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Three Easy Ways to Make Gold in Dragonsky


buy Dragonsky Gold strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. There are quite a few easy ways to make gold in Dragonsky and it just comes down to if you know them or not. I am writing this article to help all the players that find this as a difficult task. So, here are 3 of the easiest ways to make gold in Dragonsky:

1. One of the most common ways to increase your Dragonsky Gold consists in the simple action of killing various mobs and selling the loot at the Auction Hall. If you decide for this particular way to make gold in Dragonsky it is vital, though, that you do not waste your time by admiring the landscape but kill fast everything that moves. Also avoid competition. A cleared camp of mobs will not provide any income for anyone.

2. The second way to make a quick buck in Dragonsky Gold is browsing the Auction Hall. You can come up with quite some profitable deals without even spending too much time. This requires, though, a good knowledge of the average prices for most of the items on the Dragonsky market, a good knowledge for the Dragonsky supply and demand. It is best for you to have character that never leaves the Auction Hall and be able this way to have a quick peek at the prices at anytime.

3. Another way to make gold in Dragonsky Gold is to level a crafting profession to its highest tier. This will allow you to craft equipment needed by most of the players. One of the best crafting professions to get is jewel crafting because the jewelry items are almost as good as the end game jewelry drops and players usually buy these from the Auction Hall.

Posted: 06:11, 10/2/2010
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Dragon Ball: ultra-long experience


buy DBO Gold can be made by a successful trade master. We should no stranger to the name of dragon ball. He accompanied the growth of many people; maybe you are also one of it. Recently, there is a new GBA game-an empty bucket dance drama.

Many people say that the empty dance L3 characters are not good; most of them lose boxing fight. After I worked hard on some days later, I find a trick. There are several ways to win L3 characters.

1. Amplification strength to kill him, most people chooses the way. But there is a trick when using this way that is how to hit him? To close him and let him could not take the time to go and give him a fatal blow. It is really a good way.

2. The super fight boxing methods. There is a fight boxing skill if you want to fight with L3 characters that are to have the element of surprise, not away from his too close. The first you should set strength, when he does not chase you, and then suddenly accelerate and flew in front of him.

3. Activities pounding, dance alone is a set I wonder if you know any. It is that arrow keys according to go plays twice a sprint, and press any key + B side, or + A will appear light and heavy attack and heavy attack, this method is that the activities of the severity of attack. First of all, according to sprint and then press any direction key + B will be appearing light and heavy attack. Because of the severity of flaws in a small hit, so opponents will be a little les defensive slot

Having a good try in dragon ball, you will feel the real pleasure.

Posted: 06:11, 10/2/2010
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My combat experience of metalrage


metalrage money is my aim when I play this game. Do you want to have more metalrage gold? Playing this game, you will get a lot of metalrage gold. I am a veteran of the game to give you some of my combat experience, I hope you can quickly upgrade.

The game emphasizes the diversity of the fighting, including the game break during the restricted hours the number of battle mode, set the antenna and the snatch lift the interference patterns, challenges a huge body of the Boss battle mode. The game supports up to 16 pairs of 16 large-scale fighting, players can use diverse Mech constitute different teams to spread out fierce fighting.

Games puzzle part of the requirements for a little while to think, certainly there are ways to test repeatedly. Sometimes you can not think of nail bed to go directly to get props, in short, the method of solving the same off more than one more to try, the game more difficult in this area is not high, and the challenges can be repeated. BOSS closer to war, to find out BOSS pattern of actions can be resolved quickly. For example the first hurdle of the celestial magic, it would only a small disc monsters and demons above, as long as the law find it offensive, you can see it has only of method combat. In its place when the beam to escape with a whip. Therefore, this made BOSS war is a good part of the game. In addition, beating BOSS can also receive a red heart, increasing blood volume. EXE of each mark will appear after the checkpoint, often very challenging, in preparation for a good challenge to have to disaster. If not sure on the access to the major plot, a good practice in future to sprint after the storm.

Posted: 06:11, 10/2/2010
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How to buy avatar gold


Avatar Gold is so useful. Are you keen on online game? I believe most game players are familiar with avatar, but how to buy avatar gold? This article will discuss and explain about the steps involved when buying avatar gold.

