'r go to see..." or "I'm go to show you...Tip 3. Creat open loops. Open loop ar 90% of the stori with 10% left unanswered. An exampl of thi is when you tune into ani local newscast and thei tell you the lion share of the stori and then say."
how you carri yourself,Tip 4. Share your bodi language. There is a high intimaci factor with bodi language. There is a higher possibl of influenc and connect with your prospect. Be awar of your nonverb commun such as your posture. set your ey and your facial expressions. Everyon of these influenc peopl subconsci in either move them toward you or awai from you. Smile and smile often. It' veri import to look at the center of the camera without dart your ey to the left or right. Look confid as you throw your shoulder back and posit your bodi in proper posture. So, befor thei say, "Action", put a smile on your face, get your shoulder up and look into the center of the camera.
an easel or a dry eras board,Tip 5. Manual draw in ani of your video is veri powerful. Whether your prefer is to us a tablet tablet dure a screen capture. draw as a wai of lock in more of the sens in creat a much deeper connect with your prospect or lead.
you want to record yourself and work to speak clearer. If you tend to us the word you know,Tip 6. An overlook compon of your voic that is import is the cadence. There practic need to be a music rhythm to your voice. If you tend to mumble. umm or humm when all you want is a split second to think, insert a paus and you will appear intellig as you gather your thoughts.
how to video and train video to name a few until thei becom second nature. You want to be genuine. Peopl will follow you when thei see and feel the valu that you bringTip 7. Produc a lot of videos. Lifestyl videos..backup sms

spouse,Tip 8. Shoot full-bodi videos. Video that show you enjoi life with your kids. pets, extend family, eat food and sing reson well with people.
Tip 9. Creat a proof show. Peopl love see the befor and the after end result.
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How To Motivate Teens -

Posted at 07:13 on 8/10/2010
How To Motivate Teens - One of our biggest struggles as parents has been the way to motivate kids - A couple of of our kids in particular. One of them is truly plain lazy, the other one is a hurting adolescent - problems in school, usually feeling hopeless, and at times quite obnoxious.desktop record

You definitely need to have a method to motivate teenagers, and the following are a several strategies that we've identified over the years that we've determined work quite well. One of the things we've learned is that it's impossible for teens not to be inspired - it merely depends on just what they're encouraged to do. Fairly often, they're inspired to fight us, pull away, or under-perform. Instead of acting out, they're acting in!

Therefore just how can you inspire teenagers? Here are 3 points to get you started:

1. Look at what your teenager enjoys. The strategy here is to observe just what your kid loves to do. Do not take his word for it; he'll declare nothing at all matters". Nevertheless look at his actions - does he watch a good deal of Tv, play video games, play on the computer? Monitor, and write them down - later on you can use these kinds of things as offers.

2. Take the goodies out of his bedroom. Underachieving teenagers should not have very much in their bedroom - it will just be a spot for them to pull away. Laptop, Television, video games, and if he's not performing, even his cell phone.

3. Avoid carrying out your child's duties for him. This is known as "learned helplessness" and it's definitely not very good at all. It doesn't help them to learn self-sufficiency. Don't complete their homework for them; if you desire, you can be available for support, but do not do it. One particular thing I've noticed about my kids is if I make them do it on their own, they'll rise to the occasion and be quite happy with themselves.Video capture

One thing you have to understand is that being an underachiever gives your child a feeling of control and power, due to the fact she does not have to worry about the anxiety of failure or meeting responsibilities. She doesn't have to deal with people's expectations. Once people start expecting more of these teenagers, they fall apart.


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Beijing urged parents to install a cell probe "monitor" Kindergarten

Posted at 04:39 on 29/9/2010
Beijing urged parents to install a cell probe "monitor" Kindergarten

  Proposed loaded probe connected mobile phone users

"In line to see a 2-year-old children in Xuzhou is in the kindergarten teacher of more than 10 minutes of

webcam video

, so people heartache." Yesterday, residential property owners in the forum, users "fire of the moon," the kindergarten classroom in the district called installation of cameras, to ensure that parents can know the situation of children in the garden.

