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My dutch life

Crazy fishing trip today!

Posted on 27/5/2015 at 19:05

Since it is fishing season right now it will be a lot of fishing talk! Today we went to our little lake where we mostly fish.

Today was the most crazy day I have experienced there. Maybe cause we were alone at the lake, guessing the germans donīt have any holidays right now ;)

They say there is 80 carps in the lake and we caught a third of them :D Then I am not counting the ones that escaped. We only use barbless hooks cause they donīt harm the fishes as much as the ones with barbs. Backside of it is that more of them can escape. Not that it matters a day like this :)

Hmm...just tried to add a picture and discover that the maximum size is 1 mb? Cīmon, how is that possible? Rather impossible! If it is true I guess I have to find another place for my blog but will check it out first.

Til then, arrividerci!

A new life

Posted on 27/5/2015 at 18:30

At the moment I am trying it out but hopefully I soon get it and can start making real stuff!

After a year in Holland I felt I need to start a blog that is not only for my native people ;)

So this part of my life will be in English.


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