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Marquis Hunter

Marquis Hunter

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Selecting the Right Kitchen Faucet for Your Sink

Posted at 07:06 on 18/12/2007

Today’s “must have” kitchen upgrade is the kitchen faucet. Faucets have been revolutionized to be the “star” of the kitchen. Manufacturers have made faucets more stylish and versatile than ever, while keeping the needed functionality consumers demand.

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of styles, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Options include sprayers, matching soap dispensers, hot water dispensers, and escutcheons/ deckplates. Each of these options requires a separate mounting hole. The most important thing to know before buying a kitchen faucet is knowing the type of sink that the faucet will be used with:

  • The style of the sink. Are you matching the sink color?
  • Does your sink have 3 or 4 mounting holes?
  • What is the the space between the holes?
  • Is the faucet spout long enough to reach the center of the bowl? Size the faucet to complement the sink, not overwhelm it.
  • Do you have extra mounting holes for desired accessories: soap and/or lotion dispenser, sprayer, hot water dispenser, etc.?
Faucets today have many finish options available to suit any décor. Some options include; chrome, polished brass, chrome/brass, brushed nickel, satin nickel, French gold, brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, weathered copper, French bronze, pewter, white, almond, biscuit, satine, and platinum.

One of the most important things to remember about finishes is that each manufacturer’s finishing process is different, and the color will vary slightly. To ensure that all the faucets and accessories match, buy them from the same manufacturer. Most manufacturers have made choosing easy by offering beautiful collections of related kitchen accessories such as, soap dispensers, cutting boards and bottom grid racks.

Visit http://www.faucet.com for a wide variety of quality kitchen faucets and sinks. Call and speak with one of our product specialists to find the right faucet for your kitchen.

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