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enjoy peace and happiness will certainly presented the most devout prayers for every misery, disaster, Luan Li,

protect tribal friends25/2/2010
When I re-continent in Azeroth to learn, I have temporarily put down ice-priests, chose salvation tribal priest friends. Put down a heavy Dungeon Master mission, I am comfortable on a long trip journey pastor. The task is still followed, but not difficult, pastor of God began to reveal the power of Dawn. One senior minister told me that salvation is the pastor of the mission, when you choose a pastor, not only to face the enemy's blood, more importantly, to protect tribal friends, your magic is reserved for salvation of others, even though Then you may be sent to wow gold their own lives. I Sidongfeidong, but still these words engraved in the heart. After several team cooperation, and I can finally fledgling, standing at the crossroads of the barren land - a transportation hub, but the desolate place. Pat off the dust, I can not wait to receive a number of tasks, temporary relief of local needs or crises. Later, I came to Mankelike before a sad face, slightly hoarse Orc warrior, he saw me, his eyes seemed to radiate back up, he begged me, and tirelessly said: "My wife, she ... ... We have a small tauren camp operations, and then was broken up - she was alone with three stab people fighting back wild boar. situation is getting bad, I have to divert some of the enemy, and she also was soon surrounded by a new enemy arrived. In the fury, I am rushed the enemy, but they are numerous, it's easy to put me down. I woke up when a Tauren Drew Iran is caring for my wound, he was in gold on the road to find me. clergyman, please help me find my wife's audio. "Bi said that he could not help choking, and I know that soldiers tears, only to remain in their hearts. I know, it seems that I was his hope. I took it to leave the warm look at a crossroads and looked back Mankelike, he is still eager to stare. .wow po . In the vast, infertile land is no small task to find a person. Whenever there is a hint of frustration, Ying Mankelike in my brain inside the eager, thought senior pastor of the mission said. Again, I come up with the record Mankelike speaking notes, would like to find out the slightest clue. Little Tauren camp? . . . Tauren? . . . Oh! Think of it, at the crossroads of the west, there's a camp called Tao Lazu, where presence of the friendly Tauren friends. Gold Road. . . Necessarily along the gold road. . . Huh? How in the previously barren land barren plain, for no reason and there are two poor house? I say poor, because from a distance appears already see the house of the Yue-long state of disrepair, in the past rest a bar, hoping to have Mankelike where his wife's audio. I went to the fence next to the screaming of several more, it seems that there is no response. I was rude fence into the house where the owner would like to ask whether the point of cool spring water to give me this little priest.
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from the Holy Light22/12/2009
What is Light? It can protect the crops will not be locust invasion do? Or, it can help the casting furnace flames never go out? It allows the children or the weak to become strong warriors moment?. It do anything to those. It's just light up our hearts, guide us to where the effort. One-year maturity of two quarters of the western oats, and constantly being cast out of armor and weapons, group after group of brave young soldiers, have had the strength to draw from the Holy Light. You know-you everywhere in your newborn newborn baby shine shine dusk of the person you are in the early morning welcome by the faithful to worship the fog will not block wow gold your creatures in your prayers the dark midnight listen attentively to your glory I will not impair the public, under the blessing of walking in your the guidelines will get your solemn congregation, I will fight you shrouded under the divine blessing I receive your congregation by your goodness and integrity Dehui the company of my congregation who will be your guide Bong emblem and flag you as I will grace your congregation Mongolia Yong-Yuan You have to forgive me because you are holding a public glory and victory will add honor to your congregation because you and I enjoy peace and happiness will certainly presented the most devout prayers for every misery, disaster, Luan Li, illness and I am calling you names or public You never have to save every person you never shine shine every one fortresses - in the name of Light. Postscript: That night, after I have written epitaph, Al once again came to my office. He must have wanted to say has already repeated many times, where appropriate, but the openings, he put it very succinctly. "Dear teacher, I feel need more than a funeral." I slowly spit it out in one breath, feeling his throat some of the hair shaft. He saw that I did not answer, then continue to say: "The teacher, our team some of whom are battle-hardened heroes, all of us who are not afraid of the unknown fate. We should ... ..cheap wow gold." "Al." I calmly interrupted him, "We believe that the shoemaker should be in the workshop where shoe repair, baker should be baked in the hearth bread, blacksmith on the anvil should be to create armor, the maid should be cut potato skin ... ... and a hero should be inter - the horse to surrender dragon, defeat the giant, saving thousands of vulnerable people, we have always think so, we have been wrong. hero is just a silly title, but not a dignified job. "I look forward to his Jingmang captivates her audiences eyes, constant meditation the mind will not take your eyes off, do not take your eyes off, not showing fear and uncertainty, not to his chivalrous and dashing spirit of compromise, not allow him to indulge in mind the heroic spirit, at least not now, not now ... ... - But Uther, do not you do not understand what the front of this young man want to say and want to do? Do you have forgotten the young man followed behind the fighting in the Anduin, it is difficult to suppress the emotional agitation in mind to sing the fight song and the scenes? Do not you have been this long and arduous battle a slick will, devoid of hearts the flame of that group jump, willing to do a study of maps and reports only know the general officer? He is also a long time to stare at me in the eye. At this moment I calmly accepted the facts: he knew my heart, as he has already decided to be the future path that lies ahead. Even if we can not hold high the Light to see the fate of one step beyond. Nevertheless, he still can only continue to courage to go on. I do not know why, this time I suddenly remembered that I had inadvertently asked Yourui Fu, he was the son of Zafiro not want the future to do a Paladin. To my surprise, he firmly shook his head said to me: "no. I want my son to live in a no Paladin in the world, to live in a Holy Light has only been one praise worship, without having to be used to try and punish the world, living in a group of ordinary people who were happy with his wife and never part. "- in order to forge such a world, we have to pay more the price? We just silently staring, until he finally low noble head. "Dear teacher, if the prayer be useful ... ... Yes, if the prayer useful, if prayer can replace the battle, if the devout can replace the heroic, if the Divine Light can be so calm and full of poetic tradition continues, we may use the time to pray for a lifetime . "He took a deep bow to me," Please allow me to retain their ideas. "" Al, I hope you will understand one day. "I whispered," You can smash the enemy's head Warhammer, can also help a bird hatched successfully. power is not everything, no matter where the power comes from. "He did not answer, but quietly turned and left the door gently zone. I am not sure that they are not heard him sigh. There is no doubt that he will be a million people admire the hero, until the long, long time after the main characters are all kinds of poetry, no matter how he manage his own life, all will be right Lordaeron continent, and even the whole world cause irreversible impact. Sitting in cramped quarters at the moment to listen to four weeks into the silence, I heard the voice of the world running. That is, in this moment, I suddenly foresee his own fate.
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