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The Difference Between Real Boot Camps and Cheat Camps

Posted on 13/8/2016 at 09:23 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

A technical training school that provides accelerated instruction leading to MCSE certification is typically referred to as an MCSE boot camp. From my experience, having taught boot camps for five years, the name is fitting. It is an experience that can make or break you. It is at times painful, and at times one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. And when I say rewarding, the last thing that comes to mind is the four-letter title at the end of your name when you pass all of the MCSE certification exams. The reward from an MCSE boot camp is in what you learn, how you learn it, and how the overall experience affects your life.

They develop buddies quickly, and learn to trust the instructor who has charted the waters before. And the students develop greater self-respect, as they tackle a mountain of knowledge and put it to task. This type of learning is the right way to achieve MCSE certification for folks who have experience in the IT industry and those with sufficient preparation. But, it is not for everyone. Boot camps that accept newbies should be avoided at all costs.

A real mcse practice test only accepts qualified students. At least one year of experience in the networking field, managing users and dataflow, is an acceptable standard. Sales people at a real MCSE boot camp are required to turn down job-changers and folks that are not adequately prepared. Those same unprepared students, however, are accepted readily at the cheat camps; since they are merely learning to memorize answers to questions on the MCSE certification exams, actually learning the material in an enduring manner is not required.

A true MCSE boot camp requires highly customized training materials. Be wary of schools that solely use a microsoft mcse certification bookstore purchased self-paced training materials for MCSE certification. These both provide excellent instructional support in the right environment, but they are incompatible with an accelerated boot camp experience. Typically schools that rely on these for their class materials are doing so because they never bothered to improve their MCSE certification materials, and probably use web-found "MCSE braindumps" for the classes, focusing on helping you read the brain dumps rather than developing real skills.

Lastly, coming to a real MCSE boot camp can require real preparation. For candidates that are already immersed in the technology, and those that are exceptional students and test-takers, it is quite possible to come to a MCSE boot camp and proudly walk out with MSCE certification with little or no preparation. But for most that are planning on attending accelerated training, some pre-training is essential. A real MCSE boot camp provides materials, practice tests, and guidelines for study to be completed before coming to class. They provide their students with contact to instructors before they attend class, to ensure that they are on target with their preparation.

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