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Ye Feng was blowing from,

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I quietly retreated sofa side, where stood Tao Jianbo guitar. I pick up the guitar, the fiddle with the strings gently, that faint twang sound waves have been swallowed up by the sound recording. My sister laughing, Chu Lian's eyes shining, his childhood chasing us on the hillside ... ... someone at my side to sit down.

"Give me that guitar!" He said.

I am at a loss to see him, it was almost forgotten to charge my Yunfan.

I handed him the guitar. "Come with me!" He said, his feet. Rolex DaytonaI went to the glass door with him, where is my home garden, Ye Feng was blowing from, with a touch of flowers, holly tree, shadow, stands, under the moonlight. The steps in front of him sat down, holding guitar, he set aside a series of moving sound waves, I am amazed to sit beside him, staring him.

"I do not know if you still play the guitar!" I said.

"In the U.S., I can give the band to do a professional guitarist." He understatement to say that clusters wonderful notes pouring out from his fingertips. I am dumbfounded, and Zheng Zheng's looking at him. He looked up to see me, a casual question: "To hear my song, sing it?" "To." I say mechanization.

his mother to live with me

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"You know I was 'Valentine's eyes out of beauty' is enough!" He Huazhongyouhua. I stare at him in no mood to speculate where the meaning of his words opened a box, my father brought his mother to find a gift, due to come back too short, and temporary street to buy something that, thankfully, is a broad husband Yunfan In need of money is never a lack of time, which also save a lot of trouble. I gave my father that the two suits expected, are equipped with good harmonic color tie and handkerchief. His mother was a mink shawl. Holding things, I washed down the stairs, loud shouting parents, the mother washed out from the kitchen, and looking at shawls, her inexplicable began to cry, Yong Zhao and that soft fur, her face wiping tears on the one hand, said:

"I always want to do a shawl."

"I know." I said. , "How do you know?" Mother, look me in tears.

"I'm your daughter, is not it?" I said.

As a result, once again embraced his mother to live with me, hold tight. replica IWC

After his father to see the expression of gifts and his mother was different, he look at that suit and tie a handkerchief material, it is of interest to ask:

"This is who is with the color?" "Yun-Fan." I said. He then looked me up and down.

"Your clothes do?" "Is his, he likes to dress me."

His father looked at Yunfan U-turn, he shone a layer of fundus appreciation and love of the light, hands pressed Yunfan shoulders, he said:

"We come to drink, okay?"