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Clinton promises social angle

10:05, 30/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Clinton promises social angle to regional anti-drug fightVisiting U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton attends a press conference with Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa (not pictured) in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, March 23, 2010.  (Xinhua/David de La Paz)MEXICO CITY, March 23 (Xinhua) -Levitra- Visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said here on Tuesday that her nation would add a social angle to the Merida Initiative, a U.S.-Mexico led anti-drug program in the region."We are extending the Merida Initiative beyond what it was traditionally deemed to be," Clinton told a press conference with Mexico's Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa."It is not just about security, it is about working together to support society and economic development," Clinton said.The Merida Initiative, started in 2007 under the administration of George W. Bush, provides money, equipment and training to the governments of Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic to assist their counterdrug and anticrime efforts.U.S. President Barrack Obama has requested 450 million U.S. dollars in Merida funding for Mexico and 100 million dollars for Central America in fiscal year 2010.As agreed by both sides in Tuesday's talks, Mexico will receive some equipment and money earlier than originally planned.Clinton's visit came after the recent murder of three people associated with the U.S. Consulate General in the Mexican city of Ciudad Jurez, where some 2,600 people were killed last year in drug-related violence.Espinosa said she would also take the chance to discuss with Clinton the connections between illegal trafficking of arms from the U.S. and the culture of violence in Mexico."We know that guns purchased in the U.S. are used to facilitate violence in Mexico," Clinton said. "The U.S. is doing its part to meet that challenge and we are working together to find the best way forward."The U.S. and Mexico will also launch a study to look at drug consumption patterns on both sides of the border, seeking ideas on how to combat the demand that fuels the deadly trade.While pledging to eradicate criminal cartelsSatibo medicine, Clinton also said that it would be effective in anti-drug efforts to strengthen the communities where drugs might take hold and treat drug consumption as a health problem."Our goal is to look at what works and pursue it and to look at what doesn't and improve it," Clinton said.

Autumn tonic try taro meal

03:53, 24/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Autumn tonic try taro meal Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Yuehua Road, Xiang-mei 11 with her husband had to go home, my mother made a meal skillfully taro dumplings, which allow the husband as the Northern Han was very surprisedTiffany 1837. Take a look at the table, taro silk cake, taro cake and other "taro food" is even more variety. I hastened to explain, in Fujian, taro can be regarded as the most common ingredients, and Chinese New Year, entertain guests missed it. Now the season to eat the best, all ages, but also spleen Yangwei really claim to be a tonic for a treasure in the fall. Northerners eat taro, are generally the "cooked taro mix with sugar," while Fujian's craft, but is much easier, the most commonly do is taro dumplings. The steamed taro, the still hot peeling crushed, and then add sweet potato powder and face, bunched up into the dough stand-like, and taro and sweet potato flour ratio of about 2:1. In general is to make dumplings pork, mushrooms, dried small shrimps, onions, chopped coriander and so on, adjusting the sesame oil, egg, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. can be cage steam cooked. You may not think that is "changed a Paper" It's so simple, Miao Miao in the use made out of taro skinned very "strong" and impermeable to water, this is not easy, "channeling the water\glutinous taro, very tasty, not greasy feeling after eating. Moreover, the Fujian people have also tried taro with vegetables, "mash" them, the most famous in the case of "red mud carp Tibet\Because taro easily cooked with carp, chrysanthemum these ingredients, taste will feel very light. Walking in the streets, such as taro bags, silk taro cake, taro cake dessert this is everywhere, and also used as ice cream, cakes of high quality raw materialsTiffany Rings. The eyes of people in Fuzhou, taro is a "medical food\Expert Comments in Fuzhou many units, boxes of taro mud is placed on the bench again, but the common, and this can also be seen in Fuzhou people taro's affection. People's Liberation Army Bethune Military Medical College of Preventive Medicine Teaching and Research Associate Professor Jia-jun said that taro to eat in the fall there is a good antidiarrheal effect, but also enhance the immune system. Fuzhou people who do like to eat taro as a long-term diet, is a good choice. However, note that cooked taro be done, otherwise, would stimulate the throat of mucus, and do not eat too much time.

Obama gives away US$1.4M Nobel

10:32, 19/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Obama gives away US$1.4M Nobel prizeWASHINGTON: President Barack Obama plans to donate the $1.4 milllion from his Nobel Peace Prize to helping students, veterans' families and survivors of Haiti's earthquake, among others, drawing attention to organizations he said "do extraordinary workTiffany jewelry."Obama is giving a total of $750,000 to six groups that help kids go to college. Fisher's House, which provides housing for families with loved ones at Veterans Administration hospitals, will receive $250,000, the White House said Thursday. And the Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund, for which two former presidents are raising money to rebuild earthquake-ravaged Haiti, will receive $200,000.The rest of the money will go to an array of other groups."These organizations do extraordinary work in the United States and abroad helping students, veterans and countless others in need," Obama said in a statement. "I'm proud to support their work."Obama was chosen for the Nobel award more for his aspirations and approach than his accomplishments thus far. The Nobel committee honored him for changing the tenor of international politics and for pursuing goals Obama says will require worldwide effort, such as nuclear disarmament and reversing global warming.Obama himself was surprised by the award, and aides said at the time he would donate the cash prize to charity.He plans to give $125,000 apiece to groups that help kids go to college: College Summit, a national nonprofit that works with elementary and middle school students to boost college enrollment rates; the Posse Foundation, which gives full college scholarships to public school students who might be overlooked by traditional scholarship programs; United Negro College Fund; the Hispanic Scholarship Fund; the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation; and the American Indian College Fundtiffany.And Obama is donating $100,000 to AfriCare, which funds HIV/AIDS programs, public health programs, water resource development and agriculture in 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. He will give $100,000 to the Central Asia Institute, which promotes education for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.Obama accepted his peace prize just days after announcing he was ramping up US involvement in the war in Afghanistan.(Agencies)

