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Miles it was not shake

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"Not ask, because of the MBT Fanaka large gars last night, and now the missing. Some legends, because buy food was caught, therefore DongWen." Listen to a big surprise o-sensei shiva said: "comment! You last night, I saw you are coming to China, and why living here? Is this your concerns for some, but how to get it right?" Young skywalker: "what matter, you dont make such a fuss, just say to me that will not matter." Sophisticated shiva said: "now. I have to say it is called the kingdom, and the king called luosha demons. This country to devil, although people do buy do sell, food and clothing to the general, if cycle theory of six, but not one way. Masters from China, nature is adopted to saint, how long valley and the generation of LaoShen last night? It as a single cook some thin porridge, known for comment support those ghost food isnt you to eat. The MBT Chapa master night too thin beak, mutter, porridge is to do not have enough to eat, to eat food, it was all spirits countered." Young skywalker way: "this is needless to say, this also ask you, I didnt sleep last night in the upstairs, meditation, and there are many XiWu jinnee violations, luckily I MBT Shoes Clearance old master GaoDeChong way, not to, but where come of?" Sophisticated shiva way: "sir, you know, I have a black boy king prince, but the love was born, MBT M.Walk on the prince is well; wandering, daily with a very large retinue, specially made for noisy. Yesterday, the city is classic, someone saw his newspaper, voldemort sent army to flirt at night." Young skywalker: "how do you know that is sent to prince?" Sophisticated shiva said: "these are all the camp, Lord, becomes the king not mess. The nation, has sent the peoples army play? Others and sent to suppose, the home is the prince, virtual head." Young skywalker said: "this is just you live in it, and the person is still? Sophisticated shiva said: "LaoShen is one." Young skywalker said: "you are what son, but lust, living in this ghost countries?" Sophisticated shiva way: "sir, LaoShen ask poorly lived here, have a reason. This way, a southeast to Tracy a persin, in the mountains, MingHuan Russian women. As the saying goes: a son to heaven for nine children. His husband luosha immortality WangSui vigorously in a ghost, made a ghost king. The king because of perfect luosha are immortal, which made it to the palace of brake female; for these demons luosha fairy who waits in too, not LaoShen task in this practice, so LaoShen to burn in the night. The food is cooked porridge, are the emerald yunshan."

Empty car took a few time

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GaoMu shaped like GaoMu, and HuoPoPo containing the face. Like cold heart grey, cold gray is the warm air. Wear a garment, bring the anakim broken Ye Ye bead, Wear a hat/month, broken capuchin. Dont smell Buddha, Buddha in the ear and acoustic yangyang, did not see the book, but when the body with zen. Monk wax, and has true deposit deposit old, Though the margins, and in all not feeling lonely lonely. Wisdom, destroy comet view intrinsic know good mage, The bald head, foreign minister spire but a monk.

The monk saw han, and came into the temple, busy interrogated a way: "adult lai2? Mountain to meet monk." HanYuDao: "because of sacrificial sea, city, to borrow treasure, therefore ta-pa-ni here." The monk said: "not only could kill that couch grass, kitchen waste official habitat for pu yi, without Xie honour is." Prepare for FenFu waiter lent. Saito, hence to send in the east han meditation, but his bed rest in the west cattail hassock meditation.

