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Melis Gilmor 

Bacterial Vaginal Infection - What is It and Solutions to Treat It

10:21, 10/1/2008  ..  Link

As you probably know we can give many other names to a bacterial vaginal infection: Yeast infection, vaginitis, candida, candidiasis and probably many more names for this kind of infection. But in the end the important thing is do you have one, is it driving you crazy?

I am sure you could do without any of the symptoms that comes with it, symptoms like:

- itching
- vaginal discharge
- burning sensation
- rash
- pain during sexual intercourse
- irritation of the vagina

Do you really need to endure theses symptoms?

The bad thing about a bacterial vaginal infection is you’re going to have to live with it until you figure out a way to cure it.

One important factor to be aware of is even if you do not feel any pain during sexual intercourse, you should always restrain yourself until you’re on your way to recovery. The bacterial vaginal infection is not classified as a sexual transmitted disease but in certain cases it can be transmitted to your partner during sexual intercourse.

Even if you your partner are male, it does not mean he cannot be infected. Of course in its case it would not be a bacterial vaginal infection but instead we would be talking about a male yeast infection also known as a penile infection.

Another point you may already know is that bacterial vaginal infection can be recurrent. Maybe you have gone thru your first infection and were able to cure it easily but there is still a good chance you could get it again.

The statistic says that approximately 75% of the women will get a bacterial vaginal infection in their lifetime. Unfortunately many of them will have symptoms of a recurrent bacterial vaginal infection.

But you should not worry too much. Usually bacterial vaginal infection can be cure or cleared up with very little effort or bother. Fortunately there are many possible cures for a bacterial vaginal infection.

Of course sometimes the infections can be quite stubborn. In those cases it takes a lot of efforts, medication and more for a woman just to get rid of it. Usually medication is the treatment that a woman prefers. But did you know that more and more women are turning themselves to the route of natural remedies?

One of the most popular natural or home treatments happens to be that of applying natural unsweetened yogurt to the infected region. This is only one proven method to get rid of a bacterial vaginal infection.

Having a healthy lifestyle is probably the best way to get rid of recurrent bacterial vaginal infection. This will make sure you stay away from bodily imbalances that can cause bacterial vaginal infection. Other things to consider would be to stay away form douches and other products that can create a warm inviting place for the candid Albicans bacteria to thrive in your vagina.

If you are tired of suffering from bacterial vaginal infection visit our website at theyeastinfection.com. We provide various information to help understand and treat yeast infection. Find the best yeast infection treatment and yeast infection cure.

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Bacterial Vaginal Infection - What is It and Solutions to Treat It


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