Step 1: The first step in buying Gold for avatar is to find a shop to buy it at. This sounds easy, but if done carelessly, numerous unwanted consequences may follow. When looking for a shop, try to find Gold Seller Review sites that provide profiles and business details of different shops.

Step 2: After surveying different shops reliabilities, the next thing to do is to compare the pricing of each shop in order to finally decide on a shop to buy avatar gold from. Compare prices at different amounts of Gold for different shops; emphasize on the target-amount desired.

Step 3: Now comes the weird and rather awkward part. To buy avatar gold, players have to usually fill in a form and submit it to the Gold shop. The information in the form usually include the name of a main character, the name of an alt, amount of avatar Gold desired, a secret code of some sort and any other shop-specific requirements that vary from shop to shop such as the request for an avatar-to-avatar trade rather than having Gold sent via mail. After the form submittal, the actual payment service ensues in the traditional fashion.

Step 4: Buyers who have selected to meet avatar-to-avatar for the trade will have to log in and wait at the rendezvous point at the scheduled time. Those who chose to have the Gold sent via mail can simply wait for it to show up since the mail system in avatar takes an hour to deliver money or items from one account to the next.

Posted: 06:10, 10/2/2010
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2Moons PvP Guide-PvP System


2moon dil can be made by a successful trade master. To gain 2moons dil, you need to fight with other players. Now, let us introduce you PvP system.

Fights without consent can only be performed in areas outside a safety zone. If you win, the 2moons dil is yours. In such cases, players enter a battle status, during which the names of the fighting players turn purple. In this mode, players do not gain PvP points through victory. The victor of a non-consensual fight may gain PK and Inclination Points, if the attacked player did not fight back. If the attacked player fights back, the attacker will not gain IP or PK points. Players with IP can be attacked and killed outside safety zones without consequences for the attacker.

2Moons includes an Attack system, which can only be utilized in Player Versus Player combat. The shield activates only against an attack launched by another player, and it acts as additional protection and regenerates steadily after combat. Its strength is based on the amour rating, health, and level of the player. The shield prevents quick killing of weakened players, giving them a chance to run away from battle. It is good for you to gain cheap 2moons dil.

In select maps a Player Killing option is also there. A player may attack another player at anytime without consent to make cheap 2moons dil. Many times, when attacked, the victim will fight back. However, if the victim does not fight back and is killed by the attacker, then the attacker will gain PK points. The attacker will also have their name in red, meaning they can be attacked freely and killed without consequence. PK points will be reduced over time or by dying. Players with enough PK will be attacked by guards in cities.

Posted: 08:03, 3/2/2010
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Some experience of playing 12skys game


12sky2 Gold is very important, everyone plays it needs it. Next I told you some experience to you. You can reference it. Play the game, you must have 12sky2 Gold, it is too important. If you not have, you will not play it easier. When I play it, I have about a million of 12sky2 Gold. I like play the game, because it is very interesting.

At the first, you only bust monsters, because you not have abilities to do other things. But you will find the speed is very slowly. So you must busy good shoes to play. You will have some 12sky2 Gold. At beginning, they are game company give you. When you get good shoes, you can run fast. So you can play the game easier.

The screen of the game is very good. When I watch the beautiful screen, I want to play it at once. I like play games. And the game is interesting. When you defeated the monsters, you can pick the 12sky2 Gold. The more monsters you beat the more gold you will get. So you must beat more and more monsters. According this way, you can get high rank, now; you need not beat the monsters. You need do other thing. You will to do the task.

In the game, there are many tasks. You must receive them one by twelve sky2 Gold. Then you finish them. Some of the tasks are very easy, but some is very hard. But you do not afraid them, you can finish the easy at first, when you get higher rank, you finish the hard again.

Please come to play it with me. Then we will tell our experience to others. Then there will more and more players to play the game. The game becomes more and more interesting.

Posted: 08:03, 3/2/2010
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Runes of Magic Skills and Fighting


Runes of Magic online Gold is my aim when I play this game. Fighting - A matter of life and death. The combat system relies equally on the advancement of fighting skills and good equipment. The quality of weapons and armor has an impact on attack as well as defense, but the proper use of the characters skill set is equally important.