China, UN offer aid to quake-hit

11:51, 17/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
China, UN offer aid to quake-hit ChileUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (L) and Chile's President Michelle Bachelet attend a news conference in Santiago, capital of Chile, March 5, 2010. Ban Ki-moon on Friday pledged 10 million dolllars aid from the Central Emergency Fund of the United Nations to the quake-hit Chiletiffany jewelry. (Xinhua/Song Weiwei)Chinese Ambassador to Chile Lu Fan (2nd R) and a Chilian official (3rd R) sign on the documents about the aid goods at the airport in Santiago, capital of Chile, March 5, 2010. A Chinese plane carrying 2 million U.S. dollars worth of aid goods arrived.by Alexander MandaSANTIAGO, March 5 (Xinhua) -- As China and the United Nations have unleashed their efforts to help quake-stricken Chile on Friday, the Chileans also began a telethon, calling on the less affected to help the most needy.Carrying 90 tons of aid, including 10,000 blankets, 700 tents, 100 generators and two water purification plants, Air China Cargo's Boeing 747-400 arrived at the international airport in the Chilean capital city of Santiago.The supply was a collective contribution from China's cities like Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, Weihai and Suzhou in a drive organized by the ministries of foreign affairs, defense and finance.Last Saturday, a strong earthquake of 8.8 magnitude shook Chile, in which,according to the latest official data, 452 people have been confirmed dead while the total death toll remained unclear at this moment.With stopover in Los Angles and 29 hours of flight, the Chinese cargo plane has completed a foreign assistance mission in the most remote place it has ever been to. The aid has also been the farthest of its kind coming to Chile, Chinese officials said.It is the first time China has sent a chartered cargo plane to send materials to South America.Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on Friday hailed the shipment, saying it "really expresses China's authentic willingness to collaborate and support Chile."This is a gesture that shows the excellence of the links we have had with China," she said.At a joint press conference with Bachelet, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said 14 UN agencies are now helping with the disaster relief efforts. The world body has committed to Chile 10 million U.S. dollars from its emergency funds."The UN will authorize 10 million dollars from a central emergency response fund," Ban told journalists. "We will also establish a working group to look at Chile's most urgent needs," he added.The working group will include the outgoing President Bachelet, her team, and also members sent by President-elect Sebastian Pinera.Presently, 86 countries and 16 non-governmental organizations have shipped their aid to Chile.Bachelet appreciated Bolivia for reaching out for help even though the two countries have no diplomatic relations.Bachelet also said the quake had affected 130 clinics and rendered 13 completely unusablecharm sabo."One of the calls we are making to the international community is for field hospitals that we can later buy," she said.She was also urging mayors and regional authorities to locate temporary shelters in areas where emergency sanitation can swiftly be implemented.Also on Friday, Chile began a two-day telethon called "Chile helps Chile," expecting to raise 15 billion Chilean pesos (30 million U.S. dollars).The telethon encourages viewers and listeners to contribute via local banks or a program where musicians perform for free.The show includes contributions from two of the region's most famous singers. The telethon's first priority would be to help around 30,000 people left homeless due to the tsunami that ravaged Chile's coastal areas.The Chilean Navy on Friday fired the director of its Oceanography and Hydrography Service, which failed to issue a warning on the deadly tsunami following last Saturday's earthquake.Earlier in the week, Chile's defense minister admitted that the government had erred by not warning of a deadly tidal wave that swept the coast hours after the quake, reaching close to 2.5 meters in height in some areas.Friday also saw a 6.6-magnitude aftershock, the strongest since last week's megaquake. It struck around 8.47 a.m. (1147 GMT) off the coast of the Bio Bio region.Chile has suffered seven aftershocks above 5-magnitude in the past 12 hours, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

China denies halt in January lending

02:14, 8/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
China denies halt in January lendingLiu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC)cheap Pandora Bangles, speaks Wednesday at a forum in Hong Kong.Media reports saying the Chinese government has asked some commercial banks to stop lending in the remaining days of January is untrue, Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) said Wednesday at a forum in Hong Kong.He said loan risks in the Chinese mainland is rising and the CBRC is controlling the pace of loan lending, but he denied the government has asked some banks to stop lending for the rest of January."I have never heard of that," he was quoted as saying.A China Securities report citing a source from the Bank of China said that the bank has been informed to technically halt lending.The rumor comes after the central bank announced banks should raise their deposit-reserve ratio by 0.5 percent on January 12, which was understood as the government's signal to tighten the monetary policy by many analysts.And on Tuesday, the central bank raised the yields of one-year bills by 8.3 basis points, and analysts said this shows the trend of tightening the liquidity of loans and the government may further tighten the policy in the future.A Reuters report Wednesday also said China Citic Bank and China Everbright Bank have been asked to raise their deposit-reserve ratios by an extra 0.5 percent since they loaned out too much in January.Chinese banks loaned out a record 9.59 trillion yuan ($1.40 trillion) in 2009, up 4.69 trillion yuan compared with last year. And in the beginning of 2010, the aggressive extension of loans did not stopfashionable Pandora jewellery. In the first week of this year, domestic banks

