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My life


19:40, 27/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
So I'm have begon this blog today..
I am gonna write this blog about my life my complains the bad and good thing thats happened to me or are going to happen (I think). I'm going to write it in Englisch but there can be Dutch words in it.

Ok so now I'm just going to talk about me and later about the thing that happened to me and my feelings.

So I'm a girl and I'm 15 years alt. I live in an little town and I go to high school VWO I'm in my fourth year. I have math, Englisch, German, Dutch, ANW, history, art, art history, PE, CKV, M&O and geography. I have two cats Zorro and Tijger. I have a little sister a mother and a father. I have great friends: Laura, Emma, Saskia and Tamar. I had a boyfriend but he broke up with me because a girl who hates me and she threatened him. But then he sad that he doesn't like me anymore because I had a surgery, I can be sometimes very hiper and sometimes very sad and I'm not happy with my body and he thinks that most girls only think their fat...

So today I had to go to school and it was boring. I had to go to school without my phone because it broke...
Then I had a haircut and I'm very pleased with it.
When I got home I was very hungry because I hadn't have lunch but instad of eating some bread I had 'stoopwafels' and oreo's.. And I'm not happy about it because I'm suppost to lose weight.
Then I only watched movies and series and I did nothing of my homework.
That averternoon my sister came to me in my bridesmaids dress from four years ago and I thought he I still fit it because I did fit it last year but I didn't so I'm realy upsad about it...
I have to make a lot of homework but I can't puss myself to do it.
I also have to make a movie about Sinterklaas. It's a typical Dutch holiday and maybe I am going to show it her but I don't know....

I'm feeling really depressed at this moment and very tired but my head is just thinking and thinking so I had to write it down in this blog that hopefully make me less think and than I can do my homework again and maybe just maybe I´m going to feel better...

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