  "Fire in the Moon", said: "Parents can not be the worst teacher of the kindergarten psychology to try to speculate, but the installation of cameras, to ensure that parents know the child's situation at any time, but also a kind of teacher supervision."

  Post issued, attracted a lot of response. User "Adengdengdeng" suggested that if there is cost and technical problems kindergartens, parents can be raising funds to install cameras. Parents are also proposed for users to provide services to cell phone camera to keep abreast of the situation in kindergarten children.

  Nursery equipment necessary approval for the probe

  Yesterday, the Oak Bay Community Place Kindergarten children love the staff said, and the hall outside the kindergarten have a

record desktop video

, although the room did not install the camera, but the teacher scolding a child thing will never happen, parents need to worry about the quality of teachers.

  Whether parents should be required to install the camera, the staff said the proposal would be the parents of recording, the nursery owned by higher management, so need to be reported for approval.

  Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission at the pre-school staff said, to ensure the safety kindergartens, nurseries within the city approving all have been in the park and the surrounding popular

record webcam video

, but the installation of cameras in the classroom is not in the office park within the standard conditions, which are parents and kindergarten individual behavior, parents who are willing to install the garden would agree, the installation does not not.

  At noon yesterday, Oak Bay Area Square Kindergarten children love locked the door, a few parents, looking in the hot sun, waiting for the teacher to send their children to go out. "The total crying child, parents at noon to take home." Duty security explained. Liu's granddaughter owners just to kindergarten, because it was not familiar with the environment, an old married couple leave their children at noon home.

  Asked whether they favor the installation of cameras in the classroom when Mr. Liu saw no need, "This will stifle the free nature of the child." Liu said, parents send their children to kindergartens in the hope that children and the children free play, install the camera Children and teachers will have a sense of being watched. Ms Cheng believes that parents need to install the camera. She said her daughter is about to kindergarten, a camera of the park to make her more at ease. "The behavior of some teachers can play the role of supervision."

  Yesterday, the Chinese People's Public Security University Professor Wang Dawei that the kindergarten classrooms are installed security cameras in the work of technical protection measures, but to prevent teachers palliatives against young people. The key issue is to improve teacher quality and accountability.

  Professor Wang said that in recent years, especially for primary and secondary school students in kindergarten children of abuse, often from the school and surrounding, in which teachers make the case there are violations, should not be overlooked. But the installation of cameras only technical protection measures, parents should not be over-reliance on technical protection measures, should be concerned about the quality of teachers, the whole society should promote a sense of responsibility and love of teachers, parents and teachers should also maintain confidence "problem teacher or a minority. "
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Ten essential Android phone software

Posted at 07:29 on 27/9/2010

Ten essential Android phone software

Google launched Android is the current cutting-edge international popular smartphone platform, is attracting more and more users and developers to join its camp. This selection of the domestic top ten essential Android user installed application (available online is a natural function of the cloud-based sync), hope that you Andrew for the useful reference for new players.

1, chat essential - QQ

Mobile version is Tencent QQ Android Android platform for users to create a chat anytime, anywhere mobile instant messaging software QQ, beautiful skin and set the theme, touch screen mobile phone touch screen interactive experience professional, so that only you and your friends got to communicate between a means, always revealing your life wonderful.

2, learning essential - cloud words (electronic dictionary)

Forgotten people in the study there is a pattern, the process of quickly forgotten, and slow down after. It is by forgetting the word cloud curve algorithm, the best review will automatically remind users to always review the words, so that the user has made learning English a multiplier effect.

3, Internet essential - UCweb

Select Android system, many of which are out of the phone network friends to consider, and recommend a General Android mobile phone browser - UC browser, which is very famous domestic UC Android browser version of its feature set and in the interests of many people used to support mobile phone-type page is displayed, save the flow.

4, read the essential - iReader reader

Class used to read a lot of mobile phone software, recommended for everyone today is iReader reader, a majority of e-book format can be read at the same time support for custom text encoding (the best tool for converting garbage), while the speed and start Preview speed is very fast software.