Because the Buddha han, tired, why not offend monk. That day, in bed for a buddhist monk, see the rest in meditation, all fixed. Under the heart: "we thought read more, not hasten monks pile, is MBT Chapa used to cheat; the two buddhas, no one monk youdao gas, cant the monk and lost." Under the bed, and went to glaze saunter before meditation. The monk saw, it rose to customers. Because asked: "teacher, han large?" The monk replied: "had a great mountain!" Han smiles to say: "teacher, how big a great mountain turn?" Big dian way: "I world championship, often thinks is small. The big sangha, not that big shall be?" Han yu heard surprised: "immortal." not smell also Because asked: "for the buddhists yaw-roll-pitch division, why not set text, ZhongQing greatness?" Great mountain: "ZhongPan naruto, to provoke the dust; do not set for the ancient buddhist scriptures,". Han said: "listen to the joy, what wonderful teacher said that all the statue, decree intermittently as a teacher, I like lodge a HanYuFo bone, do not watch!" Big dian heard say "han yus" 2 words, also was asked, "murphy is changli adults?" HanYuDao: "is the anakim. Teachers of high mountains and han, common name mentioning buccal how also summons?" Big dian way: "Korea ChongWang fights, Confucius adult mountain, FangJin subpolar one really chuan. Little monk is sent, trace concentration avenue of buddhist, dare not. Generation great admiration! But Korea adults in eight, for HeYuan officials say a thorn? And why is bone, Buddha?" HanYuDao: "this is the destruction of the Buddha, the smell of the improper teacher. However, the teacher in charge not shelter evil religion, he said. Fengxiang famen temple, jump pass XiNian Chen was ZuoHua mage, it left hidden in the tower Buddhism bone every three years. The open, and in abundance, abbot famen temple. Eve born there, said the monks now as three decades, please open the tower on. This holy nearby constitutional cases, the emperor believed her bow to the miserable wenwu, will meet fengxiang Buddha bone into finding that these fools fed much more. Sangha to burn out at the top, and charity, and wealth, obscene, life to emperor han ec subject. I see the Buddha, however, because a table linen, bone. ShengShang bate, Chen to add DianXing lai, the courtiers. This is relegated official." Big dian, hear the word: "this table for the court made members, craft, do! This page and Buddha, and did not listen to repair, after burning cadre political power penetration ceased, the force of this form will be adults too!" HanYuDao: "this table for the SINS of all can not, unfortunately, the foot of farming with mud, rice and wheat meal of wind and water accommodation vendors wealth, HuiAi Pope adoptive parents unfilial to roll, all without father prince is not plow not to jump the hunger, weaving and unknowable, not fool who ah!" Big dian way: "adult compassion, to do! But, promote the fallen deep, addicts, wake up call for adults. The head." HanYuDao: "teacher, why are so teach me?" Big dian said: "I think the old monk with water; but love fire [fire will not sin with water, fire, and the fire of the static and dynamic, fire in the stove was burned without of yi!" Listen to the han, suddenly had said: "dian such fulfillment, subtle, the solution to visit themselves." Big dian way: "adult Confucianism and Buddhism, Confucianism. Ning and attack the Buddha will be MBT Womens Chapa thought, but the men; if heavy burning in the MBT Shoes Clearance Buddha, Buddha adjustment and pure greed, anger, though the Buddha good nor fools for locals without thinking about from yi!" Salutes han said: "the teacher method, but todays special organized with Chen, if the dhamma greed for clean, teacher who?" Big dian way: "the old monk thanks to berea, not consumed not read peace in the mountains, long lasting meditation. This is the evil that I have for know-how in Buddhism, is an old monk and dont let righteousness." Han yus way: "the teacher to exultation, merit boundless mercy." Big dian way: "the old monk, though, is not there, but my ears." Two people love each other, each night, just a minute.

Can always pull at night until

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This is the place where his house in near the lama temple. Last summer, host more than fifty, knows the book to courtesy, Mrs. Have children at home and MBT Shoes On Sale twelve. Recently, not be married a home, so I know to pick a secluded place of other organization has a family. In the family, near the lama temple is the new marry Mr Summer and be, In addition to a maid, a driver - the point is. But like this. Say first courtyard, there were only LiuJianFang courts, sir, live a kitchen, the rest of the two as XiaFang. The courtyard is very small, there is a small mounted on the south, and its top was among XiaoZaoShu hung on the ZaoEr half dozen red. But when the yard, or by the broom is almost Saul to the head, head of the very best. No plants watered, he can to tidy it soon, but he soon know how unruly, the ji ji slanting twist twist, so also is inconvenient.

