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just who I'm

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Posted on 29/1/2013 at 19:00 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

there is so much to think about in life, I almost forgot the best thing my friends it was like I wasn't there, all the time I had to think about something I thought it was a big deal and for me it is but in reality it wasn't that hard to talk about but the question was what would they think about that or me I even don't dear to say it to my best friend but I'm not that type of girl who don't dear to talk about what is on her mind, I'm someone who talk very much about everything different? what does that mean? I'm different than my friends, that is clear but everyone is different right but what about me? I'm not sick or crazy it's my feeling that's not like everyone thinks I can live with it and I think my friends too

just me

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So I going to tell you guys something about my hobbies and things I like. I have a lot of hobbies so it's gonna be a long list. I like sport so I do horse riding and dancing and in the past I did karate and swimming I also really like being creative like drawing or something with music that's why I write music and sing also and next year I gonna play guitar, I'm really excited about it. when: - theater is on wednesday - Dancing is on Thursday - and the rest I doing when I have time for it And there is another thing I REALLY like and that is doing funny things with my friends: - shopping - going to parties - fangirling (about One direction) - and just making fun like no-one can and no-one understands So this is a little bit of things I do and like.
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