5, the input must - Sogou input method

Sogou input method in the Android platform, Colorful skin, gesture input, a strong association function very popular with the majority of contacts the user's favorite!

6, task management essential - ProcessManager

Now used all the free version of Android is best to use Task Manager, the most practical application is also the most simple task manager, its name is - Process Manager. Uninstall the software also supports the function, is the last option card, very convenient, just click on the selected software can be completely removed, in need not install or uninstall the software related to access to the Program Manager interface.

7, communications necessary - fire Contacts

Android platform, a handy address book software, with a beautiful user interface, make up the original phone Android system, the classification of Chinese characters and the query interface unfriendly regret and intelligent search capabilities to provide multi-directional, letters navigation, area search, and so, to provide intelligent IP settings, address book backup, backup sms, backup software, cell phone, and provide Sina microblogging interface (direct call camera, easy to record their feelings at any time.)

8, security necessary - 360 security guards

A completely free mobile security software, set anti-spam, anti-harassment calls, anti-privacy leak, security scan on mobile phones, network cloud killing the malicious software, 360 cell phone guardian convenient and practical features, comprehensive security and for mobile phones Privacy Policy.

9, play an essential - every day sounds

Is a powerful, completely free cell phone music player software to support the lyrics and music picture download, skin replacement heart, more dazzling visual effects of shock, while the rich equalizer preset effects, support for audio enhancement, simple humanized operation, bringing a whole new experience listening to music phones, music players is an essential tool Muzhiyizu.

10, the start must - Autostarts boot from the Startup Manager

With more and more software is installed, the machine itself more and more slow boot speed, boot program to load each time a serious slow down the boot time, this time, we need this software, a great shorten the boot time.

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Personal information backup text message directory and companies experience the feelings of friends

Posted at 07:33 on 25/9/2010

Personal information backup text message directory and companies experience the feelings of friends

  Mobile has become the most closely people's lives, electronic products, communication between people only need a phone call or backup sms can be done. If your phone is lost may not be the biggest loss of the phone itself, but the phone number stored in contacts and text messages. Currently a network named "Alumni Directory" in the address book backup software just for you to solve this trouble, the powerful network backup feature allows you to not worry about losing phone contact result in the loss of the upset relatives and friends.

  For our regular mobile phone users, mobile phones in addition to telephony functions, messaging functions is also very important, friends send each other some interesting information, for a long time in the phone not only occupy the limited space inside, and will cause the phone to the slow speed of change. In the Alumni Directory, we also found that text messaging is also stored in the website which can be synchronized, so that we do not have to worry about a large number of mobile phone text message space is occupied by mobile phone users only need to store useful information to the Alumni Web site, always Do not worry be lost.

  The Alumni Directory is currently developing the first phase only, but has let us see its prospects. Alumni Directory features, while simple, but very useful, we also understand that another recent official version of the software will be introduced, followed by function will increase. In the new version of the game in the newly added features will be a new interactive game, we will look forward to the official version and the user together with the official launch.
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Thieves days of Zaoqiang Panyu nearly a million stolen jewelry store

Posted at 07:02 on 20/9/2010

Thieves days of Zaoqiang Panyu nearly a million stolen jewelry store

Theft gang spent a few days, and finally hole through the wall of the shop, stole hundreds of million of jewelry. 1 o'clock yesterday morning, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 105 national highway of Saturday Fook jewelry store theft. Staff explained that in recent nights, shop staff always hear "pop" of Zaoqiang voice, "We all thought it was a neighbor decoration."

Jewelry shop salesperson told reporters two days ago, employees heard the sound of breezes Zaoqiang they no mind. More than 11 points last night, they heard the "pop" sound --- that they are neighbors in the decoration. Yesterday 1:20, jewelery off alarm bells in the store's security guards awakened Ms. Huang. Ms. Huang's dormitory building at the top where the jewelry store, the store surveillance video connected to my home. I went to

webcam video recording

before, carefully inspected, did not notice anything abnormal," Miss Wong then asleep about 40 minutes later, the second tone alarm bell rang, this time Ms. Huang did not look up desktop video recording

6 hours later, when Miss Wong shop happened to know, have been repentant.