Other work. Mr. Summer morning to go to office, the government, but until 5 p.m.; just send one Back home, summer, like Mr. No shelter. Cheap MBT Shoes Mrs. Summer often go down, but total at four o clock, but came back to pick him up to Mr. Summer - but, if the days work. Besides, to Mrs. Summer is dong and zhongshan park, to have big break after time. Its fun, but like all done.

Mr. Hand tight MBT Chapa summer, a penny will not easily die, In and out his eyes, if not by no man, no street. Mrs ShouSong, the two days shopping, If you eat, not good servant gave, If the goods, wait until to go to buy a new, when the old servant, gave Mr. Summer with money. Negotiations Mr. Summer is the mission of all seem to exert the energy and money at all to be, In addition, he doesnt have any life and enjoy. His money must be by the hand, he will not take more than person, said to him, it is said, the first - with twelve children live in Mrs, sometimes for four or five months, not a penny.

This summer, but hate Mr Into the sky curved, shrinkage, though a thief, on my toes and watched, never without money, dont laugh, sit in the car is like a pencil necked, But sometimes say words, he will speak highly popular, who is only his own comfort, knows the book is a gentleman who courtesy. But dont like this one. But he "matter" as "the thing", as long as the months into money, what else? ! Mrs. Besides, still very open to eat all got some, Come on, be straight with a callosity of monkeys. For the wife, but only as a will give some change of woman, not very fond of her. She is well structure, small fragrant scent and retting, protoplasm bag, with more than smaller than well. However, although she beauty, dressed in pretty, but he did not know why a saw she remembered HuNiu, Her old some place like HuNiu, not those clothes, nor her appearance, but little what attitude, but god or to find the proper words to describe. She is in HuNiu and he can think, the word, a goods. She is very young, as 2023 years old, but she is not very old, the air like a virgin of woman, as a new HuNiu ever had no girls shy and gentle. She ironed his head, wearing high heels, clothes to just can help cut her sharp creases to twist. But even though she could also, so fashionable dress, but she didnt general ladies all bearing. But she doesnt like is born by prostitutes. But she was not touched how seriously. He felt her some terrible, horrible HuNiu like that. However, HuNiu without her, she was so young and so bright, So the more afraid of her, but as she took him; all the women with poison. He couldnt look at her.

And ran a strength or because of the nice day

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Because they all belong to Peking.

Sitting there, he was busy. Before everything is familiar, lovely, is sitting dies, he seems very happy. The boss, he rested along the bridge had LaoDouFu bowl, soy sauce, vinegar, Chinese prickly ash, oil, leek, by hot bean curd, a white hat a sweet smell, the point that sweet; but to shut Holding bowl, looking at the end of the green, his leek cannot hand the trembling. Eat a hot bean curd in the body, the open road, His own hands added two teaspoon oil. Eat a bowl of sweat, he has already wet. Half of the bowl with his eyes closed, pass out: "a bowl of!"

Stand up, he felt he was like a personal. The sun is in the west of the river was the lowest place, according to a red sunset, he must have cried out. Touched the smooth face the scar, touched the bag of money, a corner of sunshine, him upstairs to the disease, everything, like a desire to what he decided to go into town.

In the crowded city of car, all kinds of people, who also dare not go, who can think that passeth away, BianSheng, shout, the horn, bell, gearing, laughter, were MenDongEr - like a megaphone Cheap MBT Shoes to represent a humming - as everyone with some sound, buzzing sound. But the bigfoot east, west cross step by step inserted into the dial, hands around like a slender, fish, sea leap, crowded into the city. He saw XinJieKou, road is so wide, so straight, his eyes, and the light on the roof of the east like the reflective. He nodded.

