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como limpiar una alfombra de pelo largo

The History of Carpet Cleaning Machines

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The very first of carpet-cleaning machines was first brought to light in 1869. It absolutely was called the “sweeping machine” which was invented by Ives Mcgaffey. Not long after that, in 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth came out with carpet-cleaning machines using a British patent, which was a rather large horse drawn, gas driven machine. This would often be seen parked outside of businesses that were being cleaned; the hose would be pulled through the windows of the building to where the carpet was to be cleaned. Eventually the machines were made smaller and easier to use. It would take a whole corps of individuals to move these large machines from one business to another The very first of portable carpet-cleaning machines came about in 1907, invented by James Murray Spangler. He found he was getting ill from the sweeping machine and went to work on fixing the problems of the dirt and dust being put back into the air. He was the first to use a cloth type filter with attachments for cleaning. He got the patent for his “portable electric Vacuum” in 1908 and sold it to a gentleman we have all heard of, William H. Hoover. Hoover® carpet cleaning machines are one of the leading brands sold still today; at one time or another every household had a Hoover. The Air-Way Sanitizor introduced the first disposable bag “filter fiber” in 1920 in Toledo, Ohio. This was perhaps one of the very best parts of the carpet cleaning machines invented. Another name well known to every household is Bissell. Anna Bissell and her husband Melville ran a crockery shop in Michigan. Melville has severe allergies in the sawdust and Anna fought tough to maintain the establishment dust free for him. Melville eventually developed the first carpet sweeper which got it’s patent in 1876. He later proceeded to create carpet-cleaning machines, which incorporated the use of detergent and water to clean carpets. These carpet-cleaning machines were introduced in the early 1950’s. Bissell products are sold in more than 60 countries today. Carpet Cleaning Technology Has Come A Long Way The carpet cleaning machines have sure come a long way in the horse drawn-gas powered cleaners of yesterday. You will find carpet cleaner machines that area small enough to fit right into a pocket now. No home would be complete with out some kind of vacuum or sweeper and for those tough stains you may find people using the ever popular carpet steam cleaners. como limpiar una alfombra de pelo largo

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The History of Carpet Cleaning Machines


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