Serena saves family pride as sister Venus gone

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Serena saves family pride as sister Venus goneJo-Wilfried Tsonga of France returns to Novak Djokovic of Serbia in their Men's singles quarterfinal match at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia, Wednesday Jan. 27, 2010Thomas Earrings. (AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill) Serena Williams saved some family pride Wednesday at the Australian Open.After her older sister Venus' upset loss to China's Li Na in the previous match on Rod Laver Arena, four-time champion Serena was down a set and 4-0 in the second before she rebounded for a 4-6, 7-6 (4), 6-2 win over Victoria Azarenka of Belarus.Top-seeded Roger Federer overcame an awkward start to win 13 straight games and beat Nikolay Davydenko 2-6, 6-3, 6-0, 7-5 to reach the semifinals for a 23rd straight Grand Slam.Novak Djokovic played Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the man he beat for the 2008 Australian Open title, in a later quarterfinal Wednesday. Andy Murray and Marin Cilic are already through to the semis from the other half of the draw."I've played him many times before, and I know he goes through ... some rock-solid phases at times," Federer said. "I just tried to stay positive."Federer's victory snapped Davydenko's 13-match winning streak after the Russian player won the season-ending ATP World Finals in November at London and his 20th career title in Doha earlier this month.Venus Williams couldn't make it to an expected sister semifinal, losing in a mistake-filled match featuring in a combined 110 unforced errors against Li.The result is that Serena will take on Li, who beat Venus 2-6, 7-6 (4), 7-5. Justine Henin, playing in her first Grand Slam tournament in two years after coming back from a two-year retirement, will play Zheng Jie in the other semifinal.Serena Williams was far from confident after the first hour of the match, thinking of her sister's loss."It was obviously on my mind," Serena said of Venus' defeat. "I saw maybe one or two points, maybe three. I don't want to watch too much, I get too nervous watching. Obviously I was incredibly disappointed."So she started off tentatively." I wasn't playing my best, especially in the first two sets," she said. "I was down the whole match from the first point until the end. I wasn't surprised but I was definitely shocked."Instead of wilting, she fought back from her big deficit in the second set with two service breaks of her own, easily won the tiebreaker and dominated the third."I think it's impressive the way she does it," Azarenka said. "She's a strong girl. She has very powerful shots."Li and Zheng were the first Chinese pair to reach the quarterfinals at the same Grand Slam. Add semifinals now, and could the final be possible?Serena Williams and Henin, with a combined 18 Grand Slam singles title between them (Serena 11, Henin 7) would seem to have the inside edge. But Li, who lost the first set and was twice down breaks in the second, says anything can happen."In China, we say if you have tough time and then you return back, maybe have good luck," Li said.Venus Williams had more mistakes than luck against Li, who called the win the "best day of my life" and said she might celebrate with a beer Wednesday night. "It's important to put the ball in the court," said Venus Williams, who served for the match in the second setsabo Earrings. "I felt like sometimes I made some errors." That was an understatement. The pair's unforced error went over the 100 mark midway through the final set. There were eight breaks of serve in the first 10 games of the third set. "Unfortunately I let my errors creep in, and then I allowed her to dictate too much," Williams said. "But she played really well." Azarenka wilted in her quarterfinal with Serena here last year, retiring in the second set with a virus after taking the first set. This time, the 20-year-old Belarussian was undone by a trademark comeback by Williams, who is the only player to save match points on the way to three Grand Slam titles. She did it at Wimbledon last year and at the 2003 and 2005 Australian Opens. Initially, Azarenka looked like she'd continue the Williams family woes. She broke Serena in the opening game and then, after fending off three break points, held her own opening serve in a game that lasted more than 15 minutes and went to deuce nine times. It was mostly one-way until Williams started her comeback in the second — winning five straight games and then getting on top again at the end of the tiebreaker. She dominated the third set, converting both her break-point chances. Li, who is forecast to go into the WTA's top 10 rankings after the tournament ends, was dominant in the third set when it counted against Venus Williams, who has five Wimbledon titles and two at the U.S. Open. "I don't like losing at all," Williams said. "No one does. I put in a lot of hard work to come out here and get a win (I'm) not at all pleased." She didn't take kindly to suggestions that grass might be her only Grand Slam title option in the future. "Like I said so many times before, if I would have, kind of gotten involved in what people said I would have never left the ghetto," Williams said. "So here I am playing pro tennis, playing well. The sky's the limit in this sport. I'm looking for thatThomas Sabo Bracelets."(Agencies)

Senior Chinese leader urges nurturing high quality grassroot Party officials

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Senior Chinese leader urges nurturing high quality grassroot Party officialsBEIJING, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) Gucci Rings-- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Thursday urged improving the quality of Party officials at grassroots level. Xi, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks here while meeting with Wang Boxiang, former secretary of a county committee of the CPC, whom Xi described as the model of such officials in the new period. Wang, born in 1943, has been a local official for more than 30 years and won praises for keeping a just and thrifty working style. From 1986 to 1991, he was Secretary of the Shouguang County Committee of the CPC in east China's Shandong Province. He led local people to promote greenhouse vegetable production, develop alkaline soil, and launch industrial projects, which greatly boosted local economic growth and solved the imbalance of development between north and south of the county. Xi said Wang helped build a solid material foundation for the county's development and won acclaim from both local officials and people with his hard work and uncorrupted behaviorsgucci silver rings. Xi called upon other Party members and officials to learn from Wang and seek benefits for people while at the same time maintain a clean style in life and work.