Hes still in xian door street bedding, natural and depot he wanted to rush. Because there is no small, he is always lived in the car factory, though not always, in the factory the car. And ye are LiuSi boss already nearly 70 years old, The old man, not honest. When he was young, have established library casinos, business, YanWangZhang pass over population. Do these living of qualifications and skills, inner strength, means, and communication, size, etc. LiuSi ye have. In pigging under, played group, but women kneel, grabbed TieSuo ever. Kneeling on TieSuo, LiuSi didnt knit a frown, dont say one forgives. Case taught him over, it was dull color.gives name ". Out of the prison, and into the roc, police force is more and more big, the LiuSi ye see ground hero has become the past, even yellow ba reincarnation also wont have much of a chance. He opened a YangChe factory. Soil background, he knows how to bum deal with the poor, when the old rock-hammer damn near worn down a tight, where the loose, he has a good BuEr a transfer of genius. The driver didnt dare to ask him ShuaGuTou (1). He stared, and he laughed, can make people have got lost, lost a foot MBT Sport 2 in heaven, a foot in hell, had to listen MBT Fora Shoes to his fiddle. Until now, he has more than 60 cars, and bad, he is also seven 80% of new car is not broken. His car rental, than other big, but more than three to two other stood out. And the factory have nowhere to live, pull his car, all can white live guangaoer - but must hand in CheFenEr, not ShangZhang and his bitter, he tired of the people under the bedclothes, when a broken bottle like to throw out door. If you have a hurry, just tell him to illness, he does not contain pure water, fire, and he is keen to help, it is called "the name".

At home This is definitely didnt

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"But, look how he has eyes!" HuNiu blocking the father of ear son of LiuSi ye boast, but laughed.

ShouTang midline still short a birthday, is presented by friends, dont prepare himself. Now no man, LiuSi ye, and impatient: "GongBaiShi whose temper, I ran to the front, to me, give me a dry mow, x his mother!"

"Tomorrow, just fall seat, 26 what ah?" HuNiu shouted comfort. "I would like to put on all the odds and ends; so anxious look! I say 1 point lights, wu is ok, if today after four still dont come, I cut them!"

"But, you push again!" He always rely on HuNiu intentionally before, but in the father cried. But not a word, just go to see.

"I said, he is not abandoned," she said, "the point mouth, dont like a son, if I like point! But I wrong. MBT Fanaka It can be cast. But there is also cannot so bad! See godson nor, even his day fart also not to put, can put things done!"

LiuSi ye not DaChaEr, want to think: "chatterboxes? Sing!"

Dont know where the borrowed by breaking the phonograph, every sound like the cats tail so called on to ache! LiuSi ye pour dont care, as long as a sound good.

That afternoon, all ready, only the cook to fall seat as. LiuSi ye everywhere surveys, HuaGongLiuLu everywhere, nodded. That night, he went to the shop, please arrange for coal, Mr. Von surname, cashier in shanxi, the most careful cashier. Fung immediately took a look MBT M.Walk that point to buy two red, and a ZhangShunGong annotation. The red marker, he wrote cutting, posted in some longevity. LiuSi ye think fungs talk, then again, and about Mr Play mahjong laps.

"Keep your TongZi, LiuSi entertained the children not to play!" The old man swallowed a cup of tea, and touched the bald head. "Well, I also dont come, please! I say, you go to tell everyone: tomorrow, WanBanTian there fell seat four friends, collect, cant come until MBT Shoes On Sale the car pulled into a CheFenEr! Tomorrows collect, four dont teach you pull a day. The white car and give me more points in himself, dont auspicious message tomorrow! ZhengRiZi conscienceless, who also not long before, cart. You put, six, seven inches of bowl, then, a pot of four dish; you have DaGua, who wear! DuanJueJue came to eat! Who kicked out, roll for me, my good friends. Friends and family to eat hosted three HaiWan, six LengHun, six stir-fries, four bowls, a pot. I dont know the first enjoined a big-eyed. Relatives and friends, relatives; I dont you is what is exciting. Give me a ring of ten, I dont think less; a penny, I do not knock three heads, I then have to behave. Is that not to eat? Night, I left back after 6 o clock, with less than all; you can not return! Listen to understand?" "Tomorrow, the late, grandpa four," a middle-aged driver asked, "how would collect four?"

For Test

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hello, i am new here, just for test!

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Miles it was not shake
Empty car took a few time
Can always pull at night until
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At home This is definitely didnt


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