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The family is an early expedient and in many ways irrational. If the race had developed a special sexless class to be nurses, pedagogues, and slaves, like the workers among ants and bees, then the family would have been unnecessary. Such a division of labor would doubtless have involved evils of its own, but it would have obviated some drags and vexations proper to the family.

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Star scramble wars

Appearance may be too strange, confronts Emma people fired up to take care of, Federal ... C if it is not under that thick external armor of a wide range of laser energy, is super large baptism of fire, federal, probably would have become one universe garbage.

"Note that a small number of enemy broke through the blockade with fire. "The chicken dance is a reminder of one's subordinates. "Main gun firing rate remained stable, and cruiser, later. ”

Shake the entire warship, Emma fleet of warships hit coming.

"Crazy sth Are crazy. "On the table of the Captain General, coach outlet online store but shook his head. "Such a high loss tactics, there is less bullying we ship. ”

Between battleship and cruiser, as if the difference n, all Federal soldiers and some general idea. However, Emma use their courage, proved that they who Amarr Navy, is not the object of contempt.

In this battle, the [Federal] by Emma people welcome to sth Basically, the fire was experienced by other friendly fire several times. Not only that, many Amarr battleship, targeting the Commonwealth.

"Captain, 16 armor completely damaged, replace the armor takes eight minutes. "Report of the technical staff for the whole bridge-after one of the people.

"Eight minutes, now there is no reason why this eight-minute conditioning time. "Lightning light said out loud, completely replace the armor, you need external staff in ships to tie in with the operation. "Damage control group has been too busy to die, now outside the ship repair work, and what is the difference between die. ”

"Suspension repair, closed 16 armor, sent two teams of Marines, 17 armor on stand-by. "Once again, Phoenix dance issued the same command. "Look, this is not fatal crash, also was able to give us tremendous losses. ”

"Don't say the battleship to the big bullying the small, now, less obviously Emma how deceiving people. "coach outlet online store grin sth Although has not the slightest fear the outcome, however, now, really was not happy by coach outlet online store.

Emma people like chebogar; cshebogar of the emergency unit, and the impact had not the slightest hesitation, coach outlet online store are not strong heart full of shaking.

"The feeling is like bullying people. But bullying is us. "Chicken dance reluctantly shook his head. While the main gun of the Cruiser configuration does not cause substantial damage to the battleship thick armor, but those are not fatal collision, but it can make formations became confused from time to time.

Six hours after sth Fighting had ended.

Floating wreckage of the metal in the universe, although some Sparks, but life appears on the scanner, but that it had not had any life.

Here is the Golden warship's grave. Although only fragments of the Cruiser class of sth

Struggle hard sth Radical struggle hard. Who eventually did not escape the Amarr Navy warships, to the secret service fleet owners a lesson.

"Service, and is the second we're retaining Ai Maren on his way home, definitely not only so that the enemy. "Fleet Captain General of coach outlet online store, saying everyone understand words.

However, the watch on the bridge, everyone on the go figure. Sitting alone on the command table Lu road, awkward feel of the nose. Different with others, coach outlet online store is now battleship, is not proficient in many aspects. However, he long served as a qualified member of the gun, has a lot of confidence.

"Let the train immediately fully recharge. "It was Michelle, now take the Captain General of the Chief of the secret service fleet given. Used to be an easy job, because coach outlet online store because of nothing, now, Michelle, has been too busy to want to commit suicide.

"After injury statistics on the situation of the fleet, sent immediately. "Chicken dance, servicing, Federal Captain light lightning work entrusted to the Procurator, they assume the fleet adjustment work, it can be said that she is the most hard man across the bridge.

"Airborne scanning system receiving antenna repair cannot? For one, was immediately replaced by conditioning classes new antennas, temporarily with an alternate. "Falcon is a space fighter formations responsible for readiness here, although there are a lot of standby fighter, however, after taking into account of the battle, for now, is probably responsible for the maintenance of the most hard conditioning class members.

Posted: 06:32, 11/6/2012
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