8 am yesterday, more than competent to work in the store, open the shutter the store door, automatic door opening can not be second, "director realized that people cut off supply store" shop out of an accident, the competent scared into a cold sweat immediate alarm. Police then arrived and after the scene, confirmed that store theft and theft cases committed to restore the way:

The groups are familiar with the interior of the shop, that shop there unused attic, and clearly the location of each camera. The group spent a few days, chisel talked over the loft's wall; into the shop after they triggered the first tone alarm, then Duojin blind spot camera, Ms. Huang was not found; their subsequent actions, but also triggered a clause 2 sound alarm, Miss Huang to the effect, and theft gang then cut the jewelry supply, control system stops working, do not record the suspect's shadow, they plundered away a lot of gold and silver jewelry.
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Daring daylight burglary, thieves camera to record the process of committing the crime

Posted at 07:23 on 17/9/2010

Daring daylight burglary, thieves camera to record the process of committing the crime


September 16 morning, members of the public, Mr Suen said: "I really did not expect the company during the day would come actually thieves, arrogant."

  According to Mr. Sun introduced the 14th night he fell asleep on the sofa in the corporate office, because the sofa at the door, my colleagues may feel more comfortable, they all went out of his house, leaving only one person. "When I woke up about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I suddenly felt very strange day, nothing in the phone.Then I started to see the phone, but have not found looking for a long time, and even the package is gone. Later,We bring up the

record webcam video

found in the company, 15 around 9 o'clock, a man came to our company, and took my bag and mobile phone, a digital camera to my colleagues also stolen.In the whole course of his theft, I have been sleeping on the couch, so blatantly that he should come to our house and stolen so many things, that person is likely to be a habitual offender, was like a man out there with him cooperation. "Sun told reporters.

  September 16 around 10 am, reporters came to the big three-way Yao, Sun employees Miss Yan company showed reporters a

record desktop video

. This reporter saw 15 on the morning of 9:04, a middle-aged man entered.He first looked around in a circle, Mr. Sun has been found to sleep, he went to the door, and the other accomplices outside the exchange a little, walked into the room again. A desk in which he stole a digital camera, mobile phone and then take away Mr. Sun and backpacks, to the desk looked around and found no valuables after, just in front of his associates made a gesture, left the office. But one minute the whole process.

  "Until the afternoon we found. Digital cameras and mobile phones worth more than two thousand yuan, the bag there are seven or eight hundred dollars in cash and bank cards. We have already reported, and hope to one day catch the thief." Miss Yan said.
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Newman digital mobile phones - "Faith" and the desire

Posted at 07:24 on 15/9/2010
Newman digital mobile phones - "Faith" and the desire

  Wish 1:

Girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and would like to zero in the evening brought her first birthday greetings and best wishes, but the fear was too heavy sleep, missed time, and if set the alarm clock, it can only be facing the ceiling a few hours of the morning sheep of the ... ...

  Wish 2:

  At quarter past seven on November 20, 2009, 18 years ago this time, I come into the world, now and then one-year-old soon, and these days like a lot of words to inspire his birthday that can express how I was very impressed out to do?

  Wish 3:

  2010, all in front, like in the inter-face time, for my family, friends and colleagues to send New Year wishes, but afraid of their evening revelry too far, these things forgotten ... ...

  Such as this hope, you are not there many? How many times they wish to be late, forget the anniversary and deeply regret it, did not expect a simple text message is also an arduous journey! But believe it will soon regret the past, Newman digital mobile phone "text messaging regularly," features a timely, for you to achieve little wish!

  By Newman, will bless your girlfriend into a regular text editor, the time set in tonight's 0:00:00, when the time you can sleep peacefully, and will set the time accurate to convey your wishes your girlfriend, to her surprise.

 Your birthday is approaching, your preset timer message is automatically sent to you, look at your mobile phone number to their own incentives sent messages, I believe that in the years ahead, this information will help you move forward.