For normal attacks it is important to master the weapon skills like two handed swords, bows or staffs, because they are directly responsible for the accuracy with that weapon. You will have difficulties with a weapon you are not accustomed to.

While you are inflicting primarily physical damage to your enemies when using a weapon, spells of mages and priests deal magical damage. This is due to the mage having control over the elements fire and wind, the god of spring water, who gives his followers control over the element water.

The core of the combat system consists of the many different attacking skills, which give each character class its own distinctive strength. Combat is not only about beating down the opponent vitality with brute force, expert adventurers use special effects to win a fight. Roots or chains of light can tactically be used to buy time or to retreat from a hopeless fight.

A lot of fighting skills depend on another and demand constant attention and fast reaction. Warriors can use opening attacks to position their enemies in a way, where special follow up attacks are possible. However you need to realize which attacking possibility has opened up quickly.

These Masters of elements should also watch out for any resistance an enemy may have against the base element of their magic. A spotted weakness here can be utilized to turn a fight around very quickly.

Posted: 08:02, 3/2/2010
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How can I make gold easily in Warhammer Online?


Warhammer online gold has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. With the Warhammer Gold Guide you can own the best items, dominate the marketplace and master your trade skills.

Below are the Warhammer Guide top 5 tips for making gold in WAR:

1. When farming gold, try and stay focused. Mobs in WAR die pretty fast, if you waste time chat your results will end up being very poor;

2. Find the right spot. There is a lot of enemy NPC in the RvR zones, but those are too scattered to make any use of them, instead look into the normal PvE areas for camps, especially around Public Quest sites. Your mobs should be in tight clusters so you can kill as many as you can;

3. Find the right mobs. The two major types of mobs you can find are either humanoids or beasts; you will want the humanoid ones as they are the only ones that drop real cash along with other items you can sell;

4. Keep the right drops. If you find a spot that gives a lot of seeds and dyes you should use that. Dyes are very popular in WAR as well as seeds. With the herbs you grow from seeds you can make potions, so seeds will always be needed. Never sell seeds to a NPC merchant, just gather as many as you can and sell them at the Auction House;

5. Choose the right trade skill. You should pick the Scavenging gathering skill and use it on any and all humanoids you kill even enemy players in scenarios or open RvR. It can add some nice gold over the amount you farm.

Posted: 08:01, 3/2/2010
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My experiences of playing sensitive war in flyff


flyff gold is very necessary when playing this game, because you need it to add the vitality of the blood for you, only with it can you play smoothly. In this article I would like to talk about my experiences of playing sensitive war.

Sensitive war is a professional of offense and defense. After you use the wind wheel skillfully, you can eliminate an enemy by two reverse hand wheels. You can make a fairly rapid speed upgrade of sensitive war and do not eat red.

The effect of secondary skills and duration are stronger than the same level of body battle. Sword posture is more handsome than ax posture.

Although the number of anti body battle sensitive war is not more than the number of physical battle, the super powerful attack with the powerful defense can reduce a lot of opportunities of hit by body battle.

Master also can resistance body battle, I believe that it is not so easy to ring off the hook of the sensitive war. And you must use S repeatedly when you are playing body battle. Although there are only 3 skill sets, the skills also have to be black during the descent of body battle. It does not matter that you see the skills turn black. You can fight against by the inverse hand, then skills of sensitive war will turn light fast.

The blood of sensitive war is not long but the vitality of the blood is strong. So you can not always add flyff money. It is a grate online game and worth playing. Wish you have a good time in flyff.

Posted: 03:08, 27/1/2010
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Tips for game Players in twelvesky2


buy 12sky2 Gold is very important when playing this game. Twelve Sky 2 is 3D Fantasy MMORPG. For those familiar with the original Twelve Sky, this new installment should be easy to pick up and learn, as game play between both games are nearly identical. Even though Twelve Sky 2 imported many of its features from its predecessor, it did a few things differently.

This is going to cause you to lose larger amounts of players twelve sky2 Gold, Scamming will now officially increase. You just made it official, congrats, good job. The community is going to become increasingly unfriendly, bad for your business. This is at your risk because it is your company which is going to lose out when new players join and get scammed because there is no longer any GM support behind it.