Easy rider for long legged men_55

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Senior leader urges to provide better cultural services to the blind_10

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New York Harlem singers_63

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In Bible versus Quran- they need few days to separate from their wives_65

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In Bible versus Quran: they need few days to separate from their wivesThis is the fifth article of the series: "The Foreigner woman in Bible versus Quran" Few quotes from the previous articles of this series are given here. In language, the foreign or the strange woman is the alien or the exotic or the outsider woman.? However, as determined by the Bible, the foreign or the strange woman is the non-Israelite woman. Subsequently, all non-Israelite women are foreign or strange women. This indicates that the women in the Bible are but one of two categories

Swedish rapper convicted in Calif

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US stocks advance as pending home sales rise 1 pct_14

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Beyonce- Taylor- Lady Gaga-_80

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Chinese donate to quake-hit Haiti_53

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A Sichuan Deyang adhesive-bonded textile mill end product warehouse night sends the fire

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on 17th evening, a Sichuan City of Deyang north end of town three Saint village adhesive-bonded textile mill has the fire, more than 200 square meters warehouses are burnt down, massive end product adhesive-bonded cloth and production equipment by fire swallow. Sichuan Deyang 30 fire prevention officers and soldiers snowy night fierce combat, to 18th about 2:00 am saves goal the fire successfully, avoided burning down Lian Ying the occurrence.  on 17th 22:37, 119 Control centers receive the warning saying that a 108 federal highway roadside spinning and weaving saves the goods warehouse to be on fire, fire intensity beyond control. The city subordinate fire prevention squadron sets out 3 fire engines, 20 fire officers and soldiers to arrive at the scene immediately in the first time, and launches the fire fighting rescue rapidly.  Because the workshop all around is the cotton material which the flammable lumber and uses in processing, in the warehouse the majority of adhesive-bonded cloth is on fire, the flame toward the outside is also fleeing, the potential must form the fire to burn continually the camp.  The scene director orders the fire officers and soldiers to block off the fire intensity spread immediately using the current of water, and cancels the adhesive-bonded cloth which with the fire will pile in heaps to put a stop to, and saves the end product adhesive-bonded cloth with every effort, reduces the loss. Several minutes later, because the fire intensity is fierce, more than 200 square meter workshop roofs are burnt break down short ugg boots.  about 23:00, 119 Control centers assign south the special service squadron 1 big power water lorry, the ancient banner the squadron 1 multi-purpose rescue tender and the correspondence command car appearance reenforce. Chief Xu Changrong arrives the direction fire fighting work. This time, the fire officers and soldiers and south side save goal the fire from warehouse northern side, carries on the converging attack to the warehouse.  To the suppress a fire, scene commander in chief Xu Changrong order the fire officers and soldiers to implement the boring from within comprehensively as soon as possible. 23:47, the sky starts to snow, the scene fire prevention officers and soldiers brave the house beam momentarily to have the danger which the possibility breaks, the thorough warehouse implementation boring from within, the officers and soldiers soak nearly completely in the water, cancels using the fire with the water, will be at burns without flames condition adhesive-bonded Butuo to leave.  Up to 18th about 0:00, the open fire is suppressed, the fire officers and soldiers continue to clean up in the goods warehouse the adhesive-bonded cloth, and carries on cooling. Until about 2:00 am, enters a war the fire officers and soldiers to evacuate the scene one after another.  According to the factory in textile skilled worker introduced that is on fire is because the pressure steam engine “sparks over”, ignited the cotton fabric which periphery piles up, at that time he was being on duty, after discovering the flame, he has used 3 fire extinguisher fire fighting, has not been able to control the fire intensity, after dispersing other factory labor, after he ran the workshop, pulled out has hit 119 warnings, latter remembered the steam engine not to close, when ran back the workshop, discovery entire warehouse already by fire swallow.  It is known that is on fire the goods warehouse has piled up with the end product adhesive-bonded cloth completely, the preliminary estimate loses the nearly 1,000,000 Yuan. At present, the fire reason is being further investigated.

The mother is saved to cut liver child hold to day of travel 10 kilometers reduce weight

