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hey guys i'm gonna quit so i really love to this but its to much xoxo

Posted: 14:24, 15/8/2012
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to katy

hey katy, you aksed me if i can post some blogs about gadgets but i think that isn't a thing i like because the things i write about like stars and makeup are things i really like and things i knew much about so i'm really sorry i don't gonna write about gadgets if there are gadgets for makeup i will post it so i'm gonna search for it:) xoxo and take care

Posted: 11:36, 9/8/2012
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he girls, today my blog is about nailart, the new trend is happy nailart, its so new that i can't find a picture on internet. its like, you paint your nails a dark color like darkgreen exept your ringfinger. than you choose a lighter color like lightgreen. this happy nail art gives you a perfect summerfeeling. i hope you enjoy and maybe you can put your pictures of it in the comments below xoxo

Posted: 11:28, 9/8/2012
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justins tweet to Mariah

Although it is quiet for months around Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater, the fan who claimed to be pregnant by him, had Justin last Saturday a special tweet for Mariah. Justin tweeted namely: 'Dear Mariah Yeater, we have never met, but from the bottom of my heart I tell you ... "In this he added a movie in which Borat is heard as he says, "You will never get this." check here the tweet to Mariah and the video ---> https://twitter.com/#!/justinbieber/status/193827276654247936 XOXO.

Posted: 13:20, 24/4/2012
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The Gleecast this week, but preferably for the two hundredth time in the U.S. charts!

And they did it in less than three years! The first time they were in the list in June 2009 with Do not Stop Believin. That was like the biggest hit of the series, with the number 4 as the highest position and seven weeks in the list.

The bicentennial of the Glee Cast listing on the Billboard Hot 100 is a cover version of Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye and Kimbra. The number is this week at No. 1 in the U.S.

i'd like to know what you guys think about Glee, i like them very much♥

read to you next time:)

Posted: 12:58, 23/4/2012
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katy perry was spotted kissing a new man

Katy Perry, who in recent weeks had a fling with the French model Baptiste Giabiconi, was spotted kissing a new man! The lucky man is Robert Ackroyd, guitarist of the band Florence + the Machine. The two were last weekend kissing and cuddling on the sensitive plate at the U.S. music festival Coachella. A source tells Katy that Robert even called her boyfriend. "Backstage at the festival remained Katy say that her boyfriend guitarist of Florence + the Machine. Katy and her friends would go to the actions of Dr. Dre look, but Katy really wanted her new lover perform. " click on the link to see some lovely pictures.

Posted: 12:47, 23/4/2012
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my first blog

hy everyone,

this blog is about fashion, live, life, love and stars. maybe your gonna love, maybe your gonna hate it but i'd try to do my best for you! in the  comments below you can put your tips or extra comments, maybe you can just give a compliment;)

i hope you'd enjoy reading my blog.

have fun, i'll read to you next time xx

Posted: 16:51, 22/4/2012
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