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BEAMS x Nike Air Max 18/1/2014

beams www.2014airmaxpascher.com nike air max 1 2 BEAMS x Nike Air Max 1

Earlier this year, ‘Milan’ editions on the Air Maxes 1 and 90 stole the ‘Home Turf Collection’ show. These neutral styles paired a tonal suede upper with matching midsole, then sandwiched that between a bright color pop. On the AM1s, it was brown/pink; the 90s, grey/orange. Remix those pairings and you end up with something close to the new Beams x Nike Air Max 1 making its first appearance here today. These also connect with the United Arrows x New Balance 1500 in being sandy suede kicks with orange accents and white midsoles created in collaboration with a Japanese clothing label. It’s been a great year for colorways like these on classic runners and this one is coming up soon, so stick with Sneaker News to see if they might release in America and let us know where they rank among the best classic runners this year once you’ve seen more photos below.

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