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"Want me to eat a meal road of make a move, less more only, met that day from what help a son nearly a bit. " maternal Chen Yurong. This edition photographs: Chen Yurong of mother of reporter Chen Yong. Wang Yu of our newspaper reporter bright   before 7 many months, she is weighed to spend fatty liver by fish, cut liver to save child the door " phut " the ground be shut. The doctor says, want to help the child, your foretaste tries reduce weight, just subtract likely fatty liver. Cherishing a hope, from now on, she runs in river bank area Chen Jia Ji grows long dikes and dams. Chun Quqiu comes, regardless of the weather, 211 days, everyday cruel walk along 10 kilometers. Eventually, miraculous happening, spent fatty liver to disappear again. Maternal Chen Yurong, kowtow noisy to cut liver to save again child the door. The villager discipline of this good year still reduce weight should that is beautiful do thing   on October 25 before dawn at 5 o'clock, dikes and dams of Ji of home of a surname of river bank area. This large dams that builds for prevent or control flood, full-length 4.5 kilometers, it is a bound with vanward village, cent is east dam and on the west dam. Below dikes and dams, the village is quiet. "Zhi ah " , an iron gate inside vanward village left. A gaunt woman shined to come out quickly, go toward dam. Her pace is stridden so that do not calculate big, but frequency is splitting. Her the upper part of the body is held out straight, look far, have two thin legs only it seems that dialing quickly move, resembled be being gotten on clockwork spring is same. Far Tian Xingzhou is big the bridge lamp on the bridge, formed a smooth band. Borrowing faint light, she is driven before rapid ground face. Dim in, also have the figure with a few experienced morning, but these form are surmounted very quickly by that gaunt woman. "Reduce weight that is cool, should is that beautiful do thing ed hardy Belts? " somebody aloof morning woman propaganda to the enemy at the front line, the person of propaganda to the enemy at the front line calls Yi Zhoumei, live in bank margin, she tells a reporter, although the day did not shine, but she can identify that woman, because of all philtrum on dam, she goes the most quickly, the urgentest. Because oneself do fruit business, should rise everyday early go out into the fruit, arrive from the beginning of the year by September, can see that woman is cruel everyday go, one day is done not have discontinuous. Besides Yi Zhoumei, ten people that the reporter encounters in the village know the woman is reducing weight, but do not know why she wants to reduce weight. Maternal son became ill 18 years I should give the Laura that his liver reduces weight this to call Chen Yurong, this year 55 years old, did enterprise come off sentry duty from countryside 1996, become a treasurer in market of a building materials at present. Mention her, village person boast, work spell able, enthusiastic fast bowel, the son of opposite disease is meticulously more. But the what that her son gets is ill, it is not quite clear that folkses also say. Chen Yurong's son calls Xie Haibin, this year 31 years old. , hai Bin becomes suddenly splatter, go not straight on foot repeatedly, he is by diagnose a kind of congenital disease -- pathological changes of nucleus of liver beans shape, liver cannot excrete the copper of the generation inside body, cause copper long-term deposit, affect the viscera inside central nervous, body then, final likelihood causes death. Chen Yurong says, although know illness bode ill rather than well of the son, but let her feel death is minatory truly, it is big haematemesis two. On August 5, 2005 late night, the Chen Yurong that had been asleep hears vomitive voice of the son mistily, turn on the lamp when her, discover the blood that spreads out greatly in the sitting room. The doctor tells her later, xie Haibin's liver is already serious and sclerotic, need becomes transplanting operation, otherwise very it's hard to say still can live how long. But many yuan 30 variant transplanting charge, to this family, be cannot susceptive is astronomical. She chose to let a son accept protect liver to guard cure. Fall in makings of understand without being told of essence of life, xie Haibin's illness gets very big improvement. After this 3 years, xie Haibin marriage, parturient, still looked for portion casual, but of the illness break out again those who broke this one is halcyon. On December 14, 2008 at night, outer the Xie Haibin that be away on official business again haematemesis, be sent Yichang rescue of a hospital. Morrow early morning, chen Yurong takes morning shift car to be driven toward Yichang, because overflow extremely big mist, the freeway is sealed, son life and death was not predicted, the mother is fraught. Contemplation of silent of old jade Chengdu accuses God to protect his child, she is willing to exchange the son's life with his liver. Rescue of foliaceous sea Bin succeeded, be turned to Wuhan to digest medical cure with aid hospital after a few days, the illness tends stable. Chen Yurong also decides to fulfil the commitment to God, contribute liver a son of a deal out, and on Feburary 9, 2009 occupy organic transplanting ward. You have the doctor to spent fatty liver to cut liver to may die again the thing that an expect is less than broke Chen Yurong to contribute liver to save child hope. On December 31, 2008, chen Yurong's liver wears a result to show: Spend fatty liver again, adipose change liver cell occupies 50%-60% . This kind of circumstance, general unsuited do liver to donate. Considering illness of foliaceous sea Bin critical, Chen Yurong is saved child the heart is cut, wuhan undertook congress examine for its with aid hospital, designed a kind finally " eclectic " operation plan. In transplanting operation, xie Haibin withholds partial liver, chen Yurong contributes the liver of 1/3 to give a son. Such, chen Yurong's liver can drop the copper inside body for son metabolization, in the meantime, the liver inside body of old jade Chengdu can maintain the need of oneself basically also. The operation undertakes on Feburary 19, 2009 formerly. Be in operation before today, chen Yurong by advocate water professor calls knife doctor Chen Zhi the office. Professor Chen tells her, groovy examination is medium before the operation, xie Haibin by fish third