  Want to send holiday blessings to friends and relatives, without jeopardizing their own entertainment, then a good time with a pre-edit text in the holiday approaching, early to send their blessings, to family, friends, and continuously, while the SMS also supports mass regularly, not only for you to convey a blessing, but also save you time.

  Moreover, the details of this known Newman to MP3 music phone, and more user friendly design, such as text messaging firewall, so you get rid of boring text message harassment; SMS auto reply, and help you save valuable time; SMS backup helps Find useful information to you at any time ... ...

 Fashion science and technology as guide, the user experience as the core, the details of design concepts, digital phone Newman determined to build this new brand of mobile phones the most outstanding products, from Newman, we can get a glimpse, now This MP3 music mobile phones coming soon, we stay tuned!
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Shout at hapless thieves automatic backup application was caught stealing phone

Posted at 06:52 on 13/9/2010
Shout at hapless thieves automatic backup application was caught stealing phone

During the Christmas season a 15-year-old boy after the burglary because the use of stolen property in a mobile phone camera, police found and arrested

The boy in 2009 on December 27 night to steal some valuables, because the owner of lost property in the total value of two stolen 600 dollars in the Android smart phone equipped with an automatic backup named Moblie Security software automatically on a daily basis the phone

transfer sms ,Contacts Transfer

, photos and other data uploaded to the web server back up, call the owner recover the backup data found in a few pictures of the thief, the thief had the bad luck did not know the camera makes its own light, the police immediately According to photos and arrested him.

Currently, there are many smart phones online backup software applications, users can phone in remote backup important information, phone directories and other information is more valuable than the phone itself. But backup software is not always common, as this case plays the same role in anti-theft, thieves to unload on it.

Also launched a dedicated mobile software developers security software, you can achieve your password to uninstall, hidden processes, the main mobile phone stolen after the machine can be remote controlled lock machine, delete information, or access the current user phone number and the GPS positioning information. Although the software can help you or usual care as well, after all, mobile phones have become an important part of life.
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Cool tool for information security analysis of 8900 backup

Posted at 07:56 on 10/9/2010

Cool tool for information security analysis of 8900 backup

Using mobile phones for many years, I believe many of my friends have lost over contacts, text messages, calendar and other personal information it, I would have tried to frustration due to system problems, erosion, the result is the address book and not the entire message before, I believe such a thing We have taken place in the side bar, here under the Cool 8900's backup, and better protect your personal information.

Very simple, Cool 8900 has built a

backup software

into the software, just select the options you need to back up, and then press the menu of options "to the memory card" in 8900 is still relatively rich in options, including the feature set , to-do, calendar, mail, browser, notepad, alarm clock, newsletters, multimedia list. Only a few seconds can make a simple backup.

Cool back in 8900 when naming backup files are required, the default name for the backup to time to facilitate the recovery options need to restore the file, the same recovery requires the restoration of the options can be selected, can be flexible backup and recovery, we also give a recommendations on a regular basis to save the backup file to a personal computer, so infallible a; phone has a price, information is priceless, so even if the phone is lost that does not mean heavy losses.
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How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to Gmail?

Posted at 07:10 on 6/9/2010

How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to Gmail?

Want to sync contacts from windows mobile phone to gmail account? Here is the step-by-step guide for you to transfer contacts from windows mobile phone to Gmail.

Step 1: Backup windows mobile contact to CTS file and transfer to computer
Below is the detail guide for the step 1.
How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to computer

Step 2: Import the CTS file to GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.
Below is the detail guide for step 2.
How to import mobile contacts to computer

Step 3: Export contact as csv file on the GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.
Please see the snapshot as below:

backup windows mobile contacts to pc, transfer windows mobile contacts to pc

Step4: Select a file location, and choose the config file name as “Google”, then click “Export” to export contact as outlook csv file.
Please see the snapshot below.

transfer windows mobile contacts to gmail, backup windows mobile contacts to gmail, sync windows mobile contacts to gmail

Step 5: Login your Gmail account, click “contacts”-> “import”-> “browser” to select the csv file you just export by GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager. Please see the snapshot as below.

import mobile phone contacts to gmail, sync contact to gmail

Step 6: Click “Import” button to import contacts to Gmail.
Once you've successfully uploaded the document, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.