Community will go increasingly unfriendly, Scamming will go up. Players will leave the game twelvesky2 Gold. We personally know 3 major AP buyers who have spent over $5000 on this game who fell victim too this within the past 2 weeks. Now you open up an even larger possibility of scamming in which people offer to sell items for 2b and just keep the excess money and run.

You just publicly announced to everyone that they should be careful, but you also just announced to everyone that scamming is now probably a good way to make money in game. We have plenty more to say, but we will let our fingers rest a little before we point out even more issues this is going to bring to your already unbalanced and slowly dying game.

Posted: 03:08, 27/1/2010
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The Best and most useful Aion Kinah Tips


Aion online Gold is very useful when playing Aion online game. Aion Online is one of the biggest new MMOs of the last couple of years in the Gaming Market. With its fresh new content, a slew of people are looking to track down what is surely a lot of extremely new information. Aion kinah is the currency in the game and is an integral part of game play in aion online. It is commonly used to maintain your character by upgrading your gear, use various services offered by NPCs and many more. One of the most commonly asked about details for the new game is the crafting system. So much different than other crafting systems in MMOs, there are a lot of people who do not quite understand how it works yet.

Here is a brief introduction about how to obtaining Aion Kinah in the game, and we are sure that these tips will be useful to you: In fact, obtaining cheap aion kina in aion online can be done in a variety of ways:

1. Peddling crafted items.

2. Selling items through in game NPCs.

3. Selling junk enemy drops.

4. Looted from defeated enemies.

5. Completing quests.

The short introductions below will be helpful to you to make aion kinah in the game. For aion players who look aion Kinah as one of the main focus and want to make lots of aion kinah, this is a recommendable Aion Kinah reference. If you feel bored to make Aion Kinah in aion, you can also decide to buy Aion Kinah from our website. We must provide the best service.

Posted: 03:07, 27/1/2010
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A Guide to Final Fantasy XI for Newcomers


ffxi gil for sale has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. Final Fantasy XI is an excellent game and has a variety of strengths. It is a wonderful title because even if you are new to this series it is simple to play and understand. The game contains an enormous world and yet it is easy to become familiar with it and learn how everything works. A newcomer should find it a delight.

Final Fantasy XI is a massively multi-player online role-playing game. It functions as an online world. Players can access this world by buying the game and paying a subscription of $12.95 a month. The game is a cross-platform title, which means that players on both PCs and consoles can interact with each other in the same game environment. This makes it a truly unique experience.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XI comes on five disks that you must install to set up the game. The first disk installs the Play Online client, a piece of software required for access to the game, while the other disks install the game itself. The PlayStation 2 version requires a special Hard Disk Drive and network adapter, the first of which is usually sold with the title. Once the game and the Play Online software have been set up, you will need to download any updates, and then it will be ready to play.

The first thing that you will do in Final Fantasy XI is create your character. There are five races to choose from, all of which possess their own abilities and skills. They are all great characters and they excel in different ways.

Posted: 03:07, 27/1/2010
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Some experiences in playing FFXI


Final Fantasy XI gil sell is very popular. First, I want to say that disputes exactly is a masterpiece, at least it did not live up to my expectations. A great open-length CG film let me blood boil. A familiar figure with a good feel and new systems, although there are many factors no digging, I believe that dispute must turn a hot.

The following is my experience in playing the game.

1.       To avoid is very important

Perhaps this was not obvious at an early stage, because as long as the attack, it is able to win in the low degree. But under the advanced degree, make sure you hang the speed of calculation is based on seconds. Only after avoiding the attacks, you can attack him.

2.       Would like to use HP attack

The reason is simple, after using HP attack, your BRE value down to zero. If you do not promptly reply to your BRE value, as long as attacked by others the state will get a BREAK state.

3.       Pay attention to EX

When the EX crystal come out, opponents will be very active to eat that. When you suddenly discover the disappearance of it, it probably went to eat crystal.

While your own terms, after launching the EX, you can not be so anxious, sometimes the opponents can escape, far away from you as much as possible in order to wait for you to deplete your time.

All above that, the fighting of disputes because of the BRE value is very large. Therefore, when in the absolute disadvantage, you should not be discouraged; in a great advantage, you should not be optimistic.

Posted: 08:19, 3/12/2009
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