liver. If undertake according to established plan, xie Haibin stays in liver of the part inside body, can infect third liver virus be about to transplant the liver of the mother that come over, bring about liver cirrhosis again, waste maternal liver finally. Be based on this reason, xie Haibin's liver must be excised entirely, the mother cuts 1/2 with respect to need even more liver give a son. But, the mother suffers from spend fatty liver again, the liver of 1/2 can't prop up the metabolization of its oneself. But, contribute liver to save child the operation is cancelled. She does not let the old partner I contribute liver to insist to want to reduce weight on foot marital Xie Guoxiang of Chen Yurong and daughter-in-law also want to contribute liver to the son, dan Chenyu Chengdu objects absolutely. Xie Guoxiang is Petroleum Company of Chinese petrifaction Hubei inside quit working labour, rose to do miscellaneous work on oil tanker 2003, every months of near 3000 yuan income is the main economy origin in the home. Chen Yurong says, after the son leaves hospital, should take medicine, small granddaughter wants to foster, marital body should break down, how is this home still maintained? Daughter-in-law also cannot be contributed, she is young still, prospective way is very long still. After the doctor understands a situation, also suggest Xie Guoxiang abandons, the illness of Bin of besides leaf sea tends stable, still can wait for period of time again. If Chen Yurong reduces weight, can eliminate fatty liver on certain level however. On Feburary 18, after Chen Yurong leaves hospital from the hospital, began oneself plan reducing weight in the evening that day. Because the doctor exhorts,cannot take medicine in disorder, motion also cannot too too acuteness, she chose to walk. The alley by home of Cong Chenyu Chengdu child in be on dikes and dams, left nearby, indicating namely " 2 " Dun of a stone, this also is Chen Jia Ji east the start of dam. Chen Yurong begins from here, the terminus that visits dam -- a mark is worn " 4.5 " stone Dun, walk along to make a round trip, as it happens 5 kilometers. Chen Yurong goes in the morning, go in the evening, one day is 10 kilometers. Every morning, chen Yurong did not arrive to set out from the home at 5 o'clock. In the evening, chen Yurong eats dinner to be about to go out, because there is nocturnal light on dikes and dams, she cannot come back too late. In a day of night July, traffic accident went out on dam: A when often take a walk middleaged woman was bumped to die by autocycle. After this is very long period of time, again unmanned in the evening walk to dam. Only alone Chen Yurong still goes on dam, "I am not afraid of what ghost, to a woman, what to still have more terrible than losing the child! " aboard of night of   Xie Guoxiang night suffers for wife concern be afraid of. He says, one day the wife calls to oneself, say " went not to go back " , whats lost sight of one bring shame on before, sat on dam later very long, just feeling Hei Mianjiang to return the home. He gives a boat all the year round outer, the wife reports only the good news Ed Hardy women Short Sleeve. "The case affirmation that day is very serious, or she won't say. She enjoins me to cannot tell a son all the time again later. " although   does not know this thing, the son still was full of ashamed to remorse to mom. Xie Haibin says, every meal has mother only the meal with half big fist is round, place a flesh to send to the side of the mouth sometimes, fill in again time go in the bowl. Chen Ronghua says big little sister of Chen Yurong, the sister has green vegetables only, water boils, without oil, issue pharynx hard at all. Be on a diet to oneself, chen Yurong is dissatisfactory. She says herself sometimes too hungry, control does not live eat two cracker, ate to be met very self-condemned. Everyday 10 kilometers road, every eat the rice with half big fist is round, the ordinary person is adv unimaginably need ability of what kind of perseverance to hold to. Chen Yurong says: "Sometimes I also feel cannot see an end, want to abandon. But I am certain: Want me to eat a meal road of make a move, less more only, met that day from what help a son nearly a bit. " if   mother cannot contribute me this to be able to walk along   all the time on September 21, small in sunlighting tomorrow morning, chen Yurong saw one side with the wind the Five-Star Red Flag of flutter. This lets her feel glad, ineffable glad. 7 many months come, her shoe goes broken 4 pairs, the callosity on the foot grew to be blown, blew grow again, and the waistline of a few trousers is tightened closely again. She feels is time goes a hospital examining oneself achievement. This flame standard lets her feel is a good sign. Weight shows: She already was decreased from 68 kilograms reach 60 kilograms; Liver wears show: Adipose change liver cell place is occupied be less than 1% . Fatty liver was done not have! This result lets professor of Chen Zhi water be astonished greatly, at that time to pacify her, say to want hard only, half an year perhaps can eliminate fatty liver, did not think of she was accomplished really. "This is a miracle simply! "   is right this, wuhan digests medical director Tian Dean to also plaint repeatedly with aid hospital: From cure a few years, had not seen a patient can be in 7 short fatty liver is eliminated inside the month, still be to be spent again what is more,the rather that more. "Without sturdy belief and extraordinary perseverance, do not do for certain! "     on October 19, below the proposal that in Chen Zhi water teachs, hospital of occupy of old jade Chengdu has comprehensive examination. 24 days of evening, she finished time of home was returned after nuclear magnetic resonance is checked. This is last her examination, her old partner also hurrieds back from wide water came. "A few days of be in hospital did not walk, feel a bit disturbed in my heart, since came back, still go. " 25 days of mornings, after Chen Yurong takes 5 kilometers route, east already floated the alpenglow that had red, far Tian Xingzhou is big the lamp on the bridge still is shining. Water professor weighs Chen Zhi, did not come two days, complete courtyard will undertake congress examine, evaluate Chen Yurong to whether can contribute liver this to the son. Chen Yurong tells a reporter calmly: If still cannot be contributed this, I can step down all the time.