Down!Your windows mobile phone contacts have been transferred to your Gmail account now.
Free download GodswMobile Contacts Transfer.

You can only transfer 20 mobile outlook contacts by using the trial version.
Download the full version to transfer all contacts of you mobile phone just for only $19.

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How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to iPhone?

Posted at 09:56 on 2/9/2010

How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to iPhone?

If you have a new iPhone , and want to transfer your old windows mobile phone contacts, such as HTC mobile to new iPhone. Here is the guide for you to transfer hundreds of contacts to iPhone in 5 minutes.


Tools your need:

  • 1. Microsoft ActiveSync – Sync file between Windows Mobile Phone and PC.
  • 2. iTunes – Sync file between iPhone and PC.
  • 3. GodswMobile Contact Manager – Third party application to transfer contact to outlook.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to transfer contacts between windows mobile phone and iPhone.

Step 1: Backup windows mobile contact to CTS file and transfer to computer.
Below is the detail guide for the step 1.
How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to computer

Step 2: Import the CTS file to GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.
Below is the detail guide for step 2.
How to import mobile contacts to computer

Step 3: Export contact as csv file on the GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Manager.
Please see the snapshot as below:

backup windows mobile phone contacts, transfer windows mobile phone contacts

Step4: Select a file location, and choose the config file name as “Outlook”, then click “Export” to export contact as outlook csv file.
Please see the snapshot below.

export windows mobile phone contacts to outlook, sync windows mobile phone contacts with outlook

Step 5: Import the csv file you just exported to outlook.

import outlook contacts to iphone

* From the menu in Outlook-> File -> Import and Export
* Make sure Import from another program or file is highlighted.
* Click Next >.
* Now make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) is selected.
* Click Next >.
* Use the “Browse” button to select the desired file.
* Typically, choose “o not import duplicate items”.
* Click Next >.
* Select the Outlook folder you want to import the contacts to. This will usually be your Contacts folder.
* Click Next >.
* Click Map Custom Fields.
* Click OK.
* Now click Finish.
Now, all your windows mobile contacts are in Outlook.

Step 6: Sync Outlook contacts to iPhone with iTunes.
When you open iTunes, your iPhone should get recognize automatically. Go to the iTunes Info tab and click the checkboxes to sync your contacts. Choose Outlook as the application to sync with. Click Apply, then click Sync.

transfer windows mobile phone contacts to iphone, sync windows mobile contacts with iphone, backup iphone contacts

Down! Your windows mobile phone contacts have been transferred to your new iPhone now. Enjoy you iPhone experience!!!
Free download GodswMobile Contacts Transfer.
You can only transfer 20 mobile outlook contacts by using the trial version. Download the full version to transfer all contacts of you mobile phone just for only $19.

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How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to Android Phone?

Posted at 07:38 on 30/8/2010
How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to Android Phone?

If you have a new android phone, and want to transfer your old windows mobile phone contacts to new android phone. Here is the guide for you to transfer hundreds of contacts to android Phone in 5 minutes.

Tools your need:
1. Microsoft ActiveSync –
Sync file between Windows Mobile Phone and PC.
2. GodswMobile Contacts Transfer – Transfer Windows Mobile Phone to computer and Gmail.
3. Gmail account.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to transfer contacts between windows mobile phone and android phone.
Step 1: Backup windows mobile contact to CTS file and transfer to computer.
Below is the detail guide for the step 1.
How to transfer contacts from windows mobile to computer

Step 2: Transfer windows mobile phone contacts to gmail account.
Here is a step-by-step guide to transfer windows mobile phone contacts to gmail account.

Step 3: Connect your Android phone to internet and sync contacts from Gmail account.
Android mobiles can automatically synchronize the contacts when connected to internet.
Down! Now your windows mobile contacts have been transfer to your new android account. Free download GodswMobile Contacts Transfer.
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