City of Hubei chaste tree will die to save person be addicted to in the morning the undergraduate holds of memorial meeting

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Our newspaper reporter serves wreath the beach of the accident, should come everyday a lot of people are initiative grieve over heroic student on October 27, 2009, jing Zhou, the photograph of 3 heroes laughs aglitter below the flower, laugh leisurely. Chen Zhuo / the candle since point of student of college of CFP the Yangtse River, mourn the heroic student that die. Xiong Bo / CFP   Wu Yongwen saves a government to be saved on behalf of provincial Party committee the boy kneels down excuse is visited condolatory family member of 3 heroes undergraduate yesterday afternoon 3 when make, members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, politics and law appoint office grows Public Security Department of secretary, province Wu Yongwen, li Hongzhong of government of delegate provincial Party committee, province and Luo Qingquan of secretary of provincial Party committee, governor, will abandon respectively oneself help a person when Chen Ji of 3 heroes undergraduate, the He Dongxu, dwelling place that just enrols a family member, visited heroic family member, serve condolatory gold and the clearest greeting. As we have learned, city of chaste tree state plans to declare martyr title for 3 heroes, still will be ready to help others for a just cause to the province foundation declares a province one class hero is collective. Hubei province is ready to help others for a just cause 18 people wait when foundation prepares to award Chen Ji " Hubei province is ready to help others for a just cause hero " honorary title, hubei province is ready to help others for a just cause actively to the whole nation the advanced achievement that foundation declares them ed hardy women Sports pants. As we have learned, 3 will are to abandon in funeral parlour of city of chaste tree state at 10 o'clock now morning oneself the undergraduate that helps a person holds grand memorial meeting. Masses is initiative 3 heroes our newspaper also respects hold a memorial ceremony for the mourning hall that displayed wreath to be set in funeral parlour of chaste tree city, solemn and respectful and grave. At the door, a few male undergraduates wear white shirt, recieve a batch to dial initiative come round the people of hold a memorial ceremony for, "3 our good brother went, we can do these things only now! "   knows, do not know; Aged, junior; Came to another, or lifting wreath, or hold tuft Xian Juhua, sending out light leisurely is sweet, come to mourning hall. As we have learned, of mourning hall decorate, free help of a formal firm of city of chaste tree state is decorated. "These a few child are not Jing Zhou, they just come Jing Zhou a many months ah! " the great-grandmother of 63 years old of Huang Qun that comes from sanded urban district, look at the photograph of 3 youths, be unable to bear or endure shed next tear, "They are too small, ought not to go! " inside   mourning hall, wreath already was not placed, in the wreath outside mourning hall, also place into long dragon. The reporter sees, writing on the elegiac couplet of a few wreath, "Two retired workers " , " a mother " wait for model of written characters. Do not need to know, 3 undergraduates let everybody know with their action. Liu arranges leg ministry disabled of 45 years old clear, boiled water is heated in an apartment, every month has income of hundreds of yuan of cash only, but 1000 yuan of his money him live frugaly, take, "This is my a bit intention, give 3 undergraduates family! " because the spot is not accepted,donate, an unified account is accepted donate, help of a student makes this love money to account. Our newspaper also is abandoned to 3 oneself the heroic undergraduate that helps a person is respected displayed wreath. Meanwhile, by the side of the Yangtse River that sacrifices in 3 heroes undergraduate, before the desk of hold a memorial ceremony for that establish, hold a memorial ceremony for comes before the citizen that also is in an endless stream is initiative. Jing Zhou creates contribute money only door yesterday afternoon 5 when make, in politics and law of city of chaste tree state appoint 5 buildings assembly room, held a brief contribution ceremony. President king of company of estate of long heaven and earth of city of chaste tree state passes Xu, after the achievement that is informed 3 heroes undergraduate from media, weep several times. He is contributed give 300 thousand yuan, give 3 heroes the undergraduate's family. This is current till, the biggest brushstroke contribute money. Wang Chuanxu expresses, he still will represent company of estate of long heaven and earth tomorrow, the other hero student that goes to 3 heroes of team of winter swimming of city of state of condolatory chaste tree and university of the Yangtse River, "They, also be a hero! "   Zhongshan Hua Diran provided Inc. to also deliver 10 thousand yuan to every family; A citizen that have never met before, come hurriedly, deliver 3000 yuan. A chief says department of propaganda of municipal Party committee of chaste tree state, it is facilitating citizen contribution, and appropriate government contribute money, government of people of city of chaste tree state appointed charity of city of chaste tree state to always can establish special account designedly: 18622908091001, contribution hot line is: 0716-8121720. You were brought up, must compare an elder brother outstanding yesterday afternoon 2 when make, be saved the parents of little boy Chen Tianliang and father and Zhang Zhipeng, will be in " 10 · 24 " fall into water the guesthouse that the family when the Chen Ji that sacrifices among incident shacks is visited. The father Chen Chongxiang when Chen Ji is feeling the forehead of small day break, asing if is the child that looks at his general, "You were brought up later, must compare an elder brother outstanding, well filial parents, be free to often come home look. " although painful break close child pain, let this fellow sadness unceasingly, do not cross what the father when Chen Ji still is a son to serve as pride unceasingly. Wu Xiaohua says Zhang Zhipeng's mother, "If not be oneself child stir up trouble, 3 undergraduates won't go. After, we teach the child well certainly, the newspaper office is answered to meet well after letting their grow upping! " city of state of chaste tree awards " 10 · 24 " of  hero group " be ready to help others for a just cause heroic group "  is commend advanced, promote healthy atmosphere, municipal Party committee of chaste tree state, municipal government decides to award with old seasonable, He Dongxu, square action is a delegate " 10 · 24 " heroic group " be ready to help others for a just cause heroic group " honorary title, and masses of broad cadre of appeal whole town to " 10 · 24 " heroic group learns. Party committee of university of the Yangtse River makes a decision: Name attend rescue falls into water 2 times on October 24, 2009 afternoon 15 undergraduates of the teenager are " 24 rescue of 10 · the Yangtse River falls into water the teenager is ready to help others for a just cause heroic group " , chase after when awarding Chen Ji, square action, He Dongxu 3 classmates " be ready to help others for a just cause heroic undergraduate " honorary title. In the meantime, award participate in rescue to fall into water wide report of the teenager is 5092 Ban Xubin Cheng, wide report 5091 Ban Lijia grand, accountant is 5094 Gong Xiangtao, wide report is 5091 Zhang Rongbo, wide report 5091 ginger. (civil / Hu Yihua of our newspaper special correpondent pursues / Xiong Bo of our newspaper special correpondent)relevant read:Ed Hardy women Long Sleeve The undergraduate helps a person 3 people be addicted to dies add: The person that help a person says to will still help undergraduate of the person that recourse written guarantee person ladder helps a person 3 people be addicted to dies will declare be ready to help others for a just cause ladder of adult of more than 10 undergraduate knot saves collective   fall into water 3 people of teenager be addicted to dies

The man suffers in before dawn road going to work that cut throat_121

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Report from our correspondent (trainee Liao Yu flies to reporter Shi Shanwei) yesterday before dawn, in bystreet of the Lu Xicheng in Guangzhou health king, a man encounters accident in road going to work, cervical be cut by the knife, die on the spot. City confirms the domestic Le Fuchao of the road in health king, this man is supermarket employee, accident reason still needs to investigate. Neighbor: Before dawn 4 when hear " help " sound yesterday morning 8 when, the body is covered by blue tent, there is cordon all around. The side after accident ground is located in supermarket of happy blessing of home of Kang Wangzhong way, journey end is one place building site. Northern part is in ten meters is community alarm Wu room, two side have the thing each a monitoring is photographed like the head. An A Bai that lives around says, before dawn 4 when 30 minutes or so, he is heard transmit downstairs " help " , sad then silence. When the building below early morning, he sees a man falls in flagging center pool of blood, be less than age of 30 years old, dress shirt on the west pants, there is a knife wound on the neck, doubt cuts throat and die ed hardy Belts. It is reported, the evening shift that is community of bright and beautiful dragon ensures public security most discover first call the police next. The ambulance is in 5 when the left and right sides arrives, affirm the man dies on the spot. The dead is speculation of neighbor of around supermarket employee, the supermarket of domestic happy blessing on the side is 5 when go up morning shift, from the point of the dead's dress, should be this supermarket employee. After accident happening, supermarket director ever had looked to the spot. The reporter contacts excellent Le Fuchao ministry of city public relations Miss Liu, the other side affirms in the phone, the dead is this supermarket employee really, before dawn is yesterday in road going to work by be murdered of injury of acerb article disclose, other condition still is being investigated. The reporter still understands, the dead is the supermarket accepts goods department employee, person of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region. Yesterday morning 9 when 15 minutes, funeral parlour car is present body carry away. Police removes tent to remove after block, still can see bloodstain of one big booth, the dustman is rinsed quickly with water. Neighbor report, because this paragraph of alley does not have street lamp, often happen previously rob incident.

Ground of genuflect of the person that after old freight car strikes a person, escape finds

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xie Yingjun) tricycle husband is in pool a tall building, bumped; Behave like a hooligan of cause trouble driver, ran. This is this month 9 days in the evening 8 when a cause trouble that happens in pool a tall building to receive guest grade escapes incident, a tricycle is knocked over by old freight car when across driveway, the female passenger of tricycle broke 4 toe, and old freight car escapes not to have footprint. Yesterday, tricycle husband Li Ming learns to return accident place, genuflect hits an annunciate to search eyewitness in driveway edge, if can offer number of cause trouble plate to will have,weigh a citizen reward. "I also am to do not have method, that female passenger looks for me to submit an expense account every day medical expenses, my where is rich! " Li Ming learns complain of suffering to. Yesterday morning, the reporter receives citizen newspaper stuff, say to greet guest road to see someone in pool a tall building genuflect cries in driveway edge. Reporter immediately hurries to the spot, as we have learned, this man is called Li Ming to learn, this month 9 days night 8 when, li Ming learned to play a this place of female passenger go by, when cross driveway an old freight car knocked over his tricycle cheap metallic ugg boots. Li Ming learns and that female passenger throws dispatch a vehicle on the spot outside, his head is heavy knock, and female passenger broke toe of 4 left feet. Cause trouble van did not stop after run down tricycle, instead absolutely dirt and go. Li Ming learns to remember old freight car only is automobile body of blue compartment type, date of 3 end after plate is " 312 " . Two people are sent hospital cure, because do not have,Li Ming learns apparently traumatic, add be hard up, gave a courtyard early, and that female passenger that broke toe says: Unless Li Ming learns to find cause trouble driver, otherwise her medical treatment cost wants Li Ming to learn to pay. "Where do I have money, my son suffers from uremia to treat a disease in native place. " doctrine of   Li Ming, only now hope is the plate number that the citizen offers cause trouble car, find cause trouble driver at an early date. (Sign up for makings person: Miss Wei bonus: